West Calendar (1st & 2nd year)

Important Dates – 2015/2016 West Campus
Confirmation Program Schedule
October 7th
November 18th
November 25th
Confirmation Program Begins
Christmas Share Project Information emailed home
Thanksgiving Break – No Confirmation
December 9th
Bring wrapped gifts for Christmas Share Project
December 16th
Christmas Early Advent & Worship Service – 6PM.
No Confirmation Large Group – All confirmands required to attend Worship
- Parents are welcomed & encouraged to attend.
December 23rd
& December 30th
January 6th
7th Grade Retreats
*Jan 15-16
Jan 22-23
*Feb 5-6
Feb 12-13
Mar 11-12
*Indicates Bus leaves the West
Jan. 27 & Feb. 3
February 10th
March 2nd
March 23rd - March 30th
April 27
7th Grade Only Confirmation Retreat at the Mt Olivet Conference &
Retreat Center.
4:30PM Check-in, Friday – 10:30AM Saturday.
Bus transportation is provided from West Campus on Jan 15 & Feb. 5
Bus transportation is provided from the MPLS Campus on Jan 22, Feb 12, Mar 11
*7 Graders Are Required to Attend 1 Retreat. Registration Info
emailed in December 2015.
Pastor Interviews –
8 Graders only will schedule their 30min Pastor Interviews. Details for scheduling
will be emailed in 2016. Interviews are a requirement for Confirmation.
April 6th
Confirmation Resumes
Christmas Vacation – No Confirmation
8th Grade Confirmation Composite & Portraits
Jan 27th – Girls at either campus 5-7PM
Feb 3rd – Boys at either campus 5-7PM
CONFIRMATION CAMP AT C.O.P. Registration Opens
*Required in order to be confirmed. This is an essential time for
confirmands to prepare themselves to be confirmed. The will be 2
different week date options available, dates TBD.
Ash Wednesday - Parents and confirmands are required to attend 7:30 PM
Confirmation Led Worship Service at either Minneapolis or West Campus.
No Confirmation Large Group
Lenten Worship Serivce - Parents and confirmands are required to attend
7:00 PM Worship Service at either Minneapolis or West Campus. The
Chancel Choir will be singing. No Confirmation Large Group
No Confirmation – Holy Week & Spring Break
Please attend Holy Week services & events.
Class Resumes
Last Night of Confirmation
7th Gr – Large Group & Class Party
8th Gr – “What I’m Promising” Event 7PM Sanctuary – West Campus
– All 8th Graders required to attend.