legal notice - Le Mans Live

24h Video by LeMansLive
Competition dates: June 7-18, 2015
Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin, a French limited partnership (société en
commandite par actions) with registered capital of €504,000,004, whose head office is
located at Place des Carmes Déchaux, 63040 Clermont-Ferrand, France (the “Organiser”
and/or “Michelin”), registered with the Clermont-Ferrand Trade and Companies Registry
under number 855 200 507, is organising a competition from 7-18 June, 2015, entitled “24h
Video by LeMansLive” (the “Competition”) via the website, in which participation is absolutely free and for which
no purchase is necessary.
By participating in the Competition, each entrant agrees unconditionally to be bound by these
rules in their entirety and to comply with laws and regulations in force applicable to free
The Competition will be announced at:
The Twitter accounts of LeMansLive, Best-of-RallyLive, Michelintyres and
The Organiser will also run a Google campaign to promote the Competition.
Participation in the Competition is open to any major natural person residing in one of the
following European countries - metropolitan France (including Corsica), Germany, Austria,
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Luxemburg, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, the
Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain - who benefit from an internet
Individuals who do not meet the above conditions or who fall into the following categories are
not eligible to enter the Competition:
Employees or members of the management of the Organiser having directly or
indirectly contributed to administering this Competition,
All persons having directly or indirectly contributed to administering this Competition,
Members of the immediate or extended family of the above persons (“family” is
understood to mean people living in the same household and their direct, indirect and
collateral ascendants and descendants).
The Organiser reserves the right to conduct any verification required to ensure eligibility or
compliance with this Article and any other competition rule, in particular to prevent the
participation of minors, misuse or attempted fraud. However, the Organiser has no obligation
to systematically verify the eligibility of all entrants and may limit verification to potential
Only one entry is allowed per person having the same first and last name and Facebook ID,
during the entire competition period, regardless of the number of Facebook accounts held by
the individual.
Individuals are not permitted to enter the Competition using another person’s account, i.e. on
behalf of any third party. Any proven attempt at cheating or fraud, in particular by creating
false identities in order to register more than once, may result in the entrant being formally
and permanently banned from being designated as a winner or awarded any prize.
Any participant who fails to comply with one of the conditions set forth in this article will be
automatically excluded.
Incomplete, illegible registrations or registrations that include inexact contact details will not
be accepted.
The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any participant who posts comments and/or
tweets promoting:
 Discrimination, hate or violence, or that are racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic or
revisionist in nature;
 Defamatory or disparaging comments;
 Smoking or the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or substances
prohibited by law;
 Crimes or other offences, suicide or the consumption or sale of illicit substances;
 Off-topic comments, such as comments of a political or religious nature;
 Messages of a pornographic, paedophilic or violent nature, or images of nudity.
 Spams.
The Competition begins on at 12 noon on June 7, 2015, at the following online address: Participation is open until June 18, 2015, at 11:59pm.
Dates and times are understood to be Central European Summer Time.
During this period, the Competition will be accessible by connecting to the website using a standard browser. The Competition will be
accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for scheduled and unscheduled downtime
for maintenance or any other purpose, in particular, updating the database or the hosting
To participate in the Competition, participants must connect to, click on ‘register’ and fill in the entry form. All fields must be
To complete their registration, participants must agree to abide by the Competition’s rules by
ticking the applicable box and clicking “Enter”.
Participants who connect to must watch videos and, for each
video, carry out one of the tasks described below in order to complete a given level.
After completing a level, participants will be included in a random draw to attempt to win one
of the prizes listed in Article 7 of these rules. Participants will also progress to the following
level. There are prizes for every level that is completed.
The Competition consists in reaching a total of 24 levels. Participants may choose not to
complete every level. In that case, they will only be included in the draws that correspond to
the levels they have completed. Having won a prize for a given level does not exclude the
participant from participating in the draws for the other levels they complete.
On the Competition page, participants will be able to see the level they have reached, carry
out a bonus task and see the time that remains to complete the following level.
Three new levels are accessible every day on the following dates:
Sunday, June 7: 3 levels
Monday, June 8: 3 levels
Tuesday, June 9: 3 levels
Wednesday, June 10: 3 levels
Thursday, June 11: 3 levels
Friday, June 12: 3 levels
Saturday, June 13: 3 levels
Sunday, June 14: 3 levels
The 24th and final level will only be accessible from 6pm on Sunday, June 14.
Every day, an e-mail will be sent to participants to inform them about the new levels that are
accessible and the corresponding prizes that are available.
Participants who do not connect on the first day of the Competition will be able to access the
levels posted prior to their first connection.
For example, a participant who connects for the first time on Thursday, June 11, will have
access to and will be able to complete the first 15 levels.
At each level, after watching the corresponding video, participants can choose from the tasks
listed below to be eligible for the draw for that level and reach the following level. Just one of
these tasks has to be carried out in order to take part in the draw for the completed level and
progress to the next level.
1. ‘Like’ the LeMansLive Facebook.
