1st Crownhill Scout Group
Crownhill, Plymouth
Endeavour Hall
Registered Charity Number: 0301213
26 May 15
Welcome and Introduction
Attendance and Apologies for
The chairman opened the meeting at 1915 hrs and District Commissioner,
Sue Hoskin, opened the proceedings by thanking the leadership team for
their efforts and congratulating recent recipients of awards.
Jon Creswell
Isobel Hope
Angie Thorne
Lucy Holder
Simon Holder
Jill Caskey
Rachel Hembury
Sally Walker
Martin Jarrold
Robert Anniss
Heather Oldham
No action.
No action.
Sam Duffield
Simon Weaver
Brandon Wearne
Amanda Anniss
Rob Cowell
Minutes of AGM 2014
Jo Noden
Helen Parry
Lisa Samphire
Jason Rickard
Kevin Choak
Sandra Oxton
Steve Bull
The minutes for the May 2014 AGM were endorsed as an accurate record.
There were no outstanding actions.
No action.
Proposed: Simon Holder
Seconded: Rob Anniss
Chairman’s Report
The chairman summarised his report which is below and made special
mention of Sam Duffield who has achieved his Queen’s Scout award.
No action.
Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer presented her report to the AGM which is set out below.
Heather summarised the following:
No action.
GSL Report
Section Report – Beaver
Section Report – Cub Scouts
Section Report – Scouts
Section Report – Explorer
Nomination of GEC
Nomination of Auditor
Requirement for new
Secretary, Beaver Treasurer
The current assets of the Group are £9,919.94 excluding £5,820
which is part of the Endeavour Restricted funds
This is an uplift in Group funds of £773.01, this is mainly due to
the increase ‘Hall Hire’ from £700 to £1000 and the reduced
building insurance from £1355 down to £532.
We have a reduced income from subscriptions as almost half of
all subs is paid in capitation.
Rachel’s report is below and she proposed a vote of thanks for the hard
work that has been put into the tidying and painting the tired hut by Jason
Rickard. The proposal was unanimously carried.
Summarised by Rob Cowell. It was acknowledged that he is standing down
as the Monday Beaver Leader. We also need a Beaver Treasurer.
Summarised by Simon Weaver. It was acknowledged that Simon will be
leaving to return to Kent and sadly standing down as CSL.
Thanks were offered to Sarah Dent for her hard work as Treasurer.
Summarised by Simon Holder with thanks to Steve Bull who has changed
all the badges over to the new system.
Summarised by Rob Anniss with thanks to Sally Walker for doing the
The Chairman, GSL and Treasurer will remain in post. The post of Group
Secretary is now gapped following the departure of Kev Choak.
Rob Anniss highlighted that the Section leaders should attend the GEC.
David Green was confirmed as the Group Auditor.
It was agreed that these posts would be advertised and that Rachel would
have a conversation regarding reorganisation of leadership teams.
No action.
Newsletter and
Website/FB to
advertise for new
Leader and Section
No action.
No action.
No action.
Newsletter and
Website/FB to
advertise for new
Group Secretary.
and beaver Leader.
Forecast of Events
Floor will be put down 27 July 2015 – 31 August 2015 – need to
ensure the Martial Arts group are aware.
Endeavour hall upgrade:
Ongoing – The painting has now been approved and
will be started.
Review of the quote for the electrics – Phase one is
to ensure the boards are replaced.
Proposal to raise
Two more leaders are to be assessed for their Nights’ Away
Permits which will provide more variety of camps.
Proposal to increase subs to match capitation on a one third/two thirds
basis was suspended. All present felt that to increase subs would cause
problems for many.
It was decided that fundraising would be a priority and the
need for a fundraising team to take this on needs to be
Endeavour Hall Upgrades
No action.
Chairman to take
Issy made a suggestion regarding the opportunity to have a stall
at the Central park monthly
Crownhill Fort may also provide another avenue for revenue.
The chairman update the AGM on the Endeavour Hall project. The GSL
highlighted the growth through the new decking which indicated a lack of
membrane. The Chairman engaged with the builders after the meeting to
ensure that this was rectified.
Executive Board – Explorers would like to be invited to the next
meeting (TBA) to discuss badges logos etc.
