Robin Ordonez

25th Legislative District Democrats
Candidate Endorsement Request (City of Puyallup)
Office Sought:
Puyallup City Council District #3, Position #1
Today’s Date:
May 25, 2015
Campaign Information
Name of Campaign:
Committee to Elect Robin Ordonez
Campaign Manager:
Paul Mahoney
Campaign Address: P.O. Box 73441, Puyallup, WA 98373
Campaign Phone: 253-365-5622
Email: [email protected]
Fax: _____________________
Party Affiliation: Independent
Are you using union printers and/or sign shops to do your campaign printing?
Yes, Thompson Sign Shop, Lacey, WA
Personal Information:
Full Name (as shown on ballot):
Robin Ordonez
2607 36th Street SE, Puyallup, WA 98374-1533
Years at this address: 20
Legislative District: 25th
Precinct: 221st
Years in the city that you want to represent: 20
Education (Please indicate highest level attained)
Degree (specify):
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Previous Public Service
Office/Position Held:
Chairman and Member of the Puyallup Planning Commission Dates: 2008 - 2012
Nature of Organization:
Volunteer Commission Members are selected by the City Council
Duties: To review all long range planning documents to include comprehensive plans for all infrastructure, as well as
rezones and community plans and make recommendations to the City Council for approval or denial of all reviewed
Office/Position Held: National Chief Judge, Early Ford V8 Club of America
Nature of Organization:
Dates: 1995 - 2000
Restoration of all Early Ford V8 Automobiles from 1932 to 1953
Duties: Serves as the Chief Judge responsible for enforcing all judging standards for authentic concourse restoration of
vehicles produced by the Ford Motor Company.
Office/Position Held:
National Board of Directors, Early Ford V8 Club of America
Dates: 1996 - 2000
Nature of Organization:
Restoration of all Early Ford V8 Automobiles from 1932 to 1953
Duties: Served on the Board of Directors responsible for the management and budgeting of a national and international
organization of in excess of 10,000 members worldwide.
Office/Position Held:
Convention Co-Chairman and Chief Judge
2004 - 2006
Nature of Organization: Local Regional Group of the Early Ford V8 Club of America responsible for the planning and
hosting the Western National Meet.
Duties: Responsible for the planning, budgeting and judging for all activities of the Western National Convention for
approximately 400 family attendees from all regions of the United States.
Current Job Information
Predl Systems North America, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Technical Resources Engineer
Jed Friesen
Work Phone:
E-mail Address:
[email protected]
Major Civic Interests
Step by Step a program that supports at risk young mothers, the Rails to Trails project that provides recreational opportunities
to our residents. I support St. Francis House, the Puyallup Farmers Market and I especially enjoy the Puyallup Arts in the
Park program.
Please keep your answers brief.
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Please list your qualifications for seeking office:
I served 5 years on the City of Puyallup Planning Commission and also served as the Chairman. I am a graduate of San Jose
State University with a degree in Civil Engineering and have a Professional Engineer’s License in Washington and Idaho.
The majority of my professional career was spent at Pierce County Public Works and Utilities where I worked my way up
through the ranks to Assistant Wastewater Utility Manager before retiring after 28 years of service. I was responsible for in
excess of $185 million dollars in public works construction for sanitary sewers and the expansion of the Chambers Creek
Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. I was the County’s Biosolids expert for over 10 years and researched the technology,
managed the design and construction of Pierce County’s Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility. In addition, I obtained the permits
and licenses for the County’s “SoundGro” natural organic fertilizer product and also established the marketing program. I
have developed and executed multimillion dollar budgets, managed consulting contracts, as well as managed technical and
administrative staff during my entire career at Pierce County. Since retiring from Pierce County, I have been consulting for a
sewer appurtenance manufacturer and have made presentations on a national and local level regarding sanitary sewer design.
I am also a Vietnam War and Army veteran who served on the ground in Vietnam.
Please list your reasons for seeking office:
I have lived in my community for over 20 years and worked in Pierce County for 28 years and still have the desire to serve
my community. Puyallup has a lot to offer its’ residents and I want to maintain the character and quality of life for our
citizens by managing growth and resources efficiently and effectively. I believe that I have unique technical and management
skills as well as I have been elected to serve on a national level for a 10,000 member organization on its’ board of directors
and as the national chief judge. So I understand how to build consensus within groups with opposing views that yield
positive results. I believe that my experience on the planning commission, being a manager and engineer for Pierce County,
and problem solving skills makes me uniquely qualified to serve on Puyallup’s City Council.
Have you been involved in partisan politics in Washington State? Please give details:
I have not been involved up to this point in my professional career or private life in any partisan politics.
Have you run for an office before? Please give details:
Yes, I ran for this very position 4 years ago with no experience, financial backing or even a knowledgeable team of friends or
associates who were familiar with running for elective office. I personally financed the majority of my campaign and ran
with the support of my wife and one close friend. I ran against a candidate who was heavily supported by the Republican
Party and lost by 131 votes. Although my opponent is the incumbent, I feel that I am the most qualified to serve the Citizens
of Puyallup because I have the skills and passion to serve my community.
Have you held office, either elected or appointed? Please give details:
I was elected by a national organization of Early Ford V8 enthusiasts to serve on its’ Board of Directors and also was selected
to serve as its’ National Chief Judge. In addition I have been elected by the local regional group of the national organization
serving as its’ president and on the board of directors. I was appointed to the Puyallup Planning Commission by the Puyallup
City Council.
