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Blue Panties :: Bacardi O, Hpnotiq, Red Bull & pineapple
A bottle of wine typically yields 5 (five) glasses. We have priced our wine by the bottle
to include the fifth glass on us – so don’t hesitate – order a bottle today!
Pineapple Upside Down Cake :: Absolut Vanilla, pineapple & grenadine
Dirty Girl Scout :: Rumpleminze, Dark Cacao & a splash of cream
Golden Apple :: Crown Royal, Apple Pucker & pineapple
German Chocolate Cake :: Absolut Citron, Frangelico & a sugared lemon wedge
Oatmeal Cookie :: Baileys, Goldschlager & Butterscotch schnapps
Jager Bomb :: Jagermeister & Red Bull
Vegas Bomb :: Crown Royal, Peach schnapps & Red Bull
Tuaca Bomb :: Tuaca & Red Bull
Orange Bomb :: Absolut Mandarin & Red Bull
Car Bomb :: Guinness & a shot of Jameson and Baileys combined
Scooby Snack :: Midori, Malibu, pineapple & a splash of cream
Royal Peach :: Crown Royal & Peach schnapps
Melon Ball :: Vodka, Midori & pineapple
Applesauce :: Goldschlager, Apple Pucker & pineapple
Mind Eraser :: Kahlua, Vodka & soda over ice (suck it down through a straw!)
Nutty Irishman :: Baileys, Frangelico & a splash of cream
Alabama Slammer :: Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Sloe Gin & orange juice
Butter Baby :: Butterscotch schnapps & Baileys
Surfer on Acid :: Malibu, Jagermeister & pineapple
Snake Bite :: Yukon Jack & lime juice
Red Headed Slut :: Jagermeister, Peach schnapps & cranberry
Sycamore Lane Merlot :: 5.50 Glass | 22.00 Bottle
A flavorful and well balanced merlot with cherry, berry, plum and soft vanilla notes.
Vista Point Cabernet Sauvignon :: 5.00 Glass | 20.00 Bottle
Easy to drink with lush flavors of cranberry and vanilla.
Jacob’s Creek Shiraz :: 5.50 Glass | 22.00 Bottle
Spicy fruit flavors with a touch of oak.
Backhouse Pinot Noir :: 5.25 Glass | 21.00 Bottle
Medium bodied with cherry flavors and hints of tea and spice.
Salmon Creek Chardonnay :: 5.50 Glass | 22.00 Bottle
Clean, complex, rich nose and flavors of lemon, melon and apple.
Ste. Chapelle Johannisberg Riesling :: 5.00 Glass | 20.00 Bottle
Light, floral aromas followed by peach fruit flavors.
Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio :: 5.50 Glass | 22.00 Bottle
Light and crisp, clean apple flavors.
Beringer White Zinfandel :: 4.75 Glass | 19.00 Bottle
Fresh zesty berry fruit character, light clean finish.
Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut :: split Glass | 6.00 Bottle
Creamy and nutty with hint of freshly baked bread and overtones of honey
and wine blossom.
Raspberry Kamikazee :: Vodka, Raspberry liqueur, Triple Sec & lime juice
Washington Apple :: Crown Royal, Apple Pucker & cranberry
Incredible Hulk :: Hpnotiq & Hennessey VS
Punchy :: Southern Comfort, Amaretto, pineapple & cranberry
Zipperhead :: Vodka, Raspberry liqueur & soda over ice (suck it down through a straw!)
Ask your server or bartender about today’s draft beer special.
Almond Joy :: Malibu, Dark Cacao, Amaretto & a splash of cream
Beehive :: Bristol Brewing
(Hefe) Colorado Springs
SHIFT :: New Belgium Brewing
(American Pale Lager) Fort Collins, CO
Laughing Lab :: Bristol Brewing
(Scottish Ale) Colorado Springs
Fat Tire :: New Belgium Brewing
(Amber Ale) Fort Collins, CO
Easy Street Wheat :: O’Dell Brewing
(Hefe) Fort Collins, CO
Newcastle Brown Ale :: England
All Margaritas are made from scratch and served in a pint glass.
Our recipes are ‘tried & true’, please, no substitutions.
Raspberry Margarita :: 5.25
Tequila, Raspberry liqueur, Triple Sec, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix.
90 Shilling :: O’Dell Brewing
(Amber Ale) Fort Collins, CO
Guinness Stout :: Ireland
Drado Margarita :: 6.50
A Hatch Cover classic - made with a rare and unique tequila.
Almendrado Tequila, Grand Marnier, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix.
