May 2015 - Lions District 201V5

L I O N S C L U B S I N T E R N AT I O N A L D I S T R I C T 2 0 1 V 5 I N C . V I C . A U S T R A L I A
DISTRICT GOVERNOR: DG Alan Fluck (Roslyn), Unit 2/6 Randolf Court Lower Templestowe 3107
(H) 03 9850 6999 (M) 0468 607 485 [email protected] (Vermont)
CABINET SECRETARY: Ivan Kayne OAM (Annette), 3 Leon Court Donvale Vic 3111
(H) 03 9842 2701 (M) 0411 717 810 [email protected] (Donvale)
CABINET TREASURER: Lin Byron, 5 Strickland Drive Wheelers Hill Vic 3150
(H) 03 9561 5486 (W) 03 9807 2255 Email [email protected]
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Ron Smith (Laurel), 26 Duff Street Sandringham 3191
(H) 03 9598 4162 Email [email protected] (Sandringham)
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Registered by Australia Post – P/P No. 799999999 Volume 38 Issue 10 - May 2015
Young people
and Lions . . .
Fellow Lions, Lionesses Leos and
I HAD the pleasure in presenting a Lions
International Young Leaders in Service
Gold Award to William Smith at the Lions
Club of Eltham club rooms on 13th April,
2015. William has been an Honorary Lion
for 13 years. He undertook this honour with
the understanding that he would attend two
Club Meetings and two projects each year,
which he has done. Last year in 2014, he
achieved over 118 hours of community
service while doing his VCE and Ventures
as well as coaching gymnastics. Now that
William has turned 18 years, I will have
great pleasure in inducting him into Lions
on the 18th May, 2015.
YOTY District Final
AT the V5 District Final of Youth of the
Year Quest we saw Bronwyn Kealy win
our District Final and go onto the State Final
which was held at Ballarat on Saturday,
11th April, 2015. Bronwyn went on to win
the Public Speaking segment of the State
Final. Bronwyn is 17 years old and attends
Eltham College, she was sponsored by the
Lions Club of Warrandyte. I would like to
see more Lions Clubs become involved in
the Youth of the Year project. It is a great
opportunity for your Club to associate
itself with local secondary schools and
meet with their students.
DG Alan Fluck with William Smith and Peter Talbot, President Lions Club of Eltham.
Start of a new Leo Club
of Wheelers Hill for beginning the new
Leo Club of Wheelers Hill. Our Second
Vice District Governor Brian Buchanan
did an excellent job in inducting these
young people into the Leo’s program.
On Wednesday, 25th March, 2015 I
inducted Tom Xu and Carl Xing as Remote
Leos to the Lions Club of Forest Hill. Their
obligation is to attend at least one Leo
meeting per year and will work with the
Forest Hill Lions Club at Club projects.
Remember our young people of today are
our leaders of the future.
Strategic Plan
IN THE first week of May, each of our
Member Clubs will receive a copy of the
201 V5 Strategic Plan 2014-2019 for Club
members to read. Over the past five years
this Strategic Plan has been developed
from ideas received from members of our
District. Each year it is revised and updated
by the Committee from ideas received.
After reading this document, and you
would further like to contribute, please
contact Lindsay Champion Chairman on
email at [email protected] . An
electronic copy will also be forwarded to
the Secretary of your Club.
Cheers, DG Alan
DG Thought for the Month –
Getting together is the Beginning
Staying together is Progress
Working together is Success
– Henry Ford
ANZAC Day 2015 . . . In a recent speech Dr Brendan Nelson said: young Australians are increasingly
finding relevance in Anzac Day, not because they are enamoured with the madness of war but because the
virtues forged at Gallipoli and in other theatres give them a sense of what it means to be Australian. The
centenary of the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, he says, has more to do with the nation’s future than its past.
Dr Nelson, the director of the Australian War Memorial, says young Australians are looking for and finding
meaning in the values demonstrated by the men and women who had served the nation’s armed forces.
