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Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. | Spring 2013
Best of the Best
Featuring the 2012 Founders Award Winners & 2013 Best Biscuit Makers. See page 3 for full article.
Joe Brewer, Jr.
The Best of the Best, no question about that.
Mayo Boddie Sr.
I not only grew up with Joe but he was also a brother-in-law and business
associate. If you truly want to know an individual, try one of the above. Joe
definitely lived by his many values: humility, respect, integrity and the greatest
was love. He loved everyone and everyone loved him.
We were in school together along with my sister,
Lucy Ann. After my mother and sister chased Joe for
a number of years, he and Lucy Ann finally married
in 1955. I have never met a man who I would rather
have had my sister marry than Joe.
He had the patience of Job and was a pleasure
to deal with. He and his children have owned 13
Hardee’s for a number of years and Boddie-Noell
has always managed them. The only comments
we received from Joe were wonderful praise and
Joe Brewer, Jr. 1930 – 2012
never a negative remark. He always knew that
things would turn out for the good and they did. He
and Lucy Ann had three children, Lee, Lucy and Joe, III. If you never had the
pleasure of meeting or knowing Joe, be sure to meet his son, Joe, III, who is a
spitting image in every way.
Everyone is going to miss Joe, but thanks be to God for his time with us.
Joe Brewer’s
Hardee’s and the years
they opened.
Hardee’s of Kingstree
Hardee’s of Dillon
Hardee’s of Lake City
Hardee’s of Manning
Hardee’s of Barnwell
Hardee’s of Bamberg
Hardee’s of Denmark
Hardee’s of Hemingway
Hardee’s of Williston
Hardee’s of Allendale
Hardee’s of Timmonsville
Hardee’s of Port Royal
Hardee’s of Ravenel
Kingstree, SC
Dillon, SC
Lake City, SC
Manning, SC
Barnwell, SC
Bamberg, SC
Denmark, SC
Hemingway, SC
Williston, SC
Allendale, SC
Timmonsville, SC
Port Royal, SC
Ravenel, SC
Joe Brewer:
A Part of Hardee’s History
When the first Hardee’s opened in Rocky Mount, the soon
to be founders (Carleton Noell, Mayo and Nick Boddie)
of Boddie-Noell were not the only ones interested. Joe
Brewer also took note of this new concept. He contacted
his brother-in-law Charlie Bradshaw who was selling cars at
the time, and together they decided to purchase a Hardee’s
franchise. A short time later Charlie called Joe and asked
him about bringing in a friend of his into the business. Joe
was in agreement and Jerry Richardson, current owner
of the Carolina Panthers football team, joined the team.
They opened their first Hardee’s in Spartanburg, SC. This
was about one month before Boddie-Noell opened its first
Hardee’s in Fayetteville, NC, in 1962. Soon after, Joe left
the Hardee’s business to pursue other interests, mainly the
family business, Brewer Paint and Wallpaper Company.
Joe was still operating this company when he got back into
Hardee’s, opening a Hardee’s in Kingstree, SC, in 1972.
From there the Brewers grew their Hardee’s business
to thirteen restaurants. Through a business agreement,
BNE has operated these restaurants for the Brewers and
everyone will tell you what a wonderful partnership it has
been and continues to be.
Founders Award &
Best Biscuit Makers
New Kent Winery
Gives Back
On Sunday, March 17, 2013, 12 Founders Award
winners, the top four regional biscuit makers in the
company, guests and Boddie-Noell Leaders gathered
together to honor and celebrate Boddie-Noell’s best.
The winery participated in two events aimed at giving
back to the surrounding community.
Rose Hill’s Sporting
Clay Range Renovated
Corporate Chaplains
Here to Serve You
Running for Rescue
As Spring brings renewal all around the grounds
of Rose Hill Conference Center, the Sporting Clays
Range also gets a crisp new look as 2013 swings into
full gear on this working farm and conference center.
Chaplains exist to help bear the burdens. We come
alongside people and, with their permission, walk
through crises.
Brian Milburn believes in second chances.
To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to
be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.
BNE Vision
BNE Values
We are a values based family business established
in 1962 that believes in people
RESPECT for individuals, communities, and our environment
TRUST in others and ourselves. We fulfill our commitments and treat mistakes as
opportunities to learn and grow.
• Focused on restaurants and real estate
• Operated by the best people in the industry
• Meeting the ever changing needs of our customers
and our communities
• Enjoying every aspect of our success
HONESTY at all times, regardless of circumstances and without fear of retribution
EXCELLENCE in all we do, exceeding the expected and continuing to improve
TEAMWORK, or enthusiastically working together to accomplish more
DIVERSITY, to value each person’s unique ability to contribute. The strongest
team is the one that recognizes individual talents and strengths.
2012 Founders Award Winners & 2013 Best Biscuit Makers
The room was filled with nervous anticipation and excitement as the best of the best from Boddie-Noell’s
334 Hardee’s® restaurants met at picturesque Rose Hill Conference Center in Nashville, NC. On Sunday,
March 17, 2013, 12 Founders Award winners, the top four regional biscuit makers in the company, guests
and Boddie-Noell Leaders gathered together to honor and celebrate Boddie-Noell’s best. Attendees
enjoyed conversation, refreshments and a delicious dinner prepared by Rose Hill GM Walter Marrotta and
his culinary team.
Founders Award
Formerly known as the Carleton Noell Achiever
award, the Founders Award is the top award
given annually by Boddie-Noell Enterprises.
