3 Days of Design presskit EN

Copenhagen May 28-30, 2015
For programme and event-information visit:
[email protected]
Welcome to 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen
The initiators behind 3daysofdesign are a handful of companies from Pakhus 48, a warehouse in
the industrial free port of Copenhagen, which feature permanent showrooms of leading design
3daysofdesign is a design event where more than 40 of the best design companies open their
showrooms, stores and design institutions and invite the visitors inside for amazing experiences
where furniture, lighting and design objects are the focal points.
3daysofdesign gives customers, professionals, buyers and everyone with an interest in design the
chance to participate in events, happenings, product launches, exhibitions and design lectures.
Repeating last year’s success!
Last year 3daysofdesign was a huge success where many design-interested journalists,
customers, buyers and professionals attended.
Joakim Lassen, co-initiators of 3daysofdesign is very excited about the outcome of last year’s
event: “It’s amazing when you experience spontaneous and positive reactions from the visitor,
which was the case with 3daysofdesign last year. We received a multitude of positive comments
from the many visitors that all appreciated the fact that all off Copenhagen was turned into a huge
design-hub. We are very much looking forward to repeating the success of last year. This year the
amount of participating companies has almost doubled and the infrastructure of the city has been
improved and intensified,” says Joakim Lassen.
International focus
Last year 3daysofdesign received a vast amount of international attention. This year many of the
participators are also expecting visits from international buyers and journalists. According to
Michael Anker, owner of anker&co, the reason for the international interest is that 3daysofdesign
has succeeded in turning Copenhagen into one big epicenter of design:
”Our Norwegian and Swedish customers will be visiting during 3daysofdesign. When it comes to
attracting international customers and buyers, the competition is tough. However because
3daysofdesign has managed to incorporate all the beautiful showrooms in Copenhagen as an
active part of the program it means that it is not just a few companies that are inviting the visitors to
join exceptional design experiences- but all of Copenhagen really.”.
Free transportation for everyone
"We have decided to repeat the success of last year by utilizing Copenhagen’s unique waterways
as means of transportation. Visitors are invited to use the 3daysofdesign shuttlebusses or
harbourboats and dock at various points to explore the various showrooms and events”, says
Signe Byrdal Terenziani, curator of 3daysofdesign. Signe continues: “In cooperation with
GamFratesi Design Studio we have created a booklet, which will act as an inspirational guide for
places to visit during our 3daysofdesign events”.
3daysofdesign goes behind the facade – join us!
Programme and event-information is available here: www.3daysofdesign.dk
Media Partners:
&shufl – the original Danish kitchen hackers.
&shufl is not an average kitchen company. &shufl
matches fronts and tabletops, handmade in Denmark,
with the global kitchen system of Ikea. The company
mixes high-end materials with beautiful colors all
designed by architects at low-end prices.
&shufl's new showroom is situated in the heart of
Copenhagen in classical buildings with the Marble
Church as a distinct next-door neighbor.
The showroom portrayes the kitchens in a unique and
beautiful collaboration with new tiles, handmade
wallpaper and designer furniture.
Press: Lotte Hyldahl | [email protected]
Frederiksgade 1, 1st floor
1265 Copenhagen K
THE VILLAGE by &tradition
Papirøen, Trangravsvej 24
1436 Copenhagen
Like many of &tradition’s ventures this one is moving into a
territory of the unexpected. Instead of being designed like
an archetypal showroom, &tradition has created a small
village of abstract buildings, making the most of the vast
warehouse space it is located in: “It’s like an alphabet of
building types,” says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm
Architects, who has created the concept for &tradition.
“They’re all part of the same family but with different
openings and functions.” Some of the pavilions have
permanent functions, one houses a restaurant and another
a reading room or a showroom, but the majority are flexible
spaces, open to change. The idea is that &tradition invites
artists, designers and interior stylists to re-decorate the
spaces every season – this year it is designed in cooperation with All The Way To Paris.
Press: Lonnie Johnsen | [email protected]
Add a Room
Add a Room is delighted to be taking part in 3daysofdesign
2015 event in Copenhagen with their 20sqm ONE + house
situated next to Pakhus 48 to illustrate the happiness and
easiness of living ‘small and simple’. The house comfortably
caters for a family of four. Compact, flexible solutions such as
the multifunctional IO Bunk Pod from IO Kids Design, a
fireplace designed by Bo Bonfils and Jane Reumert will be
shown to illustrate there is a beauty and pleasure to be had in
an efficient use of space and energy and in the ability to live
comfortably in small but well engineered and constructed
Next to Pakhus 48
Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
Add a Room is a modular mini house concept from Scandinavia
offering modern, versatile and ecologically conscious design.
