Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. | Summer 2011

Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. | Summer 2011
Celebrating 50 Years of Service and a Family Tradition
It was 1961 when Charles Odom, working
at that time at a local oyster bar, heard that
a new restaurant called the Carleton House
(a part of the Carleton House Motor Lodge)
had opened its doors. Charles decided to
apply for work and about two weeks after
the Carleton House opened, Charles says
Nick Boddie hired him to clean tables.
Little did Charles realize, a career was born
and the foundation for a family tradition
was begun.
Chef Charles Odom with Mayo Boddie (left) and Nick Boddie (right).
Charles knew about a young lady
already working at the Carleton
House and it did not take long
for them to realize something
special was there. He and Lillian
began dating and were married
within a year. Today, 49 years
later, they still celebrate this
beginning. More on this later…
Charles washed dishes and
cleaned tables for two years
at the Carleton House. Nick
recognized something special
in Charles and approached him
about cooking, an offer Charles
initially turned down. Fortunately
Nick does not give up easily.
He sat down and explained to
Charles how much
more difficult it was
to replace a cook and
Charles finally agreed
to accept this new
challenge. His cooking career began at
the fry pot cooking
chicken and seafood. Friday nights
were fish fry nights,
offering all you could
eat. According to Mayo Boddie
it was popular, but they were
not making any money on these
nights. Many changes were to
a certain way and he wanted
only Charles to cook it. Maybe
this was due to Charles’ work
ethic. As he says, “I don’t care
what you do, do it good, do it
“I don’t care what you do, do
it good, do it right. Even if it’s
sweeping under the counter.”
- Chef Charles
From these simple beginnings
Charles’ skill and reputation as
a cook and chef began to grow.
During these early years
Boddie-Noell’s office
was located in room
#210 at the Carleton
House Motor Lodge.
Charles fondly remembers cooking stew for
Carleton Noell, Mayo
and Nick’s uncle and
co-founder of BoddieNoell Enterprises.
Charles says Mr. Noell
wanted his stew cooked
him to death.” During this time
when Charles was helping so
many with their yards he developed a love of flowers, something
he still enjoys to this day.
It would be difficult to estimate
the number of dishes Charles
has prepared throughout his
career. Yet, no discussion of
Charles would be complete
without covering the topic of his
pork chops! Initially pork chops
at the Carleton House were fried.
Charles got tired of frying pork
right. Even if it’s sweeping under
the counter.” Charles’ commitment to work did not end at the
Carleton House. He helped with
the yard work when the BNE offices moved to a new location.
Charles is quick to share his
thoughts on how hard Nick
worked when he discusses helping Nick to get up the hay, cut
down trees and chop wood at the
new BNE office. Charles wanted
to drop a tree every time Nick
did, and trying to keep up with
Nick “likely would have worked
chops and approached his manager with a request to allow him
to come up with another recipe.
Charles came up with a marinade, marinated the pork chops
overnight and began grilling
them instead. These pork chops
became a signature product of
the Carleton House. To say they
were popular would not do them
justice. People traveled from all
over town on Tuesdays to enjoy
these pork chops, so many in
fact that it eventually required
three 50 gallon drums just to
marinate them. While Charles
says the secret was to have the
right stove, we know different.
We know the real secret was in
having the right chef.
When asked about the benefits
of working with BNE over the
last 50 years, Charles mentions
many, including the opportunity
to travel. Starting as a fry cook,
he would have never imagined
he would later be traveling to
Rhode Island to attend culinary
classes. Yet he did, not once but
three times. In addition to traveling, Charles says what he enjoys
most is working with the Boddie
family. Describing them as a
working family, a good family, he
has always been impressed with
their commitment to church. He
says he was blessed by God to
be put with good people. Ask the
Boddie family and they will tell
you this feeling goes both ways.
Now back to the story of Charles
and Lillian. In addition to being
part of the BNE family, with the
birth of a son, Tracy, their own
family grew as well. And true to
the example set by his parents,
Chef, we salute you. It has been
and continues to be a true honor
to work with a gentleman such
as yourself. v
Top L: Tracy, 33 years with BNE, R: Charles, 50 years with BNE,
Bottom: Lillian, 40 years with BNE. A family total of over 120 years with BNE!
Tracy was no stranger to work.
Getting his worker’s permit at
age 14, Tracy joined the “family”
business when he too began
working at the Carleton House,
cleaning tables, washing dishes
and hosting on Sundays. Lillian
herself remembers her work
at the Carleton House as a fun
experience. She says it was a
loving group of people and she
enjoyed the fellowship. It was
like a family.
If you talk with Mayo and Nick,
they cannot say enough about
what it has meant to them
to have not only Charles, but
Charles and his family as part
of the BNE family for all these
years. The joining of these
families has been a recipe for
success, just as much today as
it was 50 years ago when it all
While Lillian has now retired,
both Charles and Tracy continue their careers with BNE.
Throughout the years Lillian has
given approximately 40 years of
service to BNE. Tracy himself
now has 33 years. Combining
these with Charles’ 50 years,
this family has over 120 years
combined service with the BNE
family. How many families can
make a statement like that!
The Carleton House, opened in 1961.
Charles making his famous pork chops at
the Carleton House.
ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 2
Employees Helping Employees in Time of Need
Recognizing the “Best of the Best” - Hardee’s
Carleton Noell Achievers and Best Biscuit Makers
of 2010.
in this issue?
