Issue 14
March 2015
Board of Directors
Super Gun Raffle
President: Jim Perri
Vice President: Gerry Gipp
The Spring Gun Raffle will be held on April 25. Tickets may be available
at the bar but get them now as they sell out fast. Some members may
also have them for sale. 20 guns and cash prizes are being offered as
well as all the side raffles and the huge 50/50 drawing at the end of the
day. And the food is awesome!!
Financial Secretary: Bryan Meigs
Recording Secretary: Steve Zappy
Treasurer: Bob Seyler
Frank Ellis
Tim Baldwin
Youth News
John Wood
The 2015 3F Club Youth Mentor Day will be held on Saturday
September 19 on the Club grounds. We have spots for 30 Archery:
youth. Club members have priority but after April 1st we will Youth Group: D.Walck
Range:Tom Novak
take youths from other clubs if we don’t have 30. The cost is Rifle
Conservation: Jerry Farrell
$35.00 which includes all activities and lunch for 1 youth and Skeet: Tim Baldwin
a parent. Activities include Skeet, Trap, Archery, Turkey calling, Pheasant: Dave Whitt
Grounds:Jerry Farrell
a dog demonstration and a mentored pheasant hunt.
Federation: Dale Shank
For applications call Dave Whitt at 754-2133.
Pheasant Program
This popular program finished up on January 31st. Thanks to all the volunteers who gave a hand feeding birds, putting them out for hunters and
whatever else needed to be done. Watch this newsletter for the dates in
June to renew to keep your spot.
We will be doing field work throughout the Spring and need helpers for
brush-hogging, planting, and pen painting. Come out on designated work
days. We’ll put you to work. The days will be word-of-mouth or call Dave
at the above number.
Rentals: John Wood
Newsletter: Pam Barber
Club Hours
Wed: 4pm-10pm
Fri: 4pm-12am
Fri: dinner served
4pm-9pm by
Joe’s Country Catering
Daily/Weekly draws:
signup at bar
Page 2
The extreme weather has not hindered our die-hard skeet shooters. Our 3F
Winter Fun Skeet League is winding down. After 10 weeks the top 3 teams
are Tri-C, R & R Door, and Water Street Landing. We would like to
acknowledge the shooters that have shot 100 straight: Rich Falcone,
Ralph Grizanti, Jr., Jeff Ventry and Jeff Ventry, Jr. Thanks to all the shooters
for making our league successful so far and for braving these cold temperatures. We would also like to send a big Thank-You to all the workers that
have helped keep our fields cleared off. Shoot-offs are March 28 starting at
10:00 am with the last sign-up at 2:00 pm.
3F Summer Classic Registered Skeet Shoot
The 3F Club will be holding this event July 24-26. After several years we have
become one of the top 4 shoots in New York State and have placed in the top
100 (64th) globally. This would not have been possible without our sponsors
and volunteers that pull together to make it happen.
We are looking for sponsors for our 2015 shoot. We have room for both business and personal ads so please support us for further success. Contact
Dave Sobiegray at 440-2442 or Jeff Ventry at 609-0421 if interested.
For anyone interested in becoming a registered referee and taking the
course/test also contact Dave or Jeff as above.
Skeet Field and Maintenance
We need members interested in learning skeet machine maintenance and repair. We
need to strengthen and grow our support team for the future.
We also need members to help in grounds maintenance once the weather gets better.
We need sidewalk edging, weed whacking, and ditch trimming.
If you want to help call Dave Sobiegray at 440-2442, Jeff Ventry at 609-0421 or Rich
Falcone at 870-8556.
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The Junior Youth Club has it’s meetings on Thursday nights
from7pm until 8:30pm. Any youth from age 12 to 18 are encouraged to
join. If they haven’t yet taken a Hunter Safety Class they will have to have it
eventually. That information will be explained at a meeting. This is basically
a shooting group and the instructors are certified by the NRA. The dues are $10.00 for
the year and they become junior members of the 3F Club.
The next Hunter Safety classes at the Club will be:
Aug, 26; Sept. 2; and Sept. 9 for shotgun...must attend all three
Aug. 3 & 4 for Archery...must attend both
Special Recognitions
This year one of our Youth Members is being honored by the Niagara County Federation
of Sportsman’s Clubs. At their annual Awards Banquet
Dominick Sollitto will be receiving the Carl Lass Memorial Award for
Outstanding Youth Sportsperson. The dinner is on April 18th at the
Terry’s Corners Firehall in Gasport, NY.
Also being honored by the Federation is President Jim Perri. He will be receiving the
President’s Award for his support of the Federation ideals and commitment to
Conservation. Jim also strongly supports the 3F Club’s Youth program as they are the
future of the Club.
Indoor Shooting Range Report
As a reminder to all users of the indoor range, please follow the rules and
regulations. Safety is the most important….eye and ear protection is
Recently the ballistic curtains were reversed to make use of the undamaged
portions. Three days later #3 station was again damaged by an unknown
type of ammunition….probably hollow point or self-defense which is not
allowed. If you find your ammo is making holes in the curtains please stop
using it.
When finished shooting make sure the lights are off, the heat set to 55
degrees and the ventilation fans are off. These simple things have not been
done lately causing an unnecessary expense to the Club. Also, clean up
empty shell cases, used targets and ammo boxes.
The 3F Club
Phone: 754-2293
Address label here
Message from the President
I would like to thank Charlie Brolinski for the time he has served as a 3F Director.
It was a pleasure working with him and the rest of the Board. Congratulations to
John Wood, our newest Board member.
The kid’s Christmas party was a huge success, as usual, thanks to Liz Coffey and
her Merry Elves. Dale Shank played Santa as if he really was him.
The Spring Gun Raffle is coming soon. A lot of people want tickets to sell but it
can’t be done for everyone. The current method has proved to work the best. A
limited number will be for sale at the bar.
Thank you to the Board of Directors and the committees. It is amazing the work
that they all accomplish to keep our Club running smoothly.
Jim Perri, President