The We Raise NJ coalition applauds the announcement by New

Ernie Grigg
[email protected]
March 23, 2015
We Raise NJ Commends New Jersey’s Community College Presidents Support of
Higher Standards
The We Raise NJ coalition applauds the announcement by New Jersey’s 19 community
college presidents regarding assessments aligned with the state’s academic standards. By
using scores from the PARCC tests as one of their placement tools, the state’s community
colleges are showing a commitment to building a tighter alignment between the skills
taught in high school and the expectations of colleges.
New Jersey’s students need better preparation for life after high school. More than 47
percent of first time and full-time college and university students in the state have to take
remedial courses. In addition to thousands of dollars in extra expenses, these classes cost
students their valuable time and in many cases, their drive to continue with their
education. If our children complete high school and gain acceptance into an institution of
higher education, they should not have to continue taking high school courses. College
and career readiness should be the rule – not the exception.
By incorporating the 11th grade PARCC test into the admissions process, the state’s
community colleges, which are the largest providers of public undergraduate education in
the state, are working to alleviate some of the stress that overcomes many high school
students. In many cases, students will be able to forgo a whole layer of testing and
tutorials related to college placement exams.
This announcement will also facilitate greater collaboration between college instructors
and K-12 teachers. With what will now be a common way to measure the math and literacy
skills students need to succeed in college, K-12 teachers and their higher education
counterparts can begin integrating professional development and other resources that
support good curriculum and instruction.
Our children deserve every opportunity to succeed. This decision by New Jersey’s 19
community college presidents helps them reach their goals.
Ernie Grigg
[email protected]
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We Raise NJ is a broad coalition led by the New Jersey PTA that supports parents in
navigating recent changes to our children’s education. The coalition aims to elevate parent
engagement in order to advance the state of education in New Jersey and ensure more
successful futures for our students. Recognizing these new tests can be a source of
apprehension and uncertainty, We Raise NJ members have pledged to support parents
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