In terms of shaping who we are as Australians, I don’t think there’s any group of Australians that have
worked harder nor given more to do that, than the two million men and women who wear and have
worn the uniform of our three services.
– At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. – Lest we forget.
Lions District 201 V5
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
MAY 2015 page 2
Information from the Cabinet Secretary
Correspondence to: Cabinet Secreatry Ivan Kayne OAM
3 Leon Court, Donvale, Vic., 3111 (H) 03 9842 2701 (M) 0411 717 810
Email: [email protected]
Newcastle –
PU101 –
BY the time you read this, the MD Newcastle
Convention will have concluded, for Clubs
whose Delegates attended, I am sure you
all enjoyed the experience. A number of
important decisions were made which I’ll
be reporting on next month.
ALL Clubs have returned the PU101
(Incoming Officer Returns) for the
upcoming year I would like to thank all
Secretaries for their assistance.
District Changeover –
THIS year the District Changeover will
be held on the 18th July at the Venuto
Club, 191 Bulleen Road, Bulleen at a cost
of $40 per head, bookings can be made
by contacting the Changeover Chairman
Trish Hayward [email protected] .
Payments can be paid into the District
account directly BSB 033 316, Account 372
316 (see advert in this issue), HOWEVER
please notify Trish Hayward you have
made the payment so your booking can
be confirmed.
MMR and Activity Reports –
MOST Clubs are filling in their MMR
Reports on a monthly basis; however there
are some that still do not comply. MMR
Reports are to be filled in every month by
ALL CLUBS. Activity reports also need to
be submitted regularly, some Clubs have
not reported Activities for 12 months.
Incoming Officer Training –
THIS year the Club Officer Training will
be held on 17th May in Seymour at the
Seymour Secondary College Community
Arts Centre, 29 Stewart Street, Seymour;
and on the 31st May at the East Doncaster
Secondary College, 20 George Street,
Doncaster East. The times for both venues
is 9 am to 3 pm. All Incoming Officers are
invited to attend.
Membership Details –
I WOULD remind all Lions if you have a
change in details such as Phone Numbers,
Address or Email please contact your
Secretary so that he can update the
International MyLCI website. We are still
getting a number of Lions Magazines
returned to Newcastle because of
INCORRECT mailing addresses.
– Regards, Ivan
Zone 1 Lions Fellowship Night – NOW
FRIDAY, 1st May, 2015 at Shepparton
Harness Racing Club. Racing Complex,
Kialla, Vic. 3630.
Clarinda Art and Craft Market –
Saturday, May 23rd, 10 am - 2 pm at the
Clarinda Community Centre, cnr Viney
and Bourke Roads, Clarinda. Melway
78-J-7. Free entry, air-conditioned hall.
Veeda 9544 1161.
Mothers’ Day – Sunday, 10th May.
Incoming Officer Training – Rural
–Sunday, 17th May, 10 am - 3 pm –
Seymour High School Performing Arts
Centre. Cost $15 each.
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
– Friday, 29th May – 6.45pm for 7 pm
sharp at Bendigo Bank Boardroom, 62
Railway Avenue, Ringwood East, 3135.
Incoming Officer Training – Metro
31st May 9 am - 2 pm – East Doncaster
Secondary College. Cost $15 each.
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
– Thursday, 9th July, 6.45 pm for 7 pm
sharp at Bendigo Bank Boardroom, 62
Railway Avenue, Ringwood East, 3135.
The District Changeover will be held on
Saturday, 18th July at the Venuto Club,
191 Bulleen Road, Bulleen.
Media Training – Facilitators Alec
Owen and Georgina Kazenwadel –
August 23rd 9 am - 2 pm – Cost $10
each – Ringwood East Bank Community
THE elections are over and now Clubs are
preparing for the year which lies ahead.
Shortly we will be holding seminars for
incoming officers where they will be
instructed on their duties.
