here - Dartmouth Class of 1962

Hi All, In a month, we’ll all be converging on San Diego and Coronado Island to celebrate our 75th birthdays. We’ll be more than 100 strong. Below is a list of those who will be there. Dartmouth Class of '62 - San Diego Attendees
Tom Ackland
Karen Ackland
Ira Archer
Irmgard Arthur
Charlie Balch
Ann Balch
Denny Barnes
Ingrid Barnes
Dave (Bags) Bergman
Gretchen Bergman
Jim Blair
Wendy Blair
Ross Burkhardt
Jeanne Burkhardt
Gill Butler
Jane Butler
Phil Cantelon
Eileen McGuckian
John Clark
Leda Lefcovich
Fred Cook
Sara Cook
Tom Davies
Marianne Davies
Neil Drobny
Betty Drobny
Jack Edwards
Arlene Andrew
Carl Funke
Candy Funke
Gene Gasbarro
Sandy Gasbarro
Pat Giles
Kent Graham
Beth Graham
Richard Hahn
Rita Shamban
Jim Haines
Marnie Haines
Richard Hannah
Joan Hannah
Colin Harley
Anita Harley
Dick Harris
Carol Harris
Tom Hector
Mike Hector
Carl Herbold
Bryna Herbold
Al Huck
Pat Huck
Kent Hutchinson
Bernie Jacobs
Elaine Jacobs
Paul Johnson
Joan Eckberg
John Kees
Pam Kees
Jim Kent
Phoebe Kent
Ellis Kern
Anne Kern
Tom Komarek
Judy Komarek
Irwin Kramer
Olli Larmi
Rosemarie Gaeffke
Art Liberman
Annie Liberman
John Mann
Kathy Chintala
Dick Maynard
Susan Dovell Maynard
Gordy McKean
Pat McKean
Frank Milon
Barbara Milon
Jim Murar
Jan Murar
Mike Parish
Kori Parish
Alan Rapoport
Arja Rapoport
Steve Reid
Alice Reid
Bill Sadd
Pat Sadd
Mike Schaefer
Heide Bruegmann
Roy Schoen
Mella Behar
Mike Schwartz
Kathy Schwartz
Chuck Simpson
Anneliese Simpson
David Smith
Elizabeth Fagan
Kermit Thompson
Loreto Thompson
Dan Tompkins
Rog Usborne
Liz Usborne
John Walters
Nancy Walters
Paul Weinberg
Bill Whaley
Jane Whaley
Bob Yassin
Marilyn Yassin
In addition, Bill and Ann McDonald who will be joining us for only the Beach
Party on Saturday evening, April 18.
Thad Seymour Unfortunately, Thad Seymour who was with us for our 65th and 70th Birthday Celebrations and our 50th Reunion is unable to join us. However, Thad did indicate that on the evening of our Birthday Dinner he and Polly, “will
raise a glass (or two or three) to our special friends in the Class of 1962, but I'm afraid we will have to do it a continent away.” Early Birds Many flying from the East and Midwest plan to arrive early for ‘62/75. On Thursday, we will hold Early Bird Registration from 4 to 5 PM in the Marriott South Lobby. That evening, there will also be a cash bar get together at the Pool Bar between 5 and 6:30 PM. Dinner that evening will be on your own. There are many fine restaurants within a short walk from the Marriott. We have learned, however, that a former Dartmouth All American Lacrosse Player owns the Bluewater Boathouse Grill and has invited us to his restaurant that evening. It’s a ten minute ride or taxi trip from our hotel and is an upscale, attractive restaurant, almost directly across from the Del Coronado, with excellent food. See: If you’d like to join a group that evening at the Bluewater Boathouse led by our own All American Lacrosse Player John Walters, please email Rog Usborne at [email protected] , no later than April 3 so he can include you in our group reservation. Friday Registration For those arriving on Friday, registration will be between 4 and 5 PM that afternoon in the Marriott’s South Lobby. Schedule I am attaching our ‘62/75 schedule. Please let us know ([email protected]) if your travel plans will preclude you from attending our first event – our Dinner cruise on Friday 4/17 boarding at 5:45 PM – and our last event – Our Good Bye Breakfast on the Lawn at 8 AM Monday, 4/20. We don't want to hold up these functions looking for you if you do not plan to attend. Tom Komarek '62