The concept is based on a small, completely finished house
modules designed by one of the founders of 3xN, Lars Frank
Nielsen. The modules can be linked together in various
configurations to increase the living space.
Quite simply called Compact Smart Living!
Press: Susanne Aarup | [email protected]
anker & co
Make sure to visit the hottest lighting showroom in
Scandinavia, anker & co in the urban harbor district
called ”Århusgadekvarteret.” A skilled team of lighting
specialists will guide you through some of the latest
news from international brands as; XAL,
Wever&Ducre and Wästberg. New arrivals from
designers such as Ilse Crawford, David Chipperfield
and Inga Sempé will inspire you together with the
latest tech-gadgets on how to control your light with
your smartphone or tablet.
Press: Michael Anker | [email protected]
Århusgade 120
2150 Nordhavn
The new permanent Alias showroom in
Copenhagen will host a special selection of the
novelties from the Milan Furniture Fair. Be inspired
by great designers such as Alberto Meda, Patrick
Norquet, Eugeni Quitllet and Alfredo Häberli. Alias
was founded in 1979 and the brand has won global
success due to it's timeless design, innovative use
of new materials and high quality. For this reason
Alias offers 10 years guaranty on most of the
Press: Mia Anker | [email protected]
Fiorini Trading
Århusgade 120
2150 Nordhavn
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 26
2150 Nordhavn
The Arper showroom is located in the heart of the design
district of Copenhagen, which goes by the name of Pakhus 48.
A former industrial storage area, spread over an area of more
than 3,000 square meters overlooking the harbor of
Copenhagen, Pakhus 48 is a cultural hub and catalyst for
innovation representing an important pole of attraction for
visitors. The Arper showroom covers an area of more than 300
square meters and offers the visitor a complete overview of the
collections of a company that has always been distinguished by
its versatility and elegance of its products. The showroom was
designed by the Lievore Altherr Molina studio in Barcelona, a
partner with whom the company has been collaborating for
several years and that has given rise to many successful
collections, including Catifa, Leaf, Saya, and more recently,
Press: Stefania Zamuner | [email protected]
During 3daysofdesign, boform and CPH Square will open
their new two-story Flagship Store in the heart of Hellerup.
The exhibition will highlight why boform, over the last 35
years, continues to be at the forefront of exceptional design
and craftsmanship. The shop will showcase several new
designs in kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes. CPH
Square will present its urban kitchen style with its usual
blend of colors, shapes and materials, challenging the
´traditional` kitchen design of the past.
Press: Dorthe Theilade | [email protected]
Hellerupvej 8
2900 Hellerup
boform.dk | cphsquare.dk
By & Havn
CPH City & Port Development creates neighbourhoods
in Copenhagen, amongst other Nordhavn. CPH City &
Port Development are aware that both the big picture
and the small details are important when you are
providing the framework for thousands of people's daily
lives and activities. The exhibition ”Sea and Sky” tells
the story of the development in Nordhavn.
Press: Susanne Pouline Svendsen | [email protected]
The Silo // By & Havn
Helsinkigade 29
2150 Nordhavn
Byggeselskabet Maj
Byggeselskabet Maj has existed for 25 years and is
known for craftsmanship of high quality and integrity.
Over the past five years, the craftsmen of
Byggeselskabet Maj have created their own designs,
and the works of craftsmen Julian Kyhl and Peter Klint
have been exhibited at design fairs in London and
Milan. The showroom is beautifully located in the
waterfront of the industrial harbour of Nordhavn.
Press: Lea Holtoug | [email protected]
Pakhus 403/The Red Hall
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Carl Hansen & Søn
Bredgade 21
1260 Copenhagen K
Carl Hansen & Søn’s Flagship Store presents the very
best in Danish modern furniture and classic
craftsmanship. Located at Bredgade 21 in central
Copenhagen, the two-story design shop is an integral
part of the established design scene around
Designmuseum Danmark and Amalienborg Palace.
The shop is dedicated to displaying such worldrenowned furniture designs as Hans J. Wegner's iconic
