july-august 2014 - District 201 V6

Welcome, Lions, Lionesses and Leos, to a new year of service to our communities.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your District Governor for the next 12 months (now down to 10 and a bit!).
You no doubt all had successful changeover functions and I welcome all new office bearers to the new and exciting world
of Lions leadership.
Unfortunately Lions Lady Mary and I were unable to attend many changeovers as we had to endure temperatures of
26-30 degrees while in Toronto at DGE training and the International Convention! The highlight of the experience was,
of course, the moment when International President Joe Preston instructed the DGE partners to remove the purple
“Elect” ribbon from our name badge to signify our official induction as District Governor.
Prior to that we underwent four days of training in groups of approximately 30 DGEs. I was with a group of 19 Americans,
five Philippinos, four Indians, two West Indians, two Canadians and one other Australian from Q3. We all worked well
together and I learned two very important facts – Australians are the best prepared DGEs and Lions throughout the world
have the same problems and rewards.
At training we were introduced to IP Preston (the yanks use the surname whereas we Aussies just referred to him
President Joe) and his theme “Strengthen the Pride”. Very similar to my theme “Strength through Growth” and with
exactly the same message. IP Joe did a little more homework on his though and wrote a song based on his theme and
he sang it for us on the opening day of training. I have the words and a DVD if you would like to hear it – I’ll have them
both on my visits to your club!
His message, though, is a strong one – Strengthen the Pride by growing our clubs, creating more opportunities for
prospective members to see and experience the service we provide to communities, locally and internationally. He also
asked us to Strengthen our Pride in our achievements. To feel the inner satisfaction of a job well done and to see the
effect it has on those we serve and assist.
It was not all work though. Mary and I also did some sightseeing with our daughter, Melissa, who joined us in Toronto to
see her dad inducted. A great thrill for all of us. By the way, when we visit your club, ask Mary about walking into a sign
that read “Do you need your glasses checked?” That’s now all in the past and I am getting on with the job you elected
me to do.
I’ve been in discussion with Convention Chairman, PDG Barry Higgins, and the Echuca Club has organized what is
shaping up to be another great V6 convention. Let’s get those registrations in early so the organizing committee can
ready their venues and catering to accommodate you all. PCC David Skinner is looking forward to many notices of motion
to put to the convention so make sure you get them in on time.
PDG Lynn Fredericks has agreed to take on the role as District co-coordinator for the MD Beyond Blue-Joining Hands
project and I ask that all requests for Beyond Blue speakers be directed through him so that he can maintain a record of
our District’s involvement in this initiative. If you have already sent your requests to Newcastle, please inform PDG Lynnif not you now have until 31st August to apply.
I’ve held my first Cabinet meeting – thanks to my efficient Cabinet members, we got it finished by lunchtime!
At the time of writing, I have visited three clubs; Rochester, where I had the privilege of meeting six (yes six!) of the seven
youth exchange students hosted by the club. Murrabit where I was extended the honor of sitting in the special
President’s chair and Glenrowan-Warby Range Branch Club where I inducted two new members into this fledgling club.
It won’t be long before they have enough members to charter a stand-alone club!
I also had the pleasure of attending the club Junior Public Speaking judging at
Barham-Koondrook Club where I had the further pleasure of presenting PDG Alan
Millar with a Melvin Jones Fellowship – a thoroughly deserved honor.
Now, if you’ve read through to this line, I thank you for your patience and
endurance. Lions Lady Mary and I look forward to meeting as many of you as
possible during our touring around the District and hearing first hand of the
wonderful work you all do in the name of Lions International.
DG Peter
Strength Through Growth
In this Issue
District Governor’s Message
D ates to R em em ber
29th-31st August
ANZI Pacific Forum - Adelaide
From the Editor’s Desk
21st September
Junior Public Speaking District
Final - Tocumwal 1pm
Joining Hands - Beyond Blue
28th September
Guiding Lion Training - Barooga
International President's Message
District Changeover Dinner
Children of Courage Awards
50/50 Pathway Forum
37th Annual Convention 2014
Youth of the Year
22nd February 15
Club Finals completed
M2nd March 15
Zone/Region finals completed
22nd March 15
District Final
Travelling Travel Gavel
Junior Public Speaking
19th April 15
24th May 15
Lost Property
State Leo Summit
Leo Club Reports
Around the Clubs
Youth Exhange
Licola Reports
Incoming Officers Training
Lions Australia has a
proud history of
community service and,
by working together, we
have been able to
achieve great things.
During 2014-2015, we are ‘joining hands’ with
beyondblue to raise awareness and understanding
about depression and anxiety. Over the next 12
months, Lions clubs around the country will be
holding open meetings with beyondblue guest
speakers to discuss mental health issues in their
local communities.
By joining our hands at the local level, together we
can address a national health problem.
IPDG Lynn Fredericks is the Chairman for our
District for this project. Clubs are asked to direct
their applications for a guest speaker to him so he
can coordinate the dates.
Contact email;
[email protected]
Strength Through Growth
Joseph "Joe" Preston, of Dewey, Arizona, USA, was elected president of Lions Clubs International at the
association's 97th International Convention held in Toronto, Canada, July 4 through 8, 2014.
President Preston is temporarily retired from the automotive industry. He has over 30 years of experience as a fleet
sales manager, and was consistently recognized by Ford Motor Company for excellence in customer satisfaction,
sales and product knowledge.
A member of the Bradshaw Mountain of Dewey-Humboldt Lions Club, President Preston has been a Lion since 1974.
He has held many offices in the association, including club president, zone chairperson, district governor, council
chairperson and chairperson of district leadership development, Lions Quest and MERL for the state of Arizona. He
was host chairperson of the 1994 International
Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, chairperson of the 2003 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, and a
national/multinational coordinator for Campaign SightFirst II.
In recognition of his service to the association, President Preston has received numerous awards, including the
100% Club President Award, the 100% District Governor Award, the Senior Builder Key Award, Life Membership in
the association, nine International President's Awards and the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honour
the association bestows upon its members. He is also a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.
President Preston was recognized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement
Agency for his work as a Lion to prevent drug use and abuse
among youth.
President Preston and his wife, Joni, also a Lion and a Progressive
Melvin Jones
Fellow, have two sons, one daughter and seven grandsons
IP Joe Preston
Will you take up the challenge to “Strengthen the Pride”?
Join International President Joe Preston and Lions around the world in “Strengthen the Pride”. Here are some great
resources that can help strengthen your club.
