BREAKING NEWS - Second Chance Ranch

his month we
celebrated the
adoptions of
three teens in our care!
We put on our Hawaiian
shirts and partied “luau”
style with the Yarberrys
and the Daughterys.
John Daughtery met AJ
while he was also living
at the Ranch. When
they learned about AJ’s
brother Jonathan, who
was in a different foster
care placement, they
knew that both boys
needed to be a part of
their family.
care feel hopeless, they
feel that no one would
choose them to be a part
of their family. They
have often spent years
Perry Black
501-847-1559 ext. 105
[email protected]
honda and
Stephan Yarberry
met their daughter Sidney at a church
econd Chance
Youth Ranch is
honored to be a
part of helping to connect children in foster
care with forever families! We are proud to offer transitional and after
care counseling services
to provide support for
the huge changes that
are a part of the adoption process.
Until an adoptive family
can be found for the
teens in our care, we
love to stand in the gap
as their “middle family”.
Many teens in foster
event while she was living at the Ranch. Rhonda said that she spent
one evening with Sidney
and felt an immediate
connection. Pam and
Billy and Rachel Hubbard
Directors of Operations
501-594-5200 ext. 209
[email protected]
in the system, bouncing
around from home to
home. To be “chosen”
by a family seems like
a far-fetched dream.
But for Sidney, AJ, and
Jonathan, that dream
came true. Thank you
Stephan, Rhonda, Pam,
and John…for choosing
to listen to God’s call on
your lives to love “the
least of these” in a very
special way!
Chad Strike
Clinical Director
501-847-1559 ext.103
[email protected]
Amanda Lutz
Administrative Assistant
501-594-5200 ext. 200
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We will be opening a new
bunkhouse for seven more
students in July or August 2015!
-Perry Black
Children are precious gifts from heaven above. We are certainly
thankful that God has entrusted us to be responsible and to show
His children that there is a bright future for them. Many of these
children struggle because they are missing something. What is it?
Hope, It’s an important feeling! Without hope, there is nothing
to look forward to. Without hope, There is no motivation. Those
without it have a feeling of emptiness that lingers in their
desperate hearts.
The good news is that we all have the ability to give hope! We
have the power to speak words of encouragement and to motivate
those that are broken and desperately looking for something to
hold on to. Has God called you to be that person for one of these
little ones? If that is you, then we encourage you to be obedient to
God’s will for you and follow through. God will provide a way!
Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD
establishes his steps (ESV)
We are pleased to announce that we have had 10 teens
adopted in the last 2 years!
Happy Spring from the TLP! As warm weather approaches,
we have been spring cleaning, and the girls have been learning to garden. What better way to enjoy the house being
spruced up than to have a big party. A home filled with lots of
friends, food, and laughter as we celebrated 2 families adopting teens through Second Chance Youth Ranch! Three teens
whose lives have been changed forever by loving families
prayerfully answering God’s call.
Also this month at the TLP, we have our fourth girl who has
purchased a vehicle completely debt free! Kelsey has worked
very hard saving for almost a year to purchase a small SUV.
She could not be more excited, and we could not be more
proud of her!
We are expanding in the Summer of 2015!
We are currently taking applications for full-time and parttime house parents.
If you are interested, please call 501-594-5200 ext. 200 or
email [email protected]