Northern Lion April 201 - District 201Q2

The 201Q2 istrict
District Governor Gordon Bailey
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Mareeba was next on the list and is the second
largest club on the Tablelands. The first District
Governor in our District (or 201H as it was then),
Mick Borzi AM OBE is still an active member and
I was honoured to spend some time with him. I
was also honoured to induct two new members
into their club who will add to the growing
number of younger members this club is
Greetings to all in the Lions Family in our great
District of 201Q2.
DG Gordon with two new members and their
sponsors after their induction into Mareeba Lions
Diane and I have continued our visits and are
now well past the 50% mark with Dimbulah being
the first visit for March. We really enjoyed their
laid back attitude to Lions and again have been
amazed at the variety of projects; notable among
them is their assistance in running the Annual
Great Wheelbarrow Race which is a 3 stage
team relay event where competitors push a
wheelbarrow from Mareeba to Dimbulah to
Almaden to Chillagoe along the Wheelbarrow
Highway. Unfortunately we had a flat tyre on the
way back to Atherton which had to be changed
and that meant having to clamber under the
Suburban to position the jack. Not wanting to get
my uniform dirty, it was down to my jocks and
mission accomplished.
We returned to Townsville for the weekend for
the Cabinet Meeting where we welcomed our
new Leo Chairperson in Tom Porter, before
heading south to visit the Proserpine Lionesses.
What a bunch of fun loving ladies. We joined in
their 24th Birthday Celebrations and also
witnessed their election of officers.
Heading north again, this time to Rollingstone
and their newly completed Den. The quality and
finish of the building is a credit to them. In a bit of
a send-up, and anticipating that I would be
without a tie (which I wasn’t) a supply of ties was
made available to each of their members – and
they all wore them! I was again honoured to be
able to induct 2 new members on the night.
By comparison, Ravenshoe the next night was
without incident and another great night was had
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
of priority. It has never been more important
to attract more members; membership is in
decline and this, apart from our reduced
capacity to assist those in need, is having an
effect on costs and ultimately our dues. We
have already lost our Family Membership
I would ask you also to please consider
hosting a youth or two as part of the Youth
Exchange Programme. Every year we have
large numbers of youth applying to come to
Australia and sadly, we are unable to
accommodate them all. This also has a flow
on effect to the International Youth Camp
held at Camp Kanga each year where we
are unable to accept all those applying
because we have insufficient host families in
the time leading up to the camp. This puts
the International Youth Camp in jeopardy
when we are unable to take the numbers
needed to make it financially viable. Hostings
need not be done by an individual, they are
often done on a shared basis within a club,
and if you think you are too old and don’t
have children of your own at home any more,
think again. Many of you have grandchildren
of a similar age so think about asking your
children – they don’t need to be Lions or
Lionesses – and there is nothing to stop a
Leo being the host either (with their parent’s
ok of course). Youth Exchange and Camp
Chairperson Lion Damien Mott is full of ideas
and is willing to come to your club, so why
not give him a call or email him – details in
the Directory.
DG Gordon inducts two new members during his
visit to Rollingstone Lions Club
Next it was Townsville Barrier Reef and an
evening of irreverent fun. It gave me
pleasure to recognise their member Kevin
Gietzel who has been appointed to the
Committee. Kevin lived in PNG for a number
of years and has family ties there and will be
a valuable member of the committee.
Back up to Ingham and St Patrick’s Day at
the Ingham Club as well as their 53rd
birthday. Again I was honoured to induct a
new member. I continue to be amazed at the
number and variety of club’s projects and
Ingham is no exception – their Hinchinbrook
Fishing Classic is an absolute standout
raising much needed funds for the
community whilst providing the area with an
event of note.
The only two 50th Anniversary Celebrations
for the year occurred during March and I was
fortunate to be able to attend both as they
were one week apart. The clubs are Malanda
on March 14 and Bowen on March 21. 50
years is a remarkable achievement and both
clubs are fortunate to still each have 2
Charter Members, but unfortunately only one
from each club able to attend. Both functions
were well attended and organised, with
Bowen producing a pictorial history in book
form, and this is something to behold.
Remember also, the District’s greatest asset
needs a little TLC from time to time and a
working bee is planned for the weekend of
April 18-19, so grab your paint brushes and
rollers, or your tools if you are a trady, and
head off to Camp Kanga. See the details
elsewhere in the Northern Lion or call the
Camp Chairperson PDG Doug Winterflood –
details in the directory.
Finally, don’t forget the Multiple District
Convention in Newcastle from the 1st to the
4th of May.
Membership is high on the agenda with the
March to May Membership Programme
completing its first month. Details of the
Programme have been distributed to all
clubs and I ask that if your club has not yet
become involved that you do so as a matter
Until next month,
Gordon Bailey
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
DG Gordon’s Travels
DG Gordon is presented with a bannerette from
Dimbulah Lions Club
Opening ceremony Bowen Lions Club Rotunda
Malanda Lions Club celebrates 50 years of
service to their community
Helping to cut the Ingham Lions Club’s 52nd
birthday cake with President Kathleen Lynch and
Charter Member Maurice Filei
DG Gordon exchanging bannerettes with
President Neil De Waele during his visit to
Townsville Barrier Reef Lions Club
Leo James Baker receiving Citizen of the Year
Award at Rollingstone Lions Club
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
DG Gordon presents a 50 years of Lions Service
Certificate at Malanda
DG Gordon is presented with a Proserpine
Lioness Club bannerette
Exchanging bannerettes at Mareeba Lions Club
Exchanging bannerettes at Ravenshoe Lions Club
Zone 4 Chairman Lion Allan Hansen and Ellen
Sandwich Board advertising the Ravenshoe
Lions Dinner meeting
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Cyclone Pam’s Journey of Destruction Across
Dear Lions, Lioness and Leos,
Cyclone Pam category 5 has been described as one of the most powerful storms in the Pacific – ever; with
wind-speeds over 340km/hour.
On Friday night, the 13th March 2015 Cyclone Pam smashed through Port Vila and across the many
islands of Vanuatu, causing widespread devastation. Unfortunately many deaths are being recorded as
families fled their corrugated and thin wooden houses to crowd into emergency shelters or go to higher
The members of the Lions Club of Port Vila are at the centre of Lions efforts to look after their
community. Your Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has responded quickly to requests of help
from Lion Richard Chenevier Region Chairman for Vanuatu and New Caledonia by immediately sending a
LCIF Emergency Grant of US$10,000. This initial Emergency Grant will enable the local Lions Family to
distribute bottled water, food, clothes, hygiene packs, baby care, toiletries and medicines to hundreds of
displaced people.
