Church of Christ

June 7, 2015
Volume 3, Issue 23
Third and Kilgore
Church of Christ
Order of Worship
Call to Worship Hymn
Curtis Breshears
Announcements and Prayer
Troy Goyne—Psalm 141:1-2
Songs of Praise
Communion Hymn
Communion Devotional
Scott Reeves
Lord’s Supper
Hunter Terry
Dustin Cabeldue
Daniel Swinford
Buddy Blue
Paul Smith
Todd Pebsworth
Into His Harvest… Luke 10:2
Pick Up Trays (Back)
Lindsey Chisholm
Daniel Webster
Scripture Reading
Michael Terry
Revelation 5:6-8
“Tabernacle Station #7:
The Altar of Incense”
Exodus 30:1-10
David Heflin
Invitation Song
Closing Song
Closing Prayer
Barry Sikes
If you are serving today, please check in with the deacon
in the sound room before the service.
Pick Up Cards
C.J. Martin
Micah Heflin
Manuol Villarreal
Tammy Chandler
Rheanel Breshears
Ernie & Carolyn
Wednesday Evening
06/10/15 – 7:00 p.m.
Worship/Bible Study
Frank Villarreal
Song Leader
Johnny Lieb
Closing Prayer
Jim Chandler
Sunday Evening Service– 5:00 p.m.
Opening Prayer - Paul Smith
Song Leader - Randy Dunson
Sermon - David Heflin
Closing Prayer - Jim Wood
Jim Chandler
Johnny Lieb
Jack Merrick
Adam Terry
Buddy Blue
Craig Breshears
Kevin Breshears
George Brumfield
Dustin Cabeldue
Colin Chandler
Joe Chandler
Randy Dunson
Todd Pebsworth
Delbert Rector
Kenny Whitecotton
David Heflin
Marcus Campbell
Paul Smith
Church Office
Van Coordinator
Dustin Cabeldue
We’re on the web!
Third and Kilgore Church of Christ
ENMU Church of Christ Student Center
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD.
From the house of the LORD, we bless you.
Third and Kilgore Church of Christ
P. O. Box 450
Portales, NM 88130
Into His Harvest
He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.”
Luke 10:2
Faith Antenna
David Heflin
This last Monday, I had oppor- until the technology renders it in a format
tunity to marvel at now old technology attuned to the eyes and ears given to me
again. We had cut our cable and were by God. If I didn’t have such technology,
experimenting with an old antenna to see it wouldn’t mean that the pictures and
what channels we could get. We were sounds didn’t exist, it would just mean I
able to get five channels and they were lacked equipment to see and hear them.
nearly as clear as our former HD cable
Maybe you can begin to see
where I am going with this thought.
We are able to stream so many Many people reject the existence of a spirchannels through our
itual realm with real spirinternet connection now
itual beings because they
God is the one who
that it just made the cost
attuned our eyes and ears can’t see them. And this
of cable not seem worth
is a perplexing problem.
to what they can perceive
it anymore.
We may
The Bible teaches that
and what they cannot.
change our mind, but in
angels and demons are
the meantime we use
not simply inhabiting
what we can get online and what the old some inaccessible alternative dimension,
antenna can give us.
but they are active in our world. Since
The antenna may be old, but it is they are real beings, then why can’t we see
amazing in its own right. Somehow pic- them?
tures and sound are transmitted and literI suppose the answer is related to
ally floating by in the air. Somehow an the same reason I cannot see the pictures
antenna is able to catch these pictures and floating by me in the air without an antensounds and send it to our televisions in na and television. Unaided I do not postheir original format, so that our eyes and sess the right equipment to see spiritual
ears can make sense of it all.
beings, but that doesn’t mean they’re not
The pictures exist there. God is the one who attuned our
before I can see them. eyes and ears to what they can perceive
They are invisible to me and what they cannot. In His wisdom, He
gave us eyes and ears that cannot perceive
the spirit world without his assistance, but
that doesn’t mean the spirit world is not
God Himself is spirit (John
4:24). We cannot see God in this life and
we cannot see those spiritual beings who
assist or oppose Him, but that does not
mean He hasn’t equipped us to spiritually
perceive the reality of the spiritual world.
