5 Recipes Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss

5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that
Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss
Fat-STORING Nigerian foods to
stay away from!
Part 1
Dr. Ela Maris
Nutrition Biochemist
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101 Flat Belly and Fat Loss Cooking
Nigerian Recipes
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“I noticed that since I started ordering for rice and beans at
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
If you're reading this right now, that means one thing: you're on a mission to
accelerate fat loss from your belly/body and to get rid of your boring diet.
It‟s no secret that healthy eating can be boring and bland.
You're also a busy person and you don't have time to spend hours in the
kitchen to prepare your meals everyday.
Now you're looking for something else – something new, fat-burning meals
using Nigerian ingredients, and something that will actually work for a change.
The good news is that you found me and I'm now here to help you!
I have 100% conviction that these Flat Belly & Weight Loss Cooking RECIPES
are going to work for anybody who follows the instructions and advice in this
guide to at least 80%.
Either you just want to get rid of BELLY fat or you want to LOSE Weight and
drop from a size 20 to a size 12, this is the ideal no-nonsense guide that is
guaranteed to help you out.
Why am I so sure?
I am very sure because there is a certain way that our body works and once
you understand how the body works, you can get anything you want out of your
And by understanding that getting a FLAT Belly and Losing Weight is 80%
Nutrition and by cooking these RECIPES you will see how to automatically
setup your personal fat burning furnace in your body that continuously
generates enough heat to burn as much fat as you want out of your body.
Would it be a dream come true if you could have an attractive, flat belly and still
enjoy tasty, mouth-watering foods like Efo Riro, Edikankong, Amala, Moi-moi
Well, your wish has come true with The 101 FLAT Belly and FAT LOSS
COOKING Recipes.
At your fingertips you now have recipes from not only your popular Nigerians
favorites that your whole family will enjoy, but also…
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
…a variety of Italian, Mexican, Asian, and American meals – using
ingredients that you can easily access in Nigeria - and still lose the belly fat
to look great in a pair of jeans or your favorite, body-fitting clothes.
In The 101 FLAT Belly and FAT LOSS COOKING Recipes, all of the
guesswork is removed because I not only show you how to easily prepare FatBURNING meals that burns ugly belly fat but…
… I have also taken the time to include even the correct amount of protein,
carbohydrates and good fat per recipe so you can have a nutritious and
delicious meal on the go.
You'll taste dishes that are so devilishly delicious, you'll enjoy staying on track
and you won't have to worry about falling off the slippery slope to obesity and
bad health.
If in the past, you've tried restrictive diets without long-term success, forget
about them because these RECIPES are made ONLY with fat-burning
ingredients to help you eat only healthy, tasty, flatbelly-friendly meals which
burn fat.
You'll discover the variety and the simplicity and the satisfaction of whipping up
a meal that not only gives you a healthy, attractive body for the rest of your life
but which also saves time.
Finally, you‟ll see foods that you should avoid which actually give you a huge
belly and cause you to be overweight.
This report is the Part 1, containing 3 Flat Belly and Weight Loss Foods and
Recipes and also 3 Fat-STORING foods you should avoid. In Part 2, you have
access to the remaining two foods and recipes.
YES, it really is possible to enjoy tasty food while you're zapping belly fat and
To Your New Freedom from Belly Fat and Body Fat,
Dr. Ela Maris - Fat Loss Coach, Nutrition Biochemist, Author
080 2726 2539 – (Calls 3 - 6pm Weekdays only)
(SMS 24hours)
5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
The Typical Nigerian Diet
Africa…O…Africa! Have you ever heard that song play on DSTV? It‟s a special
program that airs on DSTV showcasing various African countries, their culture,
their foods, tribes, languages etc.
Africa is indeed blessed and Nigeria too…but our Nigerian diets? You have to
think again.
Nigerian meals are foods filled with mostly carbohydrates with huge helpings of
fat – aka red palm oil. I know, that‟s how our mothers taught us how to cook our
delicious meals BUT these are the problems that causes belly fat and weight
The carbohydrates by themselves are not all that bad but its how they are
combined in our meals that is BAD. Imagine eating a large plate of pounded
yam with egusi soup.
THAT is so fattening and causes belly fat.
That combination is mainly carbohydrates and fat. Food is measured in calories
and the average man is supposed to eat 2,000 calories per day according to a
study in an American university to maintain weight. (It could be more or less
depending on the individual and sex –male or female – For females its 1,800
Now eating pounded yam with egusi soup would contain at most 1,200
calories for ONE meal. Not only that, 1g of fat = 9 calories and 1g of
carbohydrates = 4 calories.