Chairman noted this and would ensure that representatives
from each section would be invited to attend.
T Shirts. Group to push, these will be advertised on the
website, FB and through Group newsletters. In the meantime
the initial purchased will be paid for. The chairman highlighted
that there was no hurry and the design was established.
The chairman thanked all those in attendance for their continued support
and close the meeting at 2005 hrs.
No action.
Jon Cresswell
1st Crownhill Scouts
us on Facebook.
1st Crownhill Scout Group is a community run, maximum fun, zero profit, satellite of The Scout Association . The group operates
with a strict zero tolerance for bullying. Please contact us on Facebook, Website, Email or ask a leader face-to-face if you have any
The centenary year was marked with great style and a fantastic whole Group Camp on Dartmoor.
The Jeka camp in Switzerland was a great success and Sam Duffield became the Group’s first
Queen’s Scout in over 20 years. The finances of the Group are in good order, the website looks
great and the Facebook page allows much greater interaction and publicity. With around 150
scouts we can be proud of being one of the strongest groups in the District with a programme to
match enabled by enthusiastic, skilled and committed volunteers without whom the great
adventure of Scouting would not function. I am hugely grateful and humbled by the time and
energy that the leadership team devote to delivering the benefits of scouting to young people and
enable and sustain 1st Crownhill. I pay particular tribute to Roo, our GSL and Heather, our
treasurer, and while expressing sadness at Kev’s departure as Group Secretary, we send him our
best wishes and many thanks for the hard work that he gave to the Group. The work that Roo has
invested into Compass deserves special mention.
We can be proud to have played our part in the life of the city with one of our Explorer’s playing a
central role at the recent VE Day commemoration and we will look to continue this profile. Some
upgrade work has been done to the Endeavour Hall and there is more to follow which will include
a full paint job and a new sign. Above all, our watch words must be simplicity and fun. We have a
meeting place, lots of usable space nearby including Crownhill Fort with whom I think we can
develop a better relationship, Bircham Valley and of course the wilds of Dartmoor which we must
exploit. With such assets on our doorstep, what more can we ask for?
We need to have a look again at our fundraising and subscriptions and also raise our publicity but
in the main the future looks great. Thank you once again to all our volunteers, the parents and
families that support us and of course the scouts themselves whose characters enrich our lives as
much as we hope scouting enriches theirs.
Yours in scouting!
Jon Cresswell
Fun, Friendship, Challenge, Outdoors
Join the Adventure with 1st Crownhill Scouts
Victory in Europe Day in Plymouth
On a windswept evening on 8th May 2015, the Right Worshipful, Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Councillor Mike Fox, in the
company of the Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Devon, the Honourable Mr George Lopes and the Commander of
Devonport Naval Base, Commodore Ian Shipperley, led a small group of veterans, civic leaders, commando gunners,
scouts and guides to light the Victory in Europe Day beacon on the South West (Royal Charles’) bastion of Her
Majesty’s Fortress upon the Hoe, The Royal Citadel. The weather was reasonably kind with some drizzle and a
reasonably brisk southerly blowing in from the Channel.
The aim was to commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe in a simple but fitting ceremony which
reflected on the past and the suffering and destruction wrought on the people and city of Plymouth but also express
thanks for 70 years of peace in Europe and look to a bright future. The Padre of 29 Commando Regiment Royal
Artillery, the Reverend Karl Freeman, opened with prayers of thanks and remembrance before the Right Worshipful
Lord Mayor of Plymouth gave the main address which harked back to dark days for the city. He concluded by
requesting the beacon be lit upon which Sergeants Langton and Burnett of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery
ignited the gas powered beacon in the shape of a ‘V for Victory’ which duly illuminated the night sky above Plymouth’s
Hoe, the scene of celebration in 1945.
Explorer Scout Jacob Rowe of 1st Crownhill Scout Group read ‘Children in wartime’ and Girl Guide Emma James of 1st
Crownhill Guide Company read ‘Voice of the Mighty Eighth’. The service concluded with the Lord Mayor leading the
party from the Battlements to the traditional air of Commandos returning to barracks at the end of the day; the Black
Bear transitioning into Scotland the Brave which harks back to their training grounds in the Highlands.