Wishbone Chair, Shell Chair and Wing Chair, Frits
Henningsen’s Heritage Chair, and Ole Wanscher’s
Colonial Chair, among others. Carl Hansen & Søn is
the largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans
J. Wegner.
Carl Hansen & Søn’s modern classics are
characterized by high quality, sustainable production,
and enduring beauty, with every furniture item
reflecting an over 100-year history of respect and
passion for craftsmanship. Carl Hansen & Søn furniture
is manufactured in Denmark and sold all over the
Press: Pernille Ehlert Florentz | [email protected]
Danish Architecture Centre
Strandgade 27b
1401 Copenhagen K
Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is located in
Copenhagen and is the main exhibition space in Denmark
for architecture. You can experience a broad range of
exhibitions, and it is the perfect place to start, if you want to
learn more about the world famous Danish architecture and
city planning. Apart from the exhibitions, DAC offers a wide
range of activities like workshops, debates and film
screenings. During spring and summer you can also
experience the architecture of Copenhagen on tours around
the city – by boat, bike or foot. The shop has the largest
selection of books on architecture and city planning in
Scandinavia and also offers a fine assortment of Danish
design. If you get hungry, the café has a very popular
brunch and lunch menu coupled with a splendid view of the
Press: Rune Huvendick Jensen | [email protected]
The Silo // By & Havn
Helsinkigade 29
2150 Nordhavn
DANISH™ is an online magazine promoting Danish
design and architecture through articles and company
profiles. Everything is ready for journalists to use. In order
to promote Danish design internationally DANISH™ also
arranges exhibitions and press tours. In collaboration with
Frame magazine, DANISH™ will present the ‘ReFraming Danish Design’ exhibition, in which Niek Pulles
from the Netherlands and Sebastian Herkner from
Germany, both carefully chosen by Frame, will re-frame
ten Danish design objects based on their own unique
approach and concept. See how the designers have
reframed Kaare Klint’s Safari Chair // Carl Hansen & Søn,
42 Montana modules // Montana, Børge Mogensen´s J39
Chair // Fredericia, Hans Bølling’s Tray Table // Brdr.
Krüger, Arne Jacobsen’s 7 Series Chair // Fritz Hansen,
Cecilie Manz´s Caravaggio lamp //Lightyears, Søren
Rose Studio´s Plateau // DK3, handpainted wallpaper //
Zilmers, the Fiber Chair // MUUTO and the Tongue by
Arne Jacobsen // HOWE.
Press: Lisa Kjær Jensen | [email protected]
Experience the work of up-and-coming designers as
a part of 3daysofdesign. The exhibition DAWN
presents the best of new Danish furniture and
handcrafted design by carefully selected designers.
Visit DAWN – and be inspired.
Press: Natalia Sanchez | [email protected]
Next to Pakhus 48,
Klubiensvej 15
2150 Nordhavn
Designmuseum Danmark
Experience one of the world’s largest collections of
Danish design, counting works by Finn Juhl, Arne
Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Verner Panton and Hans
Wegner. In addition, the collections cover applied art
and design from Art Nouveau to contemporary Danish
design and include glass, ceramics, fashion, textile
and poster art. The museum, situated right next to
Amalienborg, is one of the finest examples of rococo
architecture in Copenhagen. It offers thematic design
exhibitions, special events, guided tours and
workshops. Visitors are also invited to explore our
beautiful garden, the café with indoor and outdoor
service, the museum shop, and library.
Press: Nikolina Olsen-Rule | [email protected]
Bredgade 68
1260 Copenhagen K
Experience a new Dinesen universe unfolding on 600
sqm in the heart of Copenhagen. The showroom is
divided into two parts that stage the new collections:
Extraordinary by Nature and Tree of a Kind. One part
takes the exclusiveness of the long and wide wooden
planks to a new level. It is like entering a private
apartment with ballroom and dining area, library and
custom-made kitchen. The other part of the
showroom is a raw and playful universe, which
presents another, more creative Dinesen with planks
in a variety of dimensions and expressions. The main
gallery room has a unique look, featuring a huge
wooden structure playing with light and shadow.
Søtorvet 5
1371 Copenhagen K
Press: Michael Schönwiese | [email protected]
Dornbracht's showroom is based in the award winning beautiful
Masteskurene at Holmen, next to the opera house and
overlooking the canal. You will find that the modern impulses
that characterize Dornbracht as a brand, are united with the
fantastic, historical atmosphere of the building. The globally
active family-run manufacturer of high-quality fittings for baths
and kitchens with production in Germany regularly receives
international design awards. Dornbracht forms life in a new way,
and stands for future product developments, for both private
homes and projects, such as hotels, spas and exclusive settings.
See the new dynamic design series CL.1 along with kitchen
novelties which will be presented.
Masteskurene, skur 7
Galionsvej 33
1437 Copenhagen K
Press: Bettina Færgeman | [email protected]
Engelbrechts is a furniture manufacturer, working in
collaboration with designers and other specialists to develop
modern and timeless furniture for the perceptive and qualityconscious customer. Experienced designers have
developed all Engelbrechts’ furniture. They all work with the
philosophy to create aesthetic, sculptural and functional
furniture – where everything superfluous has been removed.
Engelbrechts' showroom is located in Copenhagen's
historical city center. Here, one can view the versatile
furniture collection in a respectfully renovated building that
once housed – among others – the famous Danish
philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.
Press: Anette Schmidt | [email protected]
Skindergade 38
1159 Copenhagen K
Erik Jørgensen
Erik Jørgensen is presenting the novelties from the
trade fairs in Cologne, Stockholm and Milan among
others the sofa Savannah designed by Monica
Förster and the company's own dream of a sofa
‘Spring’ – side by side with the well-known design
icons. You can also experience rugs that have been
created in collaboration with the super creative and
Barcelona based Nanimarquina, as well as textile
art of the Japanese Shoko Hiarata. Visit the unique
showroom in Pakhus 48 in Nordhavn and explore
design and quality in a class of its own.
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
Press: Anne Boysen | [email protected]
Fabula Living
nyt i bo shop
Frederiksgade 1, Ground floor
1265 Copenhagen K
Fabula Living is a modern Nordic Design Tale about
an old craftsmanship. The company combines the
Scandinavian design tradition and sophisticated style
with the ancient techniques of weaving to give
handmade rugs a modern touch. The company was
founded in 2004 and has created beautiful collections,
which are being sold all over the world. With Jens
Landberg Schrøder as head designer, Fabula Living
has created a collection of rugs that combines
reinterpreted classic patterns with emphasis on
technique and quality. In 2013 the owners decided to
expand the collection and brought in renowned
designer Lisbet Friis, who has used her technical
expertise and arty touch and added more colourful
rugs with stripes inspired by antique kilim and Nordic
rag rugs. This blend of design and tradition, passion
and patience makes design from Fabula Living unique.
In the occasion of 3daysofdesign Fabula Living will
exceptionally be exhibiting in the beautiful ‘nyt i bo’
store in the centre of Copenhagen.
Press: Charlotte Jul | [email protected]
File Under Pop
File Under Pop recently opened a showroom and production
studio of hand painted wallpaper, handmade tiles, lavastone
and exclusive paint. In March 2015 File Under Pop launched a
brand new collection within 'surface design’. The company is
directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer: "The aim of File
Under Pop is to be a part of the fundamental transformation of a
room by clothing the large surfaces - walls, floors and ceilings with our ceramic terracotta tiles, lavastone, wallpaper and paint.
The surface of a room should be inspiring,” Josephine says.
"We are surrounded by surfaces in our daily lives - so why not
add depth, colour and texture?” Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer
is the founder of the company and previous creative director of
Made a Mano.
Frederiksgade 1, 1st floor
1265 Copenhagen K
Press: Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer |
[email protected]
For more than fifty years FLOS has been crafting
objects of light and shedding brightness on generations
of dreams.
For FLOS, light is the substance for expressing new
ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. FLOS
writes the future, reading the past and expressing the
present, in a continuity of positive challenges and bold
choices that have shaped the image and identity.
History has taught FLOS to fan the flames of
provocation with research into new poetic notions of
FLOS Scandinavia is a subsidiary of the group FLOS
Spa, which for more than 50 years has produced design
lamps by among others A. Castiglioni, J. Morrison, the
Bouroullec brth., P. Urquiola, P. Starck, A. Citterio.
nyt i bo shop
Frederiksgade 1, Ground floor
1265 Copenhagen K
In the occasion of 3daysofdesign FLOS will
exceptionally be exhibiting in the beautiful ‘nyt i bo’ store
in the centre of Copenhagen.
Press: Anne-Dorthe Stagemeier | [email protected]
Fredericiagade 57
1310 Copenhagen K
Frama is located in central Copenhagen in the historic
and protected neighborhood of Nyboder. The building is
the former home of the St. Pauls Pharmacy established
in the 1800’s, and the building still has the original
woodwork and architectural elements. The Frama
Collection focuses on solid materials with natural finishes
and simple geometry. The objects within the collection
signal a return to basics, where the design appearance
aims to be honest and pure. Working within the area of
design archetypes, Frama represents a graphical and
straightforward aesthetic approach to design. This spring,
the showroom in St. Pauls Apotek will feature a number
of behavioral case studies. The mixture of traditional and
contemporary environments will feature different colored
tones and materials focusing on the context of home
using elements of living. In addition, Frama will be
releasing the new web shop featuring an exclusive
collection, in junction with the re-designed web platform.
Press: Marie Buhl | [email protected]
In inner-city Copenhagen, Israels Plads is a place where people
meet up to eat, drink and pick up groceries in the city’s mecca
for foodies, Torvehallerne. Directly opposite you’ll find one of the
most renowned producers of Danish furniture design Fredericia.
In Fredericia’s store & showroom you can experience the most
outstanding furniture from contemporary trendsetting designers
including the latest new releases from GamFratesi, Jasper
Morrison, Timo Ripatti and Henrik Vibskov, along with the iconic
masters of the 1950s such as Børge Mogensen and Hans J.
Wegner. With a proud history of dedication to the design craft
spanning over a century, Fredericia provides an amazing insight
into the very best of Danish and international furniture design.
Frederiksborggade 22
1360 Copenhagen K
Press: Jakob Hundborg | [email protected]
Fritz Hansen
A room is well-designed when it offers a welcoming and
inviting space – when it has that indefinable quality we
call homeliness. It is a challenge to create a home that
appears vivid, personal and soulful.
In Fritz Hansen’s showroom there is a small apartment
where you - among other things - can see the two new
chairs designed by Jaime Hayon that are the first step
towards bringing that exceptional atmosphere into a
Press: Sidse Morgenthaler | [email protected]
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 24
2150 Nordhavn
Georg Jensen
Be inspired by the beautiful design universe at the
Georg Jensen Flagship Store and get creative at the
“Design your table setting” workshop, where your
imagination will be put to the test.
Georg Jensen was founded in 1904 in Copenhagen
and is a pioneer in the field of design. Internationally
recognized as a leading Danish design brand, Georg
Jensen design pieces can be found in permanent
exhibitions at museums around the world, such as
MOMA, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York and The Art Institute of Chicago. Georg
Jensen has been awarded the Wallpaper Design
Award, Elle Decoration and The Interior Innovation
Award – Best of Best.
Amagertorv 4
1160 Copenhagen K
Press: Kristina Houmann | [email protected]
In an old town-house just next to The Marble Church
and in the area of The Royal Palace you will find the
showroom of GETAMA. With 740 square-meters
GETAMA’s collection of design furniture, matresses,
and auditorium- and theatre chairs is nicely placed in
this 19th century apartment. Founded in 1899 to
produce matresses from local materials - GETAMA
remains Denmark’s leading manufacturer of luxury
beds. Moreover GETAMA is Denmark’s oldest
manufacturer of Hans J. Wegner furniture with a cooperation stretching over six decades. Alongside
furniture by Nanna Ditzel, Bernt and Wegner,
GETAMA produces a range of award winning
auditorium and theatre seating.
Frederiksgade 1,3rd floor
1265 Copenhagen K
Press: Jakob Hundborg | [email protected]
GRID is a Danish multi-functional modular interior
system offering flexibility and durability. Peter J.
Lassen designed GRID, with the goal of creating welldefined structures in the room. The GRID System is
based on a 40 x 40 x 40 cm cube with mounting holes
making GRID versatile. As a modular system GRID
works in different settings and is suitable for multiple
purposes; GRID as wall system, display, podium,
artistic installation, etc. GRID is used within a variety of
sectors such as; retail & showroom, museum & gallery,
hotel & restaurant, office & institution, show & event,
exhibition & fair and even for the private home. All
parts are designed with a minimalistic, industrial, but
still elegant look.
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
GRID is Danish Design - made in Denmark.
Press: Jorgen Petersen | [email protected]
Klubiensvej 7-9, Pakhus 53,
2150 Nordhavn | Møntergade 19,
1140 Copenhagen
GUBI is on a continual quest. A journey. Fuelled by
the companies passion to discover overlooked icons
from the past and future icons in the making, they
have made a distinctive name for themselves in the
international design arena as a dynamic design force
to be reckoned with. GUBI see themselves as treasure
hunters, where curiosity, courage and intuition are key
components for their success. Design is all about
discovering gems and following your instincts. It
involves travelling, searching and finding long-lost
remnants from the past as well as contemporary,
cutting-edge designs from new artists on the horizon.
Based in Frihavnen, GUBI’s showroom spans over
2,000 sqm space that used to be a tobacco factory,
revamped into a modern, ultra-expansive showroom
loft. GUBI Store is located on the borders of
Copenhagen’s most exclusive shopping district. It is
an architectural, dynamic and inspiring destination that
shows the GUBI designs in a true GUBI environment.
Press: Louise Hedenmark | [email protected]
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968 and
has deep roots in the Scandinavian design
tradition. The company holds the leading position
within the European high-quality contemporary
textile market and supplies architects, designers
and private consumers across the world with
textiles and textile-related products. Kvadrat’s
products reflect the company’s commitment to
color, quality, simplicity, innovation and design.
Kvadrat fabrics have been used in some of the
world’s most intriguing architectural developments,
such as the Gherkin, London; Museum of Modern
Art, New York; Copenhagen Opera House,
Denmark; Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao and
Guangzhou Opera House, China.