Strengthen the Pride through Service. Service is the foundation of our association, so let’s continue to build on it as
we approach our Centennial.
● Centennial Service Challenge - take part in our international service challenge to celebrate 100 years of Lions
● Serve Children in Need - find out how your club can support and empower children in need.
Strengthen the Pride by Strengthening Your Club. Make sure your club is on track for success and growing to meet
the needs of your community.
● Ask One - looking for new members? Get the tools you need to energize your membership efforts and spread
the word in your community.
● Club Excellence Process (CEP) - Get your club performing at its highest level through an interactive CEP
workshop. Now available in two versions - CEP Pro and Lite
● Club Blueprint - Map out your plan for ongoing club success in three simple steps.
Strengthen the Pride through Creativity. Use technology to enhance your communications and create new
commutations with your community.
● Online tools - find new tools to increase your online presence and club efficiency
● Social Media - use the power of social media to promote your club and connect with new members.
Check out the 2014-15 Presidents Awards to learn how exceptional clubs and members can earn special recognition for
Strengthening the Pride!
Get more information and check out the links above by going to:
Strength Through Growth
Strength Through Growth
Lots of clubs were represented
along with PDGs and new
members onto Cabinet.
All having a great time together.
Berrigan Shire Councillor, Brian Hill
proposed the toast to Lions International
acknowledging the work of Lions Clubs
in their Shire.
Strength Through Growth
PDG Brenda Henderson was honoured with a DG
Appreciation Award for her work over many
years for the District and in particular, her role
with 50/50 and the Membership Team.
For her role as “Wonder Secretary” Julie was
presented with a DG Start Award.
Lion Norm Walkington was recognised with a
“Chris August Award” for his work as a Zone
Chairman for three terms.
Lions Lee was recognised for her work on the
District website and Roar with a DG Star Award.
Two very proud Lions.
Lion Corrinie was recognised with a “DG
Start Award” for her work as Zone
Chairman and with the Corowa Leos.
Strength Through Growth
District Governor’s Club Awards
Strength Through Growth
District Governor Lynn thanked the Ladies for their support
Strength Through Growth
The Children of Courage Awards Day was held in the Tocumwal Memorial Hall on
Sunday 1st June 2014.
The awards were presented in front of 150 people by District Governor Lynn
Fredericks assisted by Cabinet Secretary Julie Simpson.
There were a record number of 23 children awarded on the and they were:
Tamara Lord & Sarah Lord
Noah Antonella
Tungamah Leo Club
Jorga Paganoni
Liam Mossop
Blake Pavey
Tayten Farrell
Jack Horner-Bergsma
Maya Ross
Andrew Nicholson
Corey Moore
Gabby Taylor-Tran
Micaela Schmidt
Mitchell Moulday
Cassie Kreutz-Berger
Keiran Baird
Holley Eggins
Brydie Kensington
Kaitlyn Cook
Luke Collins
Damon Rendek
Blake Spicer
The Children of Courage Project has been running for 15years in our District and
we have now recognised 235 children with Special Needs. Following the
presentations, everyone enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea provided by the Tocumwal
Lions Club.
I am deeply grateful to the Tocumwal Club as they have assisted and catered for
this day for 14 years.
Special thanks to District Governor Lynn and Cabinet Secretary Julie. The ceremony
was enhanced by their dignity and sincerity.
PDG Neil Campbell
Chairman Children's Projects.
Strength Through Growth
50/50 Pathway Forum – Rochester - 22nd June 2014
It was identified a number of years ago, that Lions International was not attracting
female members in the same numbers as male. More than half the population is
female, and yet less than a quarter were joining Lions.
The structure of most clubs has not changed over the years despite membership
numbers and ages declining. Most clubs just go along with what has been, even if
it no longer works. Though it is over 26 years since women were permitted to join
Lions International, there are still a number of ‘Men only’ Lions Clubs and many
women who don’t realise that they can in fact join.
With the average age of Lions members being around 68 years of age, something
had to be done!
The 50/50 Pathway Forums were developed to re-energise members, to give them some ideas and new ways to look for
membership growth in their clubs.
Lions Wendy and Lee Walkington from the Cohuna Lions Club joined around 30 other Lions in Rochester to attend a 50/50 Pathway
Forum, to see how they could help their club continue into the future.
After a quick introduction of the members present, it was very clear that although we had all joined Lions for different reasons,
we were all there for one reason; to serve our communities.
Discussion centred on barriers to bringing in more females and families into our clubs by looking at the type of clubs, times
meetings are held, the venues used. For example a hotel may no longer be the most appropriate venue for a ‘family’ orientated
club to use as a meeting place. Is there an area for children to play while parents attend the meeting? Meetings during school
times may suit families more than at night, day meetings may also suit older members who no longer wish to attend at night.
In groups, attendees spent some time discussing ideas on how to attract new members, and exchanged ideas on hosting an
“External Symposium” in their areas. Working with other community groups and members of the public to identify a special need or
issue within their community and looking for a solution together. From this action, networks may develop and maybe new members
The afternoon session focused on the “Ideal” club, now there is a question. Most attending agreed that the club would be
welcoming of new members and ideas, open to change and enthusiastic. In reality this is not always the case, but this is our
challenge, as members, to help our clubs to grow and develop into great clubs.
Looking at new ideas for projects may bring about change as it could bring in new members to achieve the outcome. Looking at
how it can be done, not why it wont.
It was interesting to hear about the “Special Interest” clubs that
are developing. Such as business Clubs that only meet a few
times a year and make donations; social groups that have formed
a Lions club to support their interest, special needs groups, such
as a carers group who raise funds to benefit those they care for.
These clubs are ‘FLEXIBLE’ to suit the needs of their
And this is the answer to our clubs into the future, we need to be
flexible and open to change to meet the changing needs of our
community and our club members.
Lots to think about, but lots of ideas and information available to
help us to achieve our goals.
Lion Lee Walkington
Strength Through Growth
Lions International District 201V6
37th Annual Convention 2014.
October is fast approaching which means the planning for our annual Convention
get-together is well under way.
The Committee in conjunction with DG Peter have put together an interesting weekend of fellowship, learning and
Lions were established in Australia 67 years ago, and Echuca Lions were formed in 1965.
These are a great excuse to have a sixties party.
Come along and help us relive that era and “Celebrate the Sixties”
Friday 17th
3-6pm Lions Shed Sutton Street Echuca. Join us for a cuppa and chat
Civic Reception
4pm by invitation from DG
6-7pm St Mary’s Primary School Bridlington Avenue Echuca
8pm St Mary’s Primary School 15-33 Bridlington Avenue Echuca - official opening followed by
entertainment and supper.
