BAC Mocktail Recipes

Mocktail Recipes
You can ask for any mixed drink without the alcohol as a “virgin” anything;
most of the time it will look the same…
Amanda Hendrix
½ lemonade, ½ diet cola
Josh Colwell (lesser known)
½ lemonade, ½ cola
Arnold Palmer (aka: half-and-half or blend)
½ iced tea, ½ lemonade (If you pour the
iced tea, then the lemonade and don’t mix
them, it’s an Adam Palmer)
Bartender’s Gin and Tonic
Water, garnish with lime
Boston Cooler
Ginger ale and vanilla ice cream
(Variations: root beer float, etc.)
Faisal Ali
1 part orange juice, 1 part ginger ale,
1 part cranberry juice
Nada Daiquiri
Any daiquiri without liquor
Dolce & Gabbana (DC & G)
Diet cola and grenadine syrup
Egg Cream (Popular in New York)
Chocolate syrup, milk, seltzer
End Wrench
½ orange juice, ½ tonic water
Lemon, Lime & Bitters
(Has a very small amount of alcohol)
Lemonade, lime juice/cordial, bitters
Mock Champagne
Apple juice, ginger ale, lemon juice
Muddy Water
Cola and orange juice
Pomme Noir
Apple juice and cola
Purple Awesome
7UP, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Powerade
Roy Rogers
Cola, grenadine, garnish with cherry
(if using diet cola, it’s a Dale Evans)
Patrick Sweeney
(Popular at West Coast colleges)
Red Bull, cranberry juice, cola,
orange Gatorade
Safe Sex on the Beach
Cranberry juice, grapefruit juice,
peach nectar
Saint Clement’s
½ orange juice
½ lemon juice/lemonade
Freddie Bartholomew
Ginger ale and sweetened lime juice,
garnish with lime
Shirley Temple
2 parts ginger ale, 1 part orange juice
(sometimes omitted), splash of grenadine,
garnish with lemon or cherry
Orange juice and lemonade
Virgin Mary
Bloody Mary without vodka