This is a very important part of the training
for new Club Officers who will be leading
their Clubs for the year ahead. The main
thrust will no doubt be in advice to incoming
Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries and
Membership Chairmen. It is in the
Secretarial group which I comment.
What is a Secretary, and just what are
his or her duties as far as a Lions Club is
concerned? Well, first of all, apart from the
President, they are probably the hardest
worked Club Members, if they take their
duties seriously. They are the main contact
between the Club and the District and are
responsible for the supply of information
between District and the Club.
This action is designed to keep Club
Members informed about what is
happening at District level and to keep
District Officials informed about the things
happening at Club level.
Unfortunately there are times when the
system breaks down and things don’t
always work out the way they should. Club
Secretaries do not always keep District
informed or in some cases, they may be
late in sending in required information. The
reason is usually pressure of daily work
but while this is a reasonable situation, we
get back to the old saying, if you feel you
do not have time to do the job, then give
serious thought to what effect your effort
will cause further up the line.
The District has its Secretary too and
nothing can be more frustrating than lack
of information from Clubs or lack of “ontime replies”.
We are all volunteers, doing the best we
can, but the Club Secretary deserves our
support and if necessary our assistance
if our Club is to be regarded favorably
as worthwhile to our community and our
– Harry Taylor
Would you kindly note
the deadline for copy and
pictures for June Issue is
Friday, 15th May.
Thank you to all contributors.
Lions District 201 V5
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
MAY 2015 page 3
NEW MEMBERS: District Governor Alan and Members of Lions District 201 V5 have
much pleasure in welcoming the following new Members to the District –
Jeanette Adaman
Malcolm Adaman
Warwick Meerwald
Sherwin Meerwald
Linda Goode
Peter Lyttle
Lyndurst & District
Ruban Malarajan
Malik Zaveer
Reginald Draper
Robert McGregor
Michael Curtis
Glenda McLeod
Amanda Sibio
Sally Moseley
Jane Vegh
Keith Irwin
Nunawading Lions visit Nagambie
FOR over 30 years the Nunawading Lions Club has held an annual “Away Weekend”
where we visit a different part of the country - and not always in Victoria.
This year was no exception and on Friday, 10th April seventeen Lions and their
partners left Melbourne and journeyed to the Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park which
was to be their base for the next three nights.
On Saturday they climbed aboard a bus for a guided tour of the district which included
a short trip on a boat in the Tahbilk wetlands. Our tour guide, Jamie, certainly knew
his district and its history and provided an interesting and humorous commentary.
Lunch was served at a reserve on Nagambie lakeside and afternoon tea at Nagambie
Wier. Catering was provided by Fiona, Jamie’s partner, and very good it was too.
Sunday we embarked on the Goulburn Explore for a trip round the lake then up the
Goulburn to Mitchelton Winery for the almost compulsory wine tasting, not that the
assembled Lions required much urging. On the return trip down the river we called
in at Tahbilk Winery before ending back at the park in time for nibbles and pre-dinner
drinks on the river bank. Both a cut lunch and afternoon tea was provided on the
boat by Fiona.
Sunday evening joined the Nagambie District Lions Club for an excellent BBQ
meal (catered for by Nagambie Lions) for an evening of inter-club fellowship in
the Mechanics Institute Hall. Sue from Seymour Lions Club was also present and
reminded us all of the V5 Convention to be held in Seymour in October.
tradition of the
Away Weekend is
to meet with the
local Lions Club at
some time over
preferably over
a meal, and thus
get to learn about
local projects and
Victorian Lions Foundation
LET’S start with the bad news. The Victorian
Lions Foundation is ‘our’ Foundation – yes,
yours and mine. Our research scientists
are equal to any in the world and that is
where they will most likely end up working
(overseas) because there they can get access
to all the latest equipment. YET, ONLY SIX
V5 Clubs donated to the VLF last year. They
donated a total of $3,250 to our projects and
a Leo Club in V6 – yes, one Leo Club raised
and donated $620. Doesn’t that make you
feel embarrassed? I know I do.
For example, how many of your Club members
have diabetes? Yet only two Clubs donated to
Baker IDI through the VLF. How many of you
have rheumatism or arthritis? Only one Club
in all the ‘V’ Districts donated to that. Three
Clubs donated to Neurobionics. I rest my
At the AGM in February the following positions
were filled:
Chairman, John Beale (V6); Secretary, John
Mitchell (V2); Treasurer, Colin Dyason (V3);
Vice Chairman, Bill Hughes (V2); Minute
Secretary, Veeda Oakley (V5).
Administration Committee: Membership
Records, Veeda Oakley; Finance Committee:
Colin Dyason, John Beale, John Mitchell, Rod
Jackson, Alf Hawken, David Oakley.
PR and Marketing: David Oakley, Eric Gittins,
Ivan Kayne and Veeda Oakley.
Guest speaker at the AGM was Dr. Wesley
Thevathasan, who is our inaugural
Neurobionics Fellow. Dr. Thevathasan
presented an extremely clear and informative
talk on Deep Brain Stimulation and their
research into using this process to help manage
illnesses such as Epilepsy, Dystoria and other
psychiatric disorders. Mind-blowing.
Every Club is contacted during the year and
every Club is sent a full-colour brochure
outlining our projects.
Please ask your Club to help our research
fellows stay in Australia and not be lost
overseas. The Victorian Lions Foundation
is OUR Foundation and we should be
supporting them.
– David Oakley, V5 VLF Representative
Thank You, Mother
Once upon a memory
Someone wiped away a tear
Held me close and loved me,
Thank you, Mother dear.
Lions District 201 V5
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
Vale Lion George Crouch
16.10.1924 - 01.04.2015
LION George was a member of
the Whittlesea Lions Club for
16 years. During his time
as a Lion, George served
as a Director for several
years. He really enjoyed
his time looking after the
Lions Park and helping at
the monthly street BBQ’s,
the Whittlesea Show and
preparation of our Santas, he was
upset when he was no longer able to continue
with these activities.
A true gentleman who will be sadly missed.
– John Leaford
Vale Lion Alan Bonnett
ALAN joined Lions in February, 1986 he was
an electrician by trade. Alan at this time was
also deeply involved with his partner in Girl
Guilds throughout the Goulburn Valley and
Shepparton in particular.
projects at Club level
including Youth Exchange,
Licola Camps.
In 1995, Alan became Club
President and later Licola
Chairman and Lion Tamer.
Due to health restrictions in
later years he involved himself in any area he
could assist.
Alan was a "club man" through and through
and many younger Lions came under his wing
for advice and his philosophy on life in general.
His happy smile will be sadly missed by those
that knew him.
– Terry Collison
Vale Lion Peter Stevens
29.5.1929 - 29.3.2015
PETER was a Lions Member of
the City of Caulfield Lions
Club, he joined following
the closure of the “old”
Brighton Lions Club many
years ago. He held the
roles of President and
He was a volunteer at the
Lions Licola Village during the
summer camps on many occasions where he
assisted with running of the day-to-day routine
for the children.
Peter was a valued member of the Brighton Life
Saving Club for some 34 years and spent much
of his time during summer months there as a
trainer and mentor to many young aspiring
A very private man, never married and spent
most of his life helping others in the community.
He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
Rest in Peace Lion Peter.
– Andrew Powell
Vale Lion Sherine Vanderputt
MAY 2015 page 4
THERE has been great sadness with the passing, on 29th March, of Sherine Vanderputt,
after a four-year illness. Sherine has been a member of the Lions Club of
Moorabbin since 2006, serving as President in 2010-2011.
The several hundred mourners who attended her funeral in East
Bentleigh showed how she was a much loved person who had touched
the lives of so many people in many walks of life, had formed many
strong, enduring friendships, and was adored by her family.
Sherine was born in Sri Lanka, where she lived until the age of
19. During this time she showed a great passion and talent for the
performing arts: dance including ballet; singing even performing in
a band and duets with her sister: two beautiful harmonising voices, a
pianist, and appearing in films.
