Dear Ladies, dear Knights, - 25 Jahre Blue Knights Germany2

Dear Ladies, dear Knights,
In the year 2016 we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary.
We would like to invite you to commemorate with us at our ralley, which will be held
at the Castle Ortenberg near by Offenburg/Black Forest.
General Information
The Castle Ortenberg is the landmark of the Ortenau area. It is
situated above the village Ortenberg at the entrance to the valley of
the river Kinzig, between Offenburg and Gengenbach.
The origins of the Castle Ortenau trace back to a fortress of the
11th/12th century. Primarily the castle had been built by the House
of Zaehringen for the protection of the valley of the river Kinzig.
Today it bears a youth hostel.
The Castle Ortenberg is only offering a few twin rooms. Apart from that
accommodation will happen in interesting four-bed or six-bed rooms.
Registration fees
Others ( 2- bed room ) p.p. 105,- €
Others (4- bed rooms) p.p. 90, - €
Others (6- bed rooms) p.p. 90, - €
Kids 6 – 10 years p.p. 60, - €
Kids 3 – 5 years p.p. 40, - €
Kids 0 – 2 years p.p. free of charge
To register we kindly ask you to use the contact form on our homepage
Or register via e-mail : E-Mail: [email protected]
Payment terms
After we will have obtained your registration you will receive a reservation number.
This number is essential for the rally and the modalities. The rooms will also be
registered under this number.
We kindly ask you to transfer your fees to:
Gerold Berger
Blue Knights Germany 2
Note to payee: 20 years BKG2 + the registration number(s) which you will receive
from us. Don’t forget – this is imperative!!!
For bank transfers from outside of Germany please use the following data:
Sparkasse Freiburg – Nördlicher Breisgau
We count on your understanding that we can only confirm the reservation after
receipt of the payment.
By registering and payment of the fees the waiver of liability will be declared
for damage to persons or property valid during arrival as well as during the
stay at the rally.
By transferring the fee the registration becomes binding.
How to get there:
Via motorway A5:
Coming from either south (Basel) or north (Frankfurt) on motorway A5, take the exit
Offenburg. Continue on the road B3 to the direction Villingen-Schwenningen.
After you have passed by Offenburg take the exit Ortenberg-Elgersweier.
In Ortenberg you carry on straight ahead over the small round-about (narrow road left
of the inn „Krone“) and follow the „Burgweg“ up to the hostel.
Further information on
- location
- program
- background information of the region
you will find on the special website:
Ride with Pride
Volker Weber ( Webs )
Disclaimer Statement / translated by Google.
1. The participant agrees with his or her reservation for ALL at this event suffered damage to any right of action,
liability or recourse against the organizer, his assistant, property owners and other persons with the organization,
implementation, or the like. Of the events are to refrain in combination.
2. This Agreement shall be on the day of booking for all parties concerned take effect and is valid for the entire
duration of the event.
3. Specifically, I hereby declare that I participate at your own risk and peril.
4. I understand that no insurance have been completed for me, my vehicle or equipment of the organizer.
5. I authorize expressly that image documentation may be in the context of the above event by the organizer, his
helpers or agents produced, stored and used subsequently fully charged. The rights to such image documentation
are solely the organizers and are fully transferred to the latter. A public use is allowed only on the side of the
If any of these provisions are invalid, the remainder shall remain unaffected.