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301 Congress
Electronic Tenant® Portal
Created on July 4, 2015
Building Amenities: Amenities
The 301 Congress Seminar Room is available for building tenants for a nominal charge and must be
reserved in advance through the ETS System or by calling the Property Management Office. Located on the
3rd Floor of the building, the Seminar Room can be furnished with up to twenty-four (5) eight-foot tables and
up to 100 rolling chairs. The tables and chairs can be set-up in various configurations as requested. Tenants
are responsible for cleaning the seminar room of all litter after its use. Occasionally tenants may reserve the
seminar room back-to-back; therefore, it is helpful to the next user if the room is cleaned up immediately.
Contact the Property Management Office in Suite 110 at 512-320-4141 or click on the link to the "Seminar
Room Fees and Information" for more information.
Also located on the 3rd Floor is the newly remodeled 301 Congress Fitness Center. Available only to
building tenants, the Fitness Center offers full showers and locker room facilities, circuit and free weights,
cardio equipment with individual cable televisions and spin bikes. All users must complete a waiver form
provided by the Property Management Office to receive access to the Fitness center.
Click on the "Fitness Center Rules & Regulations" form and the "Fitness Center Waiver" form for more
information. Completed forms must be provided to the Property Management Office in Suite 110 for access
card activation.
There are storage areas available for rent throughout the garage. These are available on a short or long
term basis.
Contact the Property Management Office for further information on rates, location and availability.
Building Amenities: Parking
The 301 Congress parking garage is managed by Ampco (Garage Manager) and serves the parking needs
of Tenants of 301 Congress, including their employees and visitors. Ampco has an on-site office located in
the garage on level P2 (near the attendant booth); phone 320-4178. To ensure equitable fulfillment of each
Tenant's parking requirements, all Tenants are requested to cooperate in the enforcement of the garage
rules and regulations.
All parking allocations for Tenants of the Building are defined in the Building Lease; therefore, all spaces
outside provisions of the Building Lease are considered month-to-month and are cancelable upon thirty (30)
days written notice by the Garage Manager or the Building Owner.
The parking garage is located adjacent to 301 Congress on the north side and below the building. The
garage is connected to the 3rd floor of 301 Congress. There are three elevators in the garage providing
service to all levels of the garage and the office tower main lobby.
All three contract parking areas (entrances/exits) are controlled via an access card. The lower level garage
entrances/exits are located on 3rd and 4th Streets. The upper level garage entrance/exit is located on
Brazos Street. Please direct all guests of your company to the “upper level” entrance. Visitor rates are
posted at the entrance of the garage. The Booth is attended from 8:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday. The days and hours are subject to change from time to time and at any time.
There are designated parking areas for reserved contract parkers. Non-Reserved Contract parking is on a
first come, first served basis.
Contract parkers are allowed unlimited entrances/exits in the lower-level garage (entrances on 3rd and 4th
For current parking rates and availability, please contact Ampco at 320-4178 during regular business hours.
Tenants wishing to pay for their guest parking may do so by entering into a Validation Agreement with
Contact Ampco at 320-4178 during regular business hours for further information.
1. An access card will be used to enter the 301 Congress Parking Facility (the “Parking Facility”).
2. The access card is to be used at all times to operate the entrance and exit gates to the Parking
Facility. If your access card does not work, contact Ampco. It is important to remember that your
access card must be used in the entrance/exit sequence. FAILURE TO EXECUTE THIS
3. Employees of Tenants of 301 Congress (the “Owner”) are authorized to park in the Parking Facility,
subject to Tenants’ allotment of parking spaces and provisions of the Tenants’ Lease. The Tenants’
allocated space must be administered through the Office Manager or designated liaison. Garage
Manager/Owner shall not be responsible for assigning Lease Allocated space in the Parking
4. Access cards shall be distributed by the Property Management Office.
5. Access cards are not transferable to another person or vehicle. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THIS RULE
6. The speed limit in the Parking Facility is FIVE (5) MILES PER HOUR.
7. If you damage any personal property in the Parking Facility, or damage any Parking Facility
equipment, in addition to the liability you may have for any claims, damages, losses or costs arising
out of any such damage or violation, the Garage Manager/Owner may cancel your right to use the
Parking Facility and void, and/or render your access card ineffective.
8. Please attempt to park in the center of each space. Vehicle operators/owners that continually neglect
to park their vehicle between the lines shall be subject to having their vehicles removed from the
Parking Facility at the expense of the vehicle operator/owner. Furthermore, stalls labeled for compact
cars only should not be used for full-sized automobiles.
9. Garage Manager/Owner reserves the right to close the Parking Facility for repairs and maintenance.
When closing the Parking Facility for repairs, maintenance, and/or modifications, the Garage
Manager/Owner shall seek to avoid any inconvenience to you and your guests. NO REFUNDS
10. Only vehicles authorized by the Garage Manager/Owner may park in handicapped, reserved or
visitor parking spaces, as designated by identifying signs. No other vehicles may be parked in
parking spaces dedicated and identified by signs as handicapped, reserved or visitor parking
spaces. Observe all handicapped, reserved and visitor parking spaces as handicapped, reserved
and visitor parking spaces. Unauthorized vehicles parked in handicapped, reserved and visitor
parking spaces may be towed at the vehicle owner/Operator’s expense. A violation sticker may be
placed on a Contract Parker’s vehicle if parked in a traffic aisle, no parking zone, in two designated
spaces, reserved space, visitor space or handicapped space and may be towed at the vehicle
The Garage Manager/Owner has the right to have your vehicle towed away at the vehicle
Owner’s/Operator’s expense, and/or,
Terminate your right to use the Parking Facility, void and render your access card ineffective.
11. Garage Manager/Owner reserves the right from time to time and at any time to change these rules
and regulations or to void access cards. If you park or operate your vehicle in violation of these rules
and regulations or fail to observe or perform your obligations under these Rules and Regulations, the
Garage Manager/Owner may have:
The right to have your vehicle towed away at vehicle Owner/Operator’s expense and/or,
May terminate your right to use the Parking Facility, void and render your access card
12. New/terminated employees with garage access must be reported, in writing, to the Property
Management Office immediately.
13. Payment is due on or before the 1st of each month. Payments not received by the 1st of the month
shall be considered past due and are subject to cancellation without notice.
14. All payments must be current before any contract can be issued or canceled.
15. Please do not dump ashtrays or other trash in the garage.
16. Please be sure to lock your car at all times. Garage Manager/Owner shall not be responsible for theft
or vandalism in the Parking Facility, however caused.
17. All traffic aisles are two-way traffic. Drive slowly and exercise extreme caution when rounding
corners. Reckless driving may result in a revocation of parking privileges.
Building Amenities: Parking Access System
Access to the contract parking areas is controlled by a computerized card access system. The following are
considerations when using the parking garage access system:
1. Each contract parker must register his/her vehicle (license plate #) with the Management Office.
2. A replacement charge of $15.00 (plus tax) per access card is assessed for lost, damaged (i.e.
warped, cracked) or stolen cards.
3. Should the access card not allow access to the parking facility, please contact Ampco. If the card is
defective, it will be replaced without charge.
4. The access card must be used on each entry/exit to the parking facility. The card access system is
operational 24 hours.
5. The following may cause damage to the access card:
direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat
paper clips/magnetic objects, including magnetic money clip, will de-magnetize card
carrying in wallet in back pocket may warp card
eel skin wallets will de-magnetize card
6. The access card will allow access to the specific parking area assigned.
Should parking-related problems exist, please advise Ampco at 320-4178.
Building Operations: Accounting
Under the terms of each Lease Agreement, rental payments are due on or before the first of each month.
You will not receive a rental invoice or statement. It is the tenant’s responsibility to forward the rental
payment to the address provided in the Lease Agreement.
Around the 15th of each month, you will receive an invoice for any miscellaneous charges you may have
incurred from the previous month (i.e. overtime HVAC, meter charges, etc.). These charges are due and
payable upon receipt.
Please contact the Property Management Office if you need further information regarding payments.
Building Operations: Building Management
The 301 Congress Property Management Office is located in Suite 110 and is open Monday - Friday from
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Please feel free to call with any questions.
After hours, the telephone is forwarded to the 24-hour security desk located in the lobby of the building. The
telephone number for Property Management and after-hour emergencies is 320-4141.