Authorities have warned of the risk of diseases as the sea covered many small islands and low lying areas
of land, disabling freshwater supplies. The 7 Lions Clubs on New Caledonia are preparing to rebuild the
community on Tanna Island as they have conducted Sight projects on this island in recent years.
Your donation to the LCI/LCIF Disaster Relief Fund will enable much needed assistance to be given to
those in distress. Send your cheque in Australian Dollars to your District Cabinet Treasurer. Your donation
marked as such is eligible to go towards a Melvin Jones Fellowship or Progressive Melvin Jones
Fellowship. Conduct a bucket collection in your local community – everybody knows about Vanuatu and
you could gain a few new members.
The Lions in Vanuatu are a small part of LCI, but are a part of our Family and need support to offer
comfort and help to their communities in times of need with the assistance of LCIF and Lions around the
100% of every dollar donated to LCIF goes to the people in need.
On behalf of the Lions of the small nation of Vanuatu and their communities thank you for your help
Yours in Lionism,
Nigel Jeny
MDC Nigel Jeny
LCIF MD201 Co-ordinator
2/1 Lauderdale Ave
Fairlight, Sydney NSW 2094
+61 2 9948 4544 +61 (0)411 01 66 75
[email protected]
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Cyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu
Dear District Governors and LCIF District Co-ordinators
Due to the continuing problems of feeding and providing fresh water to the people of Vanuatu, LCIF has
given a US$100,000 Major Catastrophe grant to assist the Lions of Vanuatu with both immediate and
long-term relief efforts following Cyclone Pam.
Please can this latest assistance from LCIF to the Lions of Vanuatu be included in your next monthly
newsletter sent to your Clubs.
LCIF and the Lions of Vanuatu and their communities are very grateful for the immediate help and
generous donations provided by the Lions Family of Australia.
Kind Regards
MDC Nigel Jeny
LCIF MD201 Co-ordinator
2/1 Lauderdale Ave
Fairlight, Sydney NSW 2094
+61 2 9948 4544 +61 (0)411 01 66 75
[email protected]
An update on the LCIF support for Vanuatu.
In addition to the $10,000 emergency grant already paid, LCIF have now added a US $100,000 major
catastrophe grant to support Vanuatu after the massive destruction caused by cyclone Pam.
Any club wishing to contribute to the support of the LCIF assistance effort, please consider discussing this
at your next meeting.
Have a great Day!
Best Regards,
Barry Brockbank
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
MDC NIGEL JENY O.A.M. – Multiple District Co-ordinator
Has your Club together with neighbouring Clubs looked for an LCIF Project for your community?
LCIF wishes to receive many more applications from Districts in Australia. You can obtain advice
and assistance from myself or your LCIF District Co-ordinator on how LCIF helps Lions make a
greater impact in their community.
LCIF is delighted to receive three applications for International Assistance Grants (IAG), the first
for over 10 years. Two Clubs, West Pennent Hills Cherrybrook (N5) and Brisbane Moorooka (Q1)
have teamed up with Lions Clubs in Sri Lanka to provide water treatment plants to villages in the
mountain interior. These plants will treat local water supplies contaminated with heavy metals
that cause kidney failure. The Lions Club of Margaret River (W2) is partnering with the Lions
Club of Dili, Timor Leste to fund water tanks and pipework to a reliable spring for a remote
hillside community. Currently they have one tap to service the whole area, and this tap runs dry
for half the year as it is not connected to any ongoing source of water.
LCIF Standard (matching) Grants approved since last convention report:
• .C2 US$30,000 air conditioners for Lions Cancer Lodges
US$71,198 Phoenix Micron lV Retinal Imaging Microscope
V1-4 US$40,500 Fluostar Omega Fluorescence machine for Monash University,
Victorian Lions Rheumatism & Arthritis Medical Research Foundation
US$32,871 Neurobionics Equipment for Bionics Institute
And there are more grant applications waiting to be approved at this year’s LCIF board meetings
• N2
US$100,000 Jindelara Cottage – accommodation for homeless women and
US$25,000 12 seat School Bus for intellectually disabled children
Our goal is for every District to achieve at least one successful application each year for a LCIF
Standard Grant.
You can make dreams come true!
LCIF is there to support the immediate disaster relief efforts of Lions and then assist with the
reconstruction of affected communities.
Overseas, LCIF with the support of Lions around the world, provided grants to care for the
orphaned children who have lost both parents to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Following
terrible disasters like the August 2014 Zhaotong Earthquake in Yunnan Province of China and
the May 2014 Balkans Floods LCIF is there to help Lions provide practical assistance to their
Australia is a land continually beset by bushfires, floods and cyclones. This year has seen
bushfires in South Australia and Victoria. Cyclone Marcia caused widespread damage to homes
and flooding of communities in Queensland and Northern NSW. LCIF is ready to respond to
applications for Emergency Grants.
LCIF was asked to help Lions to support farmers and their families devastated by the severe
drought in Queensland and western NSW. Drought relief is outside the scope of Emergency
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Grants. However, LCIF made an US$20,000 Recovery Grant to six Australian Districts, Q2, Q4,
Q3, Q1, N1 and N4 to set up a counselling program with Optum totalling US$120,000 to be
administered and organised by the Lions Club of Townsville Castle Hill (Q2).
In PNG, Australian Lions are partnering Vision 2020 Australia where LCIF is providing a
SightFirst Grant to develop a National Resource Centre at the University of PNG to strengthen
ophthalmology training.
In the last 5 years over US$1.5 million in LCIF Grants has been provided to Australian Lions.
100% of every dollar donated to LCIF goes to the people in need.
By making an annual donation to LCIF your Club is giving much needed funds to provide local
grants and supporting successful world-wide health projects.
Lions have accepted the challenge to raise $30 million by our centenary year 2017 to eliminate
measles and rubella. Donations to the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative will be
matched dollar for dollar by the U.K. Government’s Department of International Development and
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, giving a total of $60 million in the fight against measles and
Measles can be prevented with a safe and inexpensive vaccine costing less than $1 per dose. In
2015 Lions is organising with the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI) the
vaccination of 157 million children; giving every child the chance of a healthy life. Please help to
save a child’s life. Every dollar donated to the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative will
save two children’s lives.
The easiest method to make a donation to LCIF is to apply for a gift of a Melvin Jones Fellowship
or Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship. You can now direct your donation to one of five special
areas by ticking a box or writing your choice on the application form.