The award is given to the company’s top 10
Hardee’s restaurant General Managers and
top two District Managers, all of whom have
met and surpassed an established set of
criteria for operational excellence. Founders
Award winners are excellent representatives
of Boddie-Noell and impact the company in
an extremely positive way. The Carleton Noell
Achievers award was first given in 1979 and
has become an important company tradition
ever since.
The Founders Award is given in honor of the
company’s three founders, Mayo Boddie,
Sr., the late Carleton Noell and the late Nick
Boddie, Jr., who opened Boddie-Noell’s first
Hardee’s in 1962. Carleton Noell was in
charge of securing financing for the company
when it was first launched with his two
nephews, brothers Mayo and Nick Boddie.
These three men set the framework for
Boddie-Noell to become what it is today.
Restaurants are tracked
throughout the year in
sales, food costs, payrolls,
miscellaneous expenses and
overall restaurant operations.
The standards for winning a Founders Award
are very high and include many different
components. In addition to demonstrating
the core values of Boddie-Noell Enterprises,
restaurants are tracked throughout the year
Front, From L: Carolyn Williams, Katherine Cooper, Sabrina Jeffries, Jackie Scott, John Cawthon
Back, From L: Patty Clapper, Vicki Messick, Stacey Owen, Eddie Phillips, Lorraine Rivera, Tracie Horton
in sales, food costs, payrolls, miscellaneous
expenses and overall restaurant operations.
Each Founders Award winner is given a cash
award, a personal plaque and a plaque to
display in his or her restaurant. Winners’
restaurant teams were also rewarded for their
2012 performance.
John Cawthon
Meet the Founders Award Recipients:
First thought? “I was truly honored.”
Senior District Manager (Region #1)
Secret to success? “Teamwork and
Favorite menu item? Original Thickburger
Carolyn Williams
Senior General Manager (Tramway)
First thought? “I can’t wait to let my crew
know we won!”
Eddie Phillips
Secret to success? “We work as a team and
pull together. We truly care about each other
and believe in our store.”
Senior District Manager (Region #2)
Favorite menu item? Western Bacon Cheeseburger
Secret to success? “I surround myself with
good leaders who aren’t afraid of challenges.”
First thought? “Wow! I was stunned. I’m still
in disbelief.”
Favorite menu item? Big Hot Ham & Cheese
with Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo
3 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
Jackie Scott
Lorraine Rivera
Stacey Owen
Senior General Manager
General Manager (Knightdale)
Senior General Manager (Dinwiddie)
(Pruden Boulevard)
First thought? “I felt so many emotions at
that moment. I was so excited and happy. It is
always a great feeling to know that your hard
work is noticed.”
First thought? “I was excited for my managers
and crew who work hard day-in and day-out.”
Secret to success? “Communication, hard
work and positive feedback. We make
sure that employees are told when they do
a great job.”
Favorite menu item? Hand-Breaded Chicken
First thought? “I was just overjoyed.”
Secret to success? “Teamwork and hustle,
hustle, hustle. Always wear a smile and say
‘please’ and ‘thank you.’”
Favorite menu item? Fried Chicken Wings
Secret to success? “Take one day at time;
things will come together.”
Favorite menu item? Hand-Breaded Chicken
Katherine Cooper
Tracie Horton
General Manager (Stuarts Draft)
Senior General Manager (Paintsville)
First thought? “We were all very excited!”
First thought? “Really?! Yes! I’m so proud.”
Secret to success? “My team and I set a goal
in January 2012 to improve our contribution
every period. We fought hard to achieve this
goal every month. Goal accomplished!”
Favorite menu item? Hot Ham & Cheese
Patty Clapper
General Manager (Supply)
First thought? “Yahoo! Thank God we won
the award!”
Secret to success? “You have to save and
save, every day of the year.”
Secret to success? “Working together as a
team. We respect one another and work on
different areas as a team.”
Favorite menu item? Charbroiled Chicken
Club Sandwich
Favorite menu item? Hand-Breaded Chicken
Vicki Messick
General Manager (Gloucester)
Helen Lockhart
General Manager (New Market)
First thought? “We did it! Our store has been
working toward this goal for most of the year.
I was so happy and excited that all of our
hard work achieved such a great outcome.”
Secret to success? “Customer Service. Apart
from great tasting food, it’s what differentiates
our store from the rest. It’s what keeps
people coming back.”
Favorite menu item? Charbroiled Atlantic
Cod Fish Sandwich
Sabrina Jeffries
General Manager (Broad Street)
First thought? “I rejoiced! So much joy! I was
grateful for all the hard work my team and I
did at Broad Street to make this happen.”
Secret to success? “Give great customer
service all the time. We say all of our ‘thank
you’s with a smile.”
First thought? “Wow! What a great
Secret to success? “Teamwork and pride.
The fact that we have the best district
manager around doesn’t hurt either.”
Favorite menu item? Hand-Breaded Chicken
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Favorite menu item? Hand-Breaded Chicken
Tenders™ and Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin™ Biscuit
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 4
2012 Founders Award Winners & 2013 Best Biscuit Makers, continued
Hardee’s at Stonewall Square in Lexington,
Va. All four winners will be pictured on the
tray liners at Hardee’s restaurants owned
and operated by Boddie-Noell Enterprises
later this year.
Before Jones was announced as the Best
Biscuit Maker, each winner was recognized
and honored for being a top biscuit maker
in the company and rising above the
competition. Each winner received a cash
prize and a regional award plaque.
