Carryout Packages Homemade Desserts BROASTED CHICKEN SPECIAL #1

Carryout Packages
Homemade Desserts
Uncle Bub’s desserts can be made a la mode for .99 upon request.
CHOCOLATE CAKE Moist, rich, chocolaty and an Uncle Bub’s fan favorite.
PUMPKIN BREAD PUDDING Homemade the old-fashioned way with an
Autumn twist. Topped with brown sugar butter for good measure. 3.99
PEACH COBBLER A southern classic, warm peaches nestled below a
12 pieces Broasted Chicken
with 2 pint-size sides and
4 cornbreads.
16 pieces Broasted Chicken
with 3 pint-size sides and
4 cornbreads.
4-6 guests – 27.99
4-8 guests – 34.99
delicious crust. 3.99
ICE CREAM Chocolate or Vanilla. 2.49
SHAKES Chocolate or Vanilla. 3.99
DELICIOUS FLOATS root beer, red cream, or green river 3.99
20 WINGS – Buffalo, BBQ or Dry
with ranch or bleu cheese & celery sticks.
2 LBS. RIB TIPS with mild BBQ sauce.
1 QT. CHILI served with diced onions & cheddar cheese.
4-6 guests – 42.99
For the Kids
Includes one homemade side dish & cookie.
LITTLE PIG PICKIN’ PORK Our junior version of pulled pork piled high &
topped with Uncle Bub’s BBQ sauce. 5.99
CHICKEN LITTLES Lightly breaded chicken strips, fried to a
golden brown. 6.99
RIBS WITH BIBS Baby back ribs, tender, juicy, saucy, fallin’ off the bone. 7.99
JR. CHEESEBURGER A fresh 1/4 pound of ground beef, grilled to perfection
6 sandwich buns, 2 pints of your choice of our homemade
side dishes and 1 pint of our homemade BBQ sauce.
4-6 guests – 28.99
Pulled Pork 12.99 Pulled Chicken 10.99 Beef Brisket 14.99
Rib Tips 9.99 Chicken Littles 10.99 Hot Link 10.99 Turkey Breast 13.99
“Homemade side Dishes available by the pint or quart”
& topped with melted American cheese. 5.99
CORN DOG Better than the ones at the state fair – cooked to a
golden brown. 5.99
TWO CHICKEN LEG BASKET Two broasted chicken legs, one for each
hand, crispy & golden brown. 5.99
GRILLED CHEESE Just like Mom used to make! 4.99
Uncle Bub’s Award Winning and Catering BBQ Restaurant was born
in 1997 in Westmont, Illinois. While fulfilling a lifelong family dream,
the restaurant and catering business quickly satisfied a culinary void in
the western suburbs of Chicago: Authentic, Pit-Smoked Barbeque.
True barbeque is a labor of love and it begins with the meat. Uncle Bub’s always
selects premium cuts of pork, beef, ribs and chicken. First we dry rub our
meats with our secret blend of spices, then we place the meat into our hardwood
smoker to receive hours of slow-smoked flavor. BBQ pitmasters have always agreed on one
thing – you can’t rush the final product. When it’s ready, Uncle Bub’s slathers it with our
award winning sauce and delivers it fresh to you.
One of the ways to challenge and hone one’s culinary skills is through competition.
BBQ competitions are a weekend way of life through the heartland. Using these contests
as a tool, Uncle Bub’s BBQ team has been measuring smoke and swine against the finest
BBQ craftsmen in the country culminating with a 1st place win at the Naperville Rib Fest.
BBQ is a commitment, and the staff at Uncle Bub’s works tirelessly to insure each and
every customer’s satisfaction; from the kitchen, to the wait staff, to the catering crew
that delivers to you; each share in this common goal. This dedication, consistency of high
quality and attention to detail are Uncle Bub’s promise and unwavering commitment
to you – the customer.
Take the Uncle Bub’s Belly Bubster Challenge. This is our six pound sandwich
challenge. We take six of Uncle Bubs most sought after smoked meats ‐ our famous
pulled pork, homemade hotlink sausage, thinly shaven smoked ham, tender moist
pulled chicken, delicious smoked bologna and wet aged beef brisket. After piling
them high on our one pound Kaiser role we top it with cheddar cheese, bacon and
bbq sauce. We serve it with a mound of fries and two fried mac and cheese balls.
Finish it in 45 minutes (sides and all) and you get the sandwich for free, an Uncle
Bubs T shirt and a picture for our “Wall of Fame”. Plus you get the bragging rights
to be one of the few to tackle our BELLY BUBSTER CHALLENGE!
Price 32.88
Don’t forget about..
Full Service Catering!
Please ask for our catering menu! Uncle Bub’s has handled events
from 20 to 20,000 guests. From backyard picnics to office functions
to full service weddings, Uncle Bub’s can fully customize your menu
and event. Ask one of our dedicated catering consultants
how we can assist you today.
Prices subject to change without notification or publication – 05/14
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover
Sandwiches & Burgers
Rib & Chicken Dinners
Includes 2 homemade side dishes. Burgers served with lettuce, tomato & pickle.
All dinners include 2 homemade side dishes & cornbread.
Jumbo onion double-dipped in our seasoned breading & fried to a crisp
golden brown. Served with homemade ranch dressing. 7.79
SOUTHERN NACHO PLATTER Freshly fried nacho chips topped with
pulled pork, homemade chili, cheddar cheese sauce, sliced jalapeño peppers,
salsa & sour cream. 9.59
RIB TIPS Cut from the spare rib, these tips are seasoned with our rib rub, and
then slow-smoked to perfection. Small 8.99 Large 19.99
UNCLE BUB’S WINGS Jumbo chicken wings, tossed in our secret blend of
flour & seasonings, served golden brown. Choose Buffalo, BBQ or Dry. Served
with celery sticks & your choice of homemade ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing.
6 for 7.99 10 for 11.99
Mac and Cheese Basket Eight balls of our house favorite side dish
(just more for sharin’). 7.99
Stew, Chili & Soup
This traditional BBQ side dish is loaded with beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken,
diced potatoes & vegetables in a full-bodied tomato stock!
Cup 3.69 Bowl 6.49 Quart 10.99
HOMEMADE CHILI Our famous recipe, served with just the right amount
of spice, served with cheddar cheese, onions & sour cream on request.
Cup 3.69 Bowl 6.49 Quart 10.99
We are always looking to share a new flavor with you, from Uncle Bub’s secret
family recipe book. Cup 3.69 Bowl 6.49 Quart 10.99
PIG PICKIN’ PULLED PORK Premium butcher grade pork shoulder, rubbed
with our secret BBQ rub; then slowly smoked for a minimum of 12 hours,or until
the meat is falling off the bone. 8.99
SMOKED TURKEY BREAST Lightly seasoned boneless turkey breast is
slowly smoked at a very low temperature to help keep it very moist & tender. 8.99
HOT LINK SANDWICH Our homemade recipe, lightly smoked, sauced &
POT ROAST DIP SANDWICH tender pot roast with swiss cheese and
grilled onions, so popular we had to add it to our everyday menu. 9.99
with tomato, cucumber & carrot; topped with our grilled chicken breast. 9.29
DINNER SALAD Fresh mixed seasonal greens, tossed with tomato, cucumber,
red onion & carrot, served with dressing of choice. 5.69
CRISPY CHICKEN SALAD Fresh mixed seasonal greens, tossed with
tomato, cucumber & carrot; topped with crispy golden fried all white meat
chicken strips. 9.29
Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Creamy Italian, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Caesar, 1000 Island
1/2 BBQ CHICKEN First we start with only fresh chicken that is rubbed with
our secret seasoning blend, then slow-smoked & finished on the grill with our
award-winning BBQ sauce. 10.99
1/2 BROASTED CHICKEN We start with 4 pieces of fresh chicken that is
tossed in our broaster seasoning, then pressure-fried in our 0 trans fat vegetable
oil until golden brown. 10.99
A great combination of Uncle Bub’s famous smoked meats, 3 BBQ back ribs,
pulled pork, BBQ sliced beef brisket, rib tips & BBQ chicken. Served with
cornbread & your choice of 2 homemade side dishes. BEST VALUE! 22.99
For all white meat add 1.00 extra. Please note no substitutions for any other menu items.
PULLED CHICKEN SANDWICH Tender, moist chicken, gently hand pulled
from the bone, & tossed with Uncle Bub’s BBQ sauce. 8.99
Our already huge 1/2 pound burger, grilled to order, topped with
pulled pork & cheddar cheese. 9.99
1 or 2 Meat Dinners
BUB’S BACON BURGER A fresh 1/2 pound of ground beef, grilled to order,
topped with crispy, smoked bacon & cheese. 9.99
to order & topped with your choice of American, Swiss or cheddar cheese. 9.59
fresh, flavorful vegetables. Also available with cheese upon request. 9.89
Seafood dinners include 2 homemade side dishes & cornbread.