Treasurer’s Report 2014/2015
Bank Interest
Gift Aid
Fundraising Expenses
Capital Equipment
Other Income + JEKA remainder
Total Income
Total Expenditure
Overall for the year an increase of
Income 2012-13
Income 2013-14
JEKA Remainder added into other
Income 2014-15
Endeavour Income
Armed Forces Community Covenant
Norman Family Trust
Endeavour Expenditure
Building work
Endeavour Restricted Funds
The Total Income was £10,802.02 and the Total Expenditure was £10,029.06 with a excess income for the year of
£773.01. This is mainly due to the increase ‘Hall Hire’ from £700 to £1000 per year and the reduced building insurance
from £1355 down to £532. We also have reduced income from Subscriptions as almost half of all subs is paid in
Gift Aid ‘Sign-up’ is strong along with claiming Gift Aid on Bag Packing over £2000 was claimed from the Inland
All sections are using excel spreadsheets which are used to reconcile the income and expenditure in each team
against the bank balances. There are still issues reconciling camps as they often stretch over more than one term,
year or section.
The total current assets of the Group is £9,919.94 which was made up of
Bank accounts
Unbanked Cash/Cheques
Uncleared Cash/Cheques
Current Assets
Endeavour Project – restricted funds
I would like to thank Judith Gorvin, Sarah Dent and Jill Caskey who do a fantastic job taking care of the section
Heather Oldham
Group Treasurer
GSL Report 2015
As another year passes it seems hard to reflect on the highlights of the year as its all been amazing. The passion and
dedication of the leaders, young leaders and support for sections has undoubtedly contributed to yet another
successful year of Scouting. I cannot thank you enough for your tireless and at times thank less efforts.
2014 was our Centenary year which saw the Group send 31 Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and 6 leaders travel to
Switzerland for 10 days of fun and activities. Daily Facebook postings of Mountains, ice snow and smiles gave us
regular updates and assurance. I’m sure on behalf of all parents I cannot thank Amanda and Rob for the time and
effort that was spent organising it. Equally, to those leaders and Jill Caskey who supported and gave up their time. I
believe the time and effort fund raising was so worthwhile if not character building.
We also had a 100 years Camp at Walkhampton where we had 104 people attend. I think one of the biggest camps to
date. Just a fantastic experience where we saw the Beavers join us overnight and the Explorers demonstrate
leadership skills that they didn’t know they had. Leaders from all sections attended and we even had past Leaders join
us for the Camp Fire. A wonderful way to celebrate the values of Scouting and what the Group means to us.
We have achieved many things over the year as the reports will reflect so again I can only reiterate my thanks.
Looking forward we have been extremely successful in obtaining a grant which has seen the start of the hut
renovations and making it a far warmer and safer place to be in. The outside has undergone a transformation the
garden is coming along nicely and the Beavers have started planting. We now have a small pond, a bug house and
even a new home for any homeless hedgehog. That coupled with a multitude of bird boxes on the wall which the Cubs
have built for their DIY Badge. Altar fires have now been built – Thanks Si and Jas they are things of beauty which will
no doubt be used in the summer by the Group. I must admit its beginning to be the vision that we all shared.
I must add that we have our own Borrower Jason who has been recycling, nailing, sanding and painting the hut and in
general doing so much to tidy the tired old building. It is looking great and on behalf of the Group I would like to
express our thanks.
We also have regular income from the Model Railway Club and the Martial arts Group which is certainly helping the
income. Sadly we do not have much fund raising going on which is what we need. This is something I would like to
encourage in the coming year we need more parental interaction and are looking at ways to do this. Resurrecting the
Horse or Reindeer racing is just a thought.
Numbers have remained consistent and all sections are growing. Thanks you too all that were involved in the Census
– Compass has proven to be a difficult tool to work with and still has many teething problems.
As always time to say welcomes and goodbyes. Welcoming Brandon and Lucy to Monday Beavers. Jo and Izzy to the
Cub section and Chris to the Friday Beavers. All are starting towards their Woodbeads.
Goodbye to Kev Choak as secretary and Rob Cowell who will be leaving Beavers.