Kvadrat consistently pushes the aesthetic,
technological and functional properties of textiles.
In doing so, the company collaborates with leading
designers, architects and artists.
Press: Tania Christensen | [email protected]
Strandvejen 145
2900 Hellerup
Kvänum welcomes you in the newly expanded showroom
at Strandvejen in Hellerup. Here you will find high-quality
furnishing for kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, bedrooms
and walk-in closets and much more.
When you walk into the showroom you walk into a world
of quality, authenticity and old-fashioned craftsmanship.
When you take a close look at the interior from Kvänum
you will see the passion for details. Book-matched
veneer in front panels, hand-painted details, mitred
corners, dovetailed drawers and edged cross transoms
are just some of the aspects that guarantee the typical
Kvänum feeling. The entire manufacturing is built up
around the philosophy of authenticity. It is this
authenticity that ensures that the interiors lasts longer –
and become more and more beautiful as the years go by.
As a part of the Kvänum showroom you will also find an
exclusive range of classical tiles and natural stones as
well as exclusive classical English orangeries.
Press: Joelina Løkke | [email protected]
The LE KLINT Flagship Store in the heart of
Copenhagen was established in 1943 and is still
placed at the original address at St. Kirkestræde 1.
Over the years, lamps have been passed on to
generations of Danes from all over the country. LE
KLINT will give you a sneak peek of the new
collections and latest designs which will be on display
for the very first time. Meet the team behind - LE
KLINT - one of the few Danish companies that still
manufacture in Denmark.
Press: Søren Andersen | [email protected]
Store Kirkestræde 1
1073 Copenhagen K
Living Divani
In the showroom of Fiorini Trading there will be a special
presentation of the new Living Divani sofa designed by
Piero Lissoni. This model won the Wallpaper Design
Award 2015 for Best Design. News from the Milan fair
will also be showing. Living Divani is an Italian family
owned company founded by the Bestetti family more
than 45 years ago. Their exceptionel devotion to details
can be enjoyed in each of their beautiful models. The
collections benefit from the head designer and art
director Piero Lissoni, who designed their headquarter
near the Como lake.
Press: Mia Anker | [email protected]
Fiorini Trading
Århusgade 120,
2150 Nordhavn
Louis Poulsen
Gammel Strand 28
1202 Copenhagen K
The Louis Poulsen showroom is situated at Gammel
Strand 28, right next to the shopping street Strøget and
the home of the Danish Government Christiansborg. In
this beautiful space, Louis Poulsen presents a residential
range in modern surroundings in a 200 square meter
showroom. Louis Poulsen is an international lighting
manufacturer who target the professional and private
lighting markets producing and developing lights for
indoor and outdoor applications. A yearlong close
cooperation with architects has made Louis Poulsen a
leading supplier of architectural light in the world. The
company's approach to architectural light began with the
collaboration with one of the best-known and respected
lamp designers, Poul Henningsen. Together with Poul
Henningsen, Louis Poulsen created a lighting and
product philosophy that can be summed up in the words;
function, comfort and ambience. The philosophy
continues to influence the very simple and functional
product design of Louis Poulsen.
Press: Claus Østergaard | [email protected]
Luceplan's showroom is located in PAKHUS 48 alongside
some of the best-known Danish design houses in
Copenhagen Freeport. Luceplan has a long history in
modern and timeless lamp design combined with high
quality and functionality. Due to Philips’ ownership,
Luceplan is always in front when it comes to combining
design with the latest technology. The Copenhagen
showroom and office is the Nordic headquarter for
Luceplan and Modular, and therefore also the scene for
visits and activities from all of the Nordic countries.
Press: Christian Tauson | [email protected]
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
MA/U Studio
Since MA/U Studio was established in Copenhagen
in 2011, the company has been dedicated to
designing and
manufacturing functional, timeless and minimalistic
furniture of uncompromised quality. The MA/U Studio
collection is characterised by designs that can be
integrated in both office spaces as well as private
housing. MA/U Studio believes, that visualising the
constantly changing purposes of the furniture and
objects that create a space - with an
open mindset - is what matters when creating
furniture for the future.
nyt i bo shop
Frederiksgade 1, Ground floor
1265 Copenhagen K
In the occasion of 3daysofdesign MA/U Studio will
be exhibiting in the beautiful ‘nyt i bo’ store in the
centre of Copenhagen.