Sherine then moved to England, where she lived in London, initially working as the
Personal Assistant to the well-known media proprietor and impresario Lew Grade.
During her 20 years in the UK, which she loved, her first son Mark was born.
After emigrating to Melbourne in 1989 her son Paul was born. Sherine’s most recent
career position was as a Human Services Case Manager for Kingston Council, which,
with her compassionate, caring nature suited her well.
In March 2006 Sherine was inducted into the Lions Club of Moorabbin, and despite
being in full-time work she was a tireless worker for the Club. Besides her term as
President she was also on the Social Committee, Almoner, and 1st and 2nd Vice
Sherine was instrumental in establishing a Facebook page for “Sri Lankan Food Lovers”
and continued this passion.
Despite her long illness, Sherine strove to live life to the full, whenever she was able.
Her family and many close friends have supported her throughout her illness, and
throughout this time Sherine always showed more concern for others than herself. She
demonstrated immense courage and an inner strength, and will be greatly missed.
– Gillian Lelah
Vale Lion Tom James 1941 - 2015
MAJOR Thomas James R.F.D. died on 8th April, 2015 after a battle with cancer.
Tom joined the Moorabbin Lions Club in January, 2008 and in June, 2014
transferred to the Mordialloc-Mentone Lions.
At Moorabbin he served:
• Six years on Constitution, By-Laws and History Committee;
• Six years on Meeting and Social Programs Committee.
In 2014 Tom developed the Club’s By-Laws.
Tom was always willing to put his hand up to assist with any of the
Club’s activities. He had a quiet, easy going manner.
Tom grew up in Ballarat, in a very nice comfortable house near the
Town Centre. He had a lifelong interest in the military, joining the Ballarat High School
Cadet Brigade at the age of 16.
Tom worked at various jobs until he joined the Army, where he rose to the rank of
Major: his dedication and loyalty were exemplary. On his retirement from the Army
Reserve in 1988 Tom was second in charge of the 4/19th Wales Light Horse Armoured
Regiment. He served more than 30 years in both the infantry and armoured corps.
Tom’s dedication and hard work proved valuable again when he retired from the Army
and proceeded to complete a nine-year legal course, and his career move as a solicitor.
At the time of his death Tom was the President of the Cheltenham-Moorabbin RSL Sub
Branch. During his presidency of the RSL he conducted Anzac Day and Remembrance
Day commemorations. On formal occasions he mixed with international guests and
Australian leaders because of respect shown to him throughout his Army career and
in retirement.
Tom had many interests and loves, the first being his wife: Sandra, and his sons and
extended family, his mother, the family home in Ballarat, and his “hide-away” property
in the bush.
Lion Charlie Smith of the Moorabbin Lions remembers that, on occasions, when Tom
was upset, he would say: “Go and get your tank Tom. That will fix the problem.” This
always raised a laugh from Tom.
Tom’s time at Mordialloc-Mentone was short but when he was well enough he
attended meetings and assisted in Fundraising events and Projects.
– We will miss you Tom, God Bless.
Lions District 201 V5
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
THE District Final of the Youth of the Year was held on Saturday, 28th March, 2015 at the
Quality Inn, Wantirna. Fifty-six people attended the event.
Four Contestants participated: Grace Boscetti sponsored by Moorabbin LC from
Kilvington Grammar School; Sarah Bresnehan sponsored by Blackburn North LC from
The Knox School; Alex Cox sponsored by the Tatura LC from Goulburn Valley Grammar
School; Bronwyn Kealy sponsored by Warrandyte LC from Eltham College.
They spent the afternoon being interviewed by five Judges.
The night was run by Waverley Lions Club with John Coulson the MC. He made the
night run smoothly and put the students at ease when they were at the podium. All the
speeches were different and were delivered with great finesse.