PECAN CRUSTED CATFISH Our 8 oz. award-winning catfish recipe. Pecan
crusted, fried and served with our homemade catfish sauce. This one is a true
southern classic. 12.99
Two tacos of lightly breaded flaky white fish,
served with our sweet/spicy southwest salsa. 9.99
All dinners include 2 homemade side dishes & cornbread.
Your choice of 10 oz. of one meat, or 5 oz. each of two meats. 11.99
PULLED PORK Premium butcher grade pork shoulder, rubbed with our secret
BBQ rub; then slowly smoked for a minimum of 12 hours, or until the meat is
falling off the bone.
RIB TIPS A Chicago BBQ favorite! Individual, well marbled bites cut directly
from the spare rib. Full of flavor.
TURKEY BREAST Lightly seasoned boneless turkey breast is slowly smoked at
a very low temperature to help keep it very moist & tender.
PULLED CHICKEN We start with only fresh chicken that is rubbed with our
secret seasoning blend–then slow smoke it until the meat can be pulled from the
bone & tossed with Uncle Bub’s famous BBQ sauce.
HOT LINKS Our homemade recipe includes premium pork shoulder meat which
Homemade Side Dishes
is ground with herbs & spices; then stuffed in casings & slow smoked to retain
all its natural juices.
Also available by the pint or quart
Baked Beans Coleslaw Hand-Cut French Fries Broasted Potatoes
Fried Mac & Cheese Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Cup of Soup Cornbread
Country Style Green Beans American Potato Salad
Using wet aged Black Angus brisket, we trim and season with our signature
brisket rub, then slow smoke it overnight. We then slice it thin and get it ready
to serve. Ask our cashiers about splitting with another meat if you prefer. 13.99
Beers Miller Lite • Bud Light • Bud • Coors Light • Corona
Upgrade to one of our premium sides for .99 or add to an order for 3.49 extra.
Arcadia IPA • Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
Wines Chardonnay • Merlot • White Zinfandel • Syrah
Premium Cocktails Fully-stocked bar
Fountain Drinks • Coffee • Tea
baby back ribs & a half chicken – BBQ or broasted. 19.99
Uncle Bub’s BBQ sauce, served with lettuce, tomato & pickles. 8.99
GARDEN BURGER Our meatless burger option, these patties are packed with
GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST SALAD Fresh mixed seasonal greens, tossed
1/2 RIB 1/2 CHICKEN DINNER The best of both worlds, a half slab of our
GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST Lightly marinated, grilled & glazed with
cucumber & carrot; topped with our half pound hamburger cooked to your liking
& your choice of sliced cheese. 9.39
A combination of our award-winning St. Louis style ribs & our baby back ribs;
a half slab of each. 21.99
served in a fresh hoagie roll. 7.99
CHEESEBURGER SALAD Fresh mixed seasonal greens, tossed with tomato,
quality premium grade pork back ribs, rubbed with our signature rib seasoning;
then slow-smoked until tender. Full Slab – 22.99 Half Slab – 15.99
We start with a lean beef brisket that we further trim, season with a secret
combination of herbs & spices, then slow smoked for a minimum of 12 hours
before thinly slicing & serving with our award-winning BBQ sauce. 9.99
BACKYARD CHEESEBURGER Always fresh 1/2 pound of ground beef, grilled
Fresh mixed seasonal greens, tossed with tomato, cucumber & carrot; topped
with our famous pulled pork & smoked turkey breast. 8.99
BABY BACK RIBS Our award-winning recipe starts with only the highest
Cup of Brunswick Stew Baked Sweet Potato
Cup of Chili Side Salad
Because of Uncle Bub’s unique slow-cooking process, our meats will appear
pinkish in color; rest assured–our meats are thoroughly cooked.
Add Ons
Compliment your dinner or sandwich with one of our signature items.
1/2 Slab Baby Back Ribs 12.99
Burnt Ends 6.99
1/2 BBQ Chicken 8.99 1/2 Broasted Chicken 8.99
Homemade Hot Link Sausage 3.59/each