God has given us a spirit who can commune with His Spirit. He has given us
revelation (the Word), so that we can have
the curtain drawn back on the activity of
the spirit world. He has given us the avenue of prayer, so that we might speak
directly to the one who is Lord of both
spiritual and physical world. It is faith
that serves as the antenna, so we may believe in what is unseen (Heb. 11:1).
The next time someone tells you
they cannot believe in what they cannot
see, you should say the prayer of Elisha
offered on behalf of his bewildered servant, “Open his
eyes Lord, so that he may
see” (2 Ki. 617).
Life Groups have dismissed for the summer
and will resume in the fall.
W e W elco m e Y o u t o W o r sh i p
a n d S t ud y G od ’ s W o rd W i t h U s!
Bible Class
Evening Worship
Life Groups
Ladies’ Bible Class
Midweek Service
9:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
5:00 p.m.
Various Times
9:30 a.m.
7:00 p.m.
For the Record
Budget Report
May 31, 2015
Sunday AM Class
Sunday AM
Sunday PM
Contribution, 05-31-2015
Weekly Budget
Budget, Year-to-Date
Contribution, Year-to-Date
YTD Total
Prayer Requests
Audrey Russell - recovering from hip surgery.
John Spitz - Randy & Nancy Dunson’s son-in-law,
seeing doctors in Cleveland for possible surgery.
Jaden McKillip - Wynette’s grandson recovering
from ear surgery and doing well.
Please continue to remember those with ongoing health problems: Becca Aguilar, Juanita Barbee, Shirley Blevins, Lucille Brooks, Joan Clayton,
Jack & Geneva Dendy, Gayle Ferguson, Barney &
Nico Francis, Alice Gossett, Arlene Griffith, C.H.
& Johnnie Justus, Vicki Kelley, Wilma Knudson,
Betty Maberry, Anthony Mann, Gene Marshall,
Freeda McBride, Daisy McKillip, Orene Onstott,
Joyce Pebsworth, Judy Sikes, Lewetta Tivis, Bill &
Shirley Wahlman, Pete & Lorene Wells, Maxine
Family & Friends: Luke Adams, Laurie Anderson, Lillie Ashby, Nikki Rush Basart, Kellie Blair,
Emma Blea, Elma Cain, April Chandler, Kylie
Chandler, William Collins, Sylvia Cowan, Laura
Crow, Mary Delgado, Jack Dendy, Jr., Sabrina Elliott, Colleen Ezell, Jennifer Farrell, Carlene Frasier, Roy Gaines, Lydia Gardner, Cathy George, Terry Grice, Shano Gunter, Larry Guthrie, Janci Hays,
Ron Heflin, Charlotte Holmes, Matthew Hunton,
Kay Hyatt, Judy Knight, Julia (Ophelia de la Garcia’s niece), Ralph Langley, Gary Lewis, Ashley
Lopez, Mary Cameron McCarty, Mark McCollum,
Brenda Parrish, Kyle Parrish, Marilyn Pate, Shaina
Pool, Nelson Rector, Gail Reynolds, Kwayde
Shearer, David Sikes, Landon Stewart, Adrian
Stroup, Glenda Taylor, Naida Taylor, Gaynelle
Thomas, Jenna Thomas, Carolyn Thompson, Virgil
Tivis, Kevin Trudo, Leflar Turner, Sandy Vigil,
Charles Webster, Bernice Weems, Richard Weems, Bill Whitt, Logan Wilhoit,
Megan Wilson, Doris Wood, Kyle
Privileged to Serve
Greeters (Before and After Classes)
Elsie Shirley
Betty Dever
Susan Smith
Greeters (After Worship)
Announcements, Opening Prayer, & Scripture Reading (Sunday & Wednesday)
Jack Merrick
Song Leaders
Todd Pebsworth
Coby Carter
Jim Chandler
Teegan Terry
Communion Scripture
Alan Carter
Jeremy Russell
(Closing A.M.)
Colin Chandler
(Opening P.M.)
Kenny Whitecotton (Closing P.M.)
Gayle Ferguson
(Closing Wed.)