Management of 301 Congress is provided by the on-site personnel of CommonWealth Partners.
Please do not hesitate to contact the management office at:
Phone: (512) 320-4141
Fax: (512) 320-4125
NOP 301 Congress LP
301 Congress Avenue
Suite 110
Austin, Texas 78701-4096
The following personnel are available to address your needs:
Property Manager
Assistant Property
Administrative Assistant
Chief Engineer
Assistant Operations
Building Engineer
Lara Jones
Tina Peterson (512)
David Smith
Gary Smith
Bryan Sullivan (512)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Building Operations: Hours of Operation and Holidays
Building Access
All perimeter building access is from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturdays. At
all other times, an access card is required to access the building.
After-Hours Interior Temperature Control
In accordance with federal and local energy consumption guidelines, the normal business hours for
temperature control are as follows:
Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Those desiring air conditioning or heating outside the above mentioned hours, please use the automated
system with your HVAC programming code. Or, you may coordinate a request with your company “contact
person” in writing with Property Management. The hourly cost for this service may be obtained from the
Property Management Office.
Following are the holidays that are recognized by the building and are specified in the majority of Lease
Agreements. On these days, building access will be limited to authorized access card holders, the HVAC
system will not be in standard operation and no janitorial service will be provided. Should you have any
special needs on one of these days, please contact the Property Management Office 72 hours prior to the
In addition to these building holidays, there may be other holidays recognized by individual tenants or the
Property Management Office (i.e., Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Columbus
Day, the day after Thanksgiving, or Christmas Eve). The Property Management Office will provide advance
notice of any building services that might be affected during these holidays and will attempt to accommodate
any special needs that you may have on these days.
Building Operations: Leasing
The leasing company for 301 Congress is AQUILA Commercia, located at 1717 W. 6th Street, Suite 351,
Austin, Texas 78703 . The main phone number is 512-684-3800.
Listed below is the contact information for the authorized representatives.
Bart Matheney 512-684-3808
Chad Barrett 512-684-3807
David Putman 512-684-3820
[email protected]
[email protected]ommercial.com
[email protected]
Building Operations: Mailing Addresses and Telephone Numbers
A central postal service center is located on the first floor of 301 Congress. Sort and parcel boxes are also
located here for oversized packages and bulk mail as well as collection chutes for outgoing mail. Pick-up
times will be posted by the U.S. Postal Service and are subject to change.
Mailbox assignments for 301 Congress are handled through the Property Management Office at 320-4141.
To ensure that your mail is delivered to the proper Suite, it must be addressed as shown in the following
INDIVIDUAL’S NAME (if applicable)
301 Congress Avenue
Suite XXXX
Austin, Texas 78701-4096
Telephone: (512) 320-5043
Telephone: (512) 320-4178
Building Security: Overview
Building security is designed for tenant comfort and to provide convenient after-hours access to the
Building. The system provides controlled access after normal building business hours. Those persons with
building access cards or who have been authorized in writing by their employer/tenant will be allowed
access to the Building in a controlled manner. In addition, one elevator per elevator bank is equipped with a
cardreader for after-hours operation. All other elevator cars in each bank shut off at 7:00 p.m. Cardreaders
allow tenants access only to their authorized floors. Remember, the best security is you. Immediately
report any suspicious persons or activities in or about the Building to Property Management or Security.
Valuables should be stored in a safe place and doors locked after hours. The Property Management Office
and/or the Security Office should be contacted if any strangers behaving in a suspicious manner are noticed
in the building. Only with tenant cooperation can a secure building be maintained.
Building Security: Building Access and Egress
Employees and guests of 301 Congress may use one of the following building entrances during normal
building hours.
Congress Avenue
3rd Street
Brazos Street
4th Street - Plaza
Employees of 301 Congress may use one of the following building entrances after normal building hours
with the use of their building access card.
Card readers are located at each of these entrances:
3rd Street
4th Street - Plaza
The lower level garage entrances/exits are located on 3rd and 4th Streets. The upper level garage
entrance/exit is located on Brazos Street. Both garages are open 24 hours a day to contract parkers.
Entrance to the building may be gained by accessing the parking garage elevators to the “lobby” level.
A card reader is located to the right of the double glass doors after exiting the garage elevators.
Entrances to the loading dock are located on Brazos Street and 4th Street. Dock hours are from 8:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours use of the loading dock must be scheduled in advance
through the Property Management Office. The dock door is equipped with a card reader and intercom.
The plaza area between 301 Congress Avenue and the Davis Building on 4th Street is a short-term loading
and unloading area; parking in the plaza is prohibited.
Building Security: Incident Reports
To record the details of any accident, theft or injury that occurs either within your leased premises or at the
building, incident reports must be filed. Notify the Property Management Office as soon as an incident
occurs so the appropriate actions can be taken.
Building Security: Office Security
As an added precaution, it is suggested that the following preventative security measures be communicated
to all staff to insure their safety and the security of their personal belongings as well as those of the
1. When you secure your premises at the end of the business day, lock all doors and then verify that
they are properly locked. We recommend locking your suite entry door at 5:00 p.m., even if people
are working late.
2. Do not leave briefcases or handbags in clear view. Coats should be hung in a coat closet, since
thieves often rifle through pockets looking for keys or money. Do not leave wallets in jackets hanging
on chair backs or behind doors, or other articles of value unguarded -- even for a few minutes. Small
articles, left in plain view, are easy targets for thieves.
3. Keep all vault and safe combinations in a locked desk drawer. Remind personnel to keep copies of
their credit card numbers and contact addresses in a safe place.
4. Notify the Property Management Office or Security Staff immediately if you notice a suspicious
person loitering in or about your premises. Be suspicious of any person who enters your suite, and
when confronted, makes excuses that they are lost or looking for another company.
5. Offices are most vulnerable to thieves during lunchtime and right before closing. At these times, there
is often a lot of movement and people are frequently away from their desks.
6. Document serial numbers and complete detailed information of all business equipment to aid police in
locating the equipment if it is stolen.
7. If an employee is terminated for any reason, consider changing the cylinders on the locks, resetting
any safe or vault combination that they might have been entrusted with, and canceling security
access cards through the Property Management Office.
8. Do not let anyone into the building as you enter with our access card; advise Security Staff should
they do so.
9. Lock your car before leaving the garage and secure convertible tops, T-tops and windows. Open
vehicles are prime targets for thefts and vandalism.
10. When going to your vehicle, get your door keys ready. Be alert for suspicious people in the garage;
report such to garage attendant or Security Staff.
11. Look at your vehicle as you approach for missing hubcaps, broken glass or other abnormal
Any emergency should be reported to Security in person or via telephone by calling 320-5043, or by calling
the Property Management Office at 320-4141.
Building Security: Keys/Locks/Access Cards
You are provided with an initial supply of keys for your lease space. Additional keys are available at a
nominal cost with written tenant authorization. Keys are tightly controlled for security purposes. All keys
must be returned to Property Management at lease termination.
Permission must be received from Property Management prior to the installation of any and all locks.
The locks must be keyed to the building’s keying system. Keying and re-keying cylinders by an outside
locksmith are not allowed.
Occasionally it will be necessary for various persons to have access to locked areas of the Building, i.e.
telephone installers, repairmen, contractors, etc. In order to maintain the security of the Building, keys for
this purpose may be obtained from the Property Management Office on a daily sign-out basis. All keys
must be returned to the office by 5:00 p.m. daily.
Cards will allow after-hours access to selected exterior doors, tenant floors and, when applicable, the
fitness center. Access to the parking garage is allowed via the same access card.
Cards are programmed to allow access to specific floor(s) only.
All card use is recorded in a transaction log in the security computer. Information such as name, date
and time is logged for possible future reference. Since the name recorded is from the card-encoded
information, please do not loan or transfer these cards without notifying Property Management.
301 Congress utilizes a picture I.D. badge that is easily affixed/removed on building access cards. All
employees of the Building should have their badges readily available after-hours for identification
purposes should the need arise. All new employees will need to arrange to have their photo taken
through the Property Management Office.