When you eat a plate of pounded yam with egusi soup or such meals that
contain mostly carbohydrates and fat of between 1000 – 1,200 calories in only
one meal, do you know what happens in your body?
When you eat carbohydrates, it releases plenty of sugar into your blood and
when you eat fat, it releases plenty of fat inside your body (I‟m sure you know
that already).
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
BUT that is not all. When you eat carbohydrates it causes your body to release a
hormone called insulin also known as the storage hormone because it function
is to shuttle nutrients present in the blood, including fat, to their respective
storage sites.
Now, when you eat such Nigerian meals containing lots of carbs and fat, your
body releases a large quantity of insulin.
That is not all, when you eat fat, your body also releases another hormone called
Leptin, but this time its function is to STORE mostly just FAT.
So when you eat our typical Nigerian meals (containing both carbs and fat) it IS
the reason for Belly Fat and Weight GAIN because even though fat can be
stored even without insulin, the presence of insulin at the same time (from carbs)
makes the STORAGE of fat even easier.
Guess where the fat are stored?
Your belly…your arms…your thigh….your hips….your neck…even your eyes.
What’s WORSE is that some people‟s bodies have a favorite place where it
prefers to store fat e.g. ONLY YOUR BELLY.
This is why you can see a slim person with ugly belly fat.
In summary, our typical Nigerian Diet is:
Carbs + fat = insulin + fat.
Insulin (storage hormone) + fat = fat storage
Fat storage = BELLY Fat and BODY Fat
So what can you do about our Nigerian meals?
Some practical advice: Eat a generous helping of protein with every meal and
choose to combine it with either carbohydrates or fat, never both.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
And never, ever combine carbs and fat in the complete absence of protein (i.e.
cookies, pastries, chips, bread & butter, pastas with cream sauce, etc).
Start avoiding the combination and I guarantee you‟ll see immediate results. And
this brings me first to our 5 Nigerian Fat-STORING meals you should stay
away from!
Let‟s rock n roll the fat off your belly now!
5 Nigerian Fat-STORING meals you
should stay away from!
Fat-STORING Meal #1: Eba/Gari (Fried, grated cassava)
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Garri (also known as gari, garry, or tapioca) is a popular Nigerian food. There
are two types; "white" and "yellow" garri. The yellow garri is prepared by frying
with the addition of palm oil to give it a yellow colour; while white garri is fried
without palm oil.
And THAT is SO fattening!
Have you observed how big you belly suddenly grows after eating garri?
Garri is made from cassava tubes (purely carbohydrates) and then fried (fat)
– that‟s a deadly combination for belly fat storage.
Eba is a stiff dough made by soaking gari in hot water and kneading it with a
flat wooden baton.
To make matters worse, a medium size of garri alone contains 400 calories
alone and we have not added the calories from egusi soup which is over 400
calories. That‟s a whooping total of 800 calories for just one meal which you
may find yourself eating in the evening.
Whew! Say hello to belly fat and weight gain!
If you want to ever have burn belly fat or lose some weight, stay away from
garri. But I know some people just can‟t give up their “swallow”.
Me too! There is a fat-burning alternative to eba. Find out below…
By the way, here is the Nutri-Profile for garri:
 CARBS : 90%
 FAT : 10%
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Fat-STORING Meal #2: Pounded yam with Egusi soup
Mmmmm…just looking at that picture alone is making my mouth water. It is a NO
NO. Do NOT eat this combination if you want to shed some weight or burn belly
(Although there is a secret way of eating it in a strategic and proven fat loss plan
which accelerates Fat Loss, called Cheat Days – I already explained how eating
your favorite meals on a particular day can help you lose weight FAST, so I
won‟t go into that here. For full details of this, click here
Egusi soup is a kind of soup thickened with the ground melon made with water,
red oil, seasonings, meat or fish or goat etc with other leaf vegetables like
bitterleaf, pumpkin also known as “Ugwu” and spinach. It tastes lovely and so
many Nigerians love it.
But a serving of Egusi soup packs a lot of calories like 462 calories, when you
combine it with pounded yam or eba, we are looking at having your body loaded
with over 800 calories from ONE meal alone.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
But if you want to have a flat belly especially if you want to lose weight, a single
meal should contain between 300 – 400 calories because that‟s what our
bodies can digest and use up within 3 hours..
But when you eat over 800 calories, the excess 400 calories left which the body
cannot use will be stored as FAT in all your problem areas…like belly, arms,
hips, face, thigh etc.