TuacaRita :: 6.25
A sweeter alternative to the original made with Tuaca instead of tequila.
Tuaca, Cointreau, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix.
Sour Apple Margarita :: 5.25
Tequila, Apple Pucker, Triple Sec, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix.
Patron Margarita :: 7.50
Patron Silver, Cointreau, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix and a Grand
Marnier float.
Peach Margarita :: 5.75
Tequila, Peach schnapps, Triple Sec, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix.
Midori Margarita :: 5.75
Tequila, Midori, Triple Sec, a splash of pineapple juice, dash of lime juice,
topped with sour mix.
Blue Lagoon Margarita :: 5.50
Tequila, Island Blue schnapps, Blue Curacao, splash of pineapple,
dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix.
Hornitos Margarita :: 7.25
Sauza Hornitos, Cointreau, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix and
a Grand Marnier float.
Grand Gold Margarita :: 7.25
1800, Cointreau, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix and a Grand Marnier float.
Classic Hatch Cover Margarita :: 8.50
Don Julio Anejo, Cointreau, a dash of lime juice, topped with sour mix and
a Grand Marnier float.
Dos Equis :: Mexico
Coors Light :: Golden, CO
Bud Light :: St. Louis, MO
Ask your server about our Seasonal Bottled Beer Selection.
:: Bristol Brewing Red Rocket
(Colorado Springs)
:: Bristol Brewing Mass Transit
(Colorado Springs)
:: Boddingtons Pub Ale (ENG) Pint Can
:: Strongbow Cider (ENG) Pint Can
:: Grolsch 15.2 oz Swingtop (HOL)
:: New Belgium 1554 (CO)
:: Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider (CA)
:: Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider (CA)
:: Rolling Rock (PA)
:: Magic Hat #9 (VT)
:: Pabst Blue Ribbon BAC 24 oz. Can (WI)
:: Molson Canadian (CAN)
:: Heineken (HOL)
:: Sessions Full Sail (OR)
:: Corona Extra (MEX)
:: Stella Artois (BEL)
:: Miller Lite (WI)
:: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (CA)
:: MGD (WI)
:: New Belgium Sunshine Wheat (CO)
:: Coors Light (CO)
:: New Belgium Ranger IPA (CO)
:: Coors Original (CO)
:: Red Stripe 24 oz. Bottle (JAM)
:: Bud Light (MO)
:: O’Douls Amber NA (MO)
:: Budweiser (MO)
Dirty Bird ::
The classic Grey Goose vodka & olive juice, shaken and served straight up.
Cosmopolitan ::
A sexy blend of Absolut Citron, Cointreau, cranberry juice & squeeze of lime.
Lemon Drop ::
A sweet and tart mixture of Absolut Citron, sugar & lemonade with a sugared rim.
AppleTini ::
It ain’t easy being green, but we make it taste like it is!
Ketel One vodka & Apple Pucker.
Nuts & Berries ::
Nutty, sweet and creamy - Frangelico, Raspberry liqueur & a splash of cream.
ChocoTini ::
A perfect dessert substitute - Absolut Vanilla, Dark Cacao, Baileys & Kahlua.
Strawberry Lemonade ::
Like summer in a glass - SKYY Strawberry vodka, lemonade & a sugared rim.
Peppermint Patty ::
The adult version of a childhood fave.
Rumpleminze, Dark Cacao, Baileys & a splash of cream.
Raspberry Lemon Drop ::
Absolut Raspberri, Raspberry liqueur & lemonade - Yummy!
Mounds ::
Sometimes you don’t... Malibu, Kahlua, Dark Cacao & a splash of cream.
Carmel Apple ::
An autumn favorite, good year ‘round - Butterscotch schnapps, Baileys & Apple Pucker.
Grape Crush ::
Better than when you were a kid!
Vodka, Raspberry liqueur, cranberry & a splash of sour.
Flamingo ::
Vacation in your mouth! Bacardi Silver, pineapple and grenadine with a sugared rim.
Bible Belt ::
Sin with style and flavor!
Jack Daniels, Triple Sec, lime juice, a splash of sour & Sprite.
Big Blue Sky ::
Just look outside, you know it’s gonna be delicious!
Bacardi Silver, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, sugared rim & lemon garnish.
Coffee Cocktails
Hatch Cover serves all of the following with locally roasted and fresh ground
Barista Specialty Roasters medium roast coffee. Whipped cream upon request.
Bavarian :: Rumpleminze & Kahlua
Chocolate Nut :: Amaretto & Dark Cacao
Cloud 9 :: Frangelico & Absolut
Irish :: Jameson or Bushmills
Italian