Any problems or changes should be reported as soon as possible to the Property Management Office
at 320-4141. A $15.00 (plus tax) replacement fee will be charged for all lost, stolen or damaged
Simply wave your access card in front of card reader. Red light will turn green indicating access has
been granted. Should any problems occur, all readers (except the Fitness Center) have an intercom
to communicate with Security or Parking Management for assistance.
Please note that the Fitness Center reader (Suite 340) is always locked. Before your card can be
activated for Fitness Center access, you must sign up for Fitness Center use at the Property
Management Office (Suite 110).
301 Congress is locked during the following periods:
7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday
7:00 p.m. Friday to 8:00 a.m. Saturday
1:00 p.m. Saturday to 7:00 a.m. Monday
It will be necessary to use your access card at these times. Building hours are subject to change at a future
Building Security: Lost and Found
Please contact the Management Office at (512) 320-4141 to claim items that have been lost or found in the
Building Security: Property Removal
Any removals or relocations of large, bulky or voluminous items, such as furniture, office machinery and
equipment, etc., can be made only after obtaining approval from Property Management. (Large pieces of
furniture or equipment need to be scheduled after hours.) All such movement shall be coordinated in
advance with and supervised by Property Management.
Two- and four-wheel dollies, carts, or other type conveyances will not be taken into passenger elevators at
any time. Only packages, cartons or other items that can be carried by hand may be transported on
passenger elevators. Other items must be transported on the freight elevator.
All dollies and conveyances of materials, supplies or equipment will enter the building through the
truck/loading dock.
A certificate of insurance must be approved by the Property Management Office in order for vendors,
movers or contractors to be allowed access to the building. Please make arrangements in advance to
schedule access as well as submit the required insurance documentation. These arrangements can be
made by calling the Property Management Office at 512-320-4141 or e-mailing
[email protected]
Building Security: Solicitation
Soliciting is prohibited in 301 Congress. If someone is soliciting in your suite, please notify the Property
Management Office immediately. Report as much specific information about the person’s appearance and
behavior. Someone from our Security Staff will locate the person as quickly as possible and escort him or
her off the premises.
Building Security: Stairwells
There are five stairwells in the building.
1. Stair “A” is located on the south side of the building near the men’s restroom (on most floors) and
provides an emergency exit to the 1st floor of the building next to the mailroom. Exit from the building
can be gained by using the 3rd Street doors.
2. Stair “B” is located on the north side of the building near the women’s restroom (on most floors) and
provides an emergency exit at the ground level on Brazos Street near the upper level garage exit.
3. Stair “C” is located on the southwest corner of the building (accessible only from the 2nd and 3rd
floors of the building down to Level B-4 of the parking garage) and provides an emergency exit at the
ground level on 3rd Street.
4. Stair “D” is located on the northwest corner of the parking garage near the elevators. This stairwell
serves levels P6-B4 only. There is no access to this stairwell from the building. This stairwell exits
into the 4th Street Plaza area.
5. Stair “E” is located on the northeast corner of the parking garage. This stairwell serves levels P6- B4
only. There is no access to this stairwell from the building. This stairwell exits into the loading dock
Building Security: Thefts
Report any suspected theft, no matter how small, to the Property Management Office immediately. In some
instances, it may also be advisable for you to notify the Police Department. The building’s insurance policy
does not cover the theft of tenant’s personal belongings. Personal property insurance is the responsibility of
each tenant.
Building Services: Billable Items
Click here to download a copy of the below
Labor Rate (8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.) - For tenant
requests other than
building standard or those
addressed in lease
Overtime Labor Rate (after
5:00 p.m.)
Overtime HVAC
One Man $56.00 per hour plus material
Two Men $89.75 per hour plus material
(Minimum one hour charge)
Keys (BEST keys/building
Recombinate Cores
$6.00 per key
New Core (Combinated)
All Other Keys
Light Bulb Labor
(non-standard bulbs)
Non-Standard Light Bulb
$83.50 per hour
(Minimum three hours)
$33.00 per hour
(Building standard rate - refer to lease)
$25.00 per core plus minimum one hour Rush request $40.00 per core plus minimum one hour
$40.00 per core plus minimum one hour
$460.00 (building standard lockset) + 1 hour Labor
Cost of material plus time spent
$25.00 per hour plus cost of material (minimum one hour)
Cost varies by type - ranges from $5.00 bulb to $48.00
Tenant requests are considered billable items when the item or action requested does not fall within base
building criteria, i.e., repairs to cabinets, refrigerators, ice makers, garbage disposals, furniture, etc.
If repairs cannot be completed by building engineers, an outside contractor may be employed. The tenant
will be notified before an outside contractor is called. If this occurs, the contractor's actual cost and time
incurred by the engineering staff to resolve the problem will be billed to the tenant. If building management
is requested to arrange for special repairs by an outside contractor, the contractor's actual cost plus an
administrative fee, specified in the lease, will be billed to the tenant.
Building Services: Building Signage and Directory
Each tenant will be provided with a listing of their company name and key employees on the computerized
building directory in the lobby. Additionally, suite identification (company name and suite number) is
provided near the entrance to their suite. Graphics, signage, or tenant identification, other than the building
standard, is not permitted unless defined in the Lease Agreement or approved in writing by the Landlord in
All directory and signage requests must be in writing to ensure the accuracy of the information.
Building Services: Communication
Your company is asked to provide Property Management with the name of one individual designated as the
“contact person” to communicate with Property Management. Questions concerning interior temperature,
parking and other items should be channeled through this individual. This process greatly increases
Property Management’s ability to respond effectively to your needs.
Please notify the Property Management Office immediately upon a change in your “contact person”.
Building Services: Elevator Service and Deliveries
The elevator system at 301 Congress is structured as follows:
Low-Rise - four elevators serve levels 1 and 4 through 10.
Low-Rise Shuttle - three elevators serve levels 1, 2 and 3.
High-Rise - four elevators serve levels 1 and 11 through 20.
High-Rise Shuttle - two elevators serve levels 21 and 22 (transfer on 20th floor).
Garage - three elevators serve above ground levels P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6; underground levels B1,
B2, B3, and B4.
Freight - one elevator serves levels B1 through 22. The freight elevator is accessible from the loading
dock hallway and level B1.
Freight Elevator
Doors - 48” wide and 6’11” high
Capacity - 4,500 lbs.
Inside clearance - 5’1” wide and 7’9” high
Building Services: Forms
For your convenience, we have included downloadable and printable PDF document forms that will expedite
various building management service requests. Hard copies of all forms are available from the Property
Management Office as well. To view and print PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If
not already installed on your computer, it can be obtained for free at www.adobe.com.
After Hours Tenant Contact Form
Fire Warden Assignments
Overtime HVAC Request Form
Building Services: HVAC
Air conditioning and heating are provided from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding
holidays) and from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Air conditioning and heating during hours other than those stated above can be provided at an extra charge
by using the building’s automated system with your HVAC programming code. Or, you may coordinate a
request with your company “contact person” in writing with Property Management.
Thermostats are not to be tampered with since they are set in order to properly provide comfortable
temperatures and efficient operation.
Click here to download an Overtime HVAC Request Form
Building Services: Janitorial Services
Office, restroom and public area cleaning is provided on a five day per week (Sunday - Thursday) basis.
Specific janitorial services provided are contained in your Lease Agreement.
Please report any dissatisfaction with cleaning services or any special requests for cleaning to your “contact
person” who will contact Property Management. Special requests may be subject to a service charge.
Building Services: Lights
Please report burned-out bulbs to Property Management. They will be changed as soon as possible.
Building standard bulbs and ballasts will be replaced in tenant lease spaces and public areas at no charge.
Labor and material to replace non-building standard bulbs and ballasts will be billed to you.
Building Services: Mail Service
USPS mail drop boxes are located in the building mail room on the first floor.
UPS and FedEx drop boxes are located in the loading dock hallway on the first floor.
To check on mail status, please call 512-320-4137.
Building Services: Maintenance Requests
For your convenience this Handbook includes an Electronic Tenant Service Request System. Use this
system to submit routine maintenance requests directly to the engineering department; to track the status of
previously submitted requests; to download important documents; and to communicate with the property
management office.
1. Simply click on the link below,
2. Enter your username and password
3. Choose the action you would like to complete
Click here to log into the Electronic Tenant Service Request System
Once you have logged into the system, you will be presented with four options:
Complete a Maintenance Request Form
Update User Information
View Electronic Maintenance Request Log
Download Miscellaneous Administrative Forms
For detailed instructions for using the Electronic Tenant Service Request System please see the following
pages or contact the Building Office.