In this issue we celebrate
tradition and success.
Wilmington Hardee’s fans were offered the
opportunity to win free Thickburgers for a year as
part of the celebration of the completion of the
remodel at Hardee’s of South College Road.
Moe’s has rolled out a new Street Fighter
marketing program to help promote the restaurant
in local communities.
texas steakhouse
Not only is TEXAS testing 7 new menu items, they
are also testing a new menu layout and design.
When Betty Phillip’s
24 year old son died,
she was able to receive
financial assistance
for his funeral expenses
through BNE’s Helping
Hands program. She
is now one of the program’s biggest
cheerleaders, telling her story to
co-workers and encouraging them
to contribute. Since its beginning in
2007, Helping Hands has assisted
numerous employees in their time
of need by providing financial assistance for employees who may be
experiencing an unforeseen crisis
such as illness, natural disaster, fire
or flood.
We are a dynamic and diversified company in the
restaurant and real estate development business.
• Respect – which means being considerate of each individual, our
communities and our environment
• Honesty – which means being truthful at all times
• Trust – which means believing in others and fulfilling our commitments
• Excellence – which means exceeding the “expected” in all we do and
continually seeking ways to improve our performance
• Teamwork – which means enthusiastically working together to
accomplish more
• Diversity – which means valuing each individual for their unique
• Based on family values
• Operated by the best people in the industry
• Focused on serving the ever-changing needs of
our customers
• Enjoying every aspect of our success
“Simply Doing What is Right”
Mayo Boddie, Sr.
Nick Boddie
Bill Boddie
Front cover:
Upper cover:
please ask your General Manager for the
Helping Hands Program Payroll Deduction
Form or you can make a one-time donation
via check.
If you have questions regarding the
Helping Hands program, please contact
your General Manager or the BNE Helping
Hands Coordinator at 252-937-2800
extension 1206. v
You can assist your fellow co-workers by
donating as little as $1 per pay period. If you
are not already donating to Helping Hands,
Relay for Life
Craig Worthy, Chief Financial Officer for BNE was
recently honored as one of the Triangle’s top CFOs
by Business Leader Media, publisher of Business
Leader Magazine.
Any employee is eligible to apply for
assistance through the Helping Hands
program, even if he or she does not
contribute to the program. You must have
suffered a qualifying catastrophic event,
defined as a natural disaster, national
emergency, or personal crisis, to apply for
assistance. Simply contact your General
Manager to request a BNE Helping Hands
Assistance Application. Fill out the application, attach any supporting documentation,
and return to the Foundation for the
Carolinas, the non-profit organization that
administers the BNE Helping Hand program.
The money received from BNE Helping
Hands does not have to be paid back.
BNE’s Home Office staff once again participated in the Nash County Relay for
Life, which is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event. The
“BNE All Stars“ team raised money through the sale of tote bags, lunch bags,
sport sacks, vases, raffle tickets and the Boddie-Noell Family Cookbook. Café
Carolina cupcakes and BBQ chicken plates were also sold at the Home Office
to raise money.
Employees volunteered to walk the track at the Rocky Mount Sports Complex beginning Friday,
April 29 and running through noon on Saturday, April 30th. Some dedicated employees even
spent the night!
From L: Michele Richwalski,
Bob Crumley, Kathy Trusch
All of us at Boddie-Noell have been touched by cancer; and we have lost some beloved employees at the Home Office and in the field to this disease. We send a big thank you to the BNE All Stars, Café
Carolina for donating cupcakes and everyone who contributed to the Boddie-Noell Family Cookbook and
purchased the cookbook or other items. Thank you for contributing to finding a cure for cancer!
It’s not the
years in your
life that
count. It’s the
life in your
- Abraham Lincoln
Best Biscuit Makers Lower cover: Carleton Noell Winners
Steve Kosch
Carleton Noell Achievers & Biscuit Makers
A sense of anticipation hung in the air as
the best of Boddie-Noell’s 335 Hardee’s
restaurants gathered in the picturesque
Rose Hill Conference Center near Nashville,
NC. On Sunday, March 20, the 12 Carleton
Noell Achiever award winners, the top four
biscuit makers in the company, their guests
and Boddie-Noell’s Management team
celebrated the accomplishments of some of
the best in the company.
Carleton Noell:
Congratulations to the 2010
Carleton Noell Achiever
award winners! The
Carleton Noell awards are
given annually to the individuals and restaurants who
exemplify excellence and
have impacted the company
in a positive way. The tradition of giving Carleton Noell
awards annually began in
1979 and has been an important part of Boddie-Noell
Hardee’s ever since.
The award is named for the late
W. Carleton Noell, one of the
founders of Boddie-Noell
Enterprises. Carleton, along
with his nephews Nick and
Mayo Boddie, founded BoddieNoell in 1962. He was in
charge of securing financing
for the company and served
as Chairman of the Board. He
helped build the foundation of
Boddie-Noell Enterprises and
set a standard of excellence
that is still maintained today.
“Best of the Best”
Meet the Carleton Noell Achievers:
Jason Hunt, GM
(Supply #1343)
First thought: “I was
so excited! This is
always a goal of our
Secret to success:
“Our team strives to
make our customers
happy. As long as our
customers are happy,
everything else falls
into place.”
