The Recipe for your Market Success

The Recipe for your Market Success
It takes:
more than a hundred years of experience...
... and everything that you need for efficient production:
Reimelt Philosophy
2 - 3
Process Technology
4 - 7
Raw Material Handling
8 - 11
Automation Technology
12 - 13
Reimelt Philosophy
The Right Ingredients for a
Total Concept.
Confectionaries are food, and as such you
have to satisfy high quality and safety
requirements. This applies not only to the
quality of the end-product but also to the
production processes.
Properly coordinated raw material handling
is needed to get optimal results that are
consistent, and at the same time economical.
It is the task of the Reimelt experts to always
meet the changing requirements of the market.
We develope new solutions for products that
interest people and in doing so lay the foundation for success in the market.
Systems and
The Complete Solution from
a Single Source:
Reimelt, with its systems solutions, has
been a reliable partner for the confectionery
industry for decades. This is shown by our
extensive international client list.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we
at Reimelt know precisely what the customer
wants concerning "their" end product
– whether it is candy bars, cookies, gummy
bears or other confectionaries.
The Reimelt Principle
Knowledge of the end product
and its requirements such as
i Raw materials
i Process technology
i Automation level
is crucial to finding the optimal
solutions for production.
Flexible system execution
Quality control
Optimized provisioning strategy
Process technology in the raw material
handling industry
i Integral material flow supervision
i Reduction of production costs
i Optimizing the building layout process
Reimelt Philosophy
- Silo Technology
- Bulk-Bags
- Fluidizing
- Vibration
- Metering
- Pneumatic
- Container
- Sifting
- Mixing
- Fermenting
- Tempering
- Conditioning
- Size Reduction
- Weighing
- Volumetric and
Major Ingredients
Minor Ingredients
Micro Ingredients
System Control
Mixing / Blending
Fat Processing
Process Technology
Systems and Components
i Key components developed and
manufactured in-house
i Equipment designed for constant operation
(24 hours/day, 365 days/year) with a long
i High processing-quality
i Patented components
i Long-term spare-parts availability
i Sanitary design - Easy to clean
Experience from over 13,000 built systems
Extensive references
Own laboratory and central test facility
Patented processes
Process technology consultation during
i Engineering services
i Technical application trials for
customer orders (raw material analysis,
conveying, mixing, sifting)
P r o c e s s Te c h n o l o g y
Appetizing Solutions...
Process Technology Tasks
in Raw Material Logistics
To ensure a consistent quality in production,
all process parameters have to be precisely
monitored. Reimelt systems ensure this due to
sensor technology and control philosophy.
Storage and Discharge
Raw materials must be stored according to
their individual characteristics so that the
quality of the end product is not affected.
The "first-in, first-out" principle is Reimelt's
foremost process technology concept for silo
and storage hopper design. Also key is the
hygenic design of all equipment parts and
elimination of cross-contamination concerns.
Furthermore, process parameters such as
humidity, temperature and maximum storage
time are constantly monitored and controlled.
Conveying systems from Reimelt are designed
to meet the requirements of the end product.
A wide variety of pneumatic conveying systems
are available for raw materials, ranging from
slow-speed conveying systems for gentle product handling to conventional systems to pneumatic systems utilizing a protective gas.
The conveying systems for liquids also follow
this design philosophy. Whether it be centrifugal
pumps, piston metering pumps or rotary piston
pumps, each is utilized according to the proper
Picture 1: Powdered sugar grinder with integral
pneumatic conveying
Weighing and Metering
Reimelt has mastered the concept of the batch
process as well as continuous processes, and
provides the total process technology from a
single source - from the components for batch
scaling to continuous metering scales.
We have the right solutions for the handling of
liquids also, whether it is for different product
characteristics or required metering accuracies.
Volumetric systems, such as metering pumps
and volumetric flow meters, or gravimetric
components, such as liquid scales and mass
flow meters, are all available for intergration
into the total system, complete with controls.
Tempering, drying, humidifying, homogenizing,
sifting, cooling, mixing, grinding and recrystallization: the system solutions from Reimelt encompass the entire range of raw material processing requirements. Systems for the production of plasticized fats and creams complete the
performance spectrum.
P r o c e s s Te c h n o l o g y
Liquid Material Storage
Dry Material Storage
Sugar Grinding
Minor Ingredients
Container Storage
Picture 2: Powdered sugar hopper with horizontal agitator and discharge screw, pneumatic
conveying from receiving hopper
Staging of mixes and raw materials for further
processing is just as important as the storage
and discharge for production quality. Raw
materials for the production of quality end
products are provided "just in time", dependent
on the production capacity. If the amounts of
product stored is minimized and the raw material handling time is reduced, then the system is
naturally more efficient.