What do you believe will be the three most important issues in your campaign?
Public safety is of utmost importance and the assurance of security for our families, neighbors, friends and businesses. I
support traffic calming which is becoming more and more important for District #3 residents due to excessive speed through
our neighborhoods. Also we must keep a close watch on police response times as our city continues to grow with new
development we must ensure that we have sufficient police resources to protect our citizens.
Parks and trails are also important and the continuation of our trail system throughout the City of Puyallup where I would be
very supportive of efforts to improve and expand our existing facilities. This coincides with the walk ability of our
neighborhoods and provisions of sidewalks in areas where none currently exist. We should encourage more multifamily or
affordable housing close to the public transit corridors that would also contribute to the walk ability of our neighborhoods.
Accountability and respectful communication between elected officials and residents within our community is also an issue
that is very important to our citizens. It is important to listen to our community about issues that are most important to them
and find ways to address their problems or issues. Whether they are simple administrative issues or complex problems that
require review by city staff that may be elevated to the City Council, we must be proactive in solving problems on behalf of
members of our community.
When elected, how would you make sure that you and your fellow elected officials continue to be accessible to constituents
and their concerns and open to public input?
Most citizens do not have the time to attend public meetings and must communicate through the telephone or by email. I
would be active in the community by attending all public events as well as attend all district meetings in person. This is also
an opportunity to interact with the citizens and listen to issues that are important to them. For the most part, my work in
consulting is not full time so I am more readily available most days and evenings if residents wanted to meet or speak to me.
I understand the level of effort that is required of working for the public and I am willing to put forth that effort. I would try
to set an example to my fellow elected officials on how I communicate with the public to insure their questions or concerns
are addressed.
Why should the 25th Legislative District Democrats support you over any other candidates running for this position?
I feel that I am the most qualified candidate based on my experience and management skills. My values closely reflect those
of the Democratic Platform. Important issues for my campaign are Accountability, Safety and Quality of Life, and Fiscal
Responsibility. I have a passion to serve the Citizens of Puyallup.
What would you do to encourage economic development in your city?
There must be current comprehensive planning and zoning in place to make the City attractive to new development. If the
tools are not in place to support potential new development then we will have a difficult time moving our city forward in the
next 20 years. We need to insure that we have the necessary infrastructure in place or have planned to provide all the
necessary services such as water, sewer, and storm drainage along with the road network to accommodate new development.
Also important to new potential residents are the park and trail networks that help to attract new residents. Without these
essential services, Puyallup will not be able to attract responsible growth. However, I do not support growth at any cost, it
must take into consideration the character and quality of life of our City and we must encourage development that does not
detract from our vibrant community.
What would you do to address the transportation/transit challenges facing your city?
This is a very difficult topic given the financial issues that face the City as well as Pierce Transit and Sound Transit. In
Puyallup’s District 3, a major planned project is the widening of Shaw Road which serves as a major north south arterial
between the Puyallup Valley and large developments to the south in unincorporated Pierce County. After years of planning,
the City has acquired the funds to begin construction in about 2017. Shaw Road currently exceeds its’ capacity during peak
traffic hours which causes a lot of grief for City residents. Given my background in Civil Engineering, I understand the
complex issues and funding challenges for this project and others within the City. I will support those efforts as they are
important to minimizing traffic congestion in the City. Transit issues are another problem and in recent years, Pierce Transit
had considered eliminating routes and cutting back on service due to serious budgetary issues. While the City does not have
a direct connection to the operations of Pierce Transit, it does have a City Council Member that sits on the Board. If elected,
I would volunteer to be on the board to represent the Puyallup’s interest on issues that would directly impact the City.
Another issue for the City is the Sounder Rail Service that serves both City and County customers. I know that there are
plans to provide additional parking through the construction of a parking garage and mixed use. I would be supportive of that
project as well.
Are there any additional comments you would like to share with the 25 th Legislative District Democrats?
My core values are Integrity, Professionalism and Honesty. Through my work for Pierce County and other organizations, I
have proven that I can build consensus within groups with opposing views that yield positive results for the general good of
all the residents of Puyallup. Lastly I want to maintain the character and quality of life in Puyallup by managing growth and
resources efficiently and effectively. As a long time resident of our community I have the desire and passion to serve as your
elected representative on the Puyallup City Council.
It is the intent of the 25th District Democrats to support qualified Democrats seeking political office for both partisan and
nonpartisan races. To that end we are looking for individuals who adhere to Democratic principles as demonstrated by
Democratic Party activity, community activities, their reputation among Democrats, and statements they make supporting the
Democratic Party and fellow Democrats. Endorsed candidates are discouraged from giving support in any partisan race to
non-Democratic candidates. If an individual is running against another Democratic candidate(s), such endorsed candidate is
encouraged to draw clear distinctions and differences with his/her opponent in a friendly, informational, and nonconfrontational fashion. My signature below signifies my agreement with these principles and that I understand that the 25th
District Democrats may withdraw its endorsement if I do not adhere to them.
Candidate Signature:
Robin Ordonez
Today’s Date:
Please return your completed questionnaire to [email protected]
May 25, 2015