Katherine Flowers,
Gwen Smith,
Sandra Weaver,
GM (Ridgeway #2983)
Wayne Christensen,
(Grundy #2741)
First thought: “I’ve
finally won! After 30
years, I’ve finally won.
I couldn’t believe it.”
First thought: “I
thought ‘Wow! We’ve
accomplished something!’ We had no idea
and we really came
out good!”
First thought: “I was
thrilled, excited and
really shocked.”
First thought: “I was
honored. Our restaurants deserved this.”
Secret to success: “It
takes pride and dedication every day. We
have a great team that
works together.”
Secret to success: “It
was everyone pulling
together to help create
a team to make a
better restaurant.”
Secret to success:
“Consistency and
determination each
day with every single
Secret to success:
“The eight restaurants
in my district – they
are all amazing.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Fresh fried chicken
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Steak biscuit
GM (Hampstead #1830)
Senior GM
First thought: “This
means the world to my
team and I. We can’t
wait to be back next
(Lynnhaven Parkway
Secret to success:
“A positive attitude.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tenders™
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Ham, egg and cheese
Lisa Hale, GM
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken TendersTM
DM (Region #4)
The Carleton Noell Achiever
awards are presented each
year at a banquet at BoddieNoell’s Rose Hill Conference
Center. Each winner receives
a Visa gift card, a personal
plaque and a plaque to be
displayed in their restaurant.
event. “Boddie-Noell has eight
operational standards set for
our Hardee’s restaurants. Like
any winner, these Carleton
Noell winners took set goals
and went beyond the norm.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tenders™
Mike Boddie presents Gwen Smith
with her plaque.
The standards for winning
a Carleton Noell Achiever
award are extremely high and
encompass many different
components. In addition to
being committed to the values
that are the core of BoddieNoell Enterprises, stores are
monitored throughout the year
in sales, food costs, payrolls
and other expenses, as well as
overall restaurant operations.
Front, From L: Katherine Flowers, Jason Hunt, Sandra Ballard, Darline Cole and Lisa Hale
Back, From L: Wayne Christensen, Jose Diaz, Sandra Weaver, Leo Grogan, Gwen Smith,
Connie Ennis and Deborah Reid
Jaime Bostic, Director of Operations,
Region 4, speaks highly of Wayne
Christensen’s achievements.
Darline Cole,
CoNNIE Ennis,
GM (Hertford #1352)
Sandra Ballard,
Senior GM
(Wytheville #2906)
First thought: “I
couldn’t believe we
won again. It is such
an honor. It always
feels good to
accomplish a goal.”
Secret to success:
“We are an especially
busy restaurant so our
secret is to remember to always focus
on each individual
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tenders™
First thought: “I was
very excited. Our
team worked hard to
achieve this.”
Secret to success:
“Teamwork – we have
a great team. Also,
being consistent day
in and day out.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tenders™
Jose Diaz, GM
Deborah Reid,
(Garrisonville #2979)
GM (Stonewall Square
First thought: “Yes,
we made it! Thank
God! This was a clear
goal of ours and we’re
so excited to have
achieved it.”
Secret to success: “We
know the processes
– we know what to do
each and every day
and we do it.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tenders™
First thought:
“I couldn’t believe it.
I called my boss back
to make sure it was
Secret to success:
“We make everything
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tender™
GM (Candlers Station
First thought: “I can’t
believe it – I just
Secret to success:
“My people – they’re
good. I just took the
restaurant and worked
with the team to pull
it up.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Gravy biscuit
Leo Grogan,
DM (Region #3)
First thought: “I was
really excited. There’s
been a lot of friendly
competition between
the managers. We all
challenge each other
to succeed.”
“Our Carleton Noell winners
are a group of General Managers and District Managers doing everything extremely well,”
Terry Lewis, Vice President of
Operations for Boddie-Noell’s
Hardee’s division, told those
gathered at the recognition
“Carleton Noell was the best at
what he did and we honor his
name by recognizing the best,
our Carleton Noell Achievers,’”
said Lewis. “They perform a
variety of tasks each day while
carrying out the values that are
at the core of Boddie-Noell.
This banquet is a chance to
recognize them for their
continued excellence.”
Nine of the 12 Carleton-Noell
Achievers were first-time winners. Jason Hunt, Sandra Ballard and Darline Cole were also
2009 Carleton Noell Achievers.
Secret to success:
“There’s nothing
different we do – it’s
good managers who
work hard. I credit
them for me being
here today.”
Favorite Hardee’s food:
Chicken Tenders™
Left: Chuck Burke, Vice President of Operations, Region 4, congratulates
Sandra Ballard for her hard work. Right: Jose Diaz waves in excitement after
receiving his award.
Biscuit Makers:
Hardee’s Made from
Scratch biscuits have been
a fixture on the menus of
Boddie-Noell restaurants
for over 30 years. This year
the top four biscuit makers
in the company were recognized for their commitment to baking delicious,
golden-brown biscuits for
Hardee’s customers.
While the four winners cited
different reasons for their success, each noted the importance of following the biscuit
making procedures and enjoying the entire process. Three of
the four finalists, including the
2011 champion, are first-time
recipients. The other finalist
was last year’s winner.
“Always give it your best effort
and follow the procedures,”
said Wayne Newman of
Martinsville, Va., one of the
top four biscuit makers.
Wayne Newman stands before the
crowd as he was presented his award
as Region 4 Best Biscuit Maker.
realizing she was the winner.
She received a Visa gift card
and a plaque. In recognition of
Sanders’ team, every employee
at the Hardee’s of Hickory Hill
Road in Petersburg, Va. was
also given a Visa gift card.
The BNE Biscuit Maker
Challenge is a tradition that
everyone in the company looks
forward to each year. This
year’s competition included
over 740 biscuit makers from
Boddie-Noell’s 335 Hardee’s
restaurants. A winner from
each of the four regions was
announced and honored at the
banquet at Rose Hill
Conference Center.
It is no easy task to become
a finalist in the competition.
Biscuit makers must adhere
to a strict set of standards and
are evaluated on grooming and
personal appearance, knowledge and execution of biscuit
making procedures and the
quality of their biscuits.
At this year’s banquet, Leziel
Sanders of the Hardee’s of
Hickory Hill Road (#2839) in
Petersburg, Va. was announced
as Boddie-Noell’s 2011 Best
Biscuit Maker. In addition
to Sanders, the three other
regional winners were Jeanette
“Janet” Thomas of the Hardee’s
of Pinehurst Plaza (#1345) in
Aberdeen, NC, the 2010 overall
winner Lee Damien of the
Hardee’s of First Colonial Road
(#2771) in Virginia Beach,
Va., and Wayne Newman of
the Hardee’s of Martinsville
(#2030) in Martinsville, Va. All
four winners will be pictured
later this year on the tray liners
at Hardee’s restaurants owned
and operated by BNE.
Before the top Biscuit Maker
was announced, each winner
was recognized for becoming a top biscuit maker in the
Mike Boddie presents Lee Damien with
her plaque
Leziel Sanders was escorted to the front of the room by Tim Lane, Vice President of
Purchasing and Product Development after the announcement was made that she
was the Top Biscuit Maker.
Each of the four regional
winners received a Visa gift
card and a regional plaque.
Leziel Sanders’ Regional
Vice President, Mike Zollo, explained the meticulous nature
of Sanders’ biscuit making.
“She started on a part-time
basis in November 2009 and
moved into biscuit making only
a few months ago and sailed
through the competition. She’s
very serious about making
biscuits.” Because Sanders
has been making biscuits for
only about six months, her
accomplishment is that much
more special, Zollo said. In her
Janet Thomas, Hardee’s Pinehurst Plaza
spare time, she enjoys cooking
and playing Scrabble.
Sanders describes herself as
not very competitive but says
she loves to cook for others,
both for her immediate family
at home and the hundreds of
people who enjoy her breakfast biscuits at the Hardee’s
location. She is a native of The
Philippines and says she still
enjoys making native dishes as
well as barbecuing and baking
desserts. Sanders says she
doesn’t have a secret to
making prize-winning biscuits,
and has never been in a
cooking competition before.
Regional Director Andre
Jumpp spoke about Janet
Thomas and joked that she
was such a good employee
that BNE hired other members
of her family. He emphasized
Thomas’ love of her family and
her church. “Janet’s work ethic
is unparalleled,” said Jumpp.
“Before she comes in and
makes the biscuits that her
customers love, she delivers
newspapers at 2 a.m.” Thomas
has been making biscuits for
two years. She has three children and two grandchildren.
Lee Damien’s Regional Vice
President, Gene Dickens,
emphasized Damien’s
competitive streak. “Lee is a
professional – she’s methodical, a perfectionist and very
competitive. She is an exceptional person who takes great
pride in what she does. After
all, this is her second time
standing up here.” Damien
won the 2010 top Biscuit
Maker award. She has been
making biscuits for two years.
She has two children and
enjoys reading and writing.
Regional Vice President Chuck
Burke emphasized Wayne
Newman’s speed in making
biscuits. “He’s the only person
I’ve seen that can make a
batch of biscuits in six minutes
flat,” said Burke. “Wayne told
me his goal was to be on the
tray liner and he’s earned it.”
In his spare time, Newman
enjoys hunting, fishing, working in his garden and spending time with his children and
Rose Hill was filled with
anticipation and nerves when
Terry Lewis revealed the top
Biscuit Maker. Leziel Sanders
let out a squeal of glee upon
Sanders called her team of
employees and told them the
news. “I had to call them immediately. They were so excited!”
The evening was concluded
with words from President of
Restaurant Operations Mike
Boddie thanking everyone for
their continued dedication and
hard work. “You make BoddieNoell what it is. Thank you.”
In 2010, Hardee’s restaurants
owned by BNE used 772,360
pounds of biscuit flour –
enough dough to fill nearly 420
Front, From L: Leziel Sanders and Janet Thomas Back, From L: Lee Damien and
Wayne Newman
tractor-trailers. Almost 253,000
bushels of wheat harvested
on over 5,000 acres of land
were used to make the biscuit
flour. The restaurants also used
676,000 gallons of buttermilk
which requires the milk of
85,000 cows each year.
The entire BNE family would
like to congratulate Leziel
Sanders and thank all of the
participants in this year’s
Biscuit Maker Challenge. We
can’t wait for another year of
delicious Hardee’s Made from
ScratchTM biscuits. v
Meet the Winning Biscuit Makers:
Janet Thomas
Lee Damien
Leziel Sanders
Wayne Newman
Pinehurst Plaza, #1345
First Colonial Road, #2771
Hickory Hill Road, #2839
Martinsville, #2030
Length working at
Hardee’s: 2 years
Length working at
Hardee’s: 2 years
Length working at
Hardee’s: 2 years
Length working at
Hardee’s: 8 years
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit:
Ham and egg biscuit
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit:
Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy™
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit:
Sausage biscuit
Favorite Hardee’s Biscuit:
Sausage ‘N’ Gravy™
Advice to future
competitors: “Be sure to
watch the Biscuit Maker
videos – they really help.
Also, take time to enjoy
making biscuits for the
customers of Hardee’s.”
Advice to future
competitors: “Follow the
procedures and then use
any advice you receive
to help.”
Advice to future
competitors: “Enjoy
making the biscuits
and enjoy making them
Advice to future
competitors: “Always
give it your best
effort and study the
Fun Fact: “I was a
Hardee’s customer
before I started working
there. It seemed like a
great place to work – I
was right.”
Fun Fact: Leziel enjoys
playing Scrabble in her
spare time.
Fun Fact: Wayne is
retired from a military
career in the Air Force.
Fun Fact: Janet loves
to fish and spend time
at church and with her
ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 8
UNC-W Students Join Hardee’s in
Celebrating Restaurant’s Remodel
Wilmington Hardee’s fans were
offered the opportunity to win free
Thickburgers for a year as part
of the celebration of the completion of the remodel at Hardee’s of
South College Road. The restaurant, originally opened in 1977, is
located beside the main entrance to
the University of North Carolina at
Wilmington on one of the city’s main
traffic arteries.
The restaurant’s newly remodeled exterior
features the red roof and updated signage
that characterize other recent Hardee’s
remodels in the Wilmington area. But once
in the dining room, it is clear that this
restaurant is in Seahawk territory. UNC-W’s
teal and gold colors are incorporated into
the decor, school spirit pennants decorate
the walls, and images of mascot Sammy
the Seahawk are displayed on the windows.
Other student-friendly features include a
laptop bar with outlets, free wi-fi and two
large screen TVs.
UNC-W students (some of 107 winners) at the
South College Rd. event.
The first winners arrived
Friday morning around 9
a.m., Sitting at the laptop
bar until 5 a.m. Saturday
when they received their
Hardee’s partnered with radio station WAZO
107.5 to promote the event, which awarded
free Thickburgers for a year to the first 107
people in line at the 5:00 a.m. opening on
Saturday, February 5. The contest was open
to all ages, but General Manager Josephine
Drakeford and District Manager Penny
Snow were hopeful that many of those who
turned out for the lineup would be students.
The day before the event, the area woke
to steady hard rain which was predicted
to last through the weekend. Concerned
that the weather would deter the overnight
lineup outside the restaurant’s locked doors,
Regional Vice President Brenda Cherry
decided to open the doors and allow the
Thickburger fans to wait inside the dining
room. Before the night was over, the restaurant was packed with people ranging from
four to seventy-four years old and what was
expected to be a cold, wet wait in the parking lot had transformed into a party. Groups
of students played Xbox games on the
dining room TVs, families entertained kids
From L: Andy Puzder, Terry Lewis,
Mike Hancock, Bill Boddie,
Bob Crumley, Joe Brewer,
Mike Murphy
with board games and web surfers lined
the laptop bar. The operations team served
up Hardee’s hospitality, offering snacks of
chicken tenders and oatmeal cookies
during the night.
As breakfast was served, each of the 107
winners was awarded the prize that had
brought them to Hardee’s in the wee hours
of the morning – coupons for 52 free
Thickburgers, one per week for a year, as
well as a free breakfast of sausage biscuits
and coffee.
The first two winners had arrived at the
restaurant on Friday morning around 9
a.m., claiming seats at the laptop bar and
surfing the web until 5 a.m. Saturday when
they received their coupons. Most of the
other 107 winners began arriving around
midnight and by about 4 a.m., all winning
spots had been claimed.
The event captured the attention of a
reporter from Wilmington’s News Channel
3 and was featured on the Sunday news.
Hardee’s is excited to be a supporter of the
UNC-W Seahawks! v
Hardee’s Honors Boddie-Noell with Founder’s Award
Chain Presents Award for Teamwork and Community Service
BNE received the 2011 Wilber
Hardee Founder’s Award from
Hardee’s parent company, CKE
Restaurants. The Founder’s award
is a beacon among the awards given
to franchisees at the annual CKE
Franchise Conference.
The prestigious award is named after the
founder of Hardee’s and is awarded annually
to the single Hardee’s franchise owner that
best exemplifies and embodies the ideals
of entrepreneurial spirit, vision, leadership,
teamwork and community involvement.
“We’re extremely proud of earning the
Founder’s award which carries a lot of
meaning for our own restaurant teams and
the Hardee’s ‘family’ across the country,”
said BNE Chief Executive Officer Bill Boddie.
“It’s special because the ideals were those
established with the very first Hardee’s by
founder Wilber Hardee in our home state of
North Carolina.”
Breakfast Shift Leader Tylisha Stevens.