• Disaster Relief
• Humanitarian Needs (includes donations to the Measles Initiative)
• Sight
• Youth
• Area of Greatest Need
Supporting excellent programs and being a leader in fiscal responsibility is not only part of LCIF’s
mission, but what sets LCIF apart from other charities worldwide. EVERY DOLLAR you give to
LCIF goes towards a grant to help people lead better lives.
For LCIF to have sufficient funds for grants, every Club needs to refill the bucket Does your Club
have a fundraising event for LCIF each year?
LCIF DVD’s and brochures, MJF application forms (LCIF 42M-EN) can be picked up from the
LCIF booth or download from
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
All donations to LCIF are sent to your District Cabinet Treasurer with a post-it note or
Club letter explaining the nature of the LCI/LCIF donation.
Please support your Foundation and honour Lions service to your Clubs and District with a MJF
or PMJF.
June 2015 marks the end of the three year term of our LCIF District Co-ordinators. I wish to
thank them for their dedicated and successful service to help their Clubs understand how they
can use LCIF.
MDC Nigel Jeny O.A.M.
LCIF MD201 Co-ordinator
Now is the time to recognise the dedicated service of your members to their community.
Top of the tree is the Melvin Jones Fellowship or Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship. By donating to the
One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative your Club will save the lives of thousands of children, giving
them the chance of a healthy life. Your gift will go towards bestowing a Melvin Jones Fellowship on a Club
Member or Community Champion.
Often the hardest workers in your Club already have been honoured with a MJF. Their continued high
standards of service can be recognised with a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship Diamond Lapel Pin.
You can honour your Club President’s year of leadership with a LCIF Contributing Pin 2014-2015.
A donation to LCIF of $110 will secure a Gold Lapel Pin for your Club President. Your donation will be
listed under your Club’s and President’s name. 100% of every dollar donated to LCIF goes back to Lions in
The Gold, Silver ($55) and Bronze ($20) LCIF Contributing Pins are available from your LCIF District Coordinator. If you are a small Club where US$1,000 for a MJF is a stretch, your $20 per member makes
your Club a 100% Contributing Member Club receiving a banner patch. A great way of supporting LCIF
world-wide grants and programs.
“Small Donations that make a BIG Difference”
Nigel Jeny
Home Address:
1/21Molokai St.,
North Shore,
District 201Q2 LCIF Co-ordinator is :PDG Barry Brockbank
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0409 896 999
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Dear Lions,
As Chairperson of your Lions Clubs International Foundation
(LCIF), I have the privilege of travelling the globe to see the amazing
work Lions are doing. Every day, you provide disaster relief, empower
our young people and serve our communities. You also remain
committed to saving sight. Whether you are conducting vision
screenings, providing eyeglasses or medicine, you are giving the gift of
Together with LCIF and partners like The Carter Center, Lions have
helped to restore sight to 7.7 million people through cataract surgeries;
prevented serious vision loss for more than 30 million; provided over
271 million treatments for river blindness; built or expanded 660 eye
care hospitals and clinics; and trained 681,000 eye care specialists and
eye health workers. Congratulations, Lions!
As we celebrate these achievements, know that there is still much work
to be done. With your contribution, LCIF will be able to support Lions all over the world who continue making
a positive impact in the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired.
Thank you for commitment to saving and restoring sight.
Barry J. Palmer
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation
Providing Treatment for River Blindness
River blindness is a parasitic infection that occurs through the bite of a black
fly, and may lead to low vision or irreversible blindness, as well as disfiguring
skin diseases. River blindness is endemic to Central, East and West Africa,
parts of Latin America and the Middle Eastern country of Yemen.
A SightFirst grant of US$384,298 was recently awarded to Cameroon's
National Onchocerciasis Control Program. The grant will be used for
continued river blindness treatment activities in the North, Far North and
Adamaoua regions. More than 1.5 million Mectizan® treatments will be
provided to impacted populations.
Expanding Trachoma Services
Trachoma is the world's leading infectious cause of blindness. The disease
slowly and painfully robs people of their sight, as repeated infection turns eyelashes inwards, scraping the
cornea and eventually causes irreversible blindness. LCIF has teamed up with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond
Jubilee Trust to fight blinding trachoma in Africa.
A recent SightFirst grant of US$1 million was awarded to Lions of Kenya and Uganda to support trichiasis
surgeries through LCIF's partnership with the Trust. This grant is expected to provide more than 55,000
surgeries over the next two years.
- 10 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
- 11 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Lionsonoz Knitting Project a great success.
For 8 years now, the Lions Ladies of Australian Lionsonoz, the Lions Club that caters for the growing
number of Lions who have become “Grey Nomads” have been busily knitting various garments for
underprivileged babies and children both here and overseas.
While the Lions travel this great country of ours in caravans and mobile homes, it is usually the husband
who drives and the lady sits in the passenger’s seat and fills in her time knitting. It is remarkable just how
many garments can get churned out.
Apart from the items our ladies produce, we are also supported by quite a number of ladies, in the Lions
family and many with no connections with Lions at all, who are busily knitting babies clothes and “trauma”
dolls and Teddies to be used in hospitals or ambulances where children are in sometimes frightening
situations following an accident or a sudden calamity of some type.
Recently, a huge box of children’s clothes were given to the Australian Bush Church Aid and these have
been distributed to missions all over Australia where they are needed.
The Australian Lionsonoz Lions Club is now in its 8th year. We have a membership at present of 37 with
another 4 awaiting transfer from their current Lions Club. President Lion Neil Bilney of Dunsborough
Western Australia said that the numbers of our members are constantly changing. When a Lion decides
to retire, buy a mobile home or caravan and take off to see the wonders of Australia, many of these Lions
were lost to Lionism before Lionsonoz.
Now they simply apply for a transfer from their current Lions Club and take up membership with
Lionsonoz. When they finish with their travels they have the choice of staying as a member of Lionsonoz
or re-join a “Main stream” Lions Club where they intend to settle.
He said that the advantage of Lionsonoz is that we meet monthly, the 3rd Monday of the month on the
internet through Skype so members can attend meetings no matter where they are in Australia. Members
are encouraged to seek out the Lions Club in the various towns they visit and offer their services to assist
in that Club’s projects. It works very well.
Any Lions wanting more information about Australian Lionsonoz may contact the secretary Lion Gwyneth
Payne on 0439258644 or [email protected]
Photo Above
District Governor of N1 Peter Willis-Jones and L.L. Pam
with members of Lionsonoz and Pacific City Lions
Clubs with knitted “Trauma Teddies” ready for
distribution to the Coffs Harbour hospital to be used to
help children undergoing scans and X-rays.