Saturday 18th
Breakfast 7-8am Key members and first conventioneers
Community Living & Respite Hall, 26A Percy Street Echuca
8.15am St Mary’s Primary School Bridlington Avenue Echuca
Plenary Session
8.45am St Mary’s Primary School Bridlington Avenue Echuca
12noon Lunch and entertainment St Mary’s Primary School
Plenary Session
1.15pm Guest Speaker
Partners Tour
2.15 Mystery Tour (Out of Africa) not to be missed
Plenary Session
4.45 (close of days sessions)
Dinner Dance
6.30 -11pm Moama Bowling Club Celebrate the Sixties Cabaret
Entertainment by “The Hoffmans” – dress in your best sixties gear!!
Sunday 19th
8.30 St Mary’s Primary School Bridlington Avenue Echuca
Plenary Session
8.45am St Mary’s Primary School Bridlington Avenue Echuca
Including Memorial Service and Guest Speaker
12.30pm Flag Handover ceremony
BBQ lunch Lions Park corner Campaspe Avenue and Ogilvie Avenue
Echuca has many and varied types of accommodation. Echuca/Moama Tourism contact details are as follows
www.echucamoama.com or contact-us. This website gives you access to them all.
Caravaners please be aware that the Sweat versus Steam (Foot runners v Paddle steamers) will be held on Sunday
the 19th. The roads around the Port area are closed for the race. This could hold you up on Sunday morning if you are
staying at the Echuca Caravan Park.
Please register by the due date
as this makes booking venues
and meals a lot easier to organise!
Strength Through Growth
Lions International District 201V6
17th. –19th, October 2014
Hosted by Echuca Lions Club Inc.,
St. Mary's Primary School. 15-33 Bridlington Ave Echuca
Convention Chairman : PDG Barry Higgins Ph. 03 5482 5301 or 0427 825301 Email. [email protected]
Given Name
(PDG, etc.)
As will appear on Convention Badge
Is this your 1st District Convention
(Please Circle)
Hospitality Bookings
Friday Night BBQ
Number _____ @ $ 12
$ _______________
Friday Night Supper
Number _____ @ $ 12
$ _______________
Saturday Key Members and first Conventioneers Breakfast
Number _____ @ $ 15
$ _______________
Saturday Lunch
Number _____ @ $ 18
$ _______________
Partners Tour —includes afternoon tea
Number _____ @ $ 15
$ _______________
Saturday Night Gala Cabaret Dinner Dance
Number _____ @ $ 45
$ _______________
Sunday Lunch
Number _____ @ $ 18
$ _______________
$ _______________
Special Dietary requirements………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
PAYMENT METHODS - Cheque: Made Payable to: Lions Club of Echuca Convention Account
Direct Crediting Details: Lions Club of Echuca Convention Account - BSB: 033621/323997
Please forward a copy of your e banking receipt with this Registration Form. When paying your registration,
under Payee Ref., please include your surname
Please RSVP by Sept. 30th 2014 to
allow for catering arrangements.
Since the Rochester Convention to Gavel has
meandered its way across from Lavington to Walla
Walla, Henty, Holbrook, Culcairn, Lockhart, Oaklands,
Yarrawonga, Cobram and onto Katamatite...
Kerang Lions Club are pleased that the Gavel is
travelling around the District as was intended to, and
that Clubs who haven’t seen the Gavel before, are
appreciating its workmanship.
My thanks to PDG Charlie Leaney for keeping in touch
with the clubs at his end of the District.
It is great that clubs are also getting with the spirit of
the project, such as Lockhart in the last Roar.
Clubs are reminded to send their Gavel Tax cheques to
Kerang Lions Club as soon as possible, if they have not
done so already. This money goes to our V6
Foundation and I want to hand over our biggest cheque
yet to V6 Foundation at the next
Convention at Echuca.
Clubs are asked to keep moving the Gavel towards Echuca, as the
last Club with it before the Convention will have to bring it to
Echuca together with their Travel Tax cheque and you don’t want
to be too far away!
The Travelling Travel Gavel Project will be coming up as a Notice
of Motion for another 3 years at the Convention in Echuca and
Kerang Lions are hoping for support for this project from all clubs
for this project to continue.
Yours in Lionism
Lion Greg Gin
A lion has been seen wondering, at large, across the District, first
sighted leaving the Benalla Club after an interclub visit. He
hitched a ride to Wangaratta for a short visit, then down the road
to Rochester to attend the 50/50 Forum and have a visit with Sir
Hubert Opperman.
A stop off at the Tungamah Hotel to quench the thirst, then back
to Wangaratta, a short stay at Lavington and back home to
Benalla. Now he has the ‘travelling bug’ who knows where he will
turn up. Keep an eye out for him!
Strength Through Growth
COHUNA Students from Cohuna Consolidated School and St
Marys Primary School took part in this years Junior Public
Speaking competition. At the school level of the competition the
student numbers were reduced to the best of each grade. Lions
members visited each school and listened to their speeches and
as always it was a hard job to decide on the winners. Two
students from years 3-4 and 5-6 from each school go through to
the Club Final.
The Club final was held at the Seniors rooms on Friday 8th August
in front of an audience of around 50 Lions, Lions Ladies, parents,
family and friends. The topic for years 5-6 was ‘A toast to
someone you admire”, proved to be very surprising for a mother
and grandmother who were the subjects of two the students
Each year the students continue to surpass the last group, more
confident, better prepared, just better each year.
This year the winner for year 3-4 was Ashtyn White from Cohuna
Consolidated School and year 5-6 was Victoria Farrant from St
Marys. These students will go onto the Region final at Pyramid
Hill on Sunday 24th August.
Stanhope Lions club conducted their Junior Public
Speaking at the Stanhope and Girgarre Primary schools, with the
final held at the Girgarre hall on Sunday 27th July 2014.
The winners for Grade 3 and 4 was Libby Pangrazio Girgarre
Primary school and the winner for Grade 5 & 6 was Olivia Hill.
About 50 parents and friends attended to listen to the students
present their prepared speeches, all present were amazed by the
standard of the students and extend their congratulations to all
It seems that property sometimes gets misplaced or
accidently borrowed by visiting Lions. Recently a
mirror was discovered in the Cohuna Lions Den (now
being renovated by the Leo Club).