Pounded Yam as fondly called “Iyan” by the Yorubas is one of the big tummy
foods!!! It is made by vigorously pounding boiled yam in a mortar with a pestle.
You can also make it using yam flour.
It is high in calories. An average size of sliced yam is about 130 Kcal. Now think
of how many slices of pounded yam you would add to your meal, then the
calories contained in the soup, and the meat, and the seasoning.
Infact here are the Nutri-Profiles for ½ cup serving size (by the way we eat
more than ½ cup, its more like 1½ cups of pounded yam and Egusi soup:
 CARBS : 34%
 FAT : 9%
 PROTEIN: 43%
 CARBS : 13%
 FAT : 18%
Flat belly & Weight Loss Diet Tip:
Replace the egusi soup with Okro soup or Efo Riro or Gbegiri soup and eat it in
the early hours of the day between 7am – 12noon. In the Part 2 of this report, I‟ll
reveal to you a fat-burning Nigerian “swallow” which replaces pounded yam.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Fat-STORING Meal #3: Akara
Yummy, right?
But check out that oil. That‟s a KILLER. The akara is not only fried, it is SOAKED
in killer oil. My friend I know how eating „hot‟ akara with bread or fried potato,
fried yam or with pap tastes like BUT if you love your heart, kidneys, liver, belly
and body…Stay AWAY from ALL red oil and fried foods.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Akara is actually “beans cake” and beans is great for weight loss but all that
frying spoils it. This beans cake is called “Akara” by the Igbos and Yoruba.
Hausas call it Koose.
It is prepared from peeled black-eyed beans, formed into a ball and then deepfried in groundnut or red oil.
Whenever you eat akara, how many do you eat? 5 – 8 akara balls? Okay,
here is the Nutri-Profile for just 1 ball or cake of akara…and then multiply it by
the number of akara you eat per time:
 CARBS : 48%
 FAT : 47%
Remember that our deadly food combination? Fat+Carbs = Belly Fat + Weight Gain
Flat belly & Weight Loss Diet Tip:
Stay AWAY from ALL red oil and fried foods.
I would reveal the last 2 fat-storing Nigerian meals you should avoid in the Part 2.
Expect it in your email later this week.
And now for the first 3 Flat-Belly and Weight Loss Meals and RECIPES…
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes
which Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss
Fat-BURNING Flat Belly Meal #1: Rice and Beans
Rice and Beans Combo meal can help you lose weight because of the two main
ingredients used in preparing it: Rice and Beans. (Everyone conscious of their
weight who wants to lose weight MUST replace white rice with brown rice)
Brown rice is a whole grain food fiber because unlike its white rice counterpart,
only the first outermost layer of the rice has been removed. And so because of
this it is brown in color and very rich in fiber.
That singular fact alone of it containing fiber is the reason eating the Rice and
Beans Combo would help you lose weight because fiber takes up more volume
in your stomach, keeping you full longer.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
For example, it is easier to eat 1,000 calories of Ice cream in one seating and still
crave for more but so impossible to eat 1,000 calories of brown rice because of
its high fiber content.
Brown rice is also rich in manganese, minerals like selenium and magnesium,
rich in vitamins B1, B3, and Iron and so all these help in reducing your weight,
lower cholesterol and even reduce the risk of cancer.
Beans are the second main ingredient of Rice and Beans Combo. Like the
brown rice, its also rich in fiber which helps in controlling hunger (main cause of
overeating and weight gain) because beans make you feel satisfied for a longer
Beans also contain various nutritious nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin
B6, magnesium, folate, alpha-linolenic acid. It lowers blood pressure levels,
lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer, cures constipation etc.
1 cup Brown Rice
1 cup beans
1 medium Tilapia (cut into 3 each)
4-5 medium sized tomatoes
2 medium sized onions
4 Peppers
2 tablespoon of olive or coconut oil
2 Maggi cubes
A pinch of Salt
Ground Crayfish
4 – 5 cups of water
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
1. Soak your preferred beans in water over night in water to become soft and easy
to cook. Alternatively, you can soak it for 1 – 2 hours in the morning, should you
want to prepare this meal for lunch or dinner.
2. Now bring the soaked and rinsed beans to boil in a pot after washing and
cleaning the beans.
3. You could also season the fish with some salt, pepper and one Maggi cube
and leave overnight. Then boil it with very little water so the seasonings go into
the fish. (NO “fryings” allowed if you really want to lose weight).
4. Blend your tomato, onion, pepper. Wash your brown rice and add to the boiling
beans and add more water.
5. Add your blended tomato, pepper, maggi, ground crayfish, 2 tablespoons of
olive/coconut oil. Allow the mixture to boil for about 30 minutes, adding water to
achieve the desired level of tenderness.
6. When it is evenly cooked, serve the Rice and Beans Combo with your boiled
spicy fish. Enjoy!
CARBS :40%
FAT: 6%
Flat belly & Weight Loss Diet Tip:
As you can see the calories from Rice and Beans Combo of serving size of 1 cup
is quite small, so its a great meal to incorporate in your weight loss diet efforts.
Never use other oils like red oil, groundnut oil to cook your Rice and Beans
Combo apart from Olive/coconut oil. Other oils convert Rice and Beans Combo
into a fat-STORING food.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Fat-BURNING Flat Belly Meal #2: Efo Riro
This is a RICH Nigerian vegetable stew. It is a soup cooked with green, leafy
vegetables like spinach. Usually, Efo Riro is cooked with a variety of meats ranging
from beef, goat meat, to chicken and seafood. As you can tell, it‟s a soup rich in
Efo Riro has many advantages: it‟s tasty, nutritional, low in calories and can help
you to lose weight fast.
Spinach or Soko or Tete - Chopped
2 Red Bell Peppers “Tatashe”
½ medium Onion
1/5 cup olive oil or coconut oil
2 big tomatoes
1 clove of Garlic (optional)
3 oz Shrimps cooked
1 kg goat meat (can use any type of meat)
3 medium snails (optional)
Dry crayfish powder (1 tablespoon)
Basil, ½ tablespoon
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
3 Knorr Chicken cubes
Pepper powder, 1 tablespoon to taste
Salt to taste
1. Boil the goat meat and snails with seasonings of your choice. Put aside.
2. Blend peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic in a blender with water till you get
a coarse mix.
3. Heat the olive oil an a pot, when hot, add the blended pepper mix and cover.
Let simmer for about 10 minutes on medium heat.
4. Add the knorr cubes, basil, pepper powder, crayfish powder, and salt to taste.
If satisfied with the taste, add the cooked lamb, snails and shrimps.
5. Let simmer for about 5-10 minutes, then add the chopped spinach (allow the
water to drain from the spinach or squeeze out as much water as you can)
and stir. Cover the pot and turn the heat down to low. Let it simmer for about
10 minutes. Turn off the heat and serve while hot with brown rice or boiled
Here is its Nutri-Profile:
 PROTEIN: 13%
 CARBS : 8%
 FAT : 10%
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Fat-BURNING Flat Belly Meal #3: Egg Salad Sandwich
In Nigeria, we eat a lot of bread which are also fat-storing foods but if you love
bread and would like to know how to prepare a fat-burning bread recipe, then
replace your white bread with wheat bread and make sure to include a generous
helping of protein and vegetable like this egg salad sandwich.
2 hard boiled eggs
1 tablespoon Home-made, Fat-loss mayonnaise (Check 101 Flat Belly & FAT
LOSS COOKING package on how to prepare this)
¼ cup onion or 1 medium onion, chopped
1 teaspoon lemon juice
2 slices of whole wheat bread
2 leaves of lettuce
2 slices of tomato
Salt and pepper
Copyright © WeightLossNigeria.com
5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
1. Boil the eggs and when eggs are cooked and peeled, mix them in a bowl with
the home-made mayonnaise, onion, salt and pepper. Squeeze a teaspoon of
lemon juice into the mixture.
2. Line each slice of whole grain bread with a slice of lettuce and a slice of
3. Add the egg salad to the bread, put it together and enjoy.
CARBS : 25%
FAT : 11%
You now know these Fat-Burning Nigerian foods and BEST of all, exactly how to
cook them using these recipes.
Expect the Part 2 of this series in your email soon.
That‟s it but before you go, here is a little introduction about me and our recipes:
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
If you're someone who's been on a fat burning diet before and have used a
variety of different weight loss advice on what to eat, what to avoid eating, what
quantity to eat in order try to lose belly or body fat, then you likely know by now
that there are a lot of conflicting advice which don‟t work.
But why don't they work? What is it about them that makes it so difficult to see
successful fat loss?
Let's take a look at the issues.
Problem #1: These "healthy fat loss" diets and recipes use the wrong
ingredients. Yes, the meal maybe healthy but instead of using ingredients that
will actually help you fight fat, you use unhealthy ingredients that often encourage
your body to store fat like margarine, high calorie dressings, palm oil or even
In short, 99% of our Nigerian recipes are NOT a fat burning diet. Obviously not
what you want if you want to eat healthy and lose belly fat or lose weight.
Problem #2: The second problem is that most of these recipes have no
structure and are not organized to create quick and easy meal plans. The
truth is eating healthy and for fat loss can be a lot of work if you have no strategic
Problem #3: Most of our Nigerian foods and recipes are NOT fat-burning.
Yes, you may have been taught by your mom on how to prepare the delicious
meals that you currently eat, which were passed down to her by her own mother
and then passed down from your grandmother and the chain continues.
BUT a trip to your doctor already proves that these meals are a problem to your
body, liver, heart, blood and are a major cause of diseases such as obesity,
cancer, diabetes, hypertension, even arthritis etc.
As if that‟s not bad enough, we are on the verge of passing these same meals to
our kids. This generation has the largest number of fat children ever. Think its not
true? Look around you.
Copyright © WeightLossNigeria.com
5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
Problem #4: Most of the time, you will end up eating the same fat-STORING
foods over and over again, day after day, month after month with NO
variety. Doing so will contribute to slow down your metabolism to the point where
you won‟t be losing fat anymore.
The truth is you simply CANNOT get in top physical, trim and healthy shape
without living in a state of eating healthy, fat-burning foods.
It‟s time for a CHANGE
Enter the…101 FLAT BELLY and FAT LOSS
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Nigerian Recipes >>
5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
If you don‟t mind eating a variety of delicious, easy-to-prepare, fat burning foods
using ingredients commonly found in Nigeria, then THIS IS IT.
I’m not a chef and I did not train as one…I‟m just a regular woman who decided
to learn what it means to cook well in real life while staying lean at the same time.
I was never genetically gifted, and my weight had always been a thing of concern
to me all through my growing up and adult life (I‟m talking about from age 11
upwards) and so in my quest for losing weight and eating healthy to avoid weight
gain, I found myself in the Nutrition Biochemistry field.
Not only that, I have bought, read and use several foreign cookbooks but you
know most of the foods found in them were not found in Nigeria. So I had to
fine-tune the fat burning recipes to what I could use here in Nigeria and
that‟s what I‟m still using today and which I used to reduce from a Size 18 to 12 –
4 dress sizes and burn up my belly fat.
Here’s exactly what’s inside the 101 Flat Belly and Fat Loss Cookbook
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Breakfast Recipes - Fat-Burning meals
Vegetarian Recipes - Fat-Burning meals
Soups Recipes
Salad Dressings (Fat-Burning)
Red Meat dishes
Chicken & Poultry dishes
Fish & Seafood dishes
Pork dishes
Flours and Oils
Smoothies & Two BONUS reports (Seasonings &
Herbs/Spices Shopping Guide)
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
That‟s it and now I‟ve got something really, really
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Hey, it‟s Dr. Ela Maris but you can call me Ela or Dr. Ela for short. So you want to
know a little about me, huh? Well, I‟d be happy to oblige :-)
Although I'm not a medical doctor by profession but a doctor of nutrition and
fat loss. I'm a Nutrition Biochemist especially a Biochemist by training and a
Nutritionist by experience.
I work with the Top management of a Montessori School here in Nigeria full time
but I also run a part-time weight loss, weight management, and nutrition
company called TLN Fitness Services.
I guess it all started back when I was in secondary school because I've always
been on the big side with a tendency to get fatter (which I eventually did) and
then it progressed until I gained admission into the higher institution.
As God would have it I found myself studying Biochemistry (In lay man's terms:
how the body works and the processes going on inside it). That was how my
passion for understanding nutrition and fat loss developed.
I have studied countless materials and research topics on weight loss, belly fat
loss and even have a huge personal collection of materials written by the best
and foreign weight loss/belly fat loss experts in the world.
But one problem with those materials is that most of it could not be applied by
Nigerians which has led us to fall into the trial and error trap which do not work.
So having lost more than 10 Kg of fat using methods I documented, I thought to
share it with fellow Nigerians who would like to have expert advice on what truly
works for Africans since Nigeria is not so privileged to grow certain kinds of fat
loss foods that accelerate fat loss and the lack practicing fat loss experts.
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5 Flat-Belly Nigerian Recipes that Burn Belly Fat & Help Weight Loss – Part 1
So rest assured, you‟re in good hands.
And because of that, I don‟t work in an office where you can visit me anytime but
you may contact me directly by sending an SMS (24hours) on 08027262539 or
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Thank you for taking time to read this report.
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