Completing a Service Request Form
After logging in, click on the "Electronic Maintenance Request Form" Link. Users will be taken to a service
request form.
Step One- Confirm or complete all contact information.
Step Two- Choose the nature or type of request being submitted.
Step Three- If applicable, provide details of the contractor to be used.
Step Four - Review all information thoroughly. Click submit.
You will receive conformation via e-mail that your request was submitted to the management office.
Updating User Information
Personalized user information is used to auto-fill the Electronic Maintenance Request Form for quick and
easy submission. In addition, accurate contact information will assist the management staff in expediting all
maintenance requests. Each user should check regularly to ensure that accurate information is on file.
Click here to log into the Electronic Tenant Service Request System
Electronic Maintenance Request Log
This feature allows users to track and monitor all service requests submitted through the Electronic Tenant
Service Request System. Service requests are sorted by month and will have the current month displayed
upon entry.
Miscellaneous Forms
Here users can download and print various administrative forms, reports and documents. In order to access
the forms and documents contained in this section, users must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher
installed on their computers. This software is free and can be obtained by clicking here.
Questions regarding the Electronic Tenant Services Request System should be directed to the Management
Click here to log into the Electronic Tenant Service Request System
Building Services: Pest Control
Pest control service is provided for common areas in the building. Common areas include restrooms,
janitorial closets, stairwells, mechanical areas, public corridors, etc.
Pest control services are provided within tenant premises upon request should you experience a
pest-related problem.
Pest Control services follow CommonWealth Partners Integrated Pest Management Policy. Planned pest
inspections occur on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. During the planned inspections, there in not a
routine planned application of a toxic pesticide. Notice will be given if a toxic pesticide is required.
Please notify the Property Management Office if you experience any pest-related problems.
Click here to view the Pest Control Management Plan
Click here to view the Pest Control Notice of Inspection
Building Services: Trash Removal
Please DO NOT leave items that are not trash on top of wastebaskets.
When a considerable amount of trash needs to be discarded, such as boxes from delivery of supplies or
equipment, please notify the Property Management Office to make arrangements for removal by the night
cleaning staff.
Please affix a red trash sticker on any item you wish to have removed by cleaning personnel and clearly
separate these items from non-trash items. Stickers are available in the Property Management Office.
Please DO NOT leave boxes or other items in the freight elevator vestibule area, unless they are to be
thrown away. Deliveries should not be left in the freight elevator vestibule; all items left in the vestibule will
be thrown away each night by the cleaning staff.
Do not place trash in corridors or stairwells.
Building Services: Recycling
The building recycling program allows tenants to use recycling receptacles for recyclable materials,
including all types of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass. The building provides
each tenant with a desk side container which can be used for collecting all of these items. Additional
collection bins can be provided by the tenant.
Recycling of ink and toner cartridges is available by dropping your materials in the marked bins in the
loading dock hallway on the first floor of the building.
Batteries can be recycled by bringing them to the Property Management Office in Suite 110.
Computer and electronic equipment can also be recycled in the large plastic bin in the loading dock, which
is accessible from the first floor. For a list of accepted items please refer to the attached recycling Guide.
New and used office supplies can also be recycled by contacting the Property Management Office, where a
drop off can be arranged for them to be donated to Sanchez Elementary.
Please contact Property Management to request additional desk side recycle receptacles if needed. The
recycling receptacles are the property of the Building and should be left in your space upon move out. Any
other recycling receptacles should be provided by the tenant at their cost. Should you have any questions
concerning the recycling program, please contact the Property Management Office.
Please click here for the Recycling Guide
Emergency Procedures: Armed Intruder
1. Call 911 immediately, followed by the Property Management Office at 320-4141.
2. If an armed intruder is present in the building, lock all exterior office doors and remain inside.
3. If an armed intruder is present on a floor, gather inside innermost location within the suite and lock all
doors leading to this point.
4. Do not access common areas or use stairwells and elevators.
5. The public address system or alternate form of communication will be used to broadcast information
throughout the building.
6. If an armed intruder is within sight, complete description checklist.
Click here to download an Armed Intruder Checklist
Emergency Procedures: Bomb Threat
1. By telephone:
If possible, have the call monitored
Keep the caller on the line as long as possible
Obtain as much information as possible
Ask for location of bomb
Notify the Property Management Office at 320-4141
Complete the information sheet
2. By letter:
Notify the Property Management Office at 320-4141
Do not handle the letter more than necessary to adequately pass the proper information
to Property Management
1. If time permits, the department head, supervisor or office manager should direct a search of the area
within his/her responsibility. Particular note should be made of objects, packages, or other items not
belonging in the area.
2. If a suspect object is located, do not handle or move the object, but notify the Property Management
Office at 320-4141, giving an accurate description and location.
3. The Building engineering staff will be responsible for searching all public areas, restrooms, electrical
and mechanical closets, ceiling lights, etc.
Click here to download a Bomb Threat Information Sheet
1. If your floor is not threatened, remain in your office for further instructions. Keep clear of elevator
lobby area.
2. If a suspect object is on your floor, clear the floor immediately;
If on an upper floor, proceed by stair to a floor two levels above or below.
If on the ground level or in the basement, proceed by stair to the street.
3. Leave all office doors open to minimize possible blast damage.
4. Secure currency and important records -- time permitting.
1. When authorized emergency crews are on your floor, deal directly with them.
2. The public address system or alternate form of communication will be used to broadcast information
throughout building.
3. All personnel must be alert to pass on information to those in their area who are not within hearing
distance or those who are hearing impaired.
Emergency Procedures: Civil Disorder
1. On any floor involved:
Notify the Property Management Office at 320-4141
Secure all cash records. Disconnect all office machines, appliances, and lock doors -- time
Report any suspected presence of flammable or explosive materials to the Property
Management Office at 320-4141
Evacuate the floor and move to a safe location
2. On floors not involved:
Notify the Property Management Office at 320-4141
Alert your supervisor
Remain in your office for further instructions
Be alert for any suspect persons in your area
3. Fire or explosion:
In the event a fire or explosion occurs on a floor already evacuated, report the occurrence to the
Property Management Office at 320-4141 and do not re-enter that floor until authorized to do
Emergency Procedures: Elevator Malfunction
In the event that an elevator stops with a passenger in it, please REMAIN CALM. All of the elevators in the
building and garage are equipped with an intercom system that is connected to the security console. Simply
push the alarm button located on the panel. A security officer will answer the alarm and assist you in
getting out of the elevator. All high-speed elevators (low and high-rise elevators only) have an automatic
error reporting system that calls Otis Elevator when an elevator shuts down. Otis will then call security to
alert them of a problem.
In the event of a power outage, all elevators will automatically go to the 1st floor and the door will open. One
elevator in each bank (including shuttle elevators) will operate off the building emergency generator.
Emergency Procedures: Emergency Contacts
All Emergencies
Buiding Management Office
Building Security/After Hours
Fire Department (non Emergency)
Police Department (non Emergency)
(512) 320-4141
(512) 320-4141
Important notes
If you call 911 as a result of a medical emergency, please be sure also to notify building management with
your name, callback number, and location so that security may swiftly guide the paramedics to your exact
If the audible alarm within the building sounds, please do not call the Management Office, unless you have
something specific to report. Building Management is aware of the alarm, as well as the source of the
alarm, whether it’s false or a legitimate emergency. Please keep the telephone lines clear so that
Management may attend to the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Emergency Procedures: Emergency Fire/Life Safety Equipment
301 Congress is equipped with a sophisticated, automated life safety system composed of smoke detection
and alarm devices, sprinkler system, fire extinguisher cabinets on every floor, and a central Security
Command Center. Stairwells are pressurized in the event of an alarm, reducing the possibility of smoke
entering the stairwells.
Emergency Procedures: Evacuation
The order for evacuation will be given only in extreme cases. Should evacuation be necessary, instruction
will be given over the public address system or by your floor Fire Warden. Unless otherwise instructed, use
the stairwells only for evacuation. Should conditions warrant immediate evacuation, you need not wait for
instructions to evacuate.
