World Ranking Event Bulletin

3 Days of Belgium – Day 2 –
Saturday 02nd May 2015
World Ranking Event – Middle Distance
Bulletin 2
COLiège is happy to welcome you to the 3 Days of Belgium 2015.
Day 2 is a World Ranking Event.
Alain Mazy - COLiège (+32 494 31 67 27 or [email protected] )
Event Organisation
Event Director:
Technical Coordinator:
Course Planner:
IOF Event Advisor
Alain Wathelet
Pierre Marchal
Alain Mazy (WRE and day 2 only)
Henrik Lisby
M21 : 32 runners
W21: 16 runners
Event Center
The event center for the overall 3 days event
is located in Vlessart Village
Competition Center
The competition center for this WRE is
located in Vlessart Village.
The signposting for the competition center
starts at the entrance of Vlessart.
Event Center Hours
Start list
Saturday 02nd May: from 8.30 am
Available on website :
Saturday 02nd May: CC open 8.30 am - 3.00 pm
First start: 10.00 am
Closing of the race : 2.00 pm
Prize giving ceremony: 3.00 pm
EMIT is used as the punching system
Back-up system provided at the information
desk will be perfectly tapped on the badge.
Caution for rent EMIT = 40 €
A control will be available at the info desk to
test the EMIT badge (lighting OK)
Categories (WRE)
Class distance climb
M21 6480 m
150 m
W21 5320 m
110 m
Final result will be published at 2.00 pm;
Nbr control
BIB number
Each athlete should wear her/his BIB number
clearly visible on the chest.
GPS Watch
The use of GPS watch is forbidden for this
race. If present at the start, the GPS watch
will be collected by the organizer and
returned at info desk.
Transportation and Parking
No transportation is offered.
In case of needs, please contact organizers.
Accommodation and shower facilities
No changing rooms and showers at CC.
Technical Information
Control descriptions are printed separately and
provided at the start
dimension M21 : 12,5 x 4,8 cm
dimension W21 : 11,5 x 4,8 cm
Specific Symbols
charcoal-burner’s terrace :
rootstock :
X black cross
Raised hide/hunter’s hide : not on the map
The map of forêt d’Anlier is completely new.
The scale is 1:10.000 and contour lines of 5
meters. See sample here.
80% of the terrain is newly mapped and has never been used for orienteering before. Your
arena is a large beech forest which is broken by several zones of vegetation of varying density.
The network of paths is of medium density. New traces of forestry work may appear.
Training – Warm-up
Training is possible on the map “Martelange” near the event center on 30 th April from 1pm.
Maps can be acquired at the CC. Training is also possible on 01 st May during the 1st day 3days
of Belgium.
Warming up map for Saturday 02nd May is available at CC from 9.00 am and several controls
are reachable on the route to the start.
Embargoed Area
Competitors are not allowed to enter the Competition area (3 days) which shown on
Competition Rules
Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events
The complaints are accepted until 2.30 pm at the information desk.
These complaints will be examined by an international jury composed of
 Etienne Bousser (FFCO)
 Dirk Goossens (BVOS)
 Joel Drygalski (ABSO)
Further Information
Complete information for the 3 Days of Belgium can be found on the internet: