Creating Our Future: - Early Years Conference

SESSION #1 (Thurs @ 10:30)
SESSION #3 (Fri @ 10:00)
Nurturing Relationships Within a
Incredible Years: A Speed
Initiatives for Nurturing Healthy
Kids: Healthy Start and MEND
Presenter: Boulder Journey School.
Stories from within Boulder Journey
School focusing on relationships from
birth to age 5.
Presenter: Krystal Hawkins
The full 90 minutes will be divided into
speed sessions between 5-15 minutes
long and introduce the audience to the
practical applications of this AMAZING,
hands-on program. Parents, caregivers,
and clinicians will take home strategies
and ideas that promote positive
responses to challenging behavior.
Presenter: Gabrielle LePage Savoie,
Linda Martin and Andrea Fahlman
This session will provide a brief
introduction to both the Healthy Start
and the MEND programs. MEND (Mind
Exercise Nutrition Do It) is a
Community- Based Obesity Prevention
and Weight Management Program for
Children and Their Families.
Active Video Games: Friend or Foe?
Presenter: Mark Tremblay
This session will include a review of the
research on the advantages and
disadvantages of Active Video Games
for the promotion of physical activity
among children. Attendees will then
participate in an active discussion
exploring the potential benefits and risks
of active video game use and promotion
in homes, schools and child care
Family Resource Center Models
Solving childhood feeding
SESSION #2 (Thurs @ 1:00)
Presenter: Carol Danaher (Satter
Institute) This session addresses the
parent/child relationship needed to
solve feeding problems, as well as
typical feeding problems, including the
child who eats poorly and the child who
grows too rapidly or too slowly.
Targeting weight inconsistency and
restoring optimal feeding will be
Smart Cities, Healthy Kids
Presenter: Tarun Katapally
By describing the conceptualization,
implementation and evolution of a
Saskatoon based study called “Smart
Cities, Healthy Kids,” this session will
explore the role of multi-level
interventions in facilitating active living
in the early ears.
Roots of Empathy: Why Does
Empathy Matter?
Presenter: Daycee Richardson
This session will examine the role
empathy plays in creating safe and
supportive learning environments. This
session will include video footage and
research about how the Roots of
Empathy Program helps develop a safe
and emotionally literate classroom and
strives to break intergenerational cycles
of violence and poor parenting.
Friendly City Optimist Club
Creating Our Future: Nurturing Minds & Bodies in the Early Years Using “Every Child Ready to Read”
to Encourage New Readers
Presenter: Tina Dolcetti
Tina will illustrate techniques for
incorporating early literacy techniques
into everyday life, and will recommend
new picture books that support these
Pathways to Success - Early
Childhood Brain Development
Presenter: Lois Okraincie
In this workshop we will explore the
developing brain of young children and
understand the science behind it and
how we can support evidence and
research in our own work. Selfregulation and healthy early brain
development occurs through interaction
and stimulating environments. Lois will
share creative strategies such as
photography and 2 newly developed
resources that were created to provide
sensory experiences for young children.
Holy Trinity Catholic School Division
Presenter: Jeff Fox/Kim Gelowitz
This session will review two types of
Family Resource Center models- how
they developed, how they are funded,
and what services they provide.
The Heartbreak Kid: Parenting
After Trauma
Presenter: Deborah Bell
This workshop is directed towards any
foster parent, caregiver, educator, or
other front line worker who works with
children that have experienced trauma.
A brief overview of the effect of trauma
on the brain and the importance of
attachment will be provided, along with
strategies that promote healing of the
child. Many of the strategies presented
are applicable across the many different
contexts that we work with children. A
working knowledge of attachment
theory is recommended.
Moose Jaw YMCA
South Central Regional
Intersectoral Committee
The Importance of Music in Early
Childhood Development
Presenter: Cora Melanson
A presentation and demonstration of a
typical music class providing practical
ideas and simple fun songs that can be
used to incorporate the music
experience into variant learning
Rotary Club of Moose Jaw
Central Collegiate SADD