Do not evacuate the building by car. Emergency personnel need to ensure all persons have evacuated the
building. Exiting cars could impede emergency services.
Click here to view 301 Congress Floor Plans and Exit Information
Emergency Procedures: Fire and Area Warden Responsibility
Each tenant must have persons designated as Fire Warden and Alternate Fire Warden. Fire Wardens are
responsible for disseminating information regarding fire and safety emergency plans. In the event of an
emergency, Fire Wardens will assume leadership roles in the implementation of the emergency plan.
1. Be thoroughly familiar with the Fire and Safety Emergency Plan.
2. Identify disabled employees in your area, including the nature of the disability. Be prepared to
communicate emergency information to employees or guests with hearing impairments. Disabled
employees or guests that are not able to walk down stairs should be located on a fire stair landing
following evacuation of all other personnel on the floor. The Fire Warden should communicate the
exact location of any disabled employees to authorized emergency personnel or building
management personnel by phone, stairwell communications equipment, or personal contact when
they reach the ground floor. Do not attempt to carry a disabled individual down the stairwell;
emergency personnel are trained in transporting personnel during an emergency. Also, stairwells are
designed to provide a safe area for an extended period during a fire.
3. Review the contents of the Fire and Safety Emergency Plan at regular intervals, such as the use and
location of fire hoses, fire extinguishers, manual alarm pulls and the manner of dealing with various
types of emergencies.
4. Ensure that the Fire and Safety Emergency Plan is available to anyone in your area.
5. Know the physical layout of your floor.
6. In coordination with other Fire Wardens on your floor, ensure that capable individuals are available
and prepared at all times to act as stairwell and elevator monitors or in other capacities deemed
necessary for your floor.
7. Update Fire Warden Assignment Form to Property Management Office quarterly
Click here to download a Fire Warden Assignment Form
1. Ensure that the Fire and Safety Emergency Plan is carried out in your area.
2. Maintain an accounting of all persons in your area throughout the duration of an emergency. This
accounting must continue during and after the evacuation.
3. Promote safe and orderly conduct of all persons. Act to control conditions leading to panic. Do not
use physical force to prevent rash or impulsive actions, but take steps to induce orderly conduct.
4. Clear your floor immediately if it becomes apparent that remaining longer would jeopardize life
safety. Otherwise, evacuate only when instructed to do so.
The best emergency plan in the world is of no value if it is not understood at the employee level. For this to
happen, the fire warden must take the plan seriously. Make time in your schedule to attend safety meetings
and familiarize yourself with the Fire Department's emergency procedures. The following steps will assist
you in implementing the emergency plan for your section.
1. Read all parts of the emergency procedures.
2. Select a meeting place for your department. Notify the Property Management Office of your meeting
place by using the assignment form at the end of this section.
A meeting place is a designated area where all personnel under a specific fire warden will reassemble
after an emergency evacuation.
1. It is easy for personnel to become separated.
2. It is important for your section to reassemble as a unit after evacuation.
Will allow you to take a head count for missing personnel.
Will reduce confusion when the "all clear" is sounded so normal business may
resume in an orderly fashion.
Will allow you to see if anyone needs medical attention.
Close to your section's emergency exit.
Away from traffic hazards and emergency vehicles.
Large enough for all personnel in your section.
Coordinated with other fire wardens, so multiple sections do not have the same
meeting place.
3. Select a Severe Weather Refuge area.
A Severe Weather Refuge area is a location within the building where employees will assemble for
protection during a weather situation which may threaten the integrity of the structure. This area
should be coordinated with other fire wardens so areas are not overloaded. Notify the Property
Management Office of this location on the response form.
1. Austin is in "Tornado Alley."
2. Austin is subject to hurricane residue from storms which hit in the Galveston to Corpus
Christi area.
3. Personnel in specific areas are subject to danger during severe weather.
These areas include:
Personnel on upper floors.
Personnel in offices with exterior doors and windows.
Personnel in very large rooms.
1. Lower floors
2. Smaller rooms
Utility rooms
Small Offices
3. Approximately 3 square feet per employee
4. Away from
Exterior walls and windows
Long corridors
4. Select an Area Warden and Backup Area Warden.
Area Wardens coordinate the evacuation of the area and ensure that all personnel follow the proper
procedures. Whenever an Area Warden or Backup Warden transfers out of the section, they should
be replaced immediately.
1. Implement standard evacuation procedures.
2. Ensures that the exit ways and protection systems are not blocked or disabled within a
specific area.
1. Level headed. The Area Warden cannot panic in an emergency situation.
2. Ability to carry through on assignments without close supervision.
5. Have meeting with department personnel.
1. Introduce employees to plan.
2. Ensure understanding of plan.
1. Employee packet (give one packet to each employee).
2. Discussion of plan.
Be sure receptionist knows the plan to better field questions.
Be sure office manager has a clear understanding of the plan.
3. Announcement of Area Wardens.
4. Identification of disabled employees.
5. Selection of volunteers to assist disabled employees, at least one (preferably two)
volunteers per disabled person.
Include plan as part of employee orientation.
Include plan as part of employee orientation.
Ensure new employees are familiar with plan.
1. Employee packet (include as part of orientation material).
2. Discuss evacuation procedures.
3. Introduce to Area Warden.
Assign assistant to new employee if disabled
Area Wardens ensure everyone evacuates the premises in an orderly fashion. There shall be two area or
floor wardens for each section of the building which functions independently. One of these will be a Backup
Warden, who will assume the duties of the regular Area Warden when appropriate.
The Area Wardens shall perform the following duties:
1. Ensure that all new employees are familiar with the evacuation procedures, and that each employee
has a copy of the building emergency plan.
2. Keep an accurate count of the number of personnel that are currently employed in his/her area of
3. During an evacuation, the Area Warden will be the last person out of his/her section, and will ensure
that all other personnel are out of the area. The Area Warden will not delay his/her own evacuation
past the point of safety.
4. After area personnel have been evacuated, the Area Warden will take a head count at the
department's designated meeting place to ensure that all personnel are present. Communicate any
deficiencies or injuries to authorized emergency personnel.
5. Report any blockage of emergency exits, fire extinguishers which need servicing, or any other
condition which would be dangerous to Property Management.
6. Ensure that any posted notices of emergency procedures are up to date.
7. Update Assignment Form to Property Management Office bi-annually.
Emergency Procedures: Flooding
In the event of a flood that may cause damage to tenant property or affect the normal operation of the
building, designated tenant representatives will be contacted by Building Management personnel,
regardless of the time of day.
The first priority is to ensure that no personal injury occurs as the result of a flood. The second priority is to
discover the cause and prevent or minimize additional flooding.
Once the flooding has been contained, clean-up operations will commence. Tenants will need to contact
their insurance carrier to report any damage to their property.
Emergency Procedures: Homeland Security Threats
301 Congress recommends that each tenant have an emergency action plan in place to help their
employees prepare for, and react quickly to, a regional emergency, including terrorist attacks. Click on the
links below to access a variety of resources that aid in preparing for a regional emergency.
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
American Red Cross
Center for Diseases Control and Prevention - Emergency Preparedness and Response
Local media outlets will provide important information during an emergency situation.
Emergency Procedures: Medical Emergency
In case of personal injury:
1. Contact Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at 911, if necessary.
2. Notify the Property Management Office at 320-4141.
Emergency Procedures: Power Failure
301 Congress common areas are served by an emergency generator. In the event of power failure, the
generator will provide emergency power for certain basic building functions. Those functions include:
Activating emergency lights on each floor throughout the building, including all Exit signs.
Activating all stairwell lighting.
Activating the building’s emergency Fire, Life and Safety Systems as well as the building’s
communication systems.
Recalling all elevators to the ground floor lobby. (One elevator will remain operative for use by
security to assist handicapped persons or to take service crews and equipment into the building, as
It is seldom necessary to evacuate the building during a power failure. Unless you are directed to do so
through the emergency communication system, please remain in your offices.
Please...DO NOT CALL the Management Office unless you need to notify us of the location of a disabled
Emergency Procedures: Returning to the Property
Only trained emergency personnel can determine if it is safe to re-enter a building after an emergency.
Occupants should not be allowed to go back into the building until the person in charge of handling the
emergency has said it is safe.
