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1 Day Ramen Event in L.A.
Limited offering: May 5th - 7th 2014 – 15 participants max. per day
10AM – 5PM
Held at Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2639
This event supported by SWISS CHALET Northwest & West also and
R&C Valve Repair Inc.
Do Not miss this chance to Experience and Learn the
essence of Authentic and Quality Japanese Ramen by
Yamato noodle school instructor in US!
We are bringing 1 day, equivalent of a
day at Yamato Ramen School with a
waiting list of more than 6 months to L.A.
In this event, you can learn what is
essential in making great ramen dish,
noodle, soup, toppings, and menu
development. Yamato school Chief
instructor will share her knowledge,
methodologies, and know-how, valuable
in creating unique ramen dishes.
Find your Ramen here in one day.
May 5th – 7th, Pick the date and Reserve your seat Now!
What’s Yamato Noodle School?
YAMATO Noodle School has over 2,800 graduates over 10 years, helping
students develop their original ramen dishes (noodle, soup, toppings,
presentation etc.). Yamato noodle school teaches its ramen making principal
and method, based on so-called “digital cooking” where all the recipes are
strictly constructed with precise numbers. So, anyone can recreate the same
dish by just following the recipe. The school graduates include famous Ramen
restaurants such as Ivan ramen, Buta-oh, Shugetsu, and, etc. The Ramen
School fee is JPY380,000 (approx. USD3,800) for 7-day course and only
available in Japan. In addition, it is fully reserved until October 2014.
What you can learn from this event?
★Lecture and workshop of Noodle making
Learn how to make different types of Ramen noodles and Dumpling skin using
Yamato machine. *Other types of noodles such as Udon and Pasta etc. are
also available upon request in advance.
★Lecture and workshops on Motodare/base sauce and toppings
Learn a couple of Yamato’s secret recipes of Motodare/base sauce and topping.
★Experience and Taste different styles of Japanese Ramen dishes
★Ramen soup lecture
Learn tip of Yamato style Ramen making, including soup/Motodare/ flavored oil.
★Lecture of noodle flours by Nippn USA
Nippn USA, Japanese major flour miller, teaches what type of flour required for
making Japanese noodles and also introduce other ingredients for noodles
such as Kansui, egg powder etc.
★Individual Consultation
Please let us know what you’d like to discuss in advance.
Ramen Professional present at the event
Hiromi Matsubara / Chief Instructor at Yamato Noodle School
Having taught more than 2,800 students over 10 years, her deep experiences and insight
into ramen soup and noodle help even seasoned ramen restaurant chefs develop better
bowls. She shares the most advanced methods of making Japanese noodle dishes with
those who want to polish their noodle dishes and start ups that want to launch successful
noodle shops that are different from the rest.
(base sauce)
Reserve your seat in this limited offer!
email: [email protected] TEL: +819089728710 Attn: Mii / Pavett
Experience how the world’s best
Japanese ramen noodles are made
@ SWISS CHALET Northwest & West
8956 Sorensen Avenue Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2639
(approx. 40 min. drive from L.A. Int‘l Airport)
What is required to get your seat at the event
1. Participation fees: 200 USD/participant (to be paid in advance)
2. Your information (refer to the following)
Please fill out your information below: (* is required to fill out)
1. Date of your participation*: May 5th, 6th, or 7th (Choose only one day)
2. Name*:
3. Company/restaurant name (if applicable):
4. Email*:
5. TEL*:
6. Type of noodle of interest:
7. Purpose of attendance:
8. What you want to consult about (if there’s any):
Yamato MFG Co., Ltd.
Yamato MFG Co., Ltd., based in Japan with mission to spread delicious Japanese
noodle cultures across the world collaborates with our clients and partners to bring the
best and most advanced noodle making technologies to cultivate noodle professionals
and prospering noodle restaurants in North America.
Most advanced and versatile noodle making machines & techniques
You can see the demonstration of these machines and experience how
authentic Japanese noodles are actually made.
Talk to professionals to advance your ideas to reality
There will be professionals with different expertise in noodle industry from Japan at the
event. Their years of experiences working with various ramen, udon, soba specialty
restaurants in Japan and overseas and techniques will help guide you to your success.
If you contact us with the details of your
plans and ideas in advance, proper
professionals of ours will take time out
for you at or after the event. So, please
feel free to contact us in advance.
Ramen Noodle Machine
100 servings/hour
Textbooks available for purchase at this event
Outer dimension:
Power supply:
single phase – 115V
/ 0.88KW
of Ramen Soup
How Ramen soup is made, Yamato way.
Available for demo at the event
Special gift for
the participants
Ultimate Ramen is a textbook, used in noodle
making session at Yamato Ramen School. For
those attending this event, we give it out for free.
Ultimate Ramen book – priced at USD 45.00
book for noodle
Techniques of
Udon Noodle
making“ USD42
“Nobody wants to share…
Book of secrets on
Ramen Soup by Yamato
Method” USD380
Reserve your seat in this limited offer!
email: [email protected] TEL: +819089728710 Attn: Mii / Pavett