2. ‘Follow’ LeMansLive or Michelin_Sport on Twitter.
3. Subscribe to the Michelin Passion YouTube channel.
4. Post a Twitter: “I have just watched [video name]. Join me at [link to be provided]”
along with the # and an image.
5. Post a message on Facebook: “I have just watched [video name]. Join me at [link to
be provided]” along with the # and an image.
Tasks 1, 2 and 3 may only be carried out once by each participant during the duration of the
With regard to the Facebook and Twitter tasks, participants accept that their Facebook or
Twitter be public in order to allow the Organiser to check that the task has effectively been
carried out. Participants who refuse to make their profile public will not be authorised to
select these tasks.
6. Answer questions relating to LeMansLive.
To view the three possible answers when the question is visible, the participant must
click on the link to
7. Watch a bonus video: promotional videos of partners providing prizes (Toyota, Nissan,
Porsche, HTC, Michelin).
Bonus actions
1. Watch videos
At each level, participants can increase their chances in the random draws by watching
bonus videos. Each participant will be restricted to one hour of bonus video viewing per day.
Participants will be able to increase their chances as a function of the number of minutes
they spend watching videos as detailed below:
3 minutes: 1 additional chance
10 minutes: 3 additional chances
20 minutes: 6 additional chances
30 minutes: 9 additional chances
45 minutes: 12 additional chances
60 minutes: 24 additional chances.
The multiplying coefficients apply throughout the Competition and can be cumulated daily.
2. Partner code
The ‘partner code’ fields which appear on the registration form page allow participants to
increase their chances of being drawn at each completed level by a factor of 24. This code
must be provided upon the participant’s registration. Codes can be obtained from one of the
following partners: Porsche, Toyota, Audi, Nissan, Aston Martin, ACO, FIA WEC, HTC,
For each level, a random draw will be organised to choose a winner from all the participants
who completed the said level in compliance with these rules.
In total, 24 random draws will be organised.
All the random draws will take place on June 30, 2015.
The following prizes will be awarded for each level:
Level 1: 10 x Michelin caps (value: €5.82*)
Level 2: 1 x HTC RE camera (value: €160*)
Level 3: 5 x Michelin cell-phone battery chargers (value: €13.80*)
Level 4: 5 x Michelin watches (value: €19.50*)
Level 5: 3 x Audi caps signed by the 2014 Le Mans winners (value: €87.00*)
Level 6: 5 x Michelin USB sticks (value: €6.01*)
Level 7: 5 x Michelin red guides (value: €24*)
Level 8: Anthony Davidson- or Sébastien Buemi-signed race shoes (value: €295*)
Level 9: 1 x Xbox 360 complete with Forza Horizon 2 (value: €240*)
Level 10: 5 x Michelin sports bags (value: €22.75*)
Level 11: 1 x Aston Martin Racing team jacket (value: €180*)
Level 12: 5 x Michelin cell-phone battery chargers (value: €13.80*)
Level 13: 10 x Michelin back bags (value: €19.20*)
Level 14: 5 x Michelin USB sticks (value: €6.01*)
Level 15: 1 x Aston Martin Racing team jacket (value: €180*)
Level 16: 3 x Audi caps signed by the 2014 Le Mans winners (value: €87.00*)
Level 17: 5 x Michelin red guides (value: €24.00*)
Level 18: 1 x HTC Nexus 9 tablet (value: €349*)
Level 19: 1 x Nissan tee-shirt signed by all its drivers + 1 x pair of racing gloves signed by
one driver (value: €315*)
Level 20: 1 x VIP Pack for two people to attend the 6 Hours of the Nürburgring, not including
transport to and from the circuit (value: €1,200*)
Level 21: 1 x 2014 Porsche race suit (value: €1,800*)
Level 22: 1 x Xbox One + Game Pack (Forza Motorsport 5 + Forza Horizon 2 + Forza
Motorsport 6 – release second half of 2015) (value: €790*)
Level 23: 1 x HTC one M9 smartphone (value: €749*)
Level 241 x VIP Pack for two people to attend the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours, not including
transport to and from the circuit (value: €9,576*). Contents: two nights’ accommodation in a
three-star hotel, Friday’s drivers’ parade followed by a gastronomic dinner, access to
Michelin’s VIP trackside hospitality facility, open bar and prestige meal at the circuit, start and
finish spectating from Michelin’s grandstand suite, helicopter flyover of the circuit, pits visit,
visit of Michelin’s tyre workshop, tour of the circuit’s best viewing points by shuttle bus,
welcome gift and transport.
(*) including French value-added tax
Participants will be required to pay any taxes for which, as a winner, they may be liable,
under their country’s law, in relation to one or more of these prizes.
All prizes are indivisible and must be accepted as described in these rules. Winners may not
exchange a prize for cash or for another prize. However, the Organiser reserves the right to
substitute any prizes with a prize of an equivalent value and of similar characteristics should
circumstances dictate such a change. The Organiser cannot held liable for this exchange.