Building personnel will be stationed at each building entry after an evacuation. They will restrict re-entry
until authorized to allow access, at which time they will notify evacuees.
Emergency Procedures: Severe Weather/Tornado
When a tornado warning is sounded in the downtown Austin area:
1. Instructions will be broadcast over the public address system or alternate form of communication.
2. Move away from all windows and stand in interior hallway, closing corridor doors.
3. If necessary, further information will be communicated.
Emergency Procedures: Toxic Hazards
If there is a toxic spill or exposure, proceed immediately to an area where you are no longer exposed. Call
911. Provide the building’s address, your floor and phone number, and also what type of spill has occurred.
Take appropriate action to contain the hazard; close doors behind you, and always follow all safety
procedures when working with toxic materials.
Introduction: Welcome
The tenant information provided in this Electronic Tenant Handbook is meant to provide you with a better
understanding of 301 Congress and to facilitate your company’s operations. There is a great deal of
information contained within this handbook; take the time to familiarize yourself with this handbook and it will
become a valuable resource for you and your company. Please note that the Building Management Office is
available to help in any way possible. Your first call for any problem or question can always be directed to
the Building Management Office, and we will assist you from there.
Every attempt has been made to provide current and accurate information in this handbook, but it is
possible that some items will change over time. The Building Management Office will promptly notify you of
any such changes. Please feel free to contact the Building Management Office with any questions you may
have. We are here to serve you.
Welcome to 301 Congress, a premier CommonWealth Partners property.
Introduction: About 301 Congress
Building Size:
Number of
Year Built:
301 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701
418,338 Rentable Square Feet
NOP 301 Congress LP
CommonWealth Partners
AQUILA Commercial
HKS and Hilton-Dey Associates
Polished balmora red granite panels, double pane
thermal insulated glass and Spanish pink flame-cut
pre-cast panels.
Polished balmora red granite walls, polished marble
floors (consisting of Delta Topaz, Talvassalo and
Rossa Collenandia).
17 total: 13 Passenger; 3 Garage; 1 Freight
Seminar Room, Fitness Center, Storage Facilities, Deli,
full service Bank and ATM, on-site Management Office.
Introduction: About CommonWealth Partners
CommonWealth Partners was founded in 1995 by senior members of a diversified development and
operating team that had worked together for 15 years. Together they developed over 20 million square feet
of large-scale, premier-quality office and mixed-use projects that set new standards of excellence in serving
the needs of corporations, professional firms and financial institutions.
CommonWealth Partners has been successful in establishing strong tenant relationships: we believe that
the tenant-landlord relationship is a partnership that benefits from an owner-operator approach. In other
words, the owner-operator (and not a third party) is in the best position to control property management
services. Managing the properties we own results in both cost-efficiency and superior tenant service. CWP
operates based on the belief that our customers demand not only high quality office space but also a broad
range of services to support and enhance their core business operations. CWP strives to understand our
customers’ businesses, and to work cooperatively with them to provide targeted building amenities and
service programs- programs that will serve their needs and enhance their productivity, as well as
meticulously maintain the physical foundation of each asset.
For more information on CommonWealth Partners, access www.commonwealth-partners.com
Introduction: Operating Instructions
You move through The Electronic Tenant Handbook just as you would a traditional Internet site. It’s as
simple as pointing and clicking. The main page features a Table of Contents that provides links to each
Chapter. Upon entering a Chapter, you will find links to the specific information provided in that chapter’s
Sub-Sections. You may return to the Table of Contents or Chapter Overview at any time by clicking the
clearly labeled link on every page.
Special Features
The Electronic Tenant® Handbook has special features, such as a Maintenance Request System and
Search engine. In order to take advantage of these useful features, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader
installed on your computer. This software is free and easy to use, and can be obtained by clicking here.
The Electronic Tenant® Handbook is updated on a regular basis, so please be sure to periodically check for
updates and new information. In order to keep you abreast of your property’s operations, we have included
a monthly Building Calendar and Announcement Board. Here, you will find information regarding
scheduled maintenance and events taking place at the property.
If you are having trouble accessing the Electronic Tenant Handbook or need assistance, please e-mail or
call the Management Office.
Policies and Procedures: Alterations and Remodeling
All alterations and remodeling work must be approved by Property Management prior to starting
construction. Please contact the Property Management Office for further information.
Policies and Procedures: Building Rules and Regulations
1. Sidewalks, halls, passageways, exits, entrances, elevators, escalators, stairways, and other common
areas shall not be obstructed by Tenant or used by Tenant for any purpose other than for ingress to
and egress from the Premises. Landlord shall in all cases retain the right to control and prevent
access thereto by all persons whose presence, in the judgment of the Landlord, shall be prejudicial to
the safety, character, reputation or interests of the Building, including its tenants and occupants.
Nothing shall be swept or thrown into the corridors, halls, elevators or stairways.
2. No sign, placard, picture, name, advertisement or notice (a “Sign”) visible from the exterior of the
Premises shall be inscribed, painted, affixed, installed or displayed by Tenant without the prior written
consent of Landlord. Absent any such consent, Landlord shall have the right to remove any Sign
without notice to and at the expense of Tenant. Any such consent shall be deemed to relate to only
the particular Sign so consented to by Landlord and shall not be construed as dispensing with the
necessity of obtaining the prior written consent of Landlord with respect to any other Sign. All
approved Signs or lettering on doors and walls shall be inscribed, painted, affixed, installed, printed
or otherwise displayed, at the expense of Tenant, by a person approved by Landlord and in a manner
or style acceptable to Landlord.
3. No curtains, draperies, blinds, shutters, shades, screens or other coverings, awnings, hangings or
decorations shall be installed or used in connection with any window or door of the Premises without
the prior written consent of Landlord, except for normal and customary interior decorations to the
Premises not visible from the exterior of the Building. In any event, any such items shall be installed
so as to face the interior surface of the standard window treatment established by Landlord and shall
in no way be visible from the exterior of the Building. No articles shall be placed or kept on the
windowsills or any terraces so as to be visible from the exterior of the Building. No articles shall be
placed against glass partitions or doors which might appear unsightly from the outside the Premises.
No sashes, sash doors, skylights, windows or doors that reflect or admit light or air into the halls,
passageways or other public places in the Building shall be covered or obstructed by Tenant without
the prior written consent of Landlord.
4. Tenant shall not employ or permit any person(s) other than the janitorial contractor of the Landlord to
clean the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord. In the event of any permitted person
being employed by Tenant to do janitorial work, while in the Building and outside of the Premises
such person(s) shall be subject to the control and direction of the Building’s management office (not
as an agent or servant of Landlord); however, Tenant shall in all cases be responsible for the acts of
such person(s).
5. Tenant and its employees, upon daily departure, shall cause (a) the doors of the Premises to be
securely locked, and (b) to the extent practical shut off all faucets, valves and other control
apparatuses to water and other resources, so as to prevent waste or damage. With the exception of
permitting ingress and egress to the Building, Tenant shall keep doors(s) to the Building’s corridors on
multi-tenant floors of the Building closed at all times.
6. Tenant shall not waste electricity, water, heating, air-conditioning or any other resources and shall
cooperate fully with Landlord to assure the most effective utilization of such Building resources.
Tenant shall not attempt to adjust any Building resource controls other than any thermostats
specifically installed for Tenant’s use. No heating, air-conditioning unit or other similar apparatus shall
be installed or used by Tenant without the prior written consent of Landlord.
7. Tenant shall not alter any lock or access device, nor shall Tenant install any new or additional lock,
access device or bolt on any door of the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord. In the
event of any permitted installation, Tenant shall in each case furnish Landlord with a key for any such
lock or device.
8. Landlord shall furnish Tenant, at no cost to Tenant, two (2) keys to the Premises. Tenant shall pay a
reasonable charge for any additional keys furnished by Landlord. Any card-keys issued by Landlord
shall upon such issuance require payment of a refundable deposit in an amount reasonably
determined from time to time by Landlord. Tenant shall not make or have made copies of any keys or
card-keys furnished by Landlord. Tenant shall, upon the expiration or sooner termination of its
tenancy, deliver to Landlord all of such keys and card-keys, together with any of the keys relating to
the Premises including, but not limited to, all keys to any vaults or safes which remain on the
Premises. In the event of the loss of any keys furnished by Landlord to Tenant, Tenant shall pay
Landlord (a) the cost thereof (less any deposit paid by Tenant) or (b) the cost of changing the subject
lock(s) or access device(s) if landlord deems it necessary to make such change.