DG Alan Fluck gave out the awards to all the Contestants. The Public Speaker Award
went to Alex Cox with the overall winner going to Bronwyn Kealy. They all received a
present along with certificates for participating.
I would like to thank the Waverley Lions Club and President Diane Stockdale for putting
on a great show.
At the State Final held Saturday, 11th April, 2015 Bronwyn Kealy won the Public Speaking
Award; Emma Wiggins representing the Mt Eliza Lions Club (V3) won the Overall Prize
and went forward to represent Victoria at the Multiple District Convention.
– Monica McQuatters, District Youth of the Year Chairman
MAY 2015 page 5
2015 AGM and Convention
Seymour – May Update –
10th - 11th October 2015
Coo-ee Calling All Lions
WE are having a Display
Competition at
our Convention,
so for all the
Chairmen who
have displays, you
need to register your
stall with Carol Smith
5799 1970 or email at [email protected] .
Keep your registrations coming in,
don’t leave it to the last minute, fill in
the form NOW and send it to us along
with your $20 deposit or payment in
full if you prefer. You can pay by cheque
or direct deposit into our bank account.
Remember to use your name as the
notation at the bank or on-line and
then forward us your form or email it
to us on [email protected]
Registration forms, accommodation
lists and local tourist information can
be downloaded from our website at .
Stamp Recycling
Bronwyn Kealy winner of the
District V5 YOTY Final, sponsored by
Warrandyte LC representing
Eltham College.
Alex Cox winner of the Public Speaking
segment of District YOTY V5 Final, sponsored
by Tatura LC and representing Goulburn Valley
Grammar School.
Bronwyn Kealy being presented the certificate by DG Alan.
TO all Clubs that support stamp
recycling – thank you! You will be
delighted to know we have had another
magnificent year with the used stamp
project and already have accumulated
$8,500 to pass on to the Australian Lions
Children’s Mobility Foundation, with
another three months yet to go! We
are now receiving collections, covers,
post office packs and even foreign coin
collections to sell and these are adding
to the 300/400 kilo of stamps that have
come to us. The majority of stamps we
receive are sold at the NSW Philatelic
Society auctions (Philas) held three
times a year and some of the more
valuable items are also being offered
and sold on eBay. The eBay site is
registered as lisc41.
– Veeda Oakley, Clarinda Lions
Lions District 201 V5
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
MAY 2015 page 6
DEAR LIONS, as Chairman of your Lions Clubs
Communities benefit from Club projects
and support from ALF
THE number of Grants is increasing all the
time as Clubs look to support projects.
Support from Dick Smith assisted this
Grant to help a needy grandmother in
V5. Thanks to the Lions Club of Greater
Dandenong for their assistance in making
this possible.
Change of Postal Address
For the short term, please note that all
correspondence for the Australian Lions
Foundation should be directed to Acting
Secretary – Lion David Triffett – PO Box
465 Glenorchy, Tasmania 7010.
If Clubs and Districts are planning on
making awards to members, please do
not leave it to the last minute. Download
the current Awards Application Form from
the ALF.
Make sure you leave sufficient time for
International Foundation (LCIF), I have the privilege of
travelling the globe to see the amazing work Lions are
doing. Every day, you provide disaster relief, empower
our young people and serve our communities.
You also remain committed to saving sight. Whether you
are conducting vision screenings, providing eyeglasses
or medicine, you are giving the gift of sight.
Together with LCIF and partners like The Carter Center,
Lions have helped to restore sight to 7.7 million people
through cataract surgeries; prevented serious vision
loss for more than 30 million; provided over 271 million IPIP Barry with Lion Jimmy Carter
treatments for river blindness; built or expanded 660
former President USA.
eye care hospitals and clinics; and trained 681,000 eye care specialists and eye health
workers. Congratulations, Lions!
As we celebrate these achievements, know that there is still much work to be done. With
your contribution, LCIF will be able to support Lions all over the world who continue
making a positive impact in the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired. Thank
you for commitment to saving and restoring sight.