Roo Hembury GSL
Beaver Section Report 2014/2015
The Beaver section continues to prosper and is always well attended on both evenings, Friday and Monday sections
currently both have 18 invested beavers. The majority of our beavers have moved onto cubs all achieving their Chief
Scouts Bronze Award, whilst there have been many new recruits.
Since our last AGM the Beavers have had the opportunity to have our first outdoor sleepover, being invited so the
whole group could celebrate our 100th year to the Centenary Camp at Walkhamton. This proved to be a wonderful
experience for the Beavers to not only feel part of the group but to share in all the activities, from fire lighting, Morse
codes to singing around the camp fire.
This Summer term we strive to be out and about as much as possible, Beaver Olympics a firm favourite is back on this
list of things to do. Wall climbing at the YMCA and trips to Plymbrige and Saltrum introducing geo-caching to our new
younger children. We have been introduced to a beaver section from New Zealand and we are looking forward to
receiving post any day soon.
Though we aim to bring a fun and exciting programme it would appear that simple junk modelling and creating our
own stories are just as enjoyable to the children.
This year the Monday section did lose Lee-Anne (aka Magpie) due to changes in circumstances. Rob Monday leader
has since been joined by Brandon (aka Thumper) and Lucy (aka Bambi). Brandon and Lucy have been providing
great support and are growing into the section very well; running evenings and injecting great ideas.
Fridays team welcomes Chris otherwise known as Otter who now with Lee aka Eagle delivers the weekly programme.
With Sandra and I still on hand we feel now is the time for us to step back and embrace new leaders bringing
knowledge and skills to the group.
I would like to say thank you to Sandra Lee Tara and now Chris in helping to plan and deliver a balanced programme.
Judith who managed our finances and of course Rachel who even when unwell kept us all ticking.
Lisa Samphier (Fawn)
Cub Report
This year at 1st Crownhill Cubs we have had a consistent numbers of around 20 Cubs attending on both nights. The
Cubs section has a full complement of uniformed leader with Thursday Cubs having Simon Weaver, Jo Noden, Angie
Thorne and Alex Hawkins. Wednesday Cubs currently have Helen Parry as the Cub Scout Leader and she has
uniformed support from Martin Jarrold and Sam Duffield with Isobel Hope hoping to become a uniformed leader when
her DBS check comes through. As ever a massive thank you to the leaders for all of the time and effort that they put
into the planning and running of meetings.
This year we have started to use Online Scout Manager. This is beginning to make the paperwork more simplified and
is helping with the administrative work that needs completing over the year. Having all of this digitalised has helped
improve productivity within the section.
This Scouting year kicked off with the trip to celebrate our 100 years of Scouting in 1st Crownhill. Simon and Helen (as
Cub leaders) took some of the Cubs to Switzerland. We spent a week in Adelboden enjoying the stunning scenery
and the brilliant activities organised by Rob and Amanda Anniss. Sincere thanks to them for their hard work in
organising such a wonderful trip for us all.
The weekly pack nights in the autumn term started off with a number of hikes around Dartmoor, this was followed by
the chef’s badge where the cubs tried cooking a stir fry and made trifles. After this we held the usual Halloween disco
and finished off the autumn term with disability awareness and Christmas crafts.
The Cubs had a change to the usual Christmas camp at Piers Cellars this year due to the standard of the facilities not
being up to expectations and therefore a change of scenery was decided upon. Christmas camp this year moved to
Princetown, to a site called Bachelors Hall. It was a beautiful site and a very successful camp run by Angie Thorne.
There was a turnout of about 26 Cubs with a couple of young leaders and as always strong support from the leaders.
We enjoyed surveying the river running past the site, making Christmas decorations and cards, shelter building and
decorating the location to get everyone in the spirit of Christmas. The camp also had a very successful campfire
complimented by Simon and Helen dressed as Father Christmas and a snowman. As always these opportunities
couldn’t be accomplished without the strong leader support.
In the spring term the Cubs worked towards their home safety, road safety and personal safety badges. This
included visits to the fire station, learning how to call 999 for help amongst other activities. During the term we also
took part in the District Unihoc tournament where we all had a good time, despite not managing to produce a full team.