Press: Mikal Harrsen | [email protected]
The spacious showroom of Montana is located in
Pakhus 48, a renovated warehouse in the former
industrial harbor. In the beautiful light by the waterfront
Montana presents the complete modular furniture
system designed by Peter J. Lassen, and chairs and
tables designed by Salto & Sigsgaard, Verner Panton
and Arne Jacobsen. The showroom is an inspiring
universe of Montana colours, creative details and
functionality displayed in installations suitable for
modern homes and offices - and in the new Montana
Collection which will be launched during
Press: Mette Larsen | [email protected]
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
Montana Mobile
Bredgade 24,
1260 Copenhagen K
Montana Mobile is an international furniture store in the
heart of Copenhagen. The store specializes in
products from Montana furniture well known for storage
system, colors and flexibility designed by Peter
Lassen. Montana Mobile also leads new and classic
furniture collections, home accessories and lighting
from a variety of renowned Danish and International
designers and manufacturers, including Knoll
International, Fredericia Furniture, JUUL and Verner
Panton – all compliment and support Montana's unique
design universe. Montana’s product range has been
developed intensely during the recent years. Montana
Mobile meets the costumers with commitment,
knowledge about Montana's legendary products as
well as Montana's new sound universe; Montana
Sound. In addition, Montana Mobile presents a
complete range of Montana Bathroom line and
Montana Wardrobe line.
Press: Mette Larsen | [email protected]
Østergade 36-38
1100 Copenhagen K
In the showroom Muuto's products are combined
with careful design choices to create a comfortable
working environment perfectly in tune with the
company’s identity. The goal of the interior design
team was to create a living breathing home for the
product range in a highly professional workplace:
Establishing an essentially homely Muuto feel, but
without compromising the functionality of a high
paced productive environment. Visitors are given the
chance to see the best practice use of Muuto
products in a real working environment, for example
how a STACKED unit provides an excellent divide
between two work stations. The showroom, the
office space, the canteen, meeting rooms and quiet
rooms are an integral part of a tour around Muuto.
Muuto’s finished headquarter stands out on many
levels. The office and showroom intertwines so that
the random addition of someone’s belongings can
affect the mood, adding more character and
personality to the space.
Press: Amira Omar | [email protected]
nyt i bo
Frederiksgade 1,
Ground floor
1265 Copenhagen K
For the first time the backdoors of nyt i bo are
opened. The beautiful store situated on
Frederiksgade 1 is one of the most statuesque
buildings in Copenhagen. Besides nyt i bo, the
building houses some of the most prominent
manufactures within Danish furniture design and
For the first time nyt i bo will be presenting the
stores own Nordic products. The furniture was first
created in the 1970’s where it was a part of a
unique and very popular culture and style. Even
though the products have been produced for more
than 45 years, the simple Nordic expression and
sustainability makes them ideal when it comes to
the trends of today. Nyt i bo's famous daybeds, the
functional brade-bookshelve and the profile bed
can all be customized after the customers wishes.
Press: Claudio Giovanni | [email protected]
New Onecollection showroom right next to the
Marble Church.
Frederiksgade 1,
Ground floor right
1265 Copenhagen K
Onecollection´s desire to find a good address in
central Copenhagen to show the production of
contemporary furniture design along with furniture
designed by Finn Juhl is now a reality. The
address is Frederiksgade 1 - right at the Marble
Church and a few minutes walk from "House of
Finn Juhl". The new showroom shares its
address with other exciting design companies
and in this creative environment Onecollection
exhibits furniture by Salto & Sigsgaard, Henrik
Tengler, Søren Holst, Nanna Ditzel, Niels
Gammelgaard, Lars Frank Nielsen, Kindt-Larsen,
Søren Ulrik Petersen, Erla Óskarsdóttir and Finn
Press: Benthe Mathiesen | [email protected]
Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2
2100 Copenhagen Ø
An eye for the simple and a nose for the functional is
the essence of Paustian, from the first beginnings in
1964 to the house of furniture as we see it today. With
a complete range of furniture, rugs, lighting and
accessories for both home and office, Paustian is a
pioneer within international and Danish design with
shops in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Shanghai. The
Paustian house in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, was
designed by the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon.
With exclusive Danish distribution rights for products
from the Swiss company Vitra, Paustian is able to
market a wide range of design classics from Charles
& Ray Eames, Jean Prouvé, Verner Panton or Alvar
Aalto as well as contemporary collections from
Antonio Citterio, Jasper Morrison, Ronan and Erwan
Bouroullec or Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby.
Paustian also has its own furniture collection
designed by both young and more experienced
Danish architects and designers.