Sincerely, Barry J. Palmer, Chairman, Lions Clubs International Foundation
Leo Club of Wheelers Hill formed
WHEELERS HILL President Chester Allan (centre right) presenting the Certificate of
Organisation to Leo President Mark Allan and the new Leos. Chester commented, “the
Lions were excited and looking forward to supporting a group of creative and enthusiastic
young people who would be helping others in need”.
ALF Website
The Website is undergoing upgrade. We
appreciate the assistance of MD Assistant
Webmaster Lion John Wenham who
is working with us on the upgrade and
ALF Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the
Australian Lions Foundation will be held
at the Multiple District Convention in
Newcastle at the Saturday Lunch interval.
We welcome representatives from all
Clubs to attend as this is YOUR Foundation
and your input is welcomed.
A special event was held on 24 March to celebrate the formation of the Leo Club of
Wheelers Hill and to install club officers and induct 15 new Leos. It was a great occasion
hosted by the sponsoring Lions Club of Wheelers Hill. Installing officer was 2ndVDG Brian
Buchanan and there were presentations from VDG Ann Eldridge, Saarah Ozeer and PDG/
Leo State Coordinator Les Harrison.
V5 Trustee Contact Information
CLARINDA Lions had a full bus again this year when they popped up to Tocumwal/
Cobram for the weekend. Perfect weather was a plus, this photo was taken on the way
home at Nagambie (along with about 200 bikies) for afternoon tea – men looked at the
bikes while the girls strolled up see the statue of Black Caviar. The trip’s raffle proceeds
are headed to the Monash Children’s Hospital.
PCC Tony Benbow (Sue)
22 Minchinbury Dr. Vermont South Vic
3133 (H)03-9801-2772 (M)0419 592 003
[email protected]
Year End Awards/Recognitions
The end of the Lions year is getting closer
and many Clubs will look to acknowledge
the service of their members and those in
their Community. Don’t leave the ordering
of your Awards to the last minute. They
take time to produce and dispatch. You
can go on-line to obtain them and send
to the Awards Chairman to ensure your
order is delivered in time.
Another big turn-out for the Clarinda border trip
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
Lions District 201 V5
Zone 6 Supports Midnight Basketball
OVER the period from
28th March, a project
designed at helping
youth at risk in the
Knox District has been
Stadium by a team
of over 50 volunteers
supported by staff from
The Winning Team –
Knox Council.
the Light Blue Buzzer Beaters.
The Midnight Basketball
project involves conducting a basketball tournament for those
young people at risk and incorporates forming teams from the
young folk attending the program, assigning each team a coach,
providing each player with a uniform and then having them play in
a round-robin series of basketball matches. Each night, basketball
is preceded by dinner, where the youngsters are provided with
a meal. After their meals, they proceed to the tournament and
The concept is quite simple but it is also very effective. We
witnessed an amazing transformation in the growth and
development in some of the young people who have come along
and involved themselves in the program. This, in itself, makes the
whole experience worthwhile from a volunteers’ perspective.
It is been hard work, but it is also quite
worthwhile, especially where one can see
the smiles on the faces of the youngsters at
the end of the evening. At the conclusion of
the evening’s activities, the young folk are
bussed home to their front doors. Home by
midnight – hence ‘Midnight Basketball’.
We witnessed an exciting Grand Final night
on the 28th March with the winning team
being the Light Blue Buzzer Beaters.
Laurie Cooper, Zone 6 Chairman
MAY 2015 page 7
Terry and
THE Lions Club of Shepparton presented an Australian Lions
Foundation Community Service Award to Kamal Deep Singh
for his generous support and giving to his local community.
For some time now, Kamal has supplied free breakfasts to
children who attend the local St Georges Road Primary School
and other needy local residents down on their luck. He does
this as a gift of giving and his own way of supporting his
When the Lions Club of Shepparton became aware of this it
decided that Kamal should be the inaugural recipient of the
Australian Lions Foundation Community Service Award which
the Club intends to present each year in Shepparton.