“We will never replace a real biscuit maker,”
Lewis added.
Regional Sr. Director David Oakes spoke
on Jones’ consistency as a prize-winning
biscuit maker and added that, “as great of
a biscuit maker as she is, she’s just as great
of a person. She’s a great Boddie-Noell
employee.” Jones says the key to creating
the best Hardee’s Made from Scratch™
Biscuit begins with “taking pride in what
you do.” After that, being consistent and
“following procedures every day” is key.
Jones also noted she has been baking
biscuits her whole life. She has worked as a
Biscuit Maker for Boddie-Noell for 16 years.
A winner from each of the company’s four
regions was honored at the banquet at Rose
Hill Conference Center. Prior to arriving, no one
knew who the Best Biscuit Maker would be.
Jones is the only Biscuit Maker to have won
the Best Biscuit Maker title three times.
“We have some amazing biscuit makers in
our company, but Shirley is always one of
From L: Hillary Basinger, Shirley Jones, Medora Vicars, Elijah Hoff
Biscuit Makers
Boddie-Noell Enterprises introduced the idea
of the now iconic Made From Scratch™ biscuit
to Hardee’s more than 35 years ago. Since
then it has become a fixture and customer favorite on Hardee’s and Boddie-Noell restaurant
menus. This year the top four biscuit makers
were recognized for their consistency and
expertise in baking delicious, golden-brown
biscuits for Hardee’s customers.
Each of the winners had their own secrets
to making an award-winning biscuit, but all
of them noted the importance of following
Boddie-Noell’s biscuit making procedures
and most importantly, enjoying the process.
Two of this year’s finalists were repeat
winners, including the 2013 Best Biscuit
Maker, who also won the overall title in 2012
and 2009.
The first Boddie-Noell Biscuit Maker
Challenge was held in 1983 and has been a
tradition the entire company looks forward to
since. This year’s competition included more
than 800 biscuit makers from Boddie-Noell’s
334 Hardee’s restaurants.
Prior to the presentation of the Biscuit Maker
Awards, Terry Lewis discussed just how little
Hardee’s Made from Scratch™ biscuits have
changed since Boddie-Noell introduced
them in 1977.
5 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
“We’ve had vendors who try to get us to go to
a frozen biscuit,” said Lewis, to the obvious
dismay, expressed with boos, of those in
attendance. “But today Hardee’s biscuits are
the best in the business and that’s because
they are fresh.”
This year Shirley Jones of the Hardee’s at
Duke Street in Durham, N.C. was announced
as Boddie-Noell’s 2013 Best Biscuit Maker,
making her the Champion an unprecedented
three times.
This year Shirley Jones of the Hardee’s at
Duke Street in Durham, N.C. was announced
as Boddie-Noell’s 2013 Best Biscuit Maker,
making her the Champion an unprecedented
three times. In addition to Jones, the three
other regional winners were Hillary Basinger
of the Hardee’s in Carolina Beach, Elijah
Hoff, a 2005 finalist, of the Hardee’s in
Timberville, Va. and Medora Vicars of the
the best,” said Terry Lewis, Boddie-Noell’s
Vice President of Operations for Hardee’s
and host of the Biscuit Maker Banquet. “It’s
so great to see her standing up here again
this year.”Aside from making biscuits, Jones
enjoys singing in the choir at church and
gardening with her husband. She is also an
avid collector of shoes and jewelry who loves
to cook. She is currently helping to plan her
daughter’s wedding in August.
Director John Smith spoke about Hoff’s
willingness to be a team player. “Elijah
does a great job for us. Not only is he a
phenomenal biscuit maker, but he always
steps in and does any job we ask him to do.”
Hoff has been making biscuits for almost
eight years. When he’s not making biscuits,
he enjoys playing video games, listening to
instrumental music and spending time with
his family.
Brenda Cherry, Regional Vice President for
Boddie-Noell Enterprises, noted the tradition
of great biscuit makers in Carolina Beach,
making Basinger’s accomplishment that
much more impressive. “She is a champ!”
Hillary has been making biscuits for about
nine years. In her spare time, she enjoys
spending time with her nieces, baking, and
online shopping.
Regional Director Joan Benson noted Vicars’
popularity with customers. “Medora is like
a celebrity in Lexington. She’s done amazing
work and she represents us so well.” Vicars
has been baking biscuits for almost four
years. When she’s not at work, she usually is
still baking, cooking or cake-decorating.
When Terry Lewis announced that the Best
Biscuit Maker would soon be revealed, the
room quieted to a hush and all the guests
looked on in anxious excitement as Tim Lane
circled the room searching for the winner.
After a few laps around all of the guests,
Lane stopped at Shirley Jones, who was
announced as the unprecedented three-time
Best Biscuit Maker. Jones was overcome
with emotion and was speechless. She
just beamed and turned to her daughter
who declared proudly above the cheering
audience, “Mama, I’m so proud of you!
I love you!”
Hardee’s Made from Scratch™ biscuits,
which have been served at Boddie-Noell
restaurants since 1977, are an essential
part of the restaurant’s menu. In 2012,
Hardee’s restaurants owned and operated
by Boddie-Noell used 10.3 million pounds
of flour and biscuit mix and 830,000 gallons
of buttermilk to make the golden brown
biscuits; enough flour, mix and buttermilk to
fill over 425 tractor-trailers.
