Thank you for your interest in Volunteering
at Hastings & Districts SPCA
Sometimes it’s not possible to make a
financial contribution, but you can still help
the animals by becoming a Volunteer and
donating your time toward looking after the
animals in our care. It’s rewarding work, as
you’ll be helping to improve the lives of those
who can’t help themselves.
As a volunteer at the SPCA, you’ll gain
skills that you’ll be able to use for a life time,
such as health and safety around animals,
team work and cooperation, empathy and
contributing to the improvement of your
about our shelter
Hastings & Districts SPCA is volunteer run
organisation which provides help to animals
and people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We promote life-long adoptions, responsible
pet ownership and aim to educate the Hastings
& Districts public on animal welfare issues. We
handle over 1,200 animals per annum.
Despite the fact that we serve an important role
in the community, we receive no Government
funding, Lotteries Commission funding, nor
National Body funding, and thus, we’re entirely
dependent on our own fundraising and the
generosity of the Hastings & Districts public.
with us!
We have a staff of 2 full time people and 3 part
time, including our Branch Inspector.
The staff are responsible for all dealings with
the public, as well as investigating complaints
of neglect or cruelty and manning our Animal
Ambulance service.
Contacting us
We can judge the heart of a man
by his treatment of animals.
Immanuel Kant
Phone Email
Location Open Hours
06 878 8733
[email protected]
PO Box 930, Hastings 4156
8 Heathcote Road, Hastings
10:30am - 2:30pm, Daily
Find out how you can help make
a difference
Shelter Helpers
This is a vitally important role and put simply, our Shelter couldn’t look after the many animals that
come into our care without people like you.
The first step in becoming a Shelter Helper is to fill out a Volunteer Application form - available on our
website or the Shelter (addresses overleaf). Volunteers must be 16 years of age or over due to OSH
requirements, younger people must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Once you’ve filled in your Volunteer Application, please bring it to the Shelter where you can
meet the staff and discuss what shifts are currently available.
Shelter Helpers generally come in for a ‘shift’, from 9am – 1pm,
and we stop for morning tea around 10am.
Ideally, we’d ask that Shelter Helpers to commit to particular
days where possible, so we can be sure we have adequate
care for the animals each day, but we also understand that
everyone has commitments, so we ask that you let us know in
advance if you’re not able to make it on your set day.
Each morning, the animals are given ‘room service’, which
involves cleaning of the enclosures, washing food dishes,
bedding, litter trays, toys and so on. Full training is provided and
you will be given all you require to complete your set tasks.
As well as regular Shelter Helpers, we also need Reliever
Volunteers who can be called on to ‘fill in’ when any of our
helpers is away or sick.
If you’d like to help at the shelter in some way, but can’t
commit to regular days or mornings, we’d still love to hear
from you as there’s so much you could do to help the
Shelter and the animals.
Other ways to help
We need regular dog walkers and animal
cuddlers. It’s important for the animals to
receive regular exercise and socialisation
with people to ensure the best chance of a
successful re-homing.
If you’re a dab hand at DIY, there are always
maintenance jobs needing attention at our
shelter, and your expertise would be most
As we have to fundraise to keep the shelter in
operation, we always need people to help at
our many fundraising events. These events
are fun and aimed at encouraging participation,
as well as earning much needed funds for
our Branch. So if you’re not able to assist at
the shelter, being a fundraising volunteer is
another valuable way you can contribute.
However you want to help, please get in
touch with us via the details overleaf.