Photo on Right
Our meetings can be conducted anywhere. Here is our
President Lion Neil Bilney conducting a Lionsonoz
meeting to Lions all over Australia from his car on a
back road in Western Australia.
- 12 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Lions Medical Research Foundation Q’Land
Ray Phippard and Prof. Ian Frazer Awards.
Support our Lions Australia
Projects and Foundations
The Prof. Ian Frazer
Humanitarian Award is
named after Prof. Ian
Frazer in recognition of
his research into cervical
cancer and his assistance
to the Lions Medical
Membership of Lions
Clubs International is not
a prerequisite.
Dear Members of the Lions Family,
A fair bit is happening at the moment with
Club Elections, Youth of the Year, Australia’s
Biggest BBQ for Children’s Cancer Research
and the Lions Medical Research Art Union,
just to mention a few.
Whilst we continue to participate in our
projects, it is also time to think about
Handovers and in many cases, distribution of
funds to various Lions Foundations and also
recognising people who have supported the
Club over the past year or more.
The Award is given for
outstanding services to
the community or support
of medical research. A
plaque and lapel badge is
presented to the recipient.
Recognising members of your Club and
members of the Community who have
supported you in some way is most
important and there are ways to achieve this
and also support our Lions Australia Projects
and Foundations.
and Australian Lions Childhood Cancer
Research Foundation, all these are worthy of
Many of these Awards can be found in our
Lions Directory on pages 145 – 170,
however there are some that are not listed
and well worth supporting.
For more than 30 years PDG Neil Williams
enthusiastically served his Lions Club, District 201N5,
Multiple District 201 and Lions Clubs International with
distinction. He spent many years supporting the
development of young people by encouraging the Leo
Club movement and the Lions Clubs International
Youth Exchange Program.
Australian Lions Children’s Mobility
Foundation starting with the prestigious
Barry J. Palmer Award.
This award honours the memory of PDG Neil Williams
and supports the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer
Research Foundation’s vision of 100% survival for kids
with cancer.
All, or most of our Lions Foundations have an
award that would recognise a Club member or
Member of your Community and also support our
very own Lions Projects, remembering that all
the monies go directly to the cause, no fancy
overheads. Please don’t forget the President!
Enjoy the rest of the Lions Year and if I can help
you in any way please do not hesitate to call,
also please check the Lions Website as well,
there is good information there.
The “Barry J. Palmer
Recognition Award” may be
presented to recognise
donations of $1,000 or more in
undesignated funds.
PDG Aussie Lanphier
District Q2 Health Projects B
p. 4779 9756 m. 0408 188 852
e. [email protected]
- 13 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
The Deloitte report on the Australian
Superannuation system says Australians need to
be putting up to 20 per cent of their existing
wage into superannuation now to be able to
afford a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Too
many future retirees are leaving it too late to
check the health of their superannuation account
balance and many find the shortfall a painful
reality when it’s too late.
The reality is, the number of cash-strapped
retirees will be forced to access the equity in their
homes to fund their retirement is expected to
double in the next three to five years.
Taking action now to secure a financially sound
future, whether working past 65 is planned or
not, is vital for people even as young as their
Retiring at 65 may soon be a thing of the past
according to the latest 2015 Intergenerational
Report, which is conducted every 5 years, which
shows that by 2055, there will only be 2.7working
age Australians for every person aged over 65,
less than half the current number.
Ann Nelson, Author, Speaker and Retirement
Coach has covered this and other lifestyle
choices that face all people in retirement in her
new book, Retire Well, Retire Happy. Ann
recounts the journey she took through the
experts she consulted to help her learn to
manage her finances and personal state after
being left suddenly a widow in 2009.
Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has issued a call
to arms for workers urging them to delay their
retirement until after 65 and stay in the workforce
longer in an attempt to future-proof the nation for
the coming generations.
A Lions member on both the Gold Coast and
now Mount Stuart, Ann has recently returned to
the Townsville district after 7 years living at the
Gold Coast to be closer to her Mum and sister.
She now lives on a farm at Woodstock with her
new partner. As part of Ann’s commitment to
giving back to the Lions Club and the community
at large Ann has offered to donate 20% of all
book sales made through the Lions International
clubs (excluding postage) to the Lions Medical
Research Foundation (LMRF). The retail price of
the book is $29.95. Contact Ann direct to speak
to your branch or catch her at the next District
meeting. M: 0417727804.
Once the ‘Grey Army’ term was used to describe
the Grey Volunteers who worked for enjoyment
and gave back to their communities. But more
and more it seems the ‘Grey Army’ will remain
the ‘Working Army’ as life expectancy is
predicted to be 95 years for men and 97 for
women by 2055.
The report says that with improvements in health
and new technologies will extend peoples’ lives
and is part of the reason why older Australians
are being urged to stay in the workforce longer.
The big question on most people’s lips is “When
retirement DOES eventually come, will I be
The risk of working longer is that people will put
off planning for their retirement, feeling they’ll be
generating income well into their twilight years.
Retirement coach expert and author of the newly
released book, Retire Well, Retire Happy, warns
older Australians working longer is not the
solution to lack of retirement planning.
Ann joins Mt Stuart Lions Club
- 14 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Notice is given of a WORKING BEE at the Camp over the weekend of 18th & 19th
April 2015.
The main thrust of the work will be centred around “A” block.
We need labourers, painters, chippies, bring any tools you are capable of using.
We would like to have a social night on the Saturday evening.
The meals will be fully catered.
Please come along and assist YOUR Camp and give us your ideas.
Please advise numbers by 10th April 2015 by phone or email as detailed below.
Doug Winterflood
Camp Kanga Chairman
Any queries: 0419 786 077 or [email protected]
- 15 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Tully Lions make new Obstacle Course Equipment for Camp Kanga
Tully Lions Martin Braddick and Michael Ottone with Camp Kanga Manager, Ray Spiller, unloading
the new obstacle course equipment that Michael and his helpers made.
Hopefully this can be installed at the working bee on April 18th.
Miss Popularity Quest
Miss popularity Quest is under way and, to date,
we have 2 entrants. Please put this Quest on your
club and zone meeting agendas to have at least 2
more for this Quest. The Quest closes on 31st July
$100 entry fee can be paid by direct debit into
Westpac Flinders Mall branch Townsville
BSB 034- 222
Account Number 33-8096
Account Name Miss Popularity Quest.
