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Jim Barlup (USA) has been actively hybridizing rhododendrons since 1975. His former career as a professional
photographer provided him with an array of artistic skills that have influenced his colorful palette of hybrids.
Among his credits is that he was the official photographer of the Beach Boys first album. As a nurseryman, he
acquired the technical skills of plant science. This combination of knowledge has allowed him to become a
recognized world-class hybridizer. In 2004 he was awarded the ARS Gold Metal for his outstanding hybrids and his
generous sharing of seed, pollen, cuttings, plants and knowledge.
Marc Colombel (France) is from Brittany, France. An ARS member for nearly 30 years, his main interest in
Rhododendrons is hybridization. He did his first hybridization in 1985 and by the end of 2013 he had made 900
different crosses. He published the book “Rhododendrons: Mode d’emploi” and created the Société bretonne du
Rhododendron of which he was the President for 14 years. He has written about 200 articles for the bulletins of the
Society. He created his first web site in 1996. The goal of this web site (www.rhododendron.fr) is to share
knowledge and to educate visitors with the help of files.
Kenneth Cox (Scotland) was born in 1964 into a family of renowned plantsmen, Kenneth Cox is grandson of
plant-hunter, writer and nurseryman Euan Cox and son of Peter Cox, VMH. The three generations were and are
considered the world’s leading experts on rhododendrons. Kenneth, himself a nurseryman and author of numerous
books on rhododendrons, has carved out his particular niche in the world of plant-hunting in leading 9 expeditions to
South and South-East Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh, India, from1995. Kenneth is managing director of the family
firm, Glendoick Gardens Ltd in Scotland, a garden centre and mail order nursery specialising in Rhododendrons,
Azaleas, and Ericaceous plants,
Harold Greer (USA) along with his wife, Nancy, owned Greer Gardens in Eugene, Oregon. He is past president
of the American Rhododendron Society, and served with the board of directors for over 25 years. He also holds the
title of being the youngest person to ever serve as president. He is recipient of the American Rhododendron Society
Gold Medal, plus two Bronze medals and is recognized internationally as a rhododendron expert. Harold has
contributed enormously to the world of rhododendrons through his books, plants, service and dedication. He is an
experienced photographer and his pictures have been published in many books and publications including the cover
of the Smithsonian magazine.
Guan Kaiyun (China) is now professor and deputy director of Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography and
director of Turpan Eremophyte Botanic Garden, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is also the vicesecretary general of the International Association of Botanic Gardens, and vice-president of Rhododendron Society
of China. He has published 135 scientific research papers and 23 books or monographs, holds ten patents and
registered twenty-seven new plant cultivars. He is author or co-author (translator) of several rhododendron books
such as “Rhododendrons of China” (3 volumes) and “The Book of Rhododendrons”.
Lionel de Rothschild (England) is chairman of Exbury Gardens, the world-famous rhododendron gardens
situated in the New Forest, some 90 miles southwest of London. He is the grandson and namesake of the man who
created these gardens in the 1920s and ’30s, one of the most famous rhododendron enthusiasts ever. Lionel grew up
at Exbury and is profoundly knowledgeable about the gardens: he has photographed and written on them, has coauthored and co-photographed a book on all the Rothschild gardens and has written about nineteenth-century
rhododendron hybrids in the UK.
Hartwig Schepker (Germany) is the Scientific Director of the Botanic Garden and Rhododendron-Park,
Bremen, home to one of the largest Rhododendron collections in the world, including hardy and non-hardy species
and hybrids. He is the Secretary of the German Rhododendron Society and co-editor of the society’s publication
“Rhododendron und Immergrüne”. Hartwig has been on several rhododendron trips in South East Asia and North
America, including four journeys to Arunachal Pradesh. His main objective is to promote the important ecological
functions of Rhododendrons in their native habitats.
Plus two special presentations by Laura Grant and Dr. Ben Hall.
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Tour T1: 11am – 4pm – Goard, J&J Gordon, Morrison, Finnerty Gardens FULL
Tour T2: 11am – 4pm – B&B Gordon, HCP, Webb
Tour T3: 11am – 4pm – Abkhazi, Government House, Playfair Park
Tour T4: 11am – 4pm – Harris, Hawkins, McKay, Weesjes
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1. Breakfast: Continental or Full Breakfast
2. Bus Tours: only pick ONE tour; indicate tour number and lunch choice.
Tour F1: 8:15am – 4pm – Campbell, Lewis, Morris, Murray
Tour F2: 8:15am – 4pm – Lewis, Murray, Squires, Stitts
Tour F3: 8:15am – 4pm – Blackmore, Massa, McMillan, Royal Roads FULL
Tour F4: 9am – 1pm – Abkhazi, Government House CANCELLED
Tour F5: 9am – 1pm – Brice, HCP, Webb
3. West Coast Dinner buffet style
1. Breakfast: Continental or Full Breakfast
2. Bus Tours: only pick ONE tour; indicate tour number and lunch choice.
Tour S1: 10am – 4pm – Brice, Morrison, Playfair Park, Finnerty GardensCANCELLED
Tour S2: 10am – 4pm – Dominion Brook Park, Harris, Hawkins, McKay, Weesjes
Tour S3: 10am – 4pm – Dominion Brook Park, B&B Gordon, HCP, Varcoe, Webb FULL
Tour S4: 10am – 4pm – Alkire, Dancer, Marquardt, Finnerty Gardens
3. Traditional Dinner: buffet style
SUNDAY TOURS: full itineraries on website
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Tour PC1: Qualicum Beach Area Tour – 8 hours – 8am – 4pm
Tour PC2: Campbell River & Tofino Tour – 4 days – 8am start. CANCELLED
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Thursday May 7, 2015
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Friday May 8, 2015
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Dinner - West Coast Buffet Dinner includes: Island Chicken, BC
Salmon and Local Veggie Dishes.
