Reunion-flyer - 19th Ward Community Association

19th Ward Community Association
Also, join us for
Square Fair the
next day—
pancakes, hotdogs,
parade, vendors,
music, entertainment, kids’ activities, fun for all
19th Ward - Gathering/Reunion
All ages—Residents and Non
Friday - June 5 - 5:30 PM
Food, music, games, photos, memories, fun
Advance Tickets necessary, 585-328-6571
Can you find yourself in
this Square Fair Picture
from the 80’s?
Interested in getting out the
clubs for the John Trudeau
memorial golf game on
Sunday, June 7? Call or
email Mike Kllc.
[email protected]
Picnic catered by
Unkl Moe’s BBQ
and Catering
19th Ward Community
216 Thurston Road
Rochester, NY 14619
More Information:
E-mail: [email protected]
Adults $15.00
Children 10 and under $8.00
Family of 5 $50.00
Blocks of rooms reserved until May 6 at :
Staybridge Suites, 527-9110, code IKFMY , $138. suite w/kitchen
Holiday Inn, 328-6000, code 19th Ward Community, $99/rm
Bring yourself and your neighbors
Invite your out of town 19th Ward friends
A family friendly picnic in Genesee Valley Park
For all 19th Warders and Supporters past, present, and future
Friends and Neighbors living in the 19 Ward
Friends and supporters from all over
19th Warders who have moved away, and still
value 19th connections
Anyone else who wants to know more about
who we are