Meet the Winning Biscuit Makers:
Shirley Jones
Hardee’s of Duke Street
Years with Hardee’s:16 years
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit: Butter Biscuit with
Advice to future competitors: “Do your
very best at your job and take pride in
what you do.”
Fun Fact: She can’t get enough of shoes and
Hillary Basinger
Hardee’s of Carolina Beach, N.C.
Years with Hardee’s: 9 years
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit: Chicken Biscuit
Advice to future competitors: “Take your time,
don’t rush, follow procedures and have fun!”
Medora Vicars
Fun Fact: Hillary can count to 100 in Spanish.
Years with Hardee’s: 4 years
Hardee’s of Stonewall Square
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit: Butter Biscuit
Advice to future competitors: “Follow
procedures and you can’t go wrong. Enjoy
what you’re doing. If you don’t enjoy what
you’re doing, you won’t make as good of a
Elijah Hoff
Hardee’s of Timberville, Va.
Years with Hardee’s: 8 years
Fun Fact: Medora has been cooking and
baking since she was old enough to stand in
a chair with her Nana. She learned to cook
by sight and smell, not time.
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit: Ham and Egg
Advice to future competitors: “Be quick with
your mixing and then treat the dough gently.
There’s no need to knead it when a gentle
massage will do.”
Fun Fact: Elijah has broken several bones,
most notably, his collarbone in a bicycle
accident. Ironically, he doesn’t consider
himself a very active person.
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 6
New Kent Winery Gives Back to the Community
New Kent Winery is no stranger to events, public and private, commercial and non-commercial. Earlier this
year the winery participated in two events aimed at giving back to the surrounding community.
he Jimmy Barrett Golf
Tournament has become
an annual Richmond event, but
this was the first year that New
Kent Winery and Viniterra directly
participated by hosting the event
on-site. Almost 170 golfers gathered
on March 1st braving winter weather to help raise money for the
Fisher House at McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center.
New Kent Winery’s participation in this charity event helped raise
more than $25,000 for the Fisher House, which is a home away
from home for the families of veterans receiving care at the
VA Medical Center.
After a cold day on the course, New Kent Winery was a welcome
place for the reception, dinner with complimentary wine and the
award ceremonies. This year’s event had a military theme, and
several large military flags were displayed in the Barrel Room where
dinner was served.
More than 160 Scouts and Leaders from 10 different troops camped near the
vineyards and competed in tests of skill and endurance.
“It took some doing to move some of the stock around in there, but
it ended up looking very good, and we served 130 participants in
that space,” Mike Bobbitt the Operations Manager at New Kent
Winery reports.
Photos provided by Aaron Sutten
7 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
Earlier this year, New Kent
Winery was the location of
another community event as
the Boy Scouts of America held their annual Heart of Virginia Council
Klondike Derby on February 23rd and 24th. The Klondike Derby is a
traditional winter skills and camping event that encourages teamwork,
problem solving and frontiersman type skills including fire-building,
knot tying, and the use of maps and compasses for orienteering.
As Spring approached and warmer weather arrived New Kent Winery
made plans for one of their own events - the annual Taste of New
Kent Festival, which was held this year on May 11th. Look for more in
the next issue of The Enterpriser. v
The New Outfitters Cottages at
Arlington Place
When the one small cottage that was available for
rent at Arlington Place began being booked for short
rentals six to eight times a month, the staff realized
the opportunity to create a new product. “When
potential buyers wanted to come and discover what
Arlington Place is all about, it was very convenient
to have them stay onsite in the small cottage we
had created and furnished,” Sales Manager, Becca
Lang explains. “We realized that if we combined this
with the desire we were seeing for buyers to have
an affordable second-home option, the solution was
to offer more of these smaller cottage homes that
owners could invest in and have the opportunity to
offset their investment with rental income.”
rlington Place is a waterfront
community nestled along
Mill Creek and the Neuse
River on the inner banks. The
neighborhood offers private and
community docks, trails, lakes,
a park, a community swimming
pool and clubhouse. There is
also a golf course nearby. It’s all
about living an outdoor lifestyle,
and there is even a Canoe and
Kayak Outfitters Center located inside the neighborhood. The new
cottages will be located near the Outfitters Center, thus their name.
Above: Arlington Place Community Docks
The Tides are Turning
After several years of lagging interest in real estate, it seems the
market is beginning to rebound. Becca Lang, who has been with
BNE Land & Development since 2006 at Arlington Place, says that
“the tides are turning, and we are seeing a major shift in interest for
homes along the inner banks.”
The cottages will be offered in two sizes, 900 square feet, or 1200
square feet. The interior furnishings are described as ‘rustic nautical’
with board and batten walls, stainless steel appliances, custom
cabinetry, vaulted bead board ceilings and weathered floors.
Outside the front door of the Outfitters Cottages, some of the best
of North Carolina lies waiting for enjoyment. The BNE Land &
Development staff is to be congratulated on a very creative product
solution. v
Plans are for up to 8 small cottages to be built, and offered at a low
introductory rate, which includes landscaping and interior furnishings.
They will be ready to live in, including linens on the bed, and dishes
in the cupboard! The first of eight was completed in early April and is
available for rent, or sale, now.
Above: The Arlington Place Outfitters Center. Left: The first of 8 small cottages to be
built near the Outfitters Center.