President Tara said, “in presenting this award to Kamal, it is
our way of thanking him and those who work, mostly unseen
in our local community”.
Lions Club of
Croydon Inc.
Monies raised will go to the Licola
camp, a Lions Club initiative to help
disadvantaged children
Monday, 15th of June, 2015
at the Dorset Gardens Hotel
7 pm for 7.30 pm start
335 Dorset Road, Croydon 3136
Investiture of the President and Board
of Directors by Installing Officer Zone
Chairman Laurie Cooper
Lounge Suit/Smart Casual
Two-Course Meal $35.00 per head –
Drinks at bar prices
Dinner and Dessert Menu
(choice of three)
RSVP Ian Atkinson 0432 546 717 by
Friday, 5th June
Includes Admission,Three Course Meal,Racebook
and Complimentary Tea & Coffee
Lions District 201 V5
Newsletter / District Website: Http://201v5.Lions.Org.Au/
201V5 District
Changeover Dinner
You are invited to the District Changeover Dinner.
• Date: 18th of July 2015
• Time: 6.30 p.m. for 7.00 p.m. start
• Venue: Venuto Club 191 Bulleen Rd Bulleen
• Dress: Dinner Suit Attire
• 3 course meal and music entertainment
• $40.00 per head. Please deposit money into 033065 372316 and
place your surname in as identification
• Please RSVP to Trish Hayward [email protected] or mobile
0418936239 by 6th of July 2015
MAY 2015 page 8
Lions Australia has joined
hands with beyondblue in
Sandringham to raise
awareness and
understanding about depression and anxiety
An open public Lions Club meeting to help educate
residents in and around Sandringham as part of
beyondblue’s and Lions Australia’s Joining Hands
campaign.All Clubs invited to attend.
Tuesday, 19th May, 2015
Location: The Sandringham Club,corner Beach Road and
Bamfield Street, Sandringham
$25.00 PP (two-course meal) – Drinks at Bar Prices
Contact: Roger Vial 0411 422 905 by 15th May, 2015
Jim Moore
is a semi retired businessman. He
and managers in leading more
Jim is a volunteer speaker for
awareness about anxiety and
depression, reduce associated
stigma and encourage people
Lions Australia has partnered with beyondblue to help people across
Australia look after their mental health and tackle depression and anxiety.
Supporting the Lions Cord Blood Foundation and Lions projects
Invites you to a night of fun and laughter (Adults Only)
(This is a ticket only event )
Saturday 14th November, 2015 – 7:00 - 11:15pm
Dress: Ladies - after 5 (hats optional) – Guys Smart Casual.
Trackside, Kilmore Racecourse, East Street, Kilmore 3764
Glenys 0409 891267 or Leigh 0419 518 879
$35.00 per head - Tables of 10 limited
Finger food (Advise dietary requirements when purchasing tickets)
Complimentary drinks and gifts on arrival
Drinks available throughout the evening at Bar prices.
& Silent Auctions
Simulated Horse racing event
Door Prizes
Lucky envelopes
Toss the Coin
Balloons Afloat
Lucky spots Fashions on the Field
and MORE
LADIES SPECIAL OFFER : See ticket attachment for special savings when looking for that
outfit to wear to the Fashions on the Field event on the night. Entry to Fashions on
the field $5... Entry can be purchased with tickets or on the night of the event.
Remember to bring your tickets to the event to be in the draw for the Lucky Door Prize
• EFTPOS facilities will be available CASH WITHDRAWALS.....Withdrawals of cash on the night available
only at Trackside facility (cash withdrawal limits will apply due to Gaming Facility regulations)
Wandong-Wallan Lions Club
The 2015 Lions Spring Fundraising Carnival
Tickets now on sale
Band: Cold Fusion
Waydon Builders Pty. Ltd
BPA Print Group, 2 McIntyre Street, Burwood 3125 Ph: (03) 8831 2000 Email: [email protected]