However, with the assistance of the other packs who lent us a player or two we managed to come first which was very
uplifting for the cubs which had turned up to support 1st Crownhill.
The cubs decided they wanted a sleepover style night with sleeping bags and popcorn so they got it. We sat down in
the hut in our sleeping bags and watched the Jungle Book explaining to them the cub leader names along the way.
This was enjoyed by all and was a great opportunity. The cubs also enjoyed rifle shooting which was kindly run by
Rob Anniss.
During this summer term we plan to work on the world challenge badge, naturalist badge, backwoods cooking badge,
DIY badge and the Artist Badge. It will be a very busy term which has already started to fly by. We have built bird
boxes and enjoyed walking around Plymbridge woods building shelters and working towards our naturalist badge. We
took part in the St. George’s day parade with a healthy turn out to renew their promises.
We have plans for another camp in July for the Cubs which will allow two leaders to hopefully achieve their nights
away permit and we have the tug of war coming up.
It is with a sadness that I must inform you that Simon has now finished his final year at the University of Plymouth and
has found a job back in Kent. This means he will no longer be able to be the Cub Scout Leader on a Thursday but we
wish Simon all the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him again in the future.
A big thank you goes out to everyone who has helped keep 1st Crownhill cubs going this year. We are pleased to
welcome to our new treasurer Sarah Dent and very great thanks to Judith for her previous support. Thank you for all
of the parental support, cheering our teams on and transporting equipment, but especially to all the leaders for their
commitment throughout the year. Let’s hope we have many more happy years of Cub Scouts at 1st Crownhill and an
even better 2015-16.
Scout Section Annual Report – 2014/2015
Numbers in the Troop have remained fairly constant over the past twelve months averaging out at about 20. Cub
Scouts continue to move in to the Scout Section and Scouts likewise are moving on in to the Explorer Section.
It was a good year for the Chief Scout’s Gold Award – the highest Award in the Scout Section – as two were earned
earlier in 2015. To gain the Gold Award is an outstanding achievement and is the result of many hours of dedication to
perform and undertake a wide range of tasks and activities and attend various events. The recipients were Morgan
Anniss and Sam Burston. Well done to both of them and best wishes for their future in Explorer Scouts.
Training/Badgework within the Troop at the Tuesday Evening Meetings was largely superseded due to the major
project of Go-Cart construction. However, Training/Badgework was not neglected and throughout the year many
Challenge Awards and Activity Badges were gained. Challenge Badges awarded were 9 Adventure, 2 Creative, 5
Global, 1 Promise, 1 Outdoor and 1 Outdoor Plus. Activity Badges were nineteen assorted Nights Away (1 one, 1 two,
3 fives, 4 tens, 4 fifteens, 3 twenties, 2 thirty-fives and 1 fifty), fourteen Hikes Way (1 one, 6 twos, 5 fives, 1 ten and 1
fifteen), 3 Sports Enthusiasts, 3 Physical Recreations and 1 Water Activities. A grand total of 76 Challenge & Activity
Badges plus 2 Chief Scout’s Gold Awards.
Throughout the year the Scouts were involved in many different activities and events of which the main one was the
building of the Go-Carts. Each Patrol undertook the task of constructing their own Go-Cart – four altogether. After
several weeks of planning and designing materials were eventually assembled and the construction began. Thanks to
Simon and Jason a huge array of tools was made available to the Scouts and under supervision and with safety
instruction many of the Scouts experienced the use of hand saws, electric saws, drills, hammers, spanners and
screwdrivers. The Go-Carts will be completed and raced by the end of the Summer Term. The whole project allowed
the Scouts to attain several different aspects of the Challenge Awards including those of Skills, Teamwork, Team
Leader and Personal. Other activities undertaken in the year included an enjoyable evening at Saltram House to
experience one of their many different Orienteering Courses ; the District Tug-Of-War Competition ; two separate
canoeing sessions at Saltash Passage ; a Paint Balling morning with another Troop (27th Plymouth) and apparently
Paint Balls do hurt ; a fire-lighting instructional & practical evening at Blindmans Wood Scout Centre ; and the District
Adventure Day also held at BMW which involved Archery, Shooting and the Field Gun Run. Again all these things
were woven in to the Badgework Scheme.