Fall 2013
2012 | 8
13 Years and Still Growing!
Highway Diner in Rocky Mount has biggest sales week ever
before the travel season even starts. . . and amidst highway
construction chaos.
he Highway Diner is about mid-way through its
13th year of operation and the area surrounding
it has changed a lot since it opened in the Fall of
1999. This shiny diner in Rocky Mount is currently
surrounded by ongoing road construction as Winstead
Avenue undergoes expansion from a four-lane highway, to a six-lane
thoroughfare. Manager Gail Sawyer explains that “We are quite busy.
The construction does not seem to have hurt business, and of course
in the long run will help us.”
Apparently in this case, 13 might be a very lucky year, though we all
know luck is actually when preparation meets opportunity. With all
the changes, there’s one thing that has not changed at The Highway
Diner; it’s a dedicated staff who is always prepared to serve up good
food and hospitality – and that’s an opportunity for our employees
and our customers!
It’s not just the roadways that have changed around the restaurant.
The Highway Diner is now surrounded by hotels providing
summertime travelers a convenient place to stop for the night.
The Highway Diner sits just off I-95 and Highway 64, and a large
percentage of sales each year come during travel season which is
between May and August; yet this year in early March the restaurant
had its biggest sales week to-date. Seems that in addition to travelers,
the diner also has a very loyal local following!
We Love Making Customers Happy
y husband & I visited Hardee’s
located on Hwy. 70 in Clayton
NC. It may sound weird but the visit was
for our 16th wedding anniversary dinner.
When we married back in 1997, we were
young and poor; Hardee’s had a deal on Hot
Ham & Cheese sandwiches (2 for $2) so
our wedding dinner was at Hardee’s. Every
year we find a Hardee’s and celebrate our
anniversary in style. Although we have more
money and a few
more wrinkles, we still
enjoy our Hardee’s
Hot Ham & Cheese
sandwiches every
This anniversary was
very special as this
particular restaurant
was super clean,
super quiet, dimly
lit and the workers
were extra pleasant. It
From L: Shawn Leonard, Gwen Jenkins (GM) and TJ Tyree, Hardee’s of Clayton, NC
9 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
was as if they knew why we were there and
cleared out the dining room and lowered
the lights and music just for us. The young
man at the counter was very nice, very polite
and even though he had no idea it was our
anniversary he made us feel special.
Thank you,
Christine Stilley, NC
Within Range:
Rose Hill Conference Center’s Sporting Clay
Range Renovated and Ready for Spring
The Sporting Clays
Range is always
a busy place,
throughout the
week and especially
on weekends,
but this year the
facility is even
busier, and more
abuzz than usual.
The Carolina Clays
competition, the state
championship for
scholastic clay targets
was held there in
late April with high
Larry Corbett, Rose Hill Farm Manager and 2011 Veteran World Champion Sporting
school and collegiate
Clay Shooter.
teams from around
the state showing off their skills. “When a
The roof replaced, shiny new
kid makes a commitment to something,
aluminum siding installed,
somebody has to make a commitment
internal remodeling and fresh
alongside them,” proclaims Larry Corbett,
paint inside and out. As Spring
who knows a thing or two about commitment
and championships. He’s a longtime
brings renewal all around the
champion sporting clay shooter, who was the
grounds of Rose Hill Conference
Center, the Sporting Clays Range Veteran World Champion in 2011, but Larry
is more interested in talking about the young
also gets a crisp new look as
2013 swings into full gear on this students he coaches than talking about
himself. “We have a team here at Rose Hill,
working farm and conference
and other teams that come here to practice
a lot. I want to help those young people take
their dedication and commitment to this
sport as far as they want to carry it.”
Larry is not a man who is quick to talk
about himself or his achievements, but he
did mention that after the tournament he
would be headed to San Antonio, Texas to
compete as part of team USA in the 2013
World English Sporting Clays Championship.
He’s moved into a new category, at age 66,
competing in the Super Veterans Category.
“Make sure you put that part in there,” he
jokes and when commended for reaching
this new competitive status he laughs and
says, “Well, I guess I’ve just outlived the
Larry has been the Farm Manager at Rose
Hill for thirty-three years. He starts his days
at dawn, and is often still onsite beyond
dusk. “There have been a lot of changes and
improvements since I first started here,” he
says “but one thing has not changed, our
goal to be a successful working farm.”
Larry Corbett has a great habit of meeting
and exceeding goals. He makes it seem as if
all possibilities are within range.
When we think about Rose Hill Conference
Center most of us immediately get an image
of the historic manor house, or perhaps a
romantic scene featuring a glowing bride and
groom, since the facility has become one of
the most sought after wedding venues in the
area. Rose Hill Conference Center is also the
site of many BNE corporate meetings, as well
as a meeting site for many other businesses.
A short walk from the Manor House leads
you to the Sporting Clays Range, which
recently underwent what Farm Manager
Larry Corbett referred to as a “facelift.” “It
was starting to get shabby, so we spruced it
up,” he states matter-of-factly.
“The sporting clays facility is a great place for teambuilding events as part of corporate meetings, and clients
who come here for other reasons are very interested to learn of it. Likewise, I’ve met a lot of individuals who
come on-site for the Sporting Clays Range and are surprised to learn of all the other offerings we have here at
Rose Hill Conference Center. It’s a win-win for us, and for our clients,” says Walter Marrotta, General Manager
of Rose Hill Conference Center.
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 10
20 Years
Jessica Criger
Hardee’s of Norfolk Industrial
Norfolk, Va
Carole Driebelbis
Hardee’s of Nine Mile Road
Highland Springs, Va
Gerald Stone
Hardee’s of Chatham
Chatham, Va
Margaret Wilson
Hardee’s of St. Paul
St. Paul, Va
Kina Cousar
Hardee’s of Kannapolis #1
Kannapolis, Nc
Gwen McIntyre
Tashuia Williams
Hardee’s of U. S. 117
Wilmington, Nc
Salvacion Campbell
Hardee’s of Hollins Rd.
Roanoke, Va
Tylisha Stevens
Hardee’s of South College Road
Wilmington, Nc
Robin Wilson
Hardee’s of Research
Triangle Park
Durham, Nc
Barbara Coble
Hardee’s of Hillsville
Hillsville, Va
Linda Barlow
Hardee’s of Salem #2
Salem, Va
Jeanne Osborne
Hardee’s of Lebanon
Lebanon, Va
Region 2
District Manager
Mary Knight
Hardee’s of Wellons Village
Durham, Nc
Juanita Tennessee
Hardee’s of Roanoke Rapids #2
Roanoke Rapids, Nc
Melissa Stevens
Hardee’s of Lebanon
Lebanon, Va
25 Years
Brenda Burgess
Hardee’s of Hemingway
Hemingway, Sc
Dezirae Dennis
Hardee’s of Cumberland
Fayetteville, Nc
Timothy Fields
Hardee’s of Lebanon
Lebanon, Va
Judy Flinchum
Sylvia Gray
Hardee’s of Roanoke
Rapids #2
Roanoke Rapids, Nc
Cheryl Hannah
Hardee’s of Kingstree
Kingstree, Sc
Thomasine Jones
Hardee’s of Saluda
Saluda, Va
Lee Logan
Letha Rush
Hardee’s of Chatham
Chatham, Va
Hardee’s of Luray
Luray, Va
11 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
Hardee’s of Radford #2
Radford, Va
Charlene Godsey
Region 4
District Manager
25 Years, continued
Rocetta Russell
Sonya Smith
Hardee’s of Indian River Rd. Hardee’s of Emporia
Virginia Beach, Va
Emporia, Va
Larry Williamson
Home Office
Sr. Director Human
30 Years
Carol Bell
Hardee’s of Supply
Supply, Nc
Anita Huffstetler
Region 4
District Manager
J.P. Bergin
Region 1
Field Engineer
Tammy Chambers
Region 2
District Manager
Rita Chappell
Home Office
Tarlton King
Hardee’s of Ashland
Ashland, Va
Rita Richert
Jackie Robertson
Hardee’s of Kinston Pointe Hardee’s of Tanglewood
Kinston, Nc
Roanoke, Va
Karen Deshazor
Hardee’s of North Danville
Danville, Va
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 12
35 Years
Brenda Cherry
Region 1
Vice President
40 Years
Theresa Henry
Hardee’s of Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, Va
Elizabeth Ingram
Hardee’s of Barnwell
Barnwell, Sc
Angela Maxwell
Home Office
Ops. Project/Program Mgr.
Phyllis Hardee
Home Office
Director of Software Developmemt
“I can’t believe it has been 40
years! Boddie-Noell is such a
great company because they truly
care about their employees. They
have given me the opportunity
to grow both personally and
professionally. Thank you BNE!”
13 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
Carolyn Harris
Hardee’s of Tidewater Drive #2
Norfolk, Va
Margaret Harris
Hardee’s of Mechanicsville Pike
Richmond, Va
Jerry Miller
Region 1
District Manager
“I started working for Hardee’s
at age 19. I mostly worked
breakfast shift, from the start of
it, to the big biscuit breakfast
business that it is today. I would
like to think I have been a
dedicated employee, I have been
here through all the changes. I’ve
met many interesting customers,
including a Titanic survivor
who was a regular customer for
many years. But mostly, thank
you BNE for giving me my first
“I have really enjoyed working for
the company all these years and
with Nick and Mayo Boddie. I
worked with Mayo Boddie, Jr. and
Bill Boddie when they first started
out; we had a good time.”
“Its been a fantastic 40 years
working for a great company
that really believes in people. It
is gratifying to see an employee
start off as a regular employee
and work their way up through
the company and you see them
achieve their goals of becoming
GM or even DM. That is what
makes the job most satisfying.”
Mike Dabney Retires After 32 Years
Mike Dabney was recently honored upon his retirement March 29, 2013 from Boddie-Noell
Enterprises at the Region 3 operations meeting. He spent his entire career of almost 32 years in
Region 3 as a Service Technician.
Mike and his wife, Joy reside in Chesterfield, Virginia where he plans to hunt, fish and spend time
with his wife, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Rick Hammock, Director of Facilities Management
stated “We sincerely appreciate Mike’s many contributions over the years; he is a fine person and
dear friend.”
L: Greg Ferrell, Regional Facilities Manager presenting plaque to (Right) Mike Dabney, Region 3 Service Technician.
Home Office Security
Since opening our first restaurant over 50 years ago,
family has always been a part of who we are and
what we represent. Here in the Home Office we have
always enjoyed an environment of camaraderie and
fellowship. On most any day you can see families
sharing lunch together or employees meeting with
guests and vendors in the cafeteria.
The safety and security of all employees and their guests has always
been and will continue to be a priority. Recent events have caused
us to pause and evaluate our security procedures here at the office.
Below are a few of the changes we have made which have allowed
us to make our building a safer and more secure environment for all.