All fundraising, for existing entrants, can also be
deposited to this account with an email to me
advising of the deposit so I can send a receipt to
the club.
Please think about supporting this great Quest and sponsor a young Lady from your local
For further information please contact me or there is information booklets and entry forms on our
District Website.
Yours in Lionism
Di Pyers
District Miss Popularity Chair
Mob 0428 580 081 [email protected]
- 16 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Children of Courage Awards
The Lions Children of Courage Awards Program is now established as an
important and extremely worthwhile project of Lions Clubs in our District.
What are the Lions Children of Courage Awards?
The Children of Courage awards recognize a very special group of children
and their families. There are many awards that recognize the achievements
of young people, however children with ‘special needs’ were not catered for.
These awards are especially designed to recognize the courage and bravery
shown by these children every day. The Children of Courage Awards are not a competition.
Every recipient of an award is a “winner” in his or her own right, as the recognition of these young
peoples’ achievements will:
1. Act as an encouragement for their future
2. Help them to believe in themselves, and
3. Help to increase their self-worth
All Children want to be accepted by others, regardless of any special needs they may have.
These awards will portray them as children who have successfully overcome additional barriers
which face them in this world.
Categories of Awards
There are four (4) categories for which a child may be nominated
Special Needs
Children with special needs who have shown courage in the face of adversity. Such
Children include those who are confined to wheelchairs, who are sight, hearing, or
speech impaired, or have undergone long periods of medical treatment, surgery or
hospitalization, which has perhaps brought pain and trauma to their young lives.
Courageous Act or Deed
A child who without regard for personal safety, has been instrumental in the preservation of life
and/or property, or has rendered assistance at an accident, or whose concerns for others is
worthy of recognition. This category may also include children who have undergone lifesaving
surgery, or undergone daily medical treatments i.e. diabetes. A child who acts as a carer for a
parent may be recognized under this category.
Sibling Recognition Award
This category is for siblings who actively participate in the daily care for their brother or sister
who has a ‘special need’.
I ns pi r i ng S por ti ng Ac hi e ve m e nt
For children who have overcome great personal hardship/disadvantage to compete as an
individual or team member in their chosen sport.
In every community there are certain to be worthy nominees for a Lions Children of
Courage Award. Nominations are forwarded through local Lions Clubs for consideration
and approval and are restricted to children aged between the ages of 5 and 15 years.
- 17 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Children Recognized this Year
Jarrah Kennedy - Proserpine Club
Haley Brayford - Proserpine
Trent Sylvester- Proserpine
Emilee Rodgers - Proserpine
Caelyn Dyson - Proserpine
Peter McArdle - Babinda Club
Hayley Verwey - Cairns Club
Daniel Gilbert - Proserpine Club
Cody McCarthy - Proserpine
Karli Elder - Proserpine
Oliver Davis - Proserpine
I'm sure there are many more children out there that need to be recognized by this
award, so erg other clubs to award these children.
Lions Clubs who may wish to participate may obtain an information kit from the District
Lion Peter Phillips
P O Box 20
Trebonne 4850
Ph: 07 47771248
M: 0437 391 281
Email:[email protected]
Good morning Lions, Lionesses and Leos and anyone else, it’s that time of the year
again. Yes It’s Mingela.
Meet Ya Mates at Mingela in May!!!
Last year we had 6 Clubs with 34members attending and we all had a great time.
The Mingela Hotel put on a feast fit for the King of Beasts, that being us; LIONS.
Buses are available with a full 20 seater costing $34 per head.
44 seater costing $25 per head, so lets fill the buses
have a great and safe time.
If anyone can get buses cheaper please let me know.
March to May is also Membership Drive so bring a friend and show them what
LIONS is all about. If you don’t have a friend we might be able to pick up some
hitchhikers for you.
Thank you for not throwing this in the rubbish bin.
Townsville Barrier Reef Lions Club
- 18 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Malanda Lions Club Celebrates 50 Years of Service
Malanda Lions held its 50th anniversary last Saturday 14th March with a celebration dinner for 85 guests.
Guests included DG Gordon Bailey, Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Rosa Lee Long and MLA for
Dalrymple Shane Knuth. Also present were a good representation from the Malanda Business community.
Clubs represented were Millaa Millaa, Yungaburra, Atherton, Mareeba, Cairns, Cairns Trinity Bay,
Malanda Lioness, Yungaburra Lioness and of course Malanda was well represented.
Just one charter member remains, life member Fred Lorensen who shared cutting the cake with Malanda
Lioness charter member Ellen Smith.
Below is the newspaper report and photos courtesy the Eacham Times. - Story by Eileen Rothwell
Photos by Steve Rothwell
Past and Present members of Malanda Lions Club celebrate the Club’s 50th anniversary
Momentous Event
A “Time machine” brought a full house of guests and VIPs back to 1965 on Saturday night. The Malanda
Lions' 50th birthday bash boasted a full attendance of dignitaries and past and present members,
including Mayor Rosa Lee Lono, MP Shane Knuth and the Lions District Governor Gordon Bailey.
The anniversary celebrations not only brought past and present members together for a walk down
Nostalgia Lane, it also served to underline the importance of the Lions Club to Malanda.
Such was the recognition that MP Shane Knuth said “No matter what was going to happen – whether it
was raining or thundering, whether I lost or won the election – I was going to be here tonight”.
Mayor Rosa Lee Long underscored the point by giving a rundown of the many projects that the Lions had
contributed to the community. Highlights include more than a dozen one-unit cottages that are rented out
to Pensioners in need of accommodation, the monthly Malanda markets co-ordinated by the Club, shelter
at Eacham Place and the annual Billy kart races.
The Malanda Lions are one of 20 clubs in the district to have achieved the honour of a 50th anniversary.
District Governor Gordon Bailey presented President Lionel Smith a certificate of achievement for its
anniversary and also presented service awards to the Malanda Lions, including 39 years for Bev Rankin
and 50 years for charter member and former president Fred Lorenson.
The historical link to past and present was summed up best by President Lionel Smith: “It would be easy
for our present Lions Club members to take the credit for all the successes over the last 50 years but the
facts are that there are many of our achievements which must be credited to our Past members, who had
the foresight and ability to get things done. Some of our early members have passed on or have left the
Club for different reasons. However, it is what they did when they were members of the Lions Club of
Malanda that matters and tonight we acknowledge their contribution.”
