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Restoring Choice by Developing Practice,
Conversation, and Skill Building
In this 12-week series we will develop tools and
strategies to stay aware of moments of choice
for rational vs. reactionary thinking, an open
heart, and calm body.
“A heart emerges from the mud and the
muck.” Mari Coppinger
Reclaiming Vitality After Trauma
As tough as trauma is, there are treasures to be
discovered and released on the path to
wholeness. Many people do not understand
trauma and how it affects daily life. This
workshop will help you recognize patterns and
symptoms that are often improved or even
transformed by this work.
We have all experienced trauma in some form
within our lifetime either from a life event
(illness/accident, divorce, death of a loved one,
etc.) or via constant exposure through our
vocations as military personnel, law
enforcement, emergency responders and
medical personnel, mental health care
professionals, and the like. In response, the
human body and brain can get struck in
emotional and physiological protective reactions
to traumatic experience. Over time, if not
mitigated, these reactions begin to deplete our
reserves and cause adverse health conditions
that can include:
Depressed Immune System
Sleep Disturbances
Chronic Pain
High Blood Pressure
Gastrointestinal Distress/Disease
Anxiety and/or depression
High Risk Behaviors
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
These responses to trauma can rob us of our
sense of vitality, the ability to fully experience
the joy of being alive, the richness of
relationship to others, and erode our ability to
perform at our peak.
The workshop series will focus on the effects of
trauma, resultant chronic stress and the tools
and skills we can access to diminish those
effects to create a life of freedom and wisdom.
Just as our bodies have learned to function,
respond and protect during constant “states of
emergency” we can also implement new
learning to catalyze different choices and
responses with mindful intention and action to
create a safe place to rest and restore.
During this workshop series, we will develop
understanding, skill building, and mind body
practices to identify, understand, and take
action. Each week will provide an in depth
understanding and skill building in the following
The anatomy and physiology of trauma
How to function at your peak during
stressful times
Overcome and recover from the effects of
trauma stress
Transform habitual behaviors and reactions
to conscious choice
Tuesday Evenings 5:30 – 7:30
June 2, 2015 - August 18, 2015
2up Yoga, 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa
Rosa, CA 95403
Cost: $495.00
Enrollment also includes full access to all
evening and morning yoga classes taught by
Chris and/or Mari Coppinger during the
workshop series.
Workshop Program
Each session will begin with an opening
discussion, conversation, and introduction of
the evening’s theme followed by a yoga practice
to integrate the evening’s new learning,
insights, and inspirations into your body. The
evening will close with journaling, group
discussion, and short meditation.
Lori Carter
Please contact 2up Yoga at 707-230-3958 or
[email protected] to register.
Lori Carter, ASW is a trauma care specialist.
She completed a 14-month deployment to
Afghanistan in 2014 and has opened her private
practice in Santa Rosa, Mill Valley, and
Redwood City, CA. Lori was trained by Dr.
Bessel van der Kolk 20 years ago. She is also
EMDR certified and a consultant. She works
with all ages and issues related to traumatic
stress experience. (See
for further information about Lori)
Mari Coppinger
Mari has always been a strong believer in the
concept of healing our hearts, minds, and
bodies through movement and mind/body
connection. She has been practicing yoga for
more than 20 years and is the cofounder/owner of Shaastra Kalaa / 2up Yoga.
Mari also trained in and taught martial arts for
over 10 years. Mari also co-facilitated selfdefense and personal development workshops
with Dawn Callan/Awakening the Warrior Within
in the U.S. and abroad and contributed to the
research of Dawn’s Book “The Hero’s Code.”
She has learned and teaches that safely
integrating your mind and body experience is
the key to positive living and the path to that
connection includes a regular yoga, moving
meditation practice. A regular practice leads to
the creation of a deep sense of vitality and wellbeing. (See for further
information about Mari)
$100.00 Non-Refundable Deposit to secure
Full balance due 7 days prior to workshop
(May 26, 2015)