vodacom migration rules - Smart

Only account holders or authorised signatories are permitted to apply for migrations.
All Vodacom migrations can only take place on the 28th of every month; therefore migration applications are
to reach Autopage by no later than midday on the 23rd.
Migrations are subject to the discretion of Altech Autopage discretion and are subject to Vodacom business
The account must be on debit order payment system and the account must be settled in full before migration
can take place.
Once a migration has been done, the package on the same number cannot be changed again for the extent of
the contract period.
Please note that should you migrate to a lower subscription price plan whilst still in your contract term, you
may be charged a penalty. If you are out of contract you will not be charged a penalty.
No discounts on either airtime or access fees can be given on any of the new Vodacom bundled packages.
Therefore if a discount is currently being received it will be forfeited as soon as the migration to any bundled
package takes place.
Twin call is currently unavailable on any new bundled Vodacom packages.
International Roaming is not included in the free airtime given in the bundled packages and cannot be used on
any Top-up package
The migration to Blackberry Talk 100, Talk 100, Talk 200, Talk 500 and Talk 1000 may only take place when the
account is six months or older.
On migration from a postpaid bundled price plan to another postpaid bundled price plan, all unused minutes
or seconds will be transferred from the previous price plan to the new price plan except in the case of
migration to or from any Red price plans offering unlimited voice minutes.
On migration from a postpaid to a hybrid price plan (or vice versa) as well as postpaid to prepaid (or vice
versa) price plans, accumulated minutes and/or airtime will be forfeited.
On migration the carryover validity period will be carried over like for like except when migrating to a bundled
offer with a different carryover rule, in which case the minutes transferred over will be subject to the expiry
rule of the new offer.
Offer migration does not affect the order of consumption.
If disconnection occurs on the grounds of non-payment and reconnection takes place within the same
calendar month, the accumulated minutes will be recovered however, should reconnection take place after
the calendar month in which the disconnection took place, the accumulated minutes will be forfeited.
All minutes transferred to the new offer are subject to the new price plan business rules.
Migrations between the following price plans are charged the standard applicable migration fees:
o “per second billing” to “per second billing”,
o “normal” package to a “per second billing”,
o “per second billing” package to a “normal” package.
Migrations between the following price plans may be charged an additional migration fee:
o Blackberry BIS to Blackberry BES Package (or vice versa),
o Talk 100 package to a Blackberry Talk 100 package,
o Any migration from the same “normal” package to the same “per second billing” package
o Any 4 U Migrations (these can ONLY be done once the full 24-month contract is complete and
Due to fluctuations in subsidies from the networks, all migration prices quoted are subject to change on a
monthly basis and are valid for a period of 7 days only from receipt of this application form.
The migration fee indicated is payable in the event of acceptance of this Migration Quotation and is intended
to cover the initial contract and cell phone costs invested.
The rules applied to accumulated unused minutes/seconds, SMS and/or Data on the price plan you are
migrating to, may differ from the price plan you are currently on. Please visit www.vodacom.co.za for full
details on these rules. You may request this information from the Sales Consultant as well.
If you migrate from a price plan which has certain associated benefits e.g. discounted or free services & VAS to
a price plan which does not qualify for these benefits, these benefits will not be carried over to the new price
If you are currently using a BlackBerry mobile device and you intend using another smartphone wit your new
price plan, please ensure you request cancellation of your BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS/BES) on your old
price plan, from the effective date of migration.
From the effective date of migration indicated on this quotation, the subscription charge for the new price
plan will be applied to your account. Subscription charges for the month are payable in advance and calls are
charged one month in arrears. Your first bill after migrating will consist of the new monthly subscription
charge, but calls, being charged one month in arrears will still be at the old tariff rates. Hence you might notice
a larger first bill after migrating, however by the second bill your bill will be back to normal.
All migration will pend until the end of the month with the exception of migration from Prepaid to Prepaid
price plans (this is done by the user via the self-service FreeCharge menu), Prepaid to Top Up price plans
(immediate migration), Prepaid to Postpaid (immediate migration) and non-bundled service offerings i.e.
monthly recurring VAS.
Accumulated voice minutes or airtime will be forfeited when migration between the following price plans take
place: Postpaid to Top Up, Postpaid to Prepaid, Top Up to Postpaid, Prepaid to Prepaid, Prepaid to Postpaid
NB: Please see migration schedule for costs