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Step 1: Establish a team to lead this process.
This team should represent your whole school community. Your team should
include, an administrator, teacher(s), students, facility operator.
If you already have an environment club in place at your school, then this
process can be an extension of that team.
Step 2: Baseline Analysis
Review your school’s current performance. If not previously done, fill out the
Waste Assessment Survey. This survey can be downloaded from the
Education*Energy*Environment website. Everyone on the team should
participate in filling out the survey. The survey is found on the Waste & Recycling
page, under Review.
The data that you collect will give your school an idea of what your current waste
and recycling levels are, so that you have a means of evaluating progress and
Step 3: Set-up Process.
Materials to be recycled: 2 – Stream Recycling
a) MIXED PAPER (Fibre):
Office Paper
Assorted paper products
Shredded paper (place in clear plastic bag and tie up)
Note: Paper Products must be bagged, in clear plastic bags.
Cardboard (large pieces flattened, place loose in bin)
b) MIXED CONTAINERS (Plastics/Tin/Metal/Aluminum)
Plastics # 1 – 7
Assorted plastic soft drink containers.
Natural and Coloured: Clean plastic bottles, containers, and pails.
(Including plant pots, yogurt, margarine, and cottage cheese containers)
Injected plastics: (Various containers, tetra packs and
Tin/Metal/Aluminum/Steel: (Clean metal food cans, aluminum foil, aluminum
foil plates and containers)
Note: Containers need to clean prior to placing in the recycling bin.
Note: mixed paper and mixed containers must be bagged, separately, in clear
plastic bags.
Clear plastic bags can be ordered from Unisource through your facility operator.
There are 3 sizes of bags to choose from:
26 x 36 strong: product #034736
42 x 48 strong: product #034740
42 x 48 extra strong: product #034741
Non-Acceptable Recycling
Wires & Cables
Contaminated Fibre
Photographs used with the permission of The City Of Calgary.
Determine what equipment is needed.
Recycling Containers
Recycling bins for classrooms and offices
Recycling bins can be purchased from Green Calgary
Association, Eco Store. The bins are 19”x16”x15.5” in size (approx. 60 litre
capacity), green in colour, made in Canada and contain a min. of 25%
recycled waste material.
Cost: $5.00 each
Delivery Fee: $15.00
Eco Store – Phone: (403) 230-1443 ext. 222
Single Blue Multi-Recycler – 6 gallon capacity - $6.00 each
Set of 3 Multi-Recycler - $18.00 each
Deskside Recycling Bin - $4.00 each
Note: Prices effective until June 30, 2010
To Order:
Fax an S18 to Deborah Wehnes at (403) 777-8038
Include the following information.
Vendor: Busch Systems
Ship to: (Department)
Description: Single Blue Multi-Recycler or Multi-Recycler Set or Deskside
Recycling Bin
Alias: (The department alias that this service is to be charged to.)
Recycling Toters (wheeled carts) for Schools and Administrative
The CBE, in partnership with the City of Calgary, will provide toter bins
(wheeled carts) at a reduced cost to schools and admin sites. These bins
are blue in colour and 240 litres (65 US gallons) in capacity.
Price: $25 each
10 bins for $20.00 (minimum order)
If your school needs bins, please fill out an S18 and fax to Deborah
Wehnes at 777-8038 with the number and type of bins you require and the
school alias to be charged.
Outdoor Front Loading Recycling Bins
Both “Mixed Paper” and “Mixed Containers” streams will be collected and placed in these
Outdoor Bin:
You can request and outdoor bin for your school by faxing an S18 to Deborah
Wehnes at 777-8038 with the following information:
Vendor: Waste Management
Ship to: [your school name]
Co-mingled Recycling removal service
Bin size: 4 yds (elementary/schools); 6 yds (junior/middle/high schools)
Frequency of pick up: every 2 or 4 weeks (elementary schools); every
week or 2 weeks (junior/middle/high schools)
Alias: (the school alias that this service is to be charged to)
Important: Please send in a new S18 indicating the switch from the
Paper/Cardboard Recycling removal service to the Co-mingled Recycling
Design your process and assign responsibilities to members of the team. Here is
a suggested process flow:
o empty classroom, office and common area bins
o mixed paper into clear plastic bags, then placed into bin outside
o mixed containers into clear plastic bags, then placed into bin
o cardboard flattened and placed into bin outside
bin outside is emptied by waste hauler
Communication Plan
Everyone knows about the process
How will you ensure that everyone knows about the process?
Ideas: Announcements, assembly, newsletter, posters, etc.
Everyone knows how to reduce, reuse, THEN recycle
The goal is to minimize waste: what campaign will your school take on, in
addition to recycling, to MINIMIZE waste in the first place?
Step 4: Implement your process.
Once all your equipment is in place, your process is designed, and
communication developed, you can start implementation.
Step 5: Measuring, Evaluating and Celebrating
Measure progress on baseline numbers.
Evaluate effectiveness of process.
Celebrate Success
Deborah Wehnes
Waste and Recycling Coordinator
Energy & Environmental Services
Bus. (403) 214-1224
E-mail : [email protected]