Ice Creams Maria’s Marvellous Andy’s Sweet Temptations

Maria’s Marvellous
Ice Creams
All our Ice Cream Sundaes are £4.20
Cool Temptations Try one of our fabulous Ice Cream Sundaes
Lemon Refresher
A great refreshing mix of vanilla ice cream, lemon sauce and broken meringue pieces, topped with whipped
cream, more meringue and even more sauce….Zzzingy!!
Brownie Blitz
Our famous warm chocolate brownie laced with chocolate fudge sauce, layered between chocolate and vanilla ice
cream. Topped with Chantilly cream, even more sauce and a cinnamon wafer.
Crunchy Munchy
A classic…. Caramel and vanilla ice cream, honeycomb pieces and toffee sauce. Topped with cream and showered
in meringue and honeycomb pieces, drizzled with toffee sauce and finished with a cinnamon wafer.
Andy’s Sweet Temptations
All our temptations are only £4.25
Sweet Temptations
The Cedar Slice
All of our temptations are served with your choice of cream or ice cream
Cardiff Bay’s BIGGEST & BEST. Creamy custard and Chantilly cream between layers of flaky pastry topped with our
sticky strawberry icing.
The Jumbo Éclair
Never mind all that Goldfinger and Big spender stuff! All you need to know is that this one is a true Diva!
A MASSIVE choux pastry log filled with custard, cream and lashings of rich chocolate fudge sauce
Total Carrot Cake of my Heart
Now this is one power ballad that you would love. Our Bonnie carrot cake is topped with chopped walnuts and
lashings of toffee sauce
Lemon Meringue Pie
Classic!!! A sweet pastry pie filled with a tangy lemon filling topped with a mound of meringue
Minty Madness
Sex Bomb
The Green,Green Grass of Home
Mint choc chip and vanilla ice cream, stuffed with pieces of mint chocolate and smothered in chocolate sauce.
Chantilly cream, even more mint chocolates, more sauce and a cinnamon wafer…Mmmmminty!
Safer than the original but still goes down a treat!! Banana hull, ice cream decks and flake funnels. Awash with
toffee sauce and crisp meringue finished with a cinnamon wafer.
Cookie Monster
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce and warm cookie dough…enough said!
Yes! We can give it to you when you come along to Cedar Tree Farm. Our homemade profiteroles filled with
Chantilly Cream, showered in crisp meringue and topped with chocolate fudge sauce
Our Key Lime Pie – What a beauty! Homemade Key Lime Pie topped with lime zest and a tingling lime sauce
Why not indulge in an old favourite. Enjoy our sherry infused jelly and fruit sponge, topped with custard cream,
whipped Chantilly cream and finished with a shake of chocolate sprinkles and a homemade cinnamon wafer.
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae
Black Forest Gateaux
Perfect Peach Melba
Mars Attacks!!
Tiger Bay Diva
Alabama Fudge Cake
Strawberry & clotted cream ice cream, chunks of shortbread, fresh strawberries and sticky strawberry sauce.
Topped with Chantilly cream, homemade cinnamon wafer and a marshmallow kebab.
Layers of vanilla ice cream, sliced peaches, fresh raspberries and strawberry sauce, topped with Chantilly cream
and a homemade cinnamon wafer.
A rocking combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, layered with wild cherry fruit compote, topped with
Chantilly cream and a homemade cinnamon wafer.
Nice & Simple
Fancy something a bit simpler….
Ice Cream Tubs
1 Scoop… £1.80
2 Scoop… £2.60
3 Scoop… £3.99
Ice Cream Cones
1 Scoop… £2.25
2 Scoop… £2.50
3 Scoop… £2.95
Bigger than the Millennium Stadium!! Chocolate sponge layered with black cherries and cream, covered with
chocolate, cream and crushed walnuts.
Moist rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate fudge sauce, rich oozy Danish toffee and finished with chocolate
icing, chocolate shavings, cream and not forgetting chunks of Mars Bar. Beam me up!!
Rich but smooth chocolate gateaux with a velvety chocolate filling – scrummy served warm or cold. The choice is
Hot Temptations
All served with your choice of cream, ice cream or custard
Apple Pie
Dutch Apple Crumble
Treacle Pudding
Chocolate Pudding
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Jam & Coconut Sponge
Jam Roly Poly
For the ultimate indulgence why not
wander over to see our amazing cake
You can enjoy all our cakes here or to take
Short, strong and black
Espresso topped with
steamed, frothed milk and
a sprinling of chocolate
Espresso with hot water
Baileys Latte
Hot Chocolate
a shot of syrup to your drink for just 35p, Choose from
Vanilla, Caramel or Mint.
Other flavours are available - please ask a team
member for details.
Freshly Brewed Tea
BaileysTM Irish Cream with espresso
and steamed milk
Irish Coffee
Steamed milk and
Caffé Latte
Espresso with steamed
the perfect end to your meal
A refreshing blend of the finest teas
JamesonTM Irish Whiskey and
a cream float
Highland Coffee
Bell’sTM Whiskey and a cream
French Coffee
MartellTM Cognac and a
cream float
Italian Coffee
DisaronnoTM Amaretto and
a cream float
DessertsIce cream
For the ultimate indulgence why not
wander over to see our amazing cake cabinet.
You can enjoy all our cakes here or to take home!
Or, take a look at our delicious dessert menu
on your table.
DessertsIce cream