Visible identification badge for all employee and guests
• Every employee is required to have their picture ID badge visible
at all times while in the building.
• Visitors (including those from the field) are required to check in
at the switchboard where they will receive a temporary badge.
• Guests will be accompanied at all times by the Home Office
representative they are visiting.
Increased physical security throughout Building
• Additional cameras and door security have been added.
Updated security protocol
• Implemented guidelines on how to respond and handle specific
situations should they occur.
These are just a few of the changes we have made and at the end
of the day it brings us right back to our Vision & Values. Simply
Doing What is Right. The safety and security of our
employees and guests is a priority and is unquestionably the right
thing to do.
The Boddie-Noell family extends a warm welcome to award winning Chef, Michael J. Pupillo, as the new
Executive Chef at Rose Hill Conference Center. Michael is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in
Hyde Park, NY. He has been the owner and operator of his own restaurant, Andréa’s in Babylon, NY, and
has also served as the Banquet Sous Chef Trainer at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach, Florida. Most recently
Michael was the AM Sous Chef & Trainer at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in Durham, NC. We are
excited to have Michael as part of our team.
Rose Hill Conference Center | Executive Chef
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 14
BNE Helping Hands Program
During the year, remember to “lend a helping hand” to your fellow employees who
may be experiencing hardship. By contributing to the BNE Helping Hands Program,
you can provide financial assistance to BNE employees during times of personal
crisis. Remember, contributing to the fund is easy through payroll deduction and your
contributions are tax deductible. To obtain an enrollment form, simply ask your General
Manager, or contact Nanette Herbert (ext. 1439) in the Home Office.
he BNE Helping Hands Program is an employee
assistance fund that provides financial assistance to
BNE employees in time of need. It is designed to assist
employees who may be experiencing an unforeseen
personal crisis such as an acute illness, natural disaster,
fire or flood.
For questions please call the BNE Helping Hands Program at 252-937-2800, ext.
1206. For a BNE Helping Hands Program Assistance Application, contact your District
Manager or the BNE Helping Hands Program Coordinator at the number above.
Mrs. Thelma Ricks
Thelma Ricks (on left) receiving her anniversary
gift from Dolores Schaffner.
In a devastating turn of events, Ms. Thelma Ricks passed away of a heart condition
just minutes after being honored for more than 33 years of service with BNE at the
District I annual meeting in Lumberton last September.
Thelma was a Senior General Manager at the Hardee’s of Cumberland Mills until her
retirement. Dolores Schaffner her District Manager emphasized how caring Thelma
was to all those around her. “If you needed her, Thelma would make time for you.”
Thelma will be missed by many.
15 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
How May We Serve You?
differently. The burden can be large or small, but most importantly
there is no issue that is too large or too small to receive the
assistance and care of a chaplain.
From L: Matt Childress, Matt Baldwin, Dave Simon, George Nelson,
Dan McKenney, Scott Frary
n Galatians 6 the Bible tells us to carry our own load and to help
bear one another’s burdens. A burden is the thing in life that
is over and above our regular day in and day out responsibilities.
Burdens include things like the death of loved ones, cancer,
financial stress, divorce, rebellious kids; the list could go on and on.
Sometimes the burden can be that we just get so many day in and
day out responsibilities that we become overwhelmed. Eventually,
everyone will have burdens to carry.
Boddie-Noell has been building a team of chaplains to provide
that kind of care. The Boddie-Noell chaplain team includes Matt
Childress in Virginia Beach, VA, Scott Frary in Richmond, VA, Dave
Simon in Roanoke, VA, George Nelson in Wilmington, NC, Matt
Baldwin in Rocky Mount, NC and Dan McKenney in Greensboro,
NC. This team works together to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week; covering the BNE family in person and by phone. In addition,
the team has access to a network of over 140 chaplains in 40 states
to care for you.
In a world with a lot of responsibilities, challenges and burdens it is
good to know someone cares. BNE believes in people. Your chaplain
team is just one way they show it. So, how can we serve you?
Chaplains exist to help bear the burdens. We come alongside
people and, with their permission walk through crises. Everybody
experiences different burdens and everybody experiences burdens
Ministry in a Minut
John 13:35 (NASB)
By this all men will know that you
are My disciples, if you have love for one
in a Minute
Shared thoughts from your ministry team
The Bible tells us that the greatest and most important commandment is to love God first and the second is: “You shall love your neighbor as
yourself.” (Mat. 22:37). When we walk in a loving and caring relationship with God’s people, the testimony to the world is profound. Ask God
to give you a heart and desire to gather with and invest in the lives of His children.
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 16
Running for Rescue:
Brian Milburn Believes in Second Chances
On Saturday April 6th, 2013 Brian Milburn met his goal of running
a half marathon in under two hours. His wife Shelley was waiting
on him at the finish line. Behind her pink sunglasses, her eyes
were shiny with tears from an emotional mix of pride, relief and
his scene was not unlike a hundred others that took place on
that beautiful Spring morning, except Brian Milburn is a heart
attack survivor.
Brian turns 35 in June. He was only 32 when he suffered a heart
attack in July of 2010, while out on an early morning run.
“At that point I was a casual runner, averaging about 3 or 4 miles
a couple of times a week. That morning I felt like my chest was
cramping. I was about 100 yards from the house when I finally
realized something was very wrong. I made my way back home to lie
down, thinking if I just lay there and relaxed for a while that it would
go away.” It didn’t.
