What does the $34.95 membership include? A

What does the $34.95 membership include?
A membership includes three 15-30 second Video Resumes and 2 Glance Credits
What is the difference between a 15-30 second Video Resume verses a 3 minute Video Resume?
Your 15-30 second Video Resume should include your name, location, qualifications, desired
salary range and a brief description of yourself. And the 3 minute Video Resume should be used
to answer interview questions from the Glancer.
What should I wear while recording a Video Resume?
It’s important to dress professionally and be well groomed as this is the first impression the
interviewer will have of you.
Why is there only one 3 minutes Video Resume allowed to your account?
Each account is only allotted one 3 minute video to answer interview questions and can be
recorded as many times as needed.
Why does the membership have three 15-30 second Video Resumes?
You are given the option to record 3 different Video Resumes specific to a desired profession
you are interested in. These videos can be recorded as many times as needed.
My Video Resume is not saving, what should I do?
Check to make sure the Video Resume is no longer than 30 seconds. Video Resumes longer than
30 seconds are not allowed and will only be given the option to delete it unless you have
purchased a 3 minute Video Resume. If you are continuing to experiencing problems please
contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.
How do I record a Video Resume?
Video Resumes can be recorded on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Video
Resumes can also be recorded directly from our website. Simply record a 15-30 second Video
Resume, save it and upload it to your profile.
What is a 15secglance ID#?
A 15secglance ID# is generated when a Video Resume is downloaded. When you add this to all
of your social media sites and your paper resume, this allows a hiring manger to request to view
your Video Resume with your approval.
What is a Glance Credit?
Credits are prepaid approvals you can sent to a hiring manager to 'Glance' your video resume
twice within a 24hr time frame. These videos cannot be stored or saved by anyone and are
completely secure!
What is a Glancer?
A “Glancer” is someone who is interesting in viewing your Video Resume, such as hiring manger,
staff agency etc.
What does Push a Video Resume mean?
Push your Video Resume directly to an email address, with a preapproval, to a hiring manager or
staffing agency.
Who pays for the Glances me or the potential employer?
Both the job seeker and the interested party have the option to pay for the Glances. Ideally
being a job seeker you will want to push your Video Resume as much as possible.
I’m setting up my Account Profile but it’s not allowing me to save my information and continue on,
Make sure each empty text box is filled in, this must be completed to continue forward.
How do I embed my 15secglance profile to social media?
Embedding your profile into any social media / web pages will create the layout and link that
people will be able to click on the image and view your profile on 15SecGlance. Copy and paste
the entire HTML code below to use this feature.
What is a 15secglance share link?
Send people directly to your 15SecGlance profile. Here they will be able to process the video
resume request.
How do I look up someone’s 15secglance ID#?
Click on the search query icon (magnifying glass) from the top right of the Homepage and enter
the person’s name to search and see results.
How do I watch someone’s 15secglance Video Resume?
You must be logged in to request someone’s Video Resume, from here you have 2 options,
select the Glancer button from the homepage and scroll or select the search query icon and
enter the person’s name and/or 15secglance ID#. An email will be sent to that person and
he/she will have to give you approval to watch their 15secglance Video Resume. Once it has
been approved you will receive an email confirmation.
Why does a Video Resume have to be approved before I can watch?
15secglance is a Patent Pending approval system for 15sec Video Resumes and must be
approved by the person before you can watch their Video Resume.