- 19 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
63rd MD201 Convention 1st – 4th May 2015 in Newcastle NSW
Members and their partners or guests are invited to our Lions Clubs
National Convention in Newcastle 1 – 4 May 2015. We invite you to
visit exhibits across a wide range of Lions Clubs’ non-profit national
and international service initiatives. Enjoy entertainment, and the
opportunity to come together to meet and greet each other, review
achievements and plan the year ahead.
What will be different about the Newcastle
• A convention for the everyday Lion – not just the “hierarchy”
• Club-hosted home hospitality (for the first-in registrants) on the
eve of the Convention
District dinners in multiple rooms at one venue
Accommodation, dining, cultural and tourism choices in close proximity to the convention
Free inner-city bus and or Park’n’Ride shuttlebus for daytime convention sessions
Pre-purchased night-time social-function bus pass will cover three nights return bus
transport to social program for city-accommodated conventioneers.
A Message from the 2015 National Convention Secretary
Dear Club Members,
District 201N3 is hosting the 63rd National Convention in Newcastle from 30 April - 4 May 2015.
We have a wonderful venue – the Civic Theatre and the adjacent City Hall. Our theme is ‘Steel
time to See Change’.
This is a convention for all conventioneers and a variety of functions have been planned
especially for you. Functions include –
• Club hosted hospitality, ‘Meet & Greet’ at City Hall & Lioness Dinner on Thursday evening.
• District Dinners in multi room venues at the Newcastle Jockey Club on Friday evening.
• ‘A Night at the Trots’ and a PDGs Dinner on Saturday evening.
• 'Black Diamond' Gala Dinner at Panthers Newcastle on Sunday evening.
• A Conventioneers Luncheon on Monday at City Hall.
Details about the Convention can be found on the Lions Australia Website –
Newcastle awaits you! It's time to register and make your bookings. Don't delay – some functions
have limited numbers!
PDG Ann Ryan
2015 National Convention Committee
Lions Paul Clay and Kevin Gietzel are attending the 2015 MD Convention in Newcastle from 30/4 to 4/5,
and have arranged self-catered accommodation at a reasonable price, within walking distance ( or virtual
free city loop bus at the door) of the convention venues. They appear to still have plenty of both 2 & 3
bedroom units available. I am unable to vouch for them personally but they seem helpful enough over the
Details are
Terraces for Tourists, ph. 02 4929 4575 or 0419 611 854 (David or Mary Stewart)
Email [email protected]
This information may be helpful for fellow Lions considering attending the MD convention..
- 20 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
- 21 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
- 22 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
- 23 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
- 24 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Tunnel Ball – with a pumpkin, Rolly’s strongest
man (a timed event where a large boulder had to
be carried in quickest time over a set distance),
Rock Put (Shot Put but with a large gibber), and
old chestnuts like the “Broom Throw” and “Gum
Boot Toss” – which saw President John on the
roof on a couple of occasions to retrieve errant
flying gum boots! A Fun afternoon enjoyed by all.
Here in Rollingstone we have a Local Disaster
Management Group(LDMG) chaired in an
independent capacity by our very proactive local
Police Sergeant. This committee was set up in
the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi a few years ago to fill a gap in our Local & State Government’s
management of the pre and post Cyclone
One of the areas identified where Rolly Lions
could assist was in their capability to mount
Rescue Missions over the more than 350 klms of
walking & hiking tracks in our mountainous State
Forests and National Parks, bush roads and
coastal beaches. The only sure way to reach
some of the isolated residents in our area after a
natural disaster when tracks are blocked or
damaged, or those visitors who become
lost while out hiking some of the bush tracks, is
by an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This vehicle will
also greatly assist our Rural Firies and SES
members in their efforts to contact remote
residents in the event of bushfires and other
natural emergencies.
Team Tunnel Ball – with a pumpkin
At the end of these fun activities, we were able to
apply for an Australian Lions Foundation
matching grant to help purchase the ATV. Good
publicity was rec’d at the hand-over ceremony
with exposure for our Lions on 2 local TV News
segments and also in the Townsville Bulletin.
The presence of this vehicle and practical
application by the Police and Emergency
Services personnel will also contribute to a
reduction of “hooning” by irresponsible members
of the public on our local beaches and at other
popular weekend getaway swimming holes in our
National Parks – making our community safer for
all concerned.
And the ATV – it has already proved its worth,
with location of a marijuana crop in an isolated
mountainous area near Paluma, 2 rescues, and
a suicide prevention mission to save the life of a
returned young Afghan veteran on one of the
remote areas of beach towards Ingham.
Importantly, and before any fund raising was
commenced, it was confirmed that the vehicle
will remain under the ownership and control of
our Local Disaster Management Group – to fully
support our local community.
With the support of a generous community, Rolly
Lions conducted a couple of activities to raise
funds for this purchase:•
Provided catering support for a Local Golf
Club Fundraiser
Conducted our own “Rollingstone’s
Longest Table” fundraiser.
This involved conducting low level entertainment
and games for the 180 attendees, a 2 course
Barbecue Dinner, and other entertainments.
Some of the novelty events including Team
Members of the Rollingstone and District
Lions Club at the hand-over ceremony for the
All Terrain Vehicle
- 25 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Mission Beach Lions Host
Youth of the Year
Whitsunday Lions Club
The Whitsunday Lions Community Market now
boasts a new shade area,
Mission Beach Lions recently hosted the Judging for
the Lions Youth of the Year. An exceptional turn out
with enthusiastic speakers and judges at the ready.
This was provided for patrons to sit and listen to the
world class entertainment, have a refreshing drink,
and enjoy a variety of gourmet foods available in our
We had seven contestants, all from Tully State High
School, and our judges chose four to go on to the
zone judging in Babinda. Topics ranged from “Being
different” to “the SES”.
Babinda Lions Club hosted the zone judging last week
and Lily Kars, representing Mission Beach Lioness
club, won the public speaking section. The two
selected to go on to the Intrazone Judging in Tully (on
March 14) are Rachel Crook from Innisfail and
Caitlin Welsh representing Mission Beach club! There
will also be two contestants from Ingham.
We are proud of our youth in this area, and wish them
well in the next round of judging and fingers crossed
will make it through to the National Final in May.
Relaxed Lions Bill & Allan are very relieved that they
no longer have to erect and dismantle that big heavy
gazebo every week.
Alex Dorante, Lily Kars, Rylee Griffin, Caitlin Welsh,
John Vasta, Sonja Howard, Kirstine Schoene
New Chairs for Tully Hospital
Tully Lions President Irene Braddick and Mission
Beach Lions President Steve Wells recently
donated 10 high backed day chairs with swing
out leg rest for the in patients at Tully Hospital.