Press: Irene Houstrup | [email protected]
In March 2015 PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED opened
the doors to a beautiful showroom in the center of
Copenhagen. Here you can see the latest designs and
collections by Egon Eiermann and Mattiazzi. The
showroom is a little unconventional, since it is created
from the idea of a common vibrant and inspiring
environment where cooperation with other creative,
interesting companies is rated highly. Visitors are able to
tour the first floor at Frederiksgade 1, and experience
products that complement each other and provide the
most interior of a home, an office, a hotel or a
Press: Thomas Ibsen | [email protected]
Frederiksgade 1, 1st floor
1265 Copenhagen K
PP Møbler
PP Møbler is a family-owned Danish joinery workshop,
established in 1953, with a strong tradition for crafting
design furniture of high quality. PP Møbler’s motivation
has always been the love of wood and a stubborn belief
that technique, ingenuity and craftsmanship can be
combined in the strive for quality. While the world-famous
Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner is a focal point at PP
Møbler, other designers have also made contributions to
the production. Many of these designers are nationally
and internationally acclaimed. The individual designers
each have their unique style, however a common trait in
the cooperation with PP Møbler is their exploration of the
possibilities of wood.
Press: Katja Kejser | [email protected]
Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
Rud. Rasmussen
Bredgade 18
1260 Copenhagen K
The new Rud. Rasmussen Galleri at Bredgade 18 in
Copenhagen offers visitors a shop, exhibition area, and
workshop in one intimate space. This neighborhood –
known for its design shops, galleries, and museums – is
where the Rud. Rasmussen story began nearly 150 years
ago. You can experience a universe featuring iconic
designs such as Kaare Klint's Faaborg Chair and Mogens
Koch's Folding Chair. The boutique space invites guests to
explore masterpieces in their historical context on the
ground floor and view live craftsmanship behind Rud.
Rasmussen’s works of furniture art in a lower-level
workshop. Rud. Rasmussen, Denmark’s oldest
cabinetmaking workshop, has produced exceptional Danish
furniture since 1869. The company’s ability to combine
century-old traditions with modern techniques has drawn
visionary designers to entrust Rud. Rasmussen with their
works, many of which have emerged as true masterworks
that shape the Danish furniture legacy.
Press: Pernille Ehlert Florentz | [email protected]
Trip Trap by Skagerak
Indiakaj 2
2100 Copenhagen Ø
In a former postoffice in Copenhagen’s Østerbro
neighbourhood lies Skagerak’s flagship store. The
building tells unique stories with its weathered brickwork,
intricate stucco and charming balcony. This is
Skagerak's residence as it has been for the past 30
years. Skagerak is known for its Nordic expression and
iconic outdoor wooden furniture, such as the Drachmann
Bench and the Riviera Sunbed, which have remained
popular over the years. Form and quality has always
been vital parameters for this Danish family-owned
company, founded in 1976. Today, Skagerak has
expanded the collections to include 3 categories:
interior, outdoor and home accessories. Wood is still the
company’s core DNA, but a wider range of materials has
been added, along with a hand-picked selection of both
young and established designers, who create current
and future iconic products, like the Cutter and Georg
Press: Vibeke Panduro | [email protected]
uno form
Søtorvet 1
1371 Copenhagen K
For more than 45 years, uno form has embodied
innovative and uncompromising Danish kitchen
design. An uno form kitchen is your guarantee
of the finest joinery created by passionate
craftsmen of longstanding tradition. uno form
was developed by the man of visionary ideas,
Arne Munch, who designed the first uno form
kitchen in 1968. uno form, which means one
form in Latin, is based on the idea of a standard
square module that can be used freely and
independently of kitchen requirements and
space considerations. The classic simple
format, pure lines and sublime functionality
epitomise timeless Danish kitchen design,
enabling it to rise above passing trends. The
Flagship store of uno form is located at Søtorvet
in a beautiful building from 1873, which marks
the entrance from Nørrebro to central
Copenhagen. The showroom benefits from the
spacious rooms and the bright-lighted location,
just across from the lakes of Copenhagen.
Press: Peter Bisgaard | [email protected]
Pakhus 48,
Klubiensvej 22
2150 Nordhavn
The first VOLA taps were designed in 1968 by
Danish architect Arne Jacobsen who is recognized
all over the world for outstanding architecture and
design. VOLA continues to introduce new awardwinning designs like a range of free-standing mixers
and showers, a new towel warmer concept and a
new complete range of hand-free taps and
accessories for prestigious office buildings, hotel
foyers, cultural buildings as well as private houses.
The showroom in Pakhus 48 shows the VOLA
design classics as well as the brand new spa
products and new hand shower and shower rail. The
VOLA taps are produced in Denmark according to
the green certification ISO 14001. The VOLA
showroom in Pakhus 48 is designed by Aarhus
Arkitekterne who has also designed the VOLA
showrooms in London, Brussels, Amsterdam,
Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo and Shanghai and also the
latest VOLA products.
Press: Birthe Tofting | [email protected]