Winners will be informed on June 30, 2015, by e-mail to the address indicated on the
registration form.
Instructions on how to claim prizes will be indicated in this e-mail. If the winner(s) does/do not
answer with a period of four days (before midnight, July 4), or should their contact details be
incorrect, incomplete, unreadable, fraudulent or provided in a manner that is contrary to the
Rules, prizes will not be awarded to another participant.
Similarly, should any winner turn down a prize, that prize will not be attributed to another
Michelin will not be held liable in the event that the Competition is modified, extended,
shortened or cancelled due to an event of force majeure or another event beyond its control,
in particular in the event that cheating and/or other misuse occurs during the Competition.
The Organiser reserves the right to terminate this Competition without designating any
winner and to award the prizes during another promotion.
In all cases, Michelin reserves the right to extend, modify, shorten or cancel the competition
and to postpone any announced date.
The Organiser will not be held responsible for the failure to contact a winner by e-mail due to
a reason beyond its control, in particular, due to a technical problem related to the Internet
service provider or telephone operator or due to an error in the e-mail address provided.
In this case, the winner may not claim any compensation of any nature whatsoever.
Michelin will not be held liable for the inability of one or more participants to connect to the
website or to participate in the Competition as a result of a technical fault or any problem
related in particular to Internet traffic overload. In particular, Michelin will not be held liable for
any damage caused to computer equipment or the data stored on it or any economic loss
affecting a participant’s personal, professional or business activity.
Events of force majeure include but are not limited to natural disasters, floods, strikes,
interrupted network service, technical breakdowns, power outages, connection difficulties,
loss of connection, severed connections, losses of data or other losses that affect, delay,
slow or block access to the Competition page. The Organiser undertakes to take all possible
steps to resolve these situations as quickly as possible. Participants may not hold the
Organiser liable or claim any compensation for modifications or cancellations.
Michelin is responsible for processing personal data for the purpose of administering a free
Competition for which no purchase is necessary. These personal data are to be used by
Michelin or any service provider appointed to administer the Competition.
Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act dated January 6, 1978, as amended, participants
in this Competition have the right to access, correct, delete or oppose the use of their
personal data. They may exercise these rights by writing to the following address: Michelin
Compétition – Adrien Perrier-Cussac – 36 rue du Clos Four – 63100 Clermont-Ferrand –
Participants must share their personal data in order to participate in the Competition.
Consequently, participants who request the deletion of their personal data before the end of
the Competition will be deemed to have withdrawn their participation.
In accordance with the laws governing literary, artistic and industrial property rights in
France, the reproduction, representation or use of all or part of any component of this
Competition is strictly prohibited. The brands named in connection with the Competition are
trademarks registered by their respective owners.
The participant is responsible for any costs for which reimbursement is not expressly
provided for in this article.
Participants may request the reimbursement of the Internet connection costs incurred to
participate in the Competition. Only one reimbursement will be made per person and per
request during the entire period of the promotion.
To obtain reimbursement, the participant must make a written request:
No later than one month after the Competition end date;
Including the participant’s full address and bank account information required to
receive a payment by bank transfer;
Mailed to Michelin Compétition – Adrien Perrier-Cussac – 36 rue du Clos Four –
63100 Clermont-Ferrand – France;
Indicating the dates and times of connection;
With an enclosed copy of the detailed invoice from the telephone operator and/or
Internet service provider.
The amount of the reimbursement for participation costs is a flat rate representing a threeminute Internet connection, which is more than the time required to register, read the rules
and take note of the conditions regarding personal data protection and participating in the
Competition. No reimbursement is made if the participant’s Internet service provider includes
free telephone connections with its service.
The cost of the postage required to mail the request for reimbursement of connection costs is
also reimbursed, based on the second-class postage rate in force, which is €0.60 (tax
included) for a letter sent in France. For international mail, the amount of the reimbursement
for postage is €0.77 (tax included).
For a request from France, the total amount reimbursed is therefore €1.23 (tax included),
which includes connection costs of €0.21 (tax included) per minute for up to three minutes,
plus €0.60 postage (tax included).
Reimbursements will be made by cheque or by bank transfer, at the discretion of Michelin.
The complete rules for this Competition have been filed with Christophe Pelissier, 16 rue
Rameau, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France.
The complete rules may be viewed, downloaded or printed free of charge at for the duration of the Competition period. Should a
difference between the version lodged with the above person differ from the version available
online, the version lodged with the above person will be deemed to be the eligible version.
This Competition and these rules are governed by French law.
If a conflict exists between the French version and a translation produced in another
language, the French version takes precedence.
Disputes over the interpretation of these rules or cases not covered by these rules will be
settled by a jury designated by the Organiser. Any request regarding the interpretation of
these rules must be made in writing. The Organiser will not respond to requests regarding
the interpretation of these rules received more than fifteen (15) days after the end of the
Any interpretation issue or other dispute that remains unresolved will as a last resort be
referred to the Courts of Clermont-Ferrand (France), which have exclusive jurisdiction under
French law.