The Whitsunday Lions Youth of the Year judging
was held at the Christian College library on
Saturday 7th March.
Pictured from left to right Contestants from the
Whitsunday Christian College are students
Kavita Supramaniam, Public Speaking Winner
Dayna Marshall, Fia Fitzgerald, & Overall
winner for Whitsunday Lions Club YOTY
Shontelle Betzel with Jason Costigan, Member
for Whitsunday & Whitsunday Lion & coordinator
of the Youth of the Year program Gloria
Demartini in the back row.
Karen Hawkins, physiotherapist, Irene Braddick,
Diane Machan Allied Health Assistant, Petra
Chvatalova registered nurse and Steve Wells
Shontelle now moves on to the Zone Level of
judging to be held in Collinsville.
- 26 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Home Hill Lions Youth of the
Year Quest
Youth of the Year Zone 5, 6 & 7
L to R participating students in the YOY: Christina
Postma, Sophie Loizou, Rachel Marano, Ryan Attard,
Ben Walters and Cassandra Loizou
The Zone final of the Youth of the Year Quest for
zones 5, 6 & 7 was held at St James Retirement
Village in Townsville on Saturday 14th March.
The Home Hill Lions club held their annual Youth of
the Year quest on Monday the 9 February at the
Crown Hotel, Home Hill. There were seven students
who participated in the quest.
Students contesting the final (L to R in the photo
above) were Kaitlin Lewis representing The
Cathedral School and sponsored by The Twin
Cities Leo Club, Katelyn Clegg representing
William Ross State High School and sponsored
by Townsville Mt Stuart Lions Club, Jackson
Arthy representing Kirwan State High School and
sponsored by Townsville Ross Valley Lions Club,
Tahne Lahiff representing Ignatius Park College
and sponsored by Townsville Castle Hill Lions
Club, Caitlin Deon representing St Margaret
Marys College and sponsored by Cleveland Bay
Lions Club, Jack McDougall representing All
Souls St Gabriels School and sponsored by
Charters Towers Gold City Lions Club, Nea
O’Connor representing Townsville State High
School and sponsored by Townsville Northern
Suburbs Lions Club and Thomas Elliott also
representing All Souls St Gabriels School and
sponsored by Charters Towers Host Lions Club.
Speech topics for the evening included “What If?”,
“Socially Unacceptable”, “Aussie Affairs”, “The
Australian Identity”, “Social Risks” and “The Hunger
Judges for the evening were Cherie Archer (Manager,
Ayr National Australia Bank), Matthew Patane and
John McVeigh. The judge’s comments at the end of
the evening were very encouraging to all the students.
They said how hard it was to pick a winner from such
high academic achievers. They all felt that Australia’s
future is in good hands with the leadership and
community values demonstrated by the students.
Christina Postma will now go to the next level of
judging, which is the zone final. This will be held in
Collinsville on Saturday, 14 March 2015.
The standard of competition was very high
making the judging panel’s task a most difficult
Jackson Arthy was the winner of the Public
Speaking section and Caitlin Deon was selected
as the overall winner.
Caitlin will now progress to contest the District
Final on Saturday 28th March.
Congratulations to all eight students for
contesting the YOTY quest and to the eight
sponsoring Lions Clubs for providing this
Pictured l to r Sam Harris, President of the HH
Lions Club, YOY winner Christina Postma, Public
speaking winner Sophie Loizou and YOY
Chairman Nyree Woods
- 27 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
ICOS 2015
It’s time to plan ahead ….
By now, elections for incoming officers will be complete in all Clubs.
All Lions who have accepted these important leadership roles within their Club should now make it a
priority to attend the Training Session in your local area to learn what is required in your role, to help your
club be the best it possibly can be.
This year, we will be conducting the Incoming Officers’ Schools in 6 locations, so you won’t have to travel
far to get to a session near you. These sessions are also an excellent source of information for any Lion
who would like to know more about the organisation, and all are welcome to attend.
Sunday 17 May
9am – 1pm
Saturday 16 May
1 – 5pm
Saturday 23 May
1 – 5pm
Saturday 9 May
1 – 5pm
Sunday 24 May
9am – 1pm
Saturday 23 May
1 – 5pm
Venues will be advised next month, but mark your diary now to keep the date clear to start your new Lions
year with all the latest information and skills you need.
Even if you have done the job before, there is still more to learn! Don’t miss this opportunity.
Lion Toni Lanphier
District Leadership Coordinator
The annual Queensland State Leo conference was held over the weekend of
the 13th to the 15th of March in Yeppoon.
The weekend was full of fun and fellowship between the Leos from icebreaking
games to guest speakers. The annual Leo of the year competition was held on
the Saturday afternoon
where Sophie Seaden,
who was representing
presented her speech
and did our district proud. Sophie did not
take out the QLD Leo of the year but is a
acknowledged for what she does. The
winner was Emily Somerville from Q1.
The State Conference was a great success
and we must thank the CQ Leos for their
organisation of the conference. Our Leos
made friends for life and it’s great to see
and watch them interact with Leo from
other districts and learn about the bigger
picture of Lions.
Leos and Lions unite for the Qld State Leo
Conference held in Yeppoon
- 28 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Hello Lions clubs of Q2
For those who do not know my name is Amanda Wilson and I am the Webmaster and IT Chairperson for
201Q2. I recently I attended a Zone meeting in Townsville, I did a short presentation on Facebook and
Websites for Lions, if you are interested in doing a website or a Facebook I can help you out!
With a website, all I need to know is your club name, the club member who would be interested in doing
the updating of the website. I can run through a little workshop if I get enough interest on how to go
through the basics on the website.
For Facebook, you do not need me to set it up just let me know and I can talk you through how to do a
Facebook page for your club. However if you are worried how to set one 1 up I can help you set it up
again I am working on a presentation done to a workshop if you need assistance.
If you or your club is not convinced on wanting a either a website or a Facebook page I can talk to them
either over email or via a phone call. If you are close by travelling wise I can organise to visit your Zone
and do all clubs at one time. If this is not suitable, I am going to be talking to Garry Davey (2015
Convention Coordinator) to do a “workshop” with as many clubs as possible.