(Speaker Only $15)
Saturday May 9, 2015
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Bus Tours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Indicate Tour (S2 or S4) and
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Traditional Buffet Dinner includes: Roast Beef, Chicken Cordon
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Sunday May 10, 2015
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Tour PC1 Qualicum Beach Area Tour – 8 hours
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THE 2015 GARDENS Photos of Gardens at www.2015rhodo.ca Abkhazi Garden…planted in the 1940’s by Prince and Princess Abkhazi featuring rhododendrons believed to be over 100 years old as well as beautiful under plantings of woodland perennials and is maintained by volunteers The Alkire Garden…is a mature garden of species and hybrid rhododendrons, flowering perennials and annuals, with about 200 rhododendrons in pots situated throughout the garden The Blackmore Garden… a mountainside garden of varying levels, with many ponds and waterfalls; a large collection of rhododendrons; the largest collection of Barlup hybrids in a private garden; and a large wandering deck, containing many rhododendrons in containers The Brice Garden…started with 47 rhododendrons arriving from a parent’s property and now has grown to over 300 rhododendrons, mostly obtained from the Victoria Rhododendron’s Societies’ propagating group The Campbell Garden…a beautifully kept forested and terraced garden with pathways interspersed with native plants and a large collection of species and hybrid rhododendrons, Japanese maples, and other flowering trees The Dancer Garden…contains rhododendrons that are chosen for foliage, colour and beauty year round combined with beautiful companion plants on a large city lot Dominion Park Garden…is an 11 acre garden created in 1912 as a demonstration garden by the federal government and contains rhododendrons from the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard, which had been grown from seed by Ernest “Chinese” Wilson, When funding cease in 1982, unique plants began to disappear. Maintained by volunteers who are restoring the rhododendron ravine The Goard Garden…a city garden with pathways interspersed among rocks and large and beautiful old oak tree that embraces the garden in its branches The B & B Gordon Garden…not a planned garden per se, but evolved along with native plants over many years of collecting rhododendrons, both hybrids and species The J & J Gordon Garden…a beautiful collection of hybrid, species and vireya rhododendrons along with magnolias and other trees, many started from seed Government House… is the residence of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and overlooks the city of Victoria and the Olympic Mountains. The gardens, feature mostly old English hybrids are slowly including newer hybrids and species, and are maintained by volunteers The Harris Garden…with curving paths and stone steps, visitors are led through borders of rhododendrons, Japanese maples, vacciiniums and woodland perennials The Hawkins Garden…situated on a gentle slope with native trees such a Douglas firs, maples and dogwoods, many of the rhododendrons were brought to the property from their previous home Horticultural Centre Of The Pacific…has many sub-­‐gardens including heather, native plant, winter, Takata (Japanese), Zen and Bonsai collection. Focus is on the rhododendron and hosta garden. It features both hybrids and species, lovingly maintained by Victoria Rhododendron Society volunteers. The Lewis Garden…the delightful and surprising Bright Angel Water Garden, in a forested setting, surrounded by a large collection of rhodos The Marquardt Garden…a new garden in a diverse property setting of 5.7 acres with natural forested areas, mossy rock outcroppings and open areas, with a focus on large leaf varieties of rhododendrons and tender plants in pots The Massa Garden… a very large, well established garden of rolling hills and deep forests with over 1500 rhododendrons, both species and hybrids in a natural woodland setting The McKay Garden…overlooks a view of the Gulf Islands with over 400 mature rhododendrons and deciduous azaleas along with many Vancouver Island hybrids The McMillan Garden…a small 60 x 120 foot city garden with raised shaded garden beds, native plants and rhododendrons, mainly raised from seeds and cuttings The Morrison Garden…is a ¾ acre city garden, featuring mainly species rhododendrons, dogwood, magnolias and maples with an understory of perennials and a microclimate that allows Maddeniis to be grown outside The Morris Garden . . . was an overgrown and in poor condition when first purchased by the Morris’. It has become a mecca of rhododendrons, ferns, trilliums, epimediums and hellebores and tended with loving care. The Murray Garden…a beautiful collection of magnolias and rhododendrons, with rocky outcroppings containing many rock garden plants, over looking over a lovely green valley Playfair Park…is a public garden of mature rhododendrons and azaleas, with a large Garry oak meadow Royal Roads University Gardens…565 acres of breathtaking beauty of wooded glens and wild places and three formal gardens: Italian Garden; Rose Garden and Japanese Garden The Squires Garden…an ocean-­‐side garden with some species rhododendrons as well as many unusual and unnamed hybrid rhododendrons collected from early island hybridizers The Stitt Garden...a relatively new garden with species and hybrid rhododendrons grown in the forested side garden, with others in sunshine, overlooking a 100 year old orchard The Varcoe/Kowyluk Garden… a rural country garden in a woodland setting with species and hybrid rhododendrons, combined with choice woodland perennials The Webb Garden…a fine collection of 900 rhododendrons. Located in a natural setting of tall fir and maple trees, as well as over 1000 rhododendrons in pots through their propagating hobby of growing plants from cuttings The Weesjes Garden…Towner Crest is a large rhododendron garden with many large, mature rhododendrons planted within a Douglas fir forest setting.