“It is an honor once again to recognize our
franchisees’ hard work and dedication,” said
Michael Murphy, President and Chief Legal
Officer of CKE Restaurants, Inc. “The ongoing success of Hardee’s is in great measure
the result of their individual efforts and their
unified commitment to providing guests with
the best food, service and dining
experience in the industry. It is a genuine
pleasure to be able to award Boddie-Noell
our Founder’s Award as they truly demonstrate the principles and ideals on which
this brand was founded. We hope that they
inspire and motivate all of our owners and
operators, and keep blazing trails toward
even greater achievements in the future.”
Through the entrepreneurial spirit of the
Boddies and employee commitment,
Boddie-Noell is among the top restaurant
franchise companies in the nation. The
company has taken a lead in Hardee’s
franchise issues. Bill Boddie helped establish
and served as president of the Independent Hardee’s Franchisee Association. The
company has on occasion partnered with
Hardee’s in the
development of new
menu items, most recently the introduction
of the popular HandBreaded Chicken
TendersTM which were
developed in BoddieNoell’s test kitchens.
In addition, Boddie-Noell’s Hardee’s
restaurants have been actively involved in a
number of charitable and philanthropic
endeavors. The company’s 30-year partnership with Special Olympics Virginia is the
longest corporate relationship in the organization’s history and resulted in contributions
of more than $1 million since it began. Other
long-term charitable beneficiaries include
UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer
Center and the Boy Scouts of America. v
ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 10
Texas Steakhouse is Doing New,
Great Things!
Crescent Office Park
Our test locations for Texas Steakhouse have
been busy this spring! Not only are they testing
7 new menu items, they are also testing a new
menu layout and design. The new menu items
include a Chili Burger, Chuck Roast and a
Chicken Salad Sandwich. Texas Steakhouse’s
new menu rolled out in all 26 restaurants in June.
The Crescent Office Park, located at the corner of US 1 and
Tryon Road in Cary, NC, provides its occupants with one of the
premier locations in the Triangle area. Composed of three
buildings – 1400 Crescent Green and Crescent Lakeside I and
II – this development is only minutes from RDU International
Airport, Research Triangle Park and downtown Raleigh. Nearby
amenities include shopping, banking, hotels, restaurants, fitness
facilities and housing in a variety of price ranges.
1400 Crescent
Green and Crescent
Lakeside I and II
feature a wide variety
of amenities. 1400
Crescent Green is
a 50,000 square foot office building with a
traditional décor, generous parking and a
state-of-the-art energy management system.
Crescent Lakeside I and II are contemporary
office buildings with over 100,000 square
feet of office space each. They feature on-site
amenities such as a mail drop, workout facility, covered parking spaces and a beautifully
landscaped plaza with outdoor seating.
BNE Land has partnered with Capital
Associates to manage the Crescent Office
Park. According to Associate Partner Bret
Muller, Crescent Office Park has continued
to thrive despite the economic challenges
in the commercial real estate industry. Two
to three leases are signed each month, and
occupancy levels have increased. Muller
states that the occupancy levels have
New Chicken Salad Sandwich
From Top: 1400 Crescent Green, Crescent Lakeside I
and Crescent Lakeside II.
increased because tenants want to lease
space in high quality, well-managed and
well-located buildings. BMC Software, Villain
Inc., Providence Group Sports, Nextant,
Inc. and Bennett Aerospace are some of the
most recent tenants to sign leases. v
Moe’s Rolls Out Street Fighter
Marketing Program
The Street Fighter Marketing program has helped introduce Moe’s to
new customers, and turn new customers into regular customers. It
has also increased community awareness of Moe’s and introduced
Moe’s to community partners. Working this program has led to more
people knowing that they live in a Moe’s neighborhood. v
BNE Moe’s Snags Three
Semi-Annual TQI Awards
Congratulations to Jessica Wood and her team from Moe’s of
Concord, Donnie Nealand and his team from Moe’s of Hanes Mall
and Andy Lorenz and his team from Moe’s of Lynchburg. These
three restaurants each won the Moe’s Semi-Annual Total Quality
Index Award for 2010. It is given to the top 5 restaurants within each
of 5 regions of the country. The stores are ranked based on Questar
(customer feedback), ROSE Reports (Franchise Business Consultant inspections) and Ecosure inspections. Keep up the good work!
ANDY Lorenz
Donnie Nealand
Moe’s of Lynchburg
Moe’s of Hanes Mall
Moe’s of Concord
Chuck Roast and mashed potatoes
Texas has also introduced a new ribs promotion on “Wild West Wednesday.” Come into Texas
Steakhouse every Wednesday to get all you can eat baby back ribs with a side of French fries
for only $12.99. The ribs are an improved, meatier version of the ribs previously served, and are
coated in a new barbecue sauce. This is a great value for the cost-conscious customer. With the
current promotions of “Love Me Tender Sunday,” “Monday Margarita Madness” and “2 for $20
ribeyes,” there is something for everyone at Texas! v
20 Years
Donna Addington
Teresa Garrett
Eleanor Kendrick
Delphia Redden
Hardee’s Duffield
Duffield, VA
Hardee’s Stonewall Square
Lexington, VA
Hardee’s Stanleytown
Stanleytown, VA
Hardee’s Lake City
Lake City, SC
Valerie Bowe
Bernice Goins
Joyce Lee
Margie Robertson
Hardee’s of Elizabeth City #1
Elizabeth City, NC
Hardee’s Roanoke Rapids #2
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Hardee’s Pikeville
Pikeville, KY
Hardee’s Belmont
Belmont, NC
Pamela Brown
Audrey Hall
Janice McKinnon
Alfonso Shaw
Hardee’s West Point
West Point, VA
Hardee’s Waynesboro
Waynesboro, VA
Hardee’s Reilly Road
Fayetteville, NC
Hardee’s Waverly
Waverly, VA
Iva Carter
Connie Herbert
Missy O’Daniel
Hardee’s Allendale
Allendale, SC
Hardee’s Shoppes at Gloucester
Gloucester, VA
Ernest Christopher
Shelia Jackson
Hardee’s New Market
Hampton, VA
Hardee’s Stonewall Square
Lexington, VA
(in loving memory)
Hardee’s District Manager
Region 4
ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 12
Moe’s has rolled out a new
Street Fighter marketing
program to help promote
the restaurant in local
communities. It’s designed
to build store sales through
local store marketing and
community outreach. General Managers are going out
George Sanborn (right), General Manager
into the community to meet
of Moe’s The Village in Richmond, VA with
with local business owners
Stephen Peebles (left) of Genworth Financial.