At this present time in Q2 we have 83 clubs (including Lions, Branch Clubs, Lionesses & Leos) and only
22 Lions Clubs (including Branch clubs) have websites, 1 Leo club and no Lioness clubs have websites
(most have not been updated since 2009 & since I have been the IT webmaster created 2 new website
which have not been updated since being created). We have 19 Lions clubs (including Branch clubs), 1
Lioness club and 1 Leo Club with Facebook. Clubs with both equals up to 6 Lions Clubs (including Branch
clubs) and 1 Leo club has both. The numbers seem great until you see 37 Lions Clubs (including Branch
clubs), 7 Lioness Clubs and 2 Leo Clubs do not have either a Facebook or a website, which equals to 46
clubs with no contact with any new potential members that is over 50% of clubs!
Trying to get new members the first thing new younger potential members will do is look at a website or a
Facebook page to see the work you do, however if these pages are not updated or do not exist you will
not be able to get new members from this FREE advertising.
If you are not sure if your club has either a website or a Facebook page please go to our website where all clubs in the 201Q2 are listed. If your club name is in blue it
means you have a website, if beside your club you have (Facebook) in blue that means you have a
Facebook page, you can click on the blue and be able see your website or Facebook page.
I really hope more clubs get involved with the website it really is free advertising and networking. Please
feel free to email me for information.
Q2 District IT Chairperson & Webmaster - Amanda Wilson
E: [email protected] M: 0448 969 478
As Youth Exchange Chairman, I am available to do a Presentation to the Clubs Dinner Meetings
regarding the Lions Youth Exchange Program, which includes both finding Host Families and also
sending Youth from Australia to many countries around the World.
As regards Host families, may I suggest that the Clubs find suitable Host Families outside the Lions
Club should their own Club members be unwilling to be Host Families. This can include Lions family
members, Police Officers, Ambulance Officers, Fire Brigades and not forgetting School Groups and
Church Groups.
We really do need to find as many Host families as possible as quickly as possible.
Damien Mott
Tel: 0416 244 485, 07 4945 4140
201Q2 Youth Exchange Chairperson & Proserpine President
International Youth Exchange Camp Director
Email: [email protected]
- 29 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
them, to me with names of deceased Club
Members. Regarding the Remembrance
Form you have until the morning of the
Ceremony. I will be leaving for Newcastle on
25th April, however I will be taking the District
laptop with me should any of our Lions
unfortunately pass away, I will also be able
to be contacted on my mobile 0428 453 889.
Cabinet Secretary Report
Remember the Incoming Officers Seminars
are coming up in May and it is really
important for ALL incoming Club Officers to
attend. I know they have been revamped this
year so if you have gone in previous years,
you are sure to learn something new.
District Governor Gordon and our Leadership
Co-ordinator Lion Toni will be passing on
more information as the time draws nearer.
Hello everyone,
Well things are starting to get to the pointy
end of the year for all the current Officer
Bearers. (Including for Cabinet Officers) With
the result all Club Secretaries know that it is
time for the PU101 to be sent to me, after
you have your Club Elections. I am needing
a copy of the PU101 so that I can get the
right information into the 2015 - 2016 MD
Directory. If you don’t give me the incoming
Executive I will only have the option of
putting in the information for the current
Executive and that means phone calls and
emails going to the wrong persons. I’m sure
all Secretaries know that to put the incoming
officers information on the MyLCI site you
only need to go into the “SELECT TERM” at
the top left hand side of the Club information,
click on that and it comes up with blank
places for you to enter the incoming
Executive. Very easy!!! Another thing to
remember is that if you aren’t having your
Club Elections until June and you do have a
good idea of who will be your Executive,
please send this information on to me as
soon as possible as I have to have this
information, supposedly by the end of March,
however please send it to me as soon as
possible before I go away in April AT THE
Well that seems to be all for this time. I look
forward to seeing some of you in Newcastle.
I have been told that each District will have
lots of room this year.
Lion Joyce
Cabinet Secretary
Newsletter Information
If you have any items you would like included in
next month’s bulletin (space permitting) this
must be received NO LATER than 15th of the
month by mail or email. If possible please
forward items by email with pictures in JPEG
format to:The Editor
Graham Fraser
20 St Davids Close
Another item to remember is the return of
your Delegate Form and Remembrance
Form for the Newcastle Convention. Even if
you are not sending any one to Convention
please return the form with NIL. The same
goes for the Remembrance Form however
unfortunately several Clubs will be returning
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4773 4452
- 30 -
The 201Q2 District Governor’s Bulletin
Issue 10 – April 2015
Changed Contact Details
Cairns Business Lions Club
New Email: [email protected]
Mission Beach Lions Club
New President Stephen Wells
New Email: [email protected]
Tom Porter - Youth Activities Leos Chairman
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0429491990
On behalf of the family of Lions of District 201Q2,
a very warm welcome to the following new
members who have recently joined our
Tolga & District Lions Club
Correct Postal Address:"Postal address for Tolga Lions Club should read
'PO Box 221' “
Aitkenvale Business
Mary Palma-Robles Sponsor Garret Robles
Cairns Trinity Bay Lions Club
Secretary Irene Bailey
Only one number now - no land line
Mobile 0455 829 613
Mark Carty
Sponsor Ross Newell
Dalrymple Regional
Robin Hick
Tony Wilkinson
Bulwai Cultural Heritage Lions Club
Secretary Lion Gary Davis
Email: [email protected]
Mob 0437 255229
Sponsor Raymond Bowman
Sponsor Lynette Snowdowne
Stuart Bear
Silvia Poggio
Sponsor Edward Morris
Sponsor Rita Lynch
Harriet Loughlin
David Taia
Sponsor Yvonne Tui
Sponsor Yvonne Tui
Sponsor Gilbert Teitzel
PDG Barry Brockbank- Foundations ALF & LCIF
New email :[email protected]
Sponsor Donald Holliday
Sponsor John Muller
Graham Sweeper President Mareeba Lions Club
New email:[email protected]
Claire Shepherd - President Mission Beach Lioness
Club New email address:[email protected]
Phone :- 40687242
Townsville Castle Hill
Donna Gregory
Wayne Gregory
New email address:-
Lion Amanda Wilson - Chair IT & WEBMASTER
New email :- [email protected]
Thuringowa Alice River
Jill Arbidans
2nd VDG Brian Hewitt
[email protected]
Lion Bill Firth – Health Group A - CoOrdinator
New email :[email protected]
Rollingstone and District
Deeveena Murphy
Jeffrey Stark
New email address:-
Zone 2 Chairman Chris Symonds
New email :[email protected]
David Ferguson
PDG Garth Gleeson
[email protected]
Sponsor Gay Rebgetz
Sponsor Gay Rebgetz
Home Hill Lions Club
New email :[email protected]
We wish all the new members many
enjoyable years of Lions Service.
- 31 -