Contact with the Lavington Lions Club to ascertain
ownership resulted in the reopening of the Cold Case
File to investigate how it got to Cohuna Lions Den.
Lion Charles Leaney headed the investigating
committee. The outcome of the investigation was that
the mirror was a gift presented to delegates at the
time of the Lavington Convention, and in fact property
of the Cohuna Lions Club. The disturbing fact
uncovered was that it had not been cared for in the
manner expected!
Strength Through Growth
Numurkah Junior Public Speaking competition held on Sunday 27th July was held by the
Numurkah Lions Club at the McKillop Centre, St. Josephs School where students from Numurkah Primary, St.
Josephs and Waaia-Yalca South Primary School gave judges, Barb. McKeown and Lindsay Mitchell a very hard
task to choose the winners of grades 3/4 and 5/6 sections.
Proud parents, families and friends in the audience listened to five students in each section speak on their
prepared speeches and impromptu topics.They were all so impressive and spoke with so much confidence but
unfortunately there can only be one winner in each section. After a short break for afternoon tea served by the
Lions Ladies the judges returned to announce the winners saying it was very close, they were all wonderful and
the winners both from St. Josephs were Clara Lukies 3/4 grade and Emily Seiter 5/6 grade. Clara and Emily will
now go on to the Regional Final on 3rd August at Girgarre Hall.
Emily Seiter won the Grade 5/6 Lions 201 V6 Region 3 Junior Public
Speaking at Girgarre Hall on Sunday 3rd August.
Region 3 held their Junior Public Speaking final at Girgarre
hosted by the Stanhope Lions Club, with over 120 parents, relatives
and Lions to applaud and encourage the year 3/4 and 8 year 5/6
contestants compete for the overall winner in each section.
A very close competition Jack Myers representing the Nathalia Lions
Club was announced the year 3/4 winner while Emily Seiter
representing Numurkah Lions Club was awarded the 5/6 winner.
All present wish both winners all the best for the District final to be
held in late September.
Thurgoona & District Lions held their second Junior Public Speaking competition on Monday 28th
July 2014. This year we had 10 contestants – 4 for years 3-4 and, 4 for years 5-6.
We had two schools in the competition – Thurgoona Public School and Trinity Anglican College. The standard
was extremely high again and our independent judges – Sherylyne Moran and Paul Velikans - had great difficulty
selecting the winners. However the winners were; Ariel Halford (Trinity year 3-4) and Rachel Goodwin
(Thurgoona Public year 5-6). These two winners go onto the Regional final in Yackandandah on Wednesday 20th
Aug 2014.
We had some delightful speeches from years 3-4 about “an Australian holiday”. Years 5-6 had to toast “someone
they admired”. The impromptu speeches by years 5-6 were handled professionally and stretched their abilities,
very successfully. The topic was a” what can young people do to make the best use of their spare time”.
President, Vailia Brushe presented the certificates and gifts to the winners. Everyone had a most enjoyable
evening and we will be running the same competition in
Many thanks go to all our helpers, especially Lyn Taylor,
our hard working Club Secretary and time keepers Ian
Crane and Ron Lynch, and supervisors Lyn Jacobson and
Ian Tuttle. Also many thanks to the two schools for their
participation – Chris O’Loan from Trinity and Jo Ward
from Thurgoona Public and to the 70 plus guests who
Chris Rane
Third Vice President
Strength Through Growth
Sunday, 17th August saw the running of the first Leo Seminar in Victoria for a number of years. An attendance of
over 50 Lions and Leos gathered at Marian College with V6 being very well represented with representation from
Corowa, Wangaratta, Cohuna and Rochester. V3 had good numbers from new club, Langwarry, plus Drouin
Leos. V2 had a number of Brimbank Leos in attendance.
PDG Les Harrison, who is the Victorian coordinator opened proceedings for PDG Terry Uniack who spoke on
meeting procedure. Following that, Leos broke into two groups with DG Phillip Johnston taking one group for
secretarial duties, and Club administration, whilst Lion Allan Dixon covered financial requirements really well.
Allan again did V6 proud with the way he spoke and made everything crystal clear. I learned a great deal myself!
Following all that, we had a morning tea break, before Marty Peebles, the Australian Coordinator, spoke and then
introduced Joel Pattinson-Cashman, the Australian Leo of the Year. Joel was a brilliant speaker and was only
too happy to answer questions on his experiences in Toronto at the International Convention, his role as Leo of
the Year and what it includes and what it has given him.
After lunch, which was supplied at a popular price by the Sunshine Brimbank Lions Club, Leos ran a fun quiz
session. The young Leos put a lot into the session and there was lots of laughter and making of new friends as
clubs were forced to break up and mix with others.
A great feature was the support of Leos from our own district, with PDG Mal Evans and Jean being there as well.
Brimbank Leos are keen to host the day again, with a greater emphasis on youth. We have all learned from the
experience, and I would like to express my thanks to PDG David Lowing for his hard work, Raymond Barry,
advisor for Marian College and of course, the Sunshine Lions.
MD Leo Chairman
PDG Les Harrison.
Leo of the Year, Joel PattersonCashman travelled from Queensland
to attend the Leo Summit.
MD Leo Chairman, Lion
Marty Peebles had
much pleasure in
attending the Leo
Summit held in
Strength Through Growth
The Leo Summit was a fantastic opportunity for
Leos from across the state to get together, do some
training and find out a little more about what other
Clubs are doing.
This was also a great opportunity for Leo Advisors to
meet and find out how they are working to assist
their Leo club to grow and develop.
Some of the Leos who attended the
Leo Summit at Marion College
listening to the speakers.
Victorian Leo of the Year, Jacob along with other
Corowa Leos catching up with Joel at the summit.
Rochester Leos arrived in style at Marion College
for the Leo Summit, having travelled down in a
“Stretch Hummer”.
Lions Lee & Norm from Cohuna hitched a ride
with Rochester.
What a way to travel, thanks to Trevor for
donating his time and vehicle to the Rochester
Leo of the Year 2013 - 14
So I have some pretty awesome news everyone!
I have been selected as one of the International Leo of the Year winners
for 2013-14
As far as I am aware, it's just a really cool name to add on to my already
cool title from last year; "International" + "Australian Leo of the Year
2013-14"... But there COULD be more to it, and I will update you guys as
I find things out! (That is if there is anything else to find out? I don't know
much about it to be completely honest because it was all initially shrouded
in secret from me).