and introduce them to
Genworth Financial hosted a catering event
Moe’s. These local business
that was arranged using the Street Fighter
owners are distributing
marketing program.
coupons to employees and
customers as a thank you from the business. The Moe’s coupons are
also being donated to local non-profits and charitable organizations.
Texas has also recently unveiled their new wine menu.
Senior District Manager Don Mack, who leads the bar team at Texas Steakhouse, says, “By
partnering with our suppliers to find out what wines were best for our concept, the bar team
was able to create a menu that really works with our food. Each wine is specifically paired with a
menu item and our sales team members do a great job recommending the wines to our guests.”
Wine can be ordered by the glass, half carafe and bottle. Sales results show the new wine menu
is a success!
25 Years
Sherry Christensen
Human Resource Manager
Region 4
Brenda Eubanks
Hardee’s Madison Heights
Madison Heights, VA
Debra Harper
Hardee’s Market Street
Wilmington, NC
Lettie Haunn
Hardee’s Rockford Street
Mt. Airy, NC
30 Years
Darlene Abel
Hardee’s Jacksonville
Jacksonville, NC
Katrina Benton
Nancy Clark
Deborah Lane
Maurice Bartley
Mayo Boddie, Jr.
Robin Keller
Hardee’s Maple Avenue
Burlington, NC
Employment Services
Assistant Manager/Trainer
Home Office
Hardee’s Madison Heights
Madison Heights, VA
35 Years
Mitzi Aldridge
Nanette Herbert
Patty Mincey
Veronica Mitchell
Vickie Moore
Donna Reynolds
Ethline Richards
Virginia Spellman
Charlotte Terry
Vice President of Benefits
& Compensation
Home Office
Director BNE Land
Sales / Marketing
Home Office
Hardee’s Rocky Point
Rocky Point, NC
Hardee’s Parham &
Richmond, VA
Hardee’s Azalea Plaza
Wilmington, NC
Hardee’s Barnwell
Barnwell, SC
Director of Recruitment
and Retention
Home Office
Hardee’s District Manager
Region 3
Vice President of
Operations Bay Foods
Home Office
Senior Technical Manager
Home Office
Hardee’s Northampton
Virginia Beach, VA
Hardee’s Kiln Creek
Yorktown, VA
50 Years
Chef Charles Odom
Rocky Mount, NC
Bunn Boddie
District Manager
ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 14
It’s not often I’m blown away with excellent customer
service and when it happens, shouting from the rooftop
as encouragement is warranted. I received such excellent customer service at your Hardee’s on Easern Blvd. in
Fayetteville, NC. The location is managed by Angela, her
efforts are appreciated and the way they have rubbed off
on her employees is the stuff management publications
write about.
I’ve been in the food business all my
working life as a senior mid-manager
with McDonald’s. While I know Hardee’s as a formidable franchise with
excellent products and services, it’s
been a few years since my last visit.
My friend and I had chicken strips
which were excellent and while we
waited for our food, Angelica (the
young lady making shakes) engaged
in a wonderfully friendly conversation.
I mentioned I had seen advertising
for the turkey burger, but found it
difficult trying one since in my mind a
burger should be beef. We shared a
In Loving Memory
laugh and she told me she understood, but that I should
give one a try because they’re so delicious. At that time
Angela approached the counter and became involved in
our short conversation while I waited for my food. When it
arrived my friend and I took our seat and discussed how
upbeat the atmosphere was.
About halfway through our meal Angela brought a turkey
burger for us to try. It was delicious!! My friend and I
thanked her and commented on her wonderful restaurant. She thanked me and then sung the praises of her
company, employees and the many customers she has
come to know over the years. She was truly one of
the most effective good-will ambassadors I’ve ever
encountered from any brand.
Missy O’Daniel
Kim Fallejo
Hardee’s District Manager,
Region 4
Hardee’s of Centerville Turnpike,
Chesapeake, VA
Missy, Hardee’s District Manager in Kentucky,
passed away on April 14 at the age of 42. Missy
was a 20 year employee of Boddie-Noell, and was
promoted to District Manager in 2004. Missy is
survived by her husband, Todd and her son Jason,
three brothers and one sister. Missy will be missed
by her family, friends and the entire BNE family.
You should be deservedly proud of having her as a
member of your team and knowing she is there face to
face actualizing the corporate message of excellence.