The beginning of 2015 saw a complete overhaul of the Badge System (from National Headquarters) – some were
renamed and/or amended, others dropped and some new ones added. The new requirements for the Gold Award are
to gain all 9 Challenge Awards plus 6 Activity Badges. The old requirements were for 8 out of 9 Challenges and no
Activity Badges. The new Challenge Awards are Adventure, Creative, Expedition, Outdoors, Personal, Skills, Team
Leader, Teamwork and World.
The Scout Section Leadership Team spent some time transferring everything undertaken in the ‘old scheme’ to the
‘new scheme’ and because of this many ‘new’ Challenge Badges were awarded in addition to some others that didn’t
exist before. From the new scheme a total of 34 Challenge Badges have been awarded – 9 World, 8 Adventure, 5
Creative, 5 Outdoors, 5 Personal and 2 Skills. Many Scouts are nearing completion of some of the Challenges
especially the new ones of Team Leader, Teamwork and Skills.
With a restructured programme for the coming twelve months (and beyond) it is hoped to provide an even greater
varied and active programme to include more camping, outdoor work, Expedition Training, Navigator, First Aid and
Teamwork Activities with a view to the Scouts gaining more badges and with the ultimate aim to gain more Chief
Scout’s Gold Awards each year. Under the new scheme there are many more Activity Badges that can be achieved
and quite a few can be done at home or school as can be many parts of the Challenge Badges. If a Scout undertakes
and activity or receives some sort of ‘certification’ please let the Scout Leaders know so it can be marked off against
the relevant place in the Badgework Scheme.
Well done to all the Scouts for all their achievements and for their enthusiasm and dedication and also a big thank you
to the Scout Section Leaders {Simon, Jason & Steve} for their time and effort in putting together and running a
successful programme and to others who have assisted in any way.
Special thanks to Dan and Rob from the Explorer Unit with their assistance on a regular weekly basis and to Jill for her
continued excellent and often ‘headache creating’ work as Troop Treasurer.
Simon Holder, Scout Leader and the Leadership Team of the Scout Section.
Vigilant Explorer Scout Unit Annual Report for 2015
The Explorer Scout section has been very busy this year with as many meetings as possible being held away from the
HQ. Our young people have given the leadership team ideas for activities and we would like to think that with their
input and our guidance we are delivering an interesting, fun and well balanced programme. We try to achieve a mix of
traditional Scouting skills alongside activities suited to the age range of our Explorers. We aim to progress as many
members as possible through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme which runs in parallel with the Chief Scout’s
Indoor….snail racing, topical debate, yoga, junk costumes, first aid, scouting mural, foreign cooking, tie dye, mug
design, karaoke, kamikaze eggs, bingo, newspaper clothing, Big Bang night, sewing, Christmas meal, archery,
Outdoor…. Campsite clearing, Citadel visit, 10 pin bowling, Barbican theatre pantomime, wide games, night hike,
coastal hike, team building games
In this past calendar year members of the Explorer section have attended many camps.
Some have been to assist at section camps and the Woodlands adventure park camp as young leaders, or in one
case, being groomed as camp cook by her mother!
We attended the Centenary camp at Walkhampton and have just had a great weekend at the site at Shaugh Bridge.
However, the highlight of the past year was the Group camp to Adelboden in Switzerland where the Explorers
excelled themselves as caring and capable leaders and mentors to the younger members in their charge.
Well done to our Explorers who have received their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards this year. We have
individuals continuing their awards at all levels and wish them luck in their endeavours.
Our new members will shortly receive a visit from the Award co-ordinator and hopefully sign them up for the scheme.
We continue to have Explorers helping out at other sections of the Group as a part of the Young Leaders and D of E
Well done to Dino for completing the 35 mile Ten Tors challenge this year
The Future
More camps at Shaugh bridge, Thorpe Park camp, more activities and more fun.
The Numbers
Our membership is buoyant with 22 members, an increase of five from last year. However, weekly attendances
fluctuate due to school and exam pressures
Rob & Amanda
Explorer Scout Leaders