P r o c e s s Te c h n o l o g y
... for Optimal Product Quality.
Liquid Material Storage
Dry Material Storage
Delivery of
Raw Materials
Delivery of
Raw Materials
Dough Mixer
Fine Rolling Mill
Pre-Rolling Mill
Diagram representation of chocolate and chocolate coating production with raw material processing mixing technology, pre- and fine rolling
mill as well as conches.
The raw materials for the production of high
quality chocolates and chocolate coatings are
stored in various vessels.
Those system components must work strictly
according to the "first-in, first-out" principle to
ensure high quality. Electronic scales weigh
every single liquid and dry component exactly
and consistently.
The raw materials are metered into the mixer
according to the recipe. The contents of the
mixer are constantly monitored via weight
control in order to ensure an exact batch.
A homogenous mass is formed in the mixer and
is then sent to a pre-rolling mill or a fine rolling
mill directly or via a stainless steel metering
system. The chocolate is crushed in these mills
to get a consumable chocolate.
Stainless steel conveyor belts transport the
final mass to the final refining – the conching
P r o c e s s Te c h n o l o g y
Special Processes - Fruit Gumdrops Production
Pneumatc Conveying
Delivery of
Finished Product
End Product / Starch
Sifting of Starch
Starch Recovery/Reintegration
Special system for problem-free conveying of
fruit gumdrop products with downstream separation and reprocessing of the starch by a Reimelt
sifter with patented pre-sifter drum.
Picture: Production of a chocolate mixture with direct
feeding of a pre-rolling mill
In the production of fruit gumdrops, the transport is hygenically conducted by a compact,
continuous, vacuum conveying system. The
space saving pipe system can easily be integrated into the existing system and building.
The end product is received by a specially designed diverting device for gentle transport to
the receiving hoppers.
The product is discharged from the receiving
hopper via a free-flow valve, which allows even
long products to be dicharged without any
damage. Sifters and other components can be
integrated in order to separate the starch from
the end product so it can be reused in the
Raw Material Logistics - Receiving
Gentle Handling of
Powder and Liquid Raw Materials
You begin to profit from Reimelt's Know-how
by the maximum flexibility of the raw material
receiving. The systems are designed for both a
stationary and mobile receiving station. They
can be modified according to individual requirements and work independent of the type or
dimensions of the containers. Due to sophisticated technology, discharge is practically dustfree no matter what type of packaging is
The sifting of the raw material ensures a constant quality control. Conveying is flexible to the
downstream storage or processing points.
Reimelt systems also set the standard for userfriendly operation: The delivered raw materials
are automatically entered into the recipe processing. The handling and amount information can
be modified on-site to suit your requirements.
Picture 1: Combined manual, small bag and
bulk-bag unloading station
Picture 2: bag and bulk-bag- unloading station
with coupling station to various silos
Raw Material Receiving
i Dust-free discharge of all packaging types
i User-friendly operation
i Automatic connection to the recipe
processing system
i Adaptable to local conditions in regards to
dimension and discharge to the downstream
processing points.
i Quality control through sifting
i Stationary and mobile receiving
i On the spot operation and information
specified to customer´s requirements
Typical Raw
· Ascorbic Acid
· Cacao
· Cacao Butter
· Cacao Mass
· Cacao Powder
· Chocolate Mass
· Chocolate Pieces
· Coffee Powder
· Condensed Milk
· Cork Starch
· Egg Powder
· Emulsifier
· Flour
· Gelatine
· Honey
· Invert Sugar
· Lecithin
· Liquid Egg
· Liquid Fat
· Liquid Sugar
· Liquid Yeast
· Milk Powder
· Nuts
· Oil
· Peanut Paste
Raw Material Logistics - Receiving
The first priority of Reimelt storage technology
is the gentle handling of the product. The storage conditions, as well as the discharge aids,
are specifically suited to the processed raw
materials. Furthermore, Reimelt systems make
both central and mobile storage possible, as
well as adjustment of the storage capacity to
suit potential future production. Raw material
inventorying is also available.
Explosion protection following internationally
accepted design standards (e.g. ATEX) makes
Reimelt systems, with respect to safety, a
sound, long-term investment.
Picture 3: Outdoor silos for the storage of major
Picture 4: Liquids storage in buffer tanks
from containers
Picture 5: Tempering storage tank for
chocolate mass
Raw Material Storage
· Potato Flakes
· Potato Starch
· Powdered Sugar
· Refined Sugar
· Rolled Oats
· Salt
· Soy meal
· Spices
· Syrups
· Wheat Powder
· Wheat Starch
· Whey Powder, etc.
i Use of optimal discharge aids for all
raw material properties
i Central and mobile storage
i Gentle product discharge
i Storage volume and storage conditions
suited to local environment
i Storage conditions suited to
product properties – hygroscopic,
temperature, air
i Raw material inventorying
i Compliance to dust pollution standards
i Explosion protection following internationally
excepted standards (e.g. ATEX)
Raw Material Logistics – Processing
The Best Basis...
Reproducible quality is a matter of taste – and
therefore the key to lasting product success.
As a rule, even small variances in the recipe are
immediately noticed by the consumer. For this
reason, Reimelt systems perform with extreme
precision and provide the exact desired quantities for batches and processes, in large as well
as very small amounts.
Picture 1: Weighing of large and small amounts
of ingredients with pneumatic transfer to
Picture 2: Storage of micro ingredients with
recipe-driven weighing and automatic conveying
to the processing lines.
Raw Material Processing
i Obtain the desired accuracy for batch and
continuous processes for any amounts
i Fully automatic controlled recipes
i Independent metering process adjustment
for fluctuations in raw material properties
i Semi or fully automatic weighing of micro
i Supervision of the weighing processes
i Automatic processing of multiple recipes
in the same system
i Modular construction for possible expansion
Raw Material Logistics – Processing
...for Future
Variations in raw material properties are compensated for by blending the singular batches
together, e.g. in a homogenizing silo or pneumatic mixer, to guarantee a consistantly optimal
end product.
The recipe is controlled automatically, including
the supervision of the weighing process. Micro
ingredients are weighed either semi or fully
automatically. Productivity and capacity are
improved due to the fact that multiple recipes
can be processed in the same system consistently, from batch to batch. In addition to this,
the modular design enables expansion of the
system at any time.
Picture 3: Minor ingredient storage with precise,
fully automatic weighing for a quick batch
Picture 4: Rotary sifter for powder products
integrated in the pneumatic conveying system
Typical Finished Products
· Bonbons
· Cakes
· Cereals/Breakfast Bars
· Chewing Gum
· Chocolate
· Chocolate Bars
· Cookies
· Coatings/Icings
· Crackers
· Dragee
· Fruit Gumdrops
· Gingerbread
· Ice Cream
· Jellied Fruit
· Liqorice
· Marmelade/Jam
· Marshmallows
· Marzipan
· Peanut Butter Snacks
· Pralines
· Pretzel Sticks
· Salted Pretzels
· Snack Chips
· Soft Cookies
· Tortillas
· Waffels
A u t o m a t i o n Te c h n o l o g y
Perfect Product Planning
for More Reliable Processes.
Reimelt has developed the key-components
PrismaCE and PrismaWEB for a smooth running
process automation. These software applications, together with other components such as
the recipe-metering system Minc99, form the
basis for an optimized production control. This
ranges from a simple scaling system to a totally
automated production system with Internet
Since the single components are retrofittable
and expandable, Reimelt configures the system
to meet your individual requirements. Here
Reimelt know-how comes into play. The Reimelt
experts provide a concept that perfectly matches your requirements. It is their task to prepare the system specifications, software, special
interfaces, and train your operators in its use.
Picture 1: PrismaCE
The recipe-metering control of the future
with many standard functions for a smoothrunning production process.
The User-Friendly
Recipe-Metering Control
System Visualization Based
on Modern WEB-Technology
The Batch Management System
of the Future
i Based on the WindowsCE
operating system
i 200 Recipes, 256 Components,
8 Production lines
i Soft-SPS and remote I/O´s
i Network compatible
i User-friendly menu structure
i Connection of control peripherals
i Clear representation of the
production process
i Simple operation
i Integrated error/fault message system
i Optional:
i Manual operation
i Trending analysis
i Integrated maintenance management system
i User access with WEB browser
Based on modern WEB-technology
Windows 2000
SQL – database system
OPC – compatible
WEB Client / Server System
Connection to host system (ERP) possible
Access with WEB browser
User-friendly menu structure
Remote support via internet
A u t o m a t i o n Te c h n o l o g y
Picture 2: Programming the process automation
Picture 3: Creation of wiring and construction drawings
Process Management Level
Process Control Level
Production Level
Batch Tracking in
Food Production
Continuous batch tracking in the food industry
is becoming increasingly important. It ensures
a high production standard that minimizes production waste and maximizes customer satisfaction.
Information concerning the production process
is the basis for maximum product quality. The
process automation from Reimelt takes charge
of this important duty – to safegaurd the customer's good reputation.
confec / 2003 1. E
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