Brian’s wife drove him to the emergency room, but his symptoms
were misleading and not immediately recognized as a heart attack.
His blood pressure was normal; he was nauseous. The first diagnosis
indicated gastrointestinal issues and he was preparing for an
endoscopy when his blood tests came back from the lab indicating
that the problem was heart related.
“It’s almost cliché to say, but of course this
changed my attitude and outlook on life
tremendously. I don’t take things for granted
anymore. This was so totally unexpected, and it
taught me that we are all vulnerable and that we
need to appreciate every little thing that comes
along every day.”
– Brian Milburn
A heart catheterization conducted at Wake Med indicated blockages
created from pieces of plaque that had broken loose and lodged in
his arteries. Three stints were immediately placed.
“The doctors explained to me that because I was already a runner
and in relatively good physical condition that the damage I incurred
from this event was much less than it could have been. I don’t
completely understand it, but somehow my collateral arteries were
17 | ENTERPRISER Spring 2013
able to keep
some blood
flowing and
Brian has worked for BNE for a decade, and is currently the
this minimized Network Manager in the Technical Services Department at the
home office in Rocky Mount.
the long term
effects from my
heart attack,” Brian explains.
Brian was cleared to return to work within two weeks of his heart
surgery, and within six months he was cleared to begin a full exercise
regimen. “I had always had the goal of running a marathon some
day, so I started with running a few 5K and 10K races, then I ran a
10 mile trail race in October of 2011. I just kept slowly building up,
and in April of this year I ran my first half-marathon and now I’m
training for a full marathon hopefully later this year.”
Brian also shares with his wife Shelley a passion for animal rights. In
fact, when he’s not working, or working out, you’ll find him diligently
focused on the non-profit animal rescue organization he and his wife
founded and operate together. It’s called “Promoting Animal Welfare
in North Carolina, or PAWNC. “I actually raised $500 for PAWNC from
sponsorships related to the half marathon.”
Brian Milburn got a second chance, and now he and his wife are
dedicated to giving dogs and cats a second chance by helping find
homes for them, and sometimes driving them great distances to
a new adoptive family. Brian understands a little about going the
distance, and he notes that one of the most unexpected outcomes of
the health crisis he survived was how caring his co-workers, families
and friends were. “I had no idea how much people cared about me,
and this has been a lesson for me to make sure I notice all the little
things that really matter everyday.”
Loss Prevention & Safety
“Serving” the Security Customer | by Ted Polensky, Director of Loss Prevention, CFE
At Boddie-Noell, we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Without good service, our
business can suffer. Although the Loss Prevention Department does not work with our guests
in the restaurants on a daily basis, our main focus is servicing those who do. You!
Loss Prevention has the task
of helping each of you keep
the various security related
products and services running smoothly.
We realize that all the bells and whistles are
nice but if they are not functioning, they do
you no good. There are a couple of different
types of security related items that can
affect each of you; they include Services &
utilize to make your restaurant more secure.
When there are issues, Loss Prevention
will help to troubleshoot the problem and set
up service if needed. The important thing to
remember is to call Loss Prevention and not
the provider. This is done to ensure the most
rapid response; however, if you are trying
to add or delete a manager’s alarm code,
contact your District Manager and they can
take care of this request.
Services include items such as your alarm
system and in some cases, security guards
or an armored car. All are services that we
Security equipment can vary from
restaurant to restaurant just like services
but occasionally repairs are needed. Such
Ted Polensky
items include but are not limited to the safe,
camera system, or back door alarm. In any
regard, call Loss Prevention first. Again, most
of the time we can troubleshoot the problem
for you.
Whether it is a service or equipment related
problem, we understand the urgency and
are here to help. Do not hesitate to call me
at ext. 1266, Holly Kea at ext. 1515 or Curt
Wainwright at ext. 1579.
Take Time for Safety | by Larry Williamson, Senior Director of Human Resources
It is not uncommon for us to receive an accident investigation that states the accident was
due in part to the individual rushing, not taking their time, or not paying attention. While these
are never the sole cause of the accident, we do know that not taking our time or not paying
attention to what we are doing are contributing factors.
Larry Williamson
Yes, we do work in
a “quick service
environment,” but increased speed should
never take priority over an increased risk of
injury. We can provide speed of service and
yet do so in a safe manner. Do your job right,
always taking the time to do it safely, and do
not hesitate to remind others around you to
do the same thing.
Should there be an accident, then we need
to take the time to complete a thorough
accident investigation; we just don’t
document what we are told. An appropriate
response to being informed about an
accident might sound like this, “I’m sorry
to hear this happened. Let’s go take a look
at the scene and have you explain exactly
what you were doing and show me how
this accident occurred.” We have to know
what happened in order to take the steps to
prevent it from occurring again.
Accidents do not need to happen.
With us all working together, we
will create the safest possible
environment for everyone.
ENTERPRISER Spring 2013 | 18
BNE Supports Special Olympics
As most of you may know, Boddie-Noell has been one of the largest
on-going supporters of the Virginia Special Olympics for over 30 years.
Our support of these special athletes does not end there. For over 20
years Boddie-Noell Home Office employees have volunteered their
time and talents to assist in various sports venues with the Nash-Rocky
Mount Special Olympics. For the past several years BNE has supported
these athletes by hosting the Softball Throw. We are all fortunate to be
part of a company that not only recognizes the needs, but encourages
its employees to actively and personally support such wonderful
activities. We join together in celebrating these special athletes.