This is a pretty awesome thing to have happened, and I just want to say a
massive thanks to all of those involved. I am very grateful to be a part of
such an awesome organisation, not to mention proud and privileged to be
recognized for my efforts within the lions family again.
Also, a BIG congratulations to the other winners! I saw a few familiar names on that listguys all deserve it xo
Leo Megan Hackwood
MD201 Q3 Australia
Strength Through Growth
The Leo Club of Benalla was formed on Tuesday the 1st of April
2014. On this night the board of directors were elected. These
are as follows:
President: Natalie O’Brien
Vice President: Hannah Edgley
Treasurer: Jessica Stocker
Secretary: Edward Mentiplay-Smith
Director: Laura Vallender
At present the Leo’s are currently in the process of planning
their first fundraiser. This will consist of face painting and
guessing how many lollies are in the jar for the cost of a gold
coin. It is to be held on Saturday the 28th of June between
10am and 2pm out the front of Sole Step in Bridge Street.
The Leo Club of Benalla currently meets on the 1st and 3rd
Tuesday of each month starting at 7pm at the Lions Club of
Benalla Shed (101 Waller Street).
Back Row: Edward Mentiplay-Smith, Laura Vallender, Past
President Peter Poels. Front Row: Leo Club of Benalla
Advisor Maddie Roff, Hannah Edgley and Jessica Stocker.
Absent Natalie O’Brien.
New members are always welcome, for more
information contact Maddie on 0458 402 591.
The first Leo’s fundraiser was held on Bridge Street.
This consisted of face painting and guessing how many
lollies were in a jar for the cost of a gold coin.
The Lions also held a sausage sizzle nearby and the
wood raffle was also very popular.
The picture shows L-R: Leo’s Laura Vallender, Jessica
Stocker, Hannah Edgley and Maddie Roff.
Thanks to the community for their valuable support!
COHUNA LEOS Planning is well underway for their “Youth Garden” at the Cohuna Village. This area is being
completely re-developed so much planning is required, taking into account the wishes of the residents to be able to
work in the gardens from wheelchairs, grow vegies to be used in the kitchen and flowers for their rooms. The Leos
will be assisted by the Cohuna Men's Shed to build raised flower-beds and redevelop the existing pergola.
This is a long term project, hoping that Leos in the years to come will continue to maintain the garden area.
Sub–committees have been formed to assist with fundraising and
social activities and the Youth Garden, giving all members
responsibility in the development of their club.
The Leos are busy renovating their den with the theme of the “Lion
King” and Pride Rock taking pride of place on one wall.
As lots of money will be needed to make the “Youth Garden” a place
of peace and enjoyment for the residents and their families, an
awesome raffle has been organised!!
A “Caravan Cubby”
Can’t you imagine this in the back yard?
Lots of work ahead, but lots of fun too.
Strength Through Growth
MURRABIT Another great night at the Murrabit Golf Club, a
wonderful meal presented by the Murrabit Group School.
Zone Chairman David Dent conducted the installation of the new
Board with Lion Carol Ash installed as President for 2014-15.
President Carol was presented with a beautifully carved “President’s
Chair” by members Frank and Dianne Hugues.
The year has passed so quickly, some of our achievements have
included new park benches for the War Memorial, also another
successful year with our monthly market which allows us to support
our local and wider communities to the tune of $23,ooo this year. For
a small club, this is a great achievement.
The mobile kitchen is at last starting to take shape, the shell nearly finished, the fitting out (benches, cupboards
etc.) well underway and equipment purchased. The van is being constructed by the
students at SuniTafe in Swan Hill, under the watchful eye of Garry Sydes, the Rural
Trades teacher. The van will be based at the Market site. It is a credit to all
members that our market works without rosters or phone calls, everyone just gets
in and does their job.
Among our donations were two cheques
to Lesley Stacey, Acting Nurse Unit
Manager (Acute) from Kerang District
Health, $1,000 would be used to
purchase a vital signs monitor for the
new hospital and $1,000 donated to
Glenarm wing will be used to purchase
equipment for the renovated units.
NUMURKAH Lions Club held their 45th changeover dinner at the Telegraph Hotel on 14th July where
chairman Lion Roger Newman welcomed Lions, Lions Ladies and guests including Zone Chairman, Stuart Barnes
who inducted the new Numurkah Lions President for 2014/15 Lion Barry Matthews and his board. Lion Barry said
he is looking forward to his year as Lions President and thanked all for their ongoing support during the year.
Past President Lion Doug McKeown handed over the Lions Gong and Gavel and wished Lion Barry a successful
year. Past President Doug has enjoyed his second time around as he was President in 1996/97. Lions have had a
busy year with helping those in need and clearing up
after the bushfires.Many offers of help came from near
and far.
Lions main project is our bi-monthly Broken Creek
Markets with the help of the Lions Ladies at all events
when required. Lions Ladies run only one fund raiser
each year for cancer which they are busy organising
now for, 31st August at 1.30pm the Numurkah Town
Lion Doug thanked Lions Ladies for their support over
his year and we look forward to a rewarding year under
President Barry Matthews.
Strength Through Growth
STANHOPE - Stanhope Lions have donateda defibrillator to
Stanhope Community Health Services at a cost of $2400.00. It
was presented by secretary Allan McGrath to Stanhope Health
Chief Executive Officer Peter Abraham at the Stanhope heath
centre with a group of Stanhope lions, Health officials and
committee members . Hopefully it will be a great asset to the
local community
The club also donated 10 trauma bears to the Stanhope police
and the local CERT team to be distributed to children as needed.
Secretary, Allan McGrath
PYRAMID HILL - Lion Tania Quinn was honoured by her
club for outstanding service at the Annual Changeover Dinner.
Tania was presented with the Lions Citizen of the Year Award.
She has been a tireless worker for the Club over many years and
assists the community whenever needed.
Although a small club, Pyramid Hill is very active conducting
monthly markets, and providing the town with a second hand
furniture depot. If required the furniture is donated, such as
when someone is re-located to the area or after a disaster such
as the floods or fire. Other furniture is sold to bring in a few
dollars to help them continue their community work.
The recent addition of their registered food van has added to the community market but has also aided many
other community groups who can now hire it for their catering jobs.
ROCHESTER - Recently Rochester Lions presented a vision impaired resident, John Constable, an ID Mate
to assist him with his every day chores. The ID Mate is a digital barcode reader that, when held to the barcode
on a can, speaks, to inform the user what is in the can. The scanner has the ability to scan any mainstream
supermarket products and orally inform the size of the can and what is inside it.
As John said, "Instead of opening a can and hoping for the best, I now know exactly what is in the can."
It can also be used for items which is a great asset to John.
Pictured is Constable receiving his ID Mate from Rochester President Bill Closter.
Rochester Lions Club played host to six exchange students seen here with DG Peter Niall.
Strength Through Growth
June’s Changeover Dinner was a great success with 20 members
and guests in attendance, with a delicious meal and good
company, and a great talk by Keith Pike, along with photos, of
his latest biking adventure.
A huge vote of thanks to Jenny Anthony for conducting the
induction of the old, new again Board for 2014/15.
A very pleasant surprise was forthcoming when Yvonne and I
were invited to the 201V6 Changeover Dinner at Cobram last
weekend. Our club was awarded the “Best Club” in the District
– a very great honour as V6 consists of 62 Lions Clubs, three
Leo Clubs and 2 Lioness Clubs. We had no idea that we had
been granted this award, and I thank 2013/14 District Governor
The new Board, for 2014 –15 from left, Brian
Lynn Fredericks for giving our club this award.
Cuffe, Lesley Martin, Nick Brown, Past Zone Chair
Jenny Anthony, President Bill Sutton, Steve Short,
L2P Learner Driver Program. The car UKV Lions helped to
Secretary Yvonne Sutton.
purchase has just had its 15000km service. It is being used
regularly during every week, and one young person has
already this year gained their licence through the program.
During the annual changeover dinner PDG Lynn conducted the
installation of the board for 2014-15;
John Weinert, Rod Ridding, DG Lynn, Deb Van-Corler, Jock
McDonald, Doug Wilson, Olie Tufuesson, Janet Austin, Des
Jones, Liz Ornsby, Graeme Hodgins, John Ellis.
The Club is looking forward to an exciting year as they plan for
their activities for the year ahead.
Was chosen to represent Victoria’s Imagine the
Possibilities Campaign.
The campaign aimed to recognise volunteers, show the
diversity of people who volunteer and encourage other
groups to volunteer in the Meals on Wheels and other
community programs.
For many years Yarrawonga Lionesses have provided a
full week of Meals on Wheels deliveries to both
Yarrawonga and Mulwala towns every second month
through the Moira Health Alliance and members volunteer
personally with further assistance.”
Yarrawonga Lioness Club
President: Carol Cox
Strength Through Growth
BENALLA - On Thursday 19th June, Benalla
Lions Club held there annual changeover
dinner, also their 56 Charter anniversary of the
formation of the Club.
It was a very sociable evening with a lovely
dinner at the Bowls Club, with many visitors
from other local service clubs and organisations,
also some visiting Lions members from other
local towns.
New President Lion Bruce Walker and his new
board were inducted by Past District Governor
Neil Campbell
At right: So great to see the club flourishing!
President Lion Bruce Walker with his new Board members including the leaders of the newly formed Benalla Leos
New member, Les Wake is sworn in by
District Governor Lynne Fredericks,
supported by sponsor Lion George
Lions Lady Pam Fredericks, Local MP Bill
Sykes and his wife Sally.
Benalla Mayor Barbara Alexander and her
husband Lion Rand Alexander.
The Guest Speakers for our August meeting, introduced by Lion Al Heffron,
were Julie Lawrence and Lisa Ditlef-Nielsen.
They have been riding bamboo bikes on the roads for 15 months and have
visited 21 countries. They travelled through Europe and on to Turkey where
there was a problem with females riding bikes on the road. They flew to
Thailand, then later to Australia.
They built the bikes themselves. They got the idea while in a small studio
apartment in London and then went to a workshop in New York. The bikes
are completely made of bamboo with carbon fibre- epoxy resin attachments.
They are very strong with German made internal gears, these are 27 speed
hub gears. They can carry 30 kilogram bags on the back of the bikes.
Julie has been away from Australia for seven years and they came to Benalla
to see her Mother.
Now back, she is very thrilled with the lovely country and they have decided
to go to Sydney and hope to start a bike building business. They like to
support disadvantaged people.
President Bruce Walker thanked Julie and Lisa for their very interesting
presentation and congratulated them on their wonderful achievements.
Lion Tricia Veale.
Strength Through Growth
Lisa Ditlef-Nielsen, President Bruce Walker
and Julie Lawrence.
COHUNA - Changeover was a family affair for
Cohuna Lions as new President Allan Walkington
was joined on his board by three other members
of his family. His mission this year is to reintroduce inter club visits and bring more fun into
club activities.
During the evening our newest member, Bill Hall
was inducted into the club. Bill, new to town,
approached one of our members as said
“Ask me the Question”
How many clubs have had someone ask to join?
Lions Norm and Lee Walkington
received the Presidents Award for their
work in establishing the Leo Club.
New member, Bill Hall, with incoming
President Allan and out going President Keith.
Outgoing President Keith hands over the
Gong & Gavel to new President Allan.
Baby Brock was born with ‘Craniosynostosis’, that means the plates that form his scull had fused too early,
this condition does not allow the plates to move as the brain grows, causing much pain but also can result in
server brain damage or death.
The only option for Brock was surgery, but he needed to travel to Adelaide. His mother, Kim, took the
extraordinary step to drive across to Adelaide to have baby Brock assessed. Surgery was required as soon
as possible, but it would mean a prolonged stay in Adelaide.
This would put great pressure on the family finances. The situation was brought to the attention of the
Cohuna Lions Club to see what could be done to assist.
A phone call to then DG Lynn and a request to the V6 Foundation for financial assistance was made. The
Club was delighted to receive the news that the V6 Foundation would assist with the amount of $2,500.
Brock was booked in for surgery on the 10th July, the funds from the V6 Foundation paid for his mother’s
accommodation, allowing her to stay close by in Adelaide.
Brock has returned home and all reports indicate that he is recovering better than expected,
he will require ongoing treatment as he grows, but for now, he has a much better prognosis
thanks to the support of Lions Club across District V6, as it is their donations that allow these
funds to be provided.
Thank you to V6 District for this support.
Strength Through Growth
COROWA - Lions clubs of
Howlong held a combined Changeover
dinner, this was a very social evening,
with all clubs represented.
Pictured are the three new 2014-15
Presidents, Rutherglen - Herb Ellerbock;
Corowa - PDG Lynn Fredericks; Howlong
- Greg Rooney, following their induction
which was performed by PDG Tom Little.
Lions Lady Ann McCall received a “Chris August” award
from the Lions Club of Corowa for her tireless work within
the community of Corowa and to the Corowa Lions club
On Saturday 14th June Glenrowan WarbyRangers Branch Club held their changeover
dinner, this was also the 1st anniversary of the
formation of the Club with inaugural President
Lion Ashley Vearing presenting his report on the
first years activities.
The new Lions President and his Board are sworn in.
It was a very sociable evening with many
visiting Lions from other Clubs in attendance.
New members are vital to this Branch Club to
allow them to achieve their goal of becoming a
Club in their own right.
Lion Tricia Veale
New members inducted into the Glenrowan
Warby-Ranges club, sponsored by PDG
Tom Little, were John Salafia, Anne and
John Cazaly.
Strength Through Growth
Dinner was held one month earlier than usual this year, to
accommodate both our outgoing and incoming President’s holiday
On Monday evening June 16th at the Mystic Park Hotel, Zone
Chairman David Dent installed Office Bearers for 2014/15 –
President: Brian Helsham, Secretary: Ruth Stirling and Treasurer:
Elvie Gannon,
Guests from other clubs included our current District Governor
Lion Peter Niall and his wife Lions Lady Mary. Cr. Neil Gannon in
his speech toasting Lions International, congratulated our club,
(considered one of the smaller in size), on the amount of our
donations in the past Lion’s year.
This year our DG’s visit, held annually with Quambatook club, will
be hosted by Quamby at their Hotel on August 18th.
We have had new picnic seating put in place at the north end of
Kangaroo Lake opposite the barbecue (at the rear of Kangaroo
Lake Caravan Park). The same type has also been installed in the
barbecue shelter at Racecourse Lake, which has been without the
barbecue for many years due to vandalism.
A decision is yet to be made as to
whether we will remove what is
left of that barbecue or “fashion” it into a form of table or bench. Not quite the
weather for an outing by the lake at the moment, so after all our working bees
things should be spic and span for the sunny weather. Wood bees; meals-onwheels; cemetery and cenotaph mowing and our major fundraising of the
contract with the shire are still keeping us busy, so the new Lion’s year is
Ruth Stirling,
Secretary P/R
LOCKHART - Early July saw members and special guests come together to participate in the Lions Club’s
annual changeover. The MC for the occasion was Mr David Skinner, a Past District Governor and a member of
the Culcairn Lions Club (pictured left). David inducted Mr John Irons (pictured right) as President for 2014/15. He
will again be supported by Dulcie McKenzie, Secretary, and Shirley Morgan, Treasurer. Guests at the luncheon
included the Lockhart Shire Mayor, Mr Peter Yates, President of the Rotary Club of Lockhart, Mr Colin Wiese, Mr
Bob Kendell and Harry and Eunice Couzin of Urana. In his address, Cr Yates pointed out how much Lockhart
Lions assists the Shire by its recycling effort, which results in less landfill at the local tip.
In his President’s report, John announced that the Club had another successful year. The Club’s major fund
raising activities are the operation of the Recycle Centre in Brookong Street, publication of The Verandah Post
and sales of mints and Christmas cakes. From these activities, the Club was able to make substantial donations
to the local community and to Lions projects. The Club is grateful to the supply of recyclables that residents and
businesses in Lockhart and district are willing to make available at the recycle centre. The cardboard and paper
that is collected is pressed, baled and then delivered to Visy at Tumut. The glass and plastic bottles, cans and
plastic wrap is delivered to Kurrajong Waratah at Wagga Wagga by long term volunteer Mr Keith Edgerton. The
major club award of Lion of the Year was presented to Mr Basil Doherty for his dedication in helping to improve
the environment through recycling. Basil rides his bike winter and summer to volunteer his time at the recycling
Strength Through Growth
Dollar Girl at the Australian Mint
Some of the many activities involving Lions Clubs International Youth
Exchangee Katariina Saikku from Finland during her home stay with
Lions Club of Lavington members Jan and Charlie Leaney.
At Wooragee Primary
Meeting the Kangaroos
at the zoo
With School Captain
during Lavington’s
Human national emblem
in Canberra
Assisting with shearing
at Walla Walla
Strength Through Growth
Personally hand made
teddy bear
Morning from the Devil’s Elbow 30 May 2014
July 2014 Update
Chairman’s Comments
With some of my family members I’ve just spent a week at
Licola. Despite the cold (and it was cold!) we had a great
time, enjoying the many and varied activities and enjoying
the hospitality of the staff. Try it yourself sometime!
We have had a very pleasing financial result at Licola in 2013
– 2014, the best in many years. We need to keep this in
perspective however. Exceptional circumstances created by
the teacher strikes and bushfire threats in early 2013 resulted
in some schools rescheduling camps into this financial year.
For 2014 – 2015, we expect to have a break even situation.
We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to
Licola’s success, without this support Licola would not be the
great Lions project that it is.
Camp 273: Mon 22nd – Friday 26th September 2014
It is now time to source deserving children for the September
camp. All information and the Club Application Form can be
found on our website www.licola.org.au – Lions drop down
menu – Lions Sponsored Camps.
Please process your application forms early and completely,
leaving no sections blank.
Lions Sponsored Camps for 2015
LSC 274 January Mon 5th – Fri 9th
LSC 275 January Mon 11th – Fri 16th
LSC 276 January Mon 19th – Friday 23rd
LSC 277 Sunday March 29th – Thursday April 2nd. Easter
falls during the middle of the school holiday
N4 / V6 Special Needs Camp April Sun 12th – Fri 17th
V3 Special needs Camp to be confirmed
LSC 278 September Mon 21st – Fri 25th - to be confirmed.
Working Bee 6-12 October 2014. Get in early!
We saw just how much can be achieved when Lions put their
mind to doing things together, and the common report was
just what a good time was had by all at the May Working B.
This is just to remind you that October is the next gathering
of the Lions, so please put this in your diaries now.
Over 50’s Camp 13-17 October 2014
Our Over 50’s camp is planned for, and all we need now are
active and exciting people to come up and enjoy themselves.
If you have noticed the dates, this camp begins just as the
Working Bee ends, so why not do both.
Bookings for the Over 50’s can be made through Ken
Johnston 97493408 or email [email protected]
What’s Happening at Licola
Please take this opportunity to read the Chairman’s report,
the C.E.O’s report and our Audited Financial Statements on
the Licola Website www.licola.org.au These reports really
do provide an accurate assessment of just what has been
achieved over the past 5 years, and reflected in the results
for 2013-14
What can Lions do to continue the success at Licola
This question is asked many times and usually when a Licola
Chairman or Board member attends that club.
Here are some things that
every Lion can do;
1. Find & sponsor children for the
Lion Sponsored Camps
2. Include Licola in your Club’s
annual disbursements
3. Come up and help at the Working Bees
4. Use Licola for a club social weekend, enjoy your
5. Tell non-Lion groups about Licola, encourage them
to visit.
Youth at Risk Camps –
Please support this exciting initiative. At Licola, we are
planning an exciting new initiative - a new program to
be known as “Wild4 Programs” ([email protected]), and the
Licola Board believes this to be the most exciting new
project we have been involved in.
The aim of these camps is to identify and assist 12-17
year olds who are making lifestyle choices that could
lead the way to a life of homelessness, drug abuse,
police attention and possible jail.
The “Wild4 Programs” will be 10 day intensive outdoor
education programs aimed at building self esteem and
positive connections with others, engagement with
their community and encourage them to seek further
training and/or future employment. Follow up
mentoring will occur at regular intervals after the
For our pilot project we need to raise at least $20,000
across the V-districts and our appeal is to all clubs for
a donation of $200.00 or more as a Special Donation
specifically for this first camp. We respectfully ask that
this payment is made in addition to the normal
donations you make to Licola.
Private donations would be gratefully accepted and
because Licola is a registered charity, donations over
$2.00 are tax deductable.
To promote this cause Adam is preparing to put his
body on the line and compete in a full distance Iron
Man Triathlon in December 2014 – 3.8km swim,
180km cycle, 42km run.
More detailed information will be forwarded to Club
Secretaries shortly.
Santa’s Own North Pole
There was Snow 12km along the Jamieson Road from
Licola at the end of June. Just another feature of what
is available to visitors at
We have also had a number of family
groups come to visit and then drive
to the snow before returning to the
creature comforts of hot water and
heaters in their cabins and fire side
conversation with friends and families.
Morning from the Devil’s Elbow 30 May 2014
Maintenance Report
Licola Corner August 2014 Update
Water tanks and Water purity
Chairman’s Comments
PDG Helen Campbell and I spent quite a few hours today
updating the Licola paperwork for the 2015 round of Lions
Sponsored camps. We will be doing a mail-out in the next few
weeks, so Licola Chairmen, could you check with your Club
Secretary to ensure they have been received.
Please remember that volunteers are a very important part of the
success of our Lions Sponsored Camps, the more the merrier!
Please contact Sudge at Licola if you are able to help.
Our CEO, Adam Wake, has been invited to speak at some of our
V District Conventions. Hear Adam describe first hand his plans
for the [email protected] camps.
Camp 273: Mon 22nd – Friday 26th September 2014
The September Camp is now only six weeks away so we need
you to get applications completed, as a matter of urgency.
All information and the Club Application Form can be found on
our website www.licola.org.au – Lions drop down menu – Lions
Sponsored Camps.
Please ensure that the forms are completed correctly, and all
sections are completed, before they are returned to Noelene
Birnie P.O.Box 560 Drouin Vic 3818.
That way she does not have to contact your club to gather more
information and delay processing your applications.
Lions Sponsored Camps for 2015
LSC 274 January Mon 5th – Fri 9th
LSC 275 January Mon 11th – Fri 16th
LSC 276 January Mon 19th – Friday 23rd
LSC 277 Sunday March 29th – Thursday April 2nd. Easter falls
during the middle of the school holiday
N4 / V6 Special Needs Camp April Sun 12th – Fri 17th
V3 Special needs Camp to be confirmed
LSC 278 September Mon 21st – Fri 25th - to be confirmed.
Working Bee 6-12 October 2014. Get in early!
This is just to remind you that October is the next gathering of
the Lions at Licola so please put this in your diaries now.
Each year it looks as though we do not have enough starters to
make this a great week of work and fun, and at the last minute
we get a rush of numbers. This makes it a little difficult for
catering and planning so PLEASE let Adam know early. There’s
always a range of jobs to be done, and a lot of fun to be had.
Over 50’s Camp 13-17 October 2014
Our Over 50’s camp is planned for, and all we need now are
active and exciting people to come up and enjoy themselves.
You may have noticed from the dates that this camp begins just
as the Working Bee ends, so why not do both.
Bookings for the Over 50’s can be made through Ken Johnston
97493408 or email [email protected]
What’s Happening at Licola
July is normally our quiet month and this year is no different
however we have just had the RAAF from Sale in and they
enjoyed our “cool” weather. Of all the places the RAAF can go it
appears that Licola is high on their list.
The quality and delivery of potable water at Licola is a
priority and recent checks indicated that a lot of work
was required to keep our system up to standard; this
includes the proper covers for our tanks. High winds
made replacing the roof on our water tanks difficult but
perseverance finally paid off. The next step is to upgrade
the pipes that allow the water to flow down to the camp.
This has not been done for many years, and will take
some time to complete.
Youth at Risk Camps –
Please support this exciting initiative
Wow, thank you to the Lions Clubs that have already
made donations to this project. While we know that
[email protected] will not happen until next year it is important
that we know we have the financial means to go ahead.
When making a donation please make the payee Lions
Village Licola with a note to specify that the funds are for
[email protected]
We did send out a copy of the original Scope on the
project last month and yet another has been sent via
Adam. This will always be a work in progress and there
will be more fine tuning before the first camp. Don’t let
that deter you from mentioning it to your friends and
colleagues, the main purpose will not change.
We will keep a $ barometer of how funding it coming
along for this in future issues of the “Corner”
Licola Open Day- November 2015
At this stage we intend to run a bus trip to and from
Licola, but this will depend on how many Lions and
friends would like to come. Costs will depend on the
numbers but we would expect it to be $50.00 or less.
Please do not leave it to the last minute to book, as quite
a bit of forward planning is necessary to rrange the bus.
As a matter some urgency please let Ian Bjorkman know
if you are interested [email protected]
Recycled Computers
If there are any members who have a computer with an
operating system of Microsoft 7 or newer that they have
decided they do not want could you please let Adam
know. The key point on this is not “old” computers as
we cannot use them – they will be just as problematic for
us as they were for you and why you might want rid. It
would actually be preferable if anyone simply has a spare
license for Microsoft7 that you are not using rather than
an old computer and that we can put this on one of our
systems in Licola. This will just save us the $500 or so
that it will cost us to renew operating systems and
programs since Windows XP became defunct and