SCHEDULE 20/03/2014

19 March 2015 Workshop on “Computational Techniques for Energy Materials”
08.30 AM
Session 1
09.30-10.45 AM Prof. Gour Prasad Das,
Designing Materials from Bulk to Nano for
IACS, Kolkata
Efficient Storage of Hydrogen
10.45-11.00 AM Tea/Coffee Break
11.00-12.15 PM Prof. Shobhana
Designing Novel Materials from First
Narasimhan, JNCASR,
12.30 - 01.30 PM Lunch
Session 2
01.30 -2.45 PM
Prof. Padmakumar, IIT
Virtual Experiments by Molecular
02.45- 4.00 PM
Prof. Balan Palanivel,
Ab initio Calculations to Study the
PEC, Puducherry
Electronic Structure and Structural
Properties of Solids
20-21 March 2015 “National Conference on Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
(NCMECS 2015)”
08.30 AM
09.30-10.15 AM
10.15-10.30 AM
Tea/Coffee Break
Session 3
Chair person: Prof. S. Ram, IIT Kharagpur
10.30-11.10 AM Key Note Address by
Materials for Energy - Related
Prof. BVR Chowdary,
NUS, Singapore
11.10-11.35 AM Invited Talk 1 Plasma processed coatings for energy
Dr. Nirav Jamnapara,
applications: An overview
FCIPT-IPR, Gandhinagar
11.35-12.00 PM Invited Talk 2 –
Thin Film Batteries for Internet of
Dr. Suraj Rengarajan,
Applied Materials India
Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
12.00-01.00 PM Oral Presentation
K. Pramod, Lydia Ann
Understanding Self-assembled nano-dot
Scaria and R. B.
formation of PVDF for energy
harvesting applications
Kaushik Natarajan,
Parth Bhatt, Pankaj
Yadav, Kavita Pandey,
Brijesh Tripathi,
Manoj Kumar
Investigating the performance of
tin-doped hematite nanostructure
for photoelectrochemical water
Roshan Jose, Vineetha P,
S. Kiruthika, Sreedevi P.D
and M.S.L. Hudson
K. Alamelu, Shiamala L,
Raja V, and B.M.Jaffar Ali
P.Senthil Kumar,
A.Sakunthala,, M.V.Reddy,
01.00-02.00 PM
Metal-free carbon nanostructures as
superior catalyst for improving the
hydrogen uptake and release of NaAlH4
– Experiment & DFT study
Synthesis and characterization of visible
light active Graphene-TiO2
nanocomposites for degradation of
organic dyes
Enhancement of Structural Integrity
and Electrochemical Performance of
LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 By Hydrothermal
Lunch Break
Session 4
Chair person: Prof. Fabrice Gourbilleau
02.00-02.40 PM Plenary Talk 1 Garnet Structured Ceramics for
Prof. Ramaswamy
Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
PU, Puducherry
02.40-03.05 PM Invited Talk 3 Novel Lithium-Rich Layered Cathode
Dr. Ramesha,
Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-ion
CECRI, Chennai
03.05-03.30 PM Invited Talk 4 –
Lithium –ion battery materials: present
Dr. M.B. Sahana,
and future
ARCI, Chennai
03.30-03.45 PM Tea/Coffee Break
03.45-04.45 PM Oral Presentations
Amrtha Bhide, A. K.
Non-aqueous electrolytes for Na-ion
Duerr, Jürgen Janek and
Philipp Adelhelm
S. Ramakumar, N. Janani Influence of Increase in Lithium
and Ramaswamy
concentration on Structure and Li+
Conductivity of Lithium Garnets
Rameshe, Ramaswamy
Murugan, Balan
R. Anslin Star and S.R.S.
Marie Rose Jesina
Delavictoire, D. Muthu
Gnana Theresa Nathan,
Theoretical Investigation on
Electronic Structure, Structural
Phase Stability and Optical Properties
of a Double Perovskite Oxides:
A2MM’O6 (A= Ba, Sr, M= Sc, Al,
M’=Nb & Ta)
Li4Ti5O12/C Nanodot hybrid Electrode
for Supercapacitors
Studies on the Electrochemical Behavior
of Li4Ti5O12 Nanoparticles as Anodes for
Lithium-ion Batteries
05.00-06.00 PM
06.00-07.00 PM
07.00-08.30 PM
Mary George and
POSTER Presentation
Conference Dinner
Session 5
Chair person: Prof. Ramaswamy Murugan
09.00-09.40 AM Plenary Talk 2 Tb:Yb Si-based conversion frequency
Prof. Fabrice Gourbilleau, layer for Si solar cell
09.40-10.05 AM Invited Talk 5 –
Challenges for Indian industries in
Prof. R. Natarajan,
meeting the future energy demand
VIT University, Vellore
/requirements through energy
conversion using renewable energy
resources and storage
10.05-10.30 AM Invited Talk 6 –
Indian perspective on requirements and
Dr. P. M. Raole,
developments of Fusion Reactor
FCIPT, IPR Gandhinagar Materials
10.30-10.45 AM
Tea/Coffee Break
Session 6
Chair person, Prof. P. M. Raole, FCIPT Gandhinagar
10.45-11.10 AM Invited Talk 7 –
Factors Influencing Fast Ion Transport
Prof. Padmakumar,
In Solids: Insights From Molecular
IIT Guwahati
Dynamics Simulations
Invited Talk 8 Structure-Property Relations in Anode
N. Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries
CECRI, Karaikudi
Invited Talk 9 –
Advanced energy storage systems- Fuel
Dr. N. Rajalakshmi,
cells, batteries, supercapacitors
ARCI, Chennai
12.00-1.15 PM
Oral Presentations
N. Janani and
Influence of Sintering Additives on
Ramaswamy Murugan
Densification and Li+ Conductivity of
Stuffed Lithium Garnets
T. Shiyani, M. Patel, J. H. CZTS: an important light absorbing
Markna and A. Ray
material for energy conversion
Barkha Tiwari and S. Ram Green synthesis of CaIn2O4 of granular
nanostructure using aloe vera nectar
A. D. Sivagami , Bornali
Structural and Optical Properties of
Sarma and Arun Sarma
CuInS2 Thin Films Deposited By
Thermal Evaporation Method
1.15-2.15 PM
Prakash H.R. and S. Ram
Irreversible Caloric transitions in
Hesuler Ni39-xAgxMn50Sn9 (x = 2.0) alloy
N.Soundaram, R.
Chandramohan, S.
Lunch Break
Studies on SILAR deposited Cu2O and
ZnO films for solar cell applications
Session 7
Chair person: Prof. Padmakumar, IIT Guwahati
2.15-2.55 PM
Plenary Talk 3 –
Grafting Spintronics in
Prof. S. Ram,
Metal/Alloy-Graphene Nanohybrids
IIT Kharagpur
Useful for
Energy Storage and Other
2.55-3.20 PM
Invited Talk 10 –
Promising Cathode Materials for
Dr. Venkateswaralu,
Advanced Energy Storage Technologies
Amara Raja Batteries
3.20-3.45 PM
Invited Talk 11 –
Development of core-shell structured
Dr. S. Anandan,
carbon coated electrode materials for
ARCI, Hyderabad
improved Li-ion battery performance
3.45-4.10 PM
Invited Talk 12 –
Impedance spectroscopy techniques:
Dr. Govindaraj,
Understanding and description of
PU, Puducherry
non-Debye spectra of disordered
4.15-4.45 PM