This is something that should make the company proud.
Mark Frank, customer
Photo to left: Angela Hinnant (in blue), manager and Angelica
Williams, cashier, at Hardee’s of Eastern Blvd.
Craig Worthy Recognized as
a Top CFO
Luke 15:19-20 (NASB)
I am no longer worthy to be called your
son; make me as one of your hired men.
Craig Worthy, Chief Financial Officer for BNE was recently honored as one
of the Triangle’s (Raleigh / Durham / Research Triangle Park, NC) top CFOs
by Business Leader Media, publisher of Business Leader Magazine. The
Top CFO was given to lead financial executives in the Triangle area. Their
selection was based on their outstanding performance in positioning their
companies to maintain profitability and
their strong leadership in both their
organizations and the community.
Congratulations Craig!
Craig Worthy, Chief Financial Officer
for BNE
Kim, beloved wife and mother, passed away on April
27, 2011. Kim had worked for Boddie-Noell for 24
years, most recently as the Sr. General Manager at
Hardee’s of Centerville Turnpike in Chesapeake,
VA. She is survived by her husband, Nouel and her
children Makayla and Nicholas, as well as her mother.
Kim will be missed by all of her Boddie-Noell family.
So he got up and came to his father.
But while he was still a long way off, his
father saw him and felt compassion for
him, and ran and embraced him and
kissed him.
in a Minute
Verenatta Chambers, Hardee’s of Maple Ave.
It’s always a pleasure to see your warm smiling face
when we come into Hardee’s. Thank you so much
for being such a sweet and kind person. Thank you
for the sausage gravy. It is the only thing that got me
through this surgery!
Shared thoughts from your ministry team
At times all of us make decisions that we later see are contrary to God’s will for our lives. We get out ahead of God because we’re impatient or
don’t seek His vision first. When the prodigal son returned home he had no idea how his father would react, but he humbly sought forgiveness
and was greeted with open arms. Here, Jesus clearly shows us his expectations on how we should treat others. That is, exactly how we want
to be treated by our Lord... with mercy and grace.
Thank you,
Gray Riley and Scotty Laughon, customers
ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 16
Loss Prevention & Safety
Tools to Identify Losses | by Ted Polensky, Director of Loss Prevention, CFE
Boddie-Noell employs the best people in the industry
who are honest, hard working individuals who come to
work every day and do their very best to make
themselves and their restaurant successful. The Loss
Prevention department is committed not just to making
each restaurant the safest and most secure place it can
be, but also the most profitable it can be. To help in the
fight to reduce losses and increase profits, we utilize
many tools in our tool chest. Tools which include digital
camera systems, exception based reporting, and best
of all, you!
Digital camera systems have been utilized for years with great
success. A DVR is in essence, a computer. The video is captured
and recorded on an internal hard drive which cannot be erased. Live
or recorded video can be viewed remotely from anywhere. Also, the
picture quality is digital, which is far superior to old tape systems.
A Point of Sale connection allows for Exception Based Reporting to
track suspicious transactions performed on the register system. The
camera system will log any type of transaction requested by Loss
Prevention such as voids, refunds, food error, discounts, or even
employee meals and will send email notifications to Loss Prevention
when certain levels are reached.
These are great tools, but no technology can compete with
Boddie-Noell employees living our Vision and Values. Being honest
and expecting others to be honest sets the stage for acceptable and
unacceptable behavior. History has shown us that most of the time
when there are intentional losses in our restaurants, others are aware
of what is going on. We recognize that people are sometimes reluctant to report such events to management. Because of this, we have
an avenue persons can report this type of activity anonymously. The
NETWORK is a confidential report line which a person can utilize if
they wish. The phone number is 1-800-241-5689. BNE will also pay
a reward to those who supply information which leads to the identification of someone who is stealing from the company. This is money
well spent to help create an environment of honesty and trust.
Two main ingredients in our Vision & Values. v
North Carolina
Ted Polensky
Belief Systems and Safety | by Larry Williamson, Senior Director of Human Resources
South Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina
West Virginia
We look for things to prove ourselves right. The more I look for something, the more likely I am to find it.
And when I find it… doesn’t that just prove that I was right all along?
If I have the belief that not all accidents can be prevented, how might
this belief impact my behavior after an accident? How much time
might I spend looking for the root cause(s) of the accident? How thorough will my accident investigation be? If I don’t really believe there
is anything we could have done to prevent it, probably very little. I
am likely to spend more of my time trying to explain why it could not
have been prevented. If, as a leader, I don’t believe all accidents can
be prevented, what is the message I am sending out to my team?
accident investigation. I will discover why it happened, and I will take
the steps to prevent if from happening again.
What do you look for after an accident? Are you looking for ways to
justify why it was not preventable, or are you looking for ways to
prevent it from happening again? What is your belief system? v
3815 Rose Hill Lane
Nashville, NC 27856
Marshes Light — Manteo, NC
The Currituck Club — Corolla, NC
Larry Williamson
910 North Winstead Ave.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Arlington Place — Neuse River, Pamlico County, NC
Now, if I know that all accidents can be prevented (which I do) and
one does happen, I know there is a reason why and I will find it. I
will look for the things to prove me right. I will conduct a thorough
New Kent Vineyards — Viniterra — New Kent, VA
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ENTERPRISER Summer 2011 • 18
Chef Charles
50 Years