9. The toilet rooms, toilets, urinals, washbowls, plumbing fixtures and any other Building apparatus shall
not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed; and no foreign
substance of any kind shall be thrown therein. Any loss, cost or expense relating to any breakage,
stoppage or damage resulting from any violation of this rule shall be borne by Tenant.
10. Tenant shall not permit any cooking on the Premises (except that private, non commercial use by
Tenant and its employees of Underwriters’ Laboratory-approved equipment for the preparation of
coffee, tea, hot chocolate and similar beverages, and for the heating of foods, shall be permitted;
provided that such equipment is used in accordance with all applicable federal, state and city laws,
codes, ordinances, rules and regulations). The Premises shall not be used for lodging or sleeping
purposes. If the Premises becomes infested with vermin or pests, Tenant, at its sole cost and
expense, shall have such pests exterminated by Landlord approved exterminators.
11. All tenants will refer any contractors, contractor’s representatives and installation technicians
rendering any services to them to Landlord for Landlord’s supervision and approval prior to
commencement of any work.
12. Tenant shall not install any radio or television antenna, loudspeaker or other device on the roof or
exterior of the Building. Tenant shall not interfere with any radio or television broadcast or reception
from within the Building.
13. The freight elevator shall be available for use by Tenant, subject to reasonable scheduling by
Landlord. No furniture, freight, equipment, materials, supplies, packages, merchandise or other
property shall be received in the Building or carried up or down the elevators, except between such
hours and in such elevators designated by Landlord. Any deliveries, removals or relocations of large,
bulky or voluminous items, such as furniture, office machinery and equipment, etc., can only be made
after obtaining approval from the Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or
delayed. The tenants assume all risks and shall indemnify and hold Landlord harmless against claims
of damage to articles moved and injury to persons engaged in such movement, including without
limitation damages and injury to equipment, property and personnel of Landlord resulting from acts in
connection with such delivery, removal or relocation. All damages done to the Building by the
installation or removal of any tenant’s property or caused by any tenant’s property within the Building,
shall be repaired at the expense of such tenant.
14. Tenant shall not place a load upon any floor of the Premises which exceeds the load per square foot
the floor was designed to carry, or any load allowed by law. Landlord shall have the right to prescribe
the weight, size and position of safes, any library or other shelving, furniture or other heavy equipment
brought into the Building, and Tenant shall bear the reasonable fees of any structural engineer hired
by Landlord in connection therewith. Safes or other heavy objects shall, if considered necessary to
Landlord, stand on wood strips of such thickness as determined by Landlord to be necessary to
properly distribute the weight thereof. Landlord shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any
such safes or other heavy objects for any cause; all damages done to the Building by moving or
maintaining of any such items shall be repaired at the expense of Tenant.
15. No machinery other than the kind considered usual and standard for general office use shall be
operated by any tenant in its leased area without the prior written consent of Landlord. Business
machines or mechanical equipment of Tenant, which causes noise or vibration that may be
transmitted to the structure of the Building or any space therein to such a degree objectionable to
Landlord or any other tenants or occupants of the Building, shall be placed and maintained by Tenant,
at Tenant’s expense, on vibration eliminators or other devices sufficient to eliminate such noise or
vibration. Tenant shall bear the reasonable fees of any acoustical or structural engineer hired by
Landlord in connection therewith.
16. Tenant shall not mark, drive nails or screws, or drill into the partitions, ceilings or floors of the
Premises or in any way deface the Premises except for normal and customary interior decorations.
17. Tenant shall not install, maintain or operate on the Premises any vending machine without the prior
written consent of Landlord.
18. No animals (other than those assisting the handicapped), including reptiles, birds, fish (or aquariums),
or other non-human, non-plant living things or organic Christmas decor of any kind shall be allowed in
the Building.
19. There shall not be used in the Building any hand trucks, except those equipped with rubber tires and
side guards, or any other material handling equipment, except as approved in advance in writing by
Landlord. No scooters, roller skates, roller blades, bicycles, and no other vehicles of any kind shall be
brought into and operated within the Project. Bicycles and vehicles may only be parked in areas
designated for such purpose.
20. Tenant shall store all of its trash and garbage within the interior of the Premises. No materials shall be
placed in the Building’s trash boxes or receptacles if such material is of such a nature that it may not
be disposed of in the ordinary and customary manner, or if such an act would violate any law or
ordinance governing such removal and disposal.
21. Canvassing, soliciting, distributing of handbills or any other written material, and peddling in the
Building are prohibited; Tenant shall cooperate to prevent such activity. Tenant shall not engage in
office-to-office solicitation of business from other tenants or occupants of the Building.
22. Landlord reserves the right to exclude or to expel from the Building any person who, in Landlord’s
judgment, is intoxicated or under the influence of liquor or drugs, or who is in violation of any of these
Rules and Regulations.
23. Tenant shall comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation procedures and regulations
established by Landlord or any governmental agency. No firearms or weapons of any kind are
allowed within the Premises or the Building.
24. No tenant shall invite to its premises, or permit the visit of, persons in such numbers or under such
conditions to interfere with the use and enjoyment of any of the plazas, entrances, corridors,
escalators, elevators, and other facilities of the Building by other tenants.
25. Landlord will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal property, money or jewelry from any
tenant’s Premises or public or common areas regardless of whether such loss occurs when the area
is locked against entry or not, except as may be otherwise set forth in the Lease. Tenant assumes
any and all responsibility for protecting the Premises from theft, robbery and pilferage by taking
necessary steps including, but not limited to, keeping doors locked and other means of entry to the
Premises closed.
26. Any additional or special requirements of Tenant shall be attended to only upon application to the
office of the Building by an authorized individual. Employees of Landlord shall not perform any work or
do anything outside of the regular duties unless under special instructions from Landlord. No such
employees shall admit any person (Tenant or otherwise) to any office without specific instructions
from Landlord.
27. Landlord may waive any of these Rules and Regulations for the benefit of any particular tenant or
occupant of the Building in any particular instance; however, no such waiver by Landlord shall be
construed as a waiver of these Rules and Regulations with respect to any other tenant or occupant
thereof. Any revised rules and regulations, when made and written notice thereof is given to a tenant,
shall be binding upon it in like manner as if originally herein prescribed.
These Rules and Regulations including the addendum attached hereto are provided as a general guideline.
Please refer to your Lease Agreement for information specific to your tenancy.
THIS ADDENDUM is attached to and made part of the Rules and Regulations for the Building known as 301
Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.
1. Tenant shall provide Landlord with a list of all personnel authorized to enter the Building after hours
(7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Monday through Friday and 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays).
2. Anyone entering or leaving the Building after hours must sign their name, company, suite number and
time of entry into the Building Register, and shall also show proper identification if requested.
3. Any air conditioning/heating required during the periods of 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday through
Friday, 1:00 p.m. to midnight Saturday (unless otherwise stipulated in the Lease), and 24 hours a day
Sundays and holidays, shall be accessed by Tenant using the Building’s computerized system for
such overtime services. Tenant shall be charged the prevailing hourly rate for such additional heating
or air conditioning.
4. Any furniture or equipment removed from the Building after hours must be coordinated with Property
Management prior to removal. Person removing articles from the Building must sign in at the security
desk prior to removal of articles from the Building.
5. Use of the freight elevator for furniture is limited to after hours on weekdays and on weekends and
must be coordinated with Property Management and Building Security to give better assistance.
6. Names to be placed on or removed from the electronic Directory in the lobby of the Building should be
furnished to the Property Management Office in writing on Tenant’s letterhead.
7. Tenant shall not use the Premises or permit the Premises to be used for photographic or multigraph
reproductions, except in connection with its own business.
8. Tenant shall place solid pads under all rolling chairs such as may be used at desks or tables. Any
damages caused to carpet by not having it shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the Tenant.
9. Open flames, including but not limited to burning candles, shall be prohibited in the Building.
Policies and Procedures: Insurance Protection
A certificate of insurance must be approved by the Property Management Office in order for vendors,
movers or contractors to be allowed access to the building. Please make arrangements in advance to
schedule access as well as submit the required insurance documentation. These arrangements can be
made by calling the Property Management Office at 512-320-4141 or e-mailing
[email protected]
The following insurance coverage must be provided by any vendors or contractors working at 301 Congress.
Click here to download a copy of the below information.
301 Congress
Certificate of Insurance Requirements
Commercial General
Bodily Injury
Property Damage
Commercial Automobile
Bodily Injury/Property
Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation
Employer's Liability
Commercial Umbrella
Excess Liability
Special Form Property
$2,000,000 general aggregate
$1,000,000 per occurrence
$1,000,000 Combined Single
Limit per accident for all owned, hired and
non-owned automobiles
Statutory Limits
$1,000,000 per occurrence
Minimum Limit of $5,000,000
per occurrence
100% replacement cost of vendor’s equipment,
materials, and other personal property
Additional Insured - with respect to General Liability and Automobile Liability)
NOP 301 Congress LP, The State of California Public Employees' Retirement System, an agency of
the State of California, CommonWealth Partners Management Services, L.P., National Office
Partners, LLC, CWP Capital Management, LLC, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and their respective
members, managers, partners, officers, directors, affiliates, agents, representatives, employees,
successors and assignees are additional insureds. The coverage under this policy is primary
insurance with regard to work performed by or at the direction of [INSERT INSURED COMPANY
Certificate Holder
NOP 301 Congress LP
301 Congress Avenue
Suite 110
Austin, TX 78701-2961
Policies and Procedures: Move-in & Deliveries
Any deliveries, removals or relocations of large, bulky or voluminous items, such as furniture, office
machinery and equipment, etc., can be made only after obtaining approval from Property Management.
(Large pieces of furniture or equipment need to be scheduled after hours.) All such movement shall be
coordinated in advance with and supervised by Property Management.
Two- and four-wheel dollies, carts, or other type conveyances will not be taken into passenger elevators at
any time. Only packages, cartons or other items that can be carried by hand may be transported on
passenger elevators. Other items must be transported on the freight elevator.
All dollies and conveyances of materials, supplies or equipment will enter the building through the
truck/loading dock.
Policies and Procedures: Smoking
Per city ordinance, 301 Congress is a non-smoking building. Smoking is prohibited within common areas,
restrooms, stairwells, elevator vestibules and tenant suites. Smoking will not be permitted any closer than
the public sidewalks, which are at least 25 feet from the building doors, windows and ventilation equipment.
The designated outdoor smoking areas are located in the Plaza and in the northwest corners of the upper
garage levels on P3 and P4 - please see the attached map for the exact location.
Click here to view the Designated Smoking Areas
Click here to view the Smoking Policy
Sustainability: Overview
CommonWealth Partners is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and creating efficient, healthy
and productive working spaces. Our Sustainability Policies and Programs are an integral part of the
day-to-day operations at this property. These policies serve to maximize the efficiencies of our property
management practices, minimize the environmental impact of building operations, and reduce operating
As a tenant, you do not have to abide by these policies but in so doing, your participation helps us:
1. Have a positive and sustainable impact on our community
2. Create a healthier working environment for our tenants
Sustainability: Austin Green Business Leaders
Austin Green Business Leaders is a program developed by the City of Austin's Office of Sustainability. It is
designed to enhance sustainability efforts within your company and recognize the impact your office is
currently making. CommonWealth Partners has received recognition for the reaching the Gold Level of the
program for the sustainability initiatives in place at 301 Congress.
To find out more about the program or how your company can participate visit:
Sustainability: Corporate Sustainability
For more information about our sustainability programs, please visit our Corporate Sustainability website.
Sustainability: Sustainability Policies and Procedures
Your go-to source for specific procedures, tenant guidelines or forms related to sustainability, including the
Green Office Guide, Green Tenant Improvement Guide, Smoking Policy, and the Sustainable Purchasing
Green Office Guide: The Green Office Guide provides simple, low-cost behavior strategies, best
practices, and resources our tenants can use to create a green office. This guide is a starting place
for you to learn more about the benefits of green buildings and inspire you to explore the many ways
you can join us in providing a healthy work environment for your employees and be a positive image
as a leader in sustainability. For further details, please refer to the Green Office Guide PDF.
Green Tenant Improvement Guide: The Green Tenant Improvement Guide serves to educate you,
the tenant, about a variety of strategies you can use to green your interior space. This handbook will
show you how greening your tenant space can result in employee health and productivity. For more
specific tips on tenant improvements, please refer to the Green Tenant Improvement Guide PDF.
Smoking Policy:This policy is intended to prevent or minimize exposure of building occupants,
indoor surfaces and systems to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Smoking Policy PDF
Sustainable Purchasing Policy: The goal of the Sustainable Purchasing Policy is to reduce the
negative environmental impacts of materials and supplies purchased, and to provide guidance toward
responsible management practices. Sustainable Purchasing Policy PDF
Waste Management Policy: The goal for this policy is to reduce the amount of waste and toxins
hauled to and disposed of in landfills by recycling. You qualify for the MRP2 Prerequisite just by
having this policy in place. The goal is to reuse, recycle, or compost at least 50% of ongoing
consumable goods and reuse or recycle 75% of durable goods, recycle 100% of batteries and
mercury containing lamps. Waste Management Policy PDF
Sustainability: Energy Conversation
As tenants, you have the biggest impact in reducing your building’s operating costs and saving energy. You
can do your part by following a few simple energy conservation measures and educating your employees
about the importance of using energy wisely.
Here are some examples on things you and your employees can do right now to lower energy costs:
Have task lighting at individual workstations
Install lighting occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lights
Install power strips or smart strips to eliminate vampire loads & switch power off when not in
Turn off equipment, computers, printers, TVs, power strips and lights when leaving office
Install ENERGY STAR Equipment
Find additional strategies in our Green Office Guide.
Sustainability: Recycling Program
CommonWealth Partners fully supports waste reduction at this property. 301 Congress holds the distinction
of being the first office building in downtown Austin to recycle paper in the early 1990’s. We currently offer
recycling of paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard with our single-stream program available by
using your desk side recycling bin. Please contact the Property Management Office to obtain additional desk
side recycling containers as needed. Additionally, we offer recycling collection sites for ink/toner cartridges,
batteries, light bulbs and computers/electronics. Our recycling program has a goal of recovering and
recycling over 75% of the total waste that is generated at this site. Through this program, we want to
educate you on how to reduce waste.
Here are a few strategies you can implement now that will help toward this effort:
Print media and marketing materials on recycled and FSC certified paper
Properly dispose of furniture and office equipment (Donate and/or Recycle)
Refill toner and printer cartridges
For external printing, request soy vegetable based ink
Print media and marketing materials on recycled and FSC certified paper
The Building provides a desk side recycling container for each Tenant employee
Cancel unwanted paper publications and subscriptions or register for e-newsletters
Find additional strategies in our Green Office Guide.
Please click here for the Recycling Guide
Sustainability: E-Waste Recycling
All of CommonWealth’s properties participate in an annual E-waste event that typically takes place during
Earth Day week in April. In addition, 301 Congress offers e-waste collection throughout the year. We have
a container located in the loading dock where Tenants can leave their electronics to be recycled at any time.
Please contact the Property Management Office for the next scheduled E-waste event or for more
information on our collection site.
Sustainability: Transportation Program
Transportation programs to encourage carpooling, use of public transit and minimizing unnecessary travel
can lower employee costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to benefit local communities.
Some strategies for alternative transportation and sustainable commuting behavior include:
Have an Alternative Commuting Transportation Program in place
Perform an alternative transportation employee survey
Provide transit fare reimbursement for employee commutes
Use teleconferences and videoconferences to reduce travel
Find additional strategies in our Green Office Guide.
Sustainability: Indoor Air Quality Reporting
OCCUPANT COMPLAINTS: Commonwealth has a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality program in place. If
you have a complaint: Contact your Office Manager (tenant representative). The Office Manager should
submit an online work order and an on-site staff member will be dispatched to follow up with it. Property
Management will ensure that appropriate action is taken to mitigate the issue. Resolution is reported to the
Office Manager.
The Neighborhood: BBVA Compass
Location: Lobby Level
Website: http://www.bbvacompass.com
Phone Number: (512) 495-9411