Lord’s Table
Barney Francis
Lindsey Chisholm
Joe Chandler
Delbert Rector
Karl Terry
Chance Chenault
June 14, 2015
Pick Up Trays
Eldon Hays
Blake Martin
Pick Up Cards
Eli Terry
Daniol Villarreal
Orrin Chenault
Lord’s Supper to Shut-Ins
Charles Terry
Damon Terry
Wednesday Devotional
06/17/15: Jack Merrick
Attention Men
The summer quarter has
begun. Volunteers are needed for the
Wednesday evening devotionals on June
24, July & August. A sign-up sheet is on
the foyer table.
Vacation Bible Sunday School
The new summer Bible class quarter begins this Sunday. We will be
having a special “Vacation Bible
Sunday School” series for our
children, ages 2-12 years, every Sunday
morning at our regular Bible class time
9:00-9:45 a.m. There will be special singing, crafts, activities, & puppets. This begins this Sunday!
Children’s Worship Needs You!
We are in need of a few volunteers to help during Children’s Worship. We mostly
need an extra pair of hands to help with
the younger ones. If you can help, please
sign-up or talk with Sherri Chenault or
Katie Heflin.
Ladies’ Bible Study
Ladies, join us for Bible Study on
Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. The
study is Breath, The Life of God In
Meals on Wheels
June is Third & Kilgore’s
month to help deliver Meals
on Wheels. If you can help
with this community service, please see
Judy E. Terry.
Heartland CCC Devo
Sunday, June 7 at 2:30 p.m. is
our next opportunity to lead
worship at Heartland. Participants are needed for fellowship, singing
and encouraging the residents. Please
make plans to come. Your presence will
be a blessing.
Church Cookout
Everyone is encouraged to come.
Sunday, June 14 we will have a
cookout after the evening services.
A sign-up sheet to bring trimmings, desserts, or homemade ice cream is
on the foyer table. The rest will be provided. Don’t forget lawn chairs, blankets &
bug repellant. We look forward to fellowshipping with you, our church family!
Together with their parents
Amber McCasland & Matt
Westfall most cordially request
the honor of your presence at the celebration of their marriage June 20, 2015. At
seven thirty in the evening. 1305 Virginia
Ave Friona, TX 79035. Reception to foll o w .
E m a i l :
[email protected] or Text: 806-626
4th Sunday Pot Luck
The monthly 4th Sunday Pot
Luck Luncheons have be
cancelled for the summer.
Life Line Screening
We are hosting a
health screening
event at our building on Friday, June
26. Pre-registration is required. To register for your appointment and receive a
special $10 discount, please call 888-6536450 or visit
community-partners. There are a couple
of complimentary screenings we can offer
if you or someone you know might need
one. Talk to David, if interested. Forms
are available on the foyer table.
Apache Christian Mission Trip
A mission trip for the Youth/
All to Apache Christian will be
from June 30-July 4. If you
would like to attend a sign-up
sheet is on the foyer table.
Church Family Retreat
Retreat Theme 2015: Prayers Of The Harvest. Save
the Date: August 7-9. Signups for the retreat will begin soon.
Sermons Podcast
David’s sermons are now available on a weekly podcast. You
may subscribe to the podcast on
our website and once you have
subscribed, the sermons will be automatically available to you through this service,
downloaded directly to your computer,
other electronic device or smart
phone. Go to, click on the
Harvest icon on the left side of the home
page. It will direct you to the page where
you will subscribe. This service is free!
Thank You Notes
Dear church family,
Thank you for the prayers,
visits, food and other countless
ways that you have helped us during our
recent loss. We appreciate so the love and
support you have shown us.
With Love,
Jim, Judy, Colin & Tammy
Chandler & Partin family
Dear Church Family,
Thank you for my graduation presents.
You helped to make me happy and showed
me love. Thank you for helping me celebrate!
Rebekah Heflin
Church Pantry Shopping List
Items we are out of:
 Sugar
 Flour
 Corn Meal
 Canned Fruit
 Cooking Oil
 Peanut Butter
 Canned or Instant Milk
Suggested Items needed:
 Dried Pinto Beans
 Canned Meats
 Canned Peas
 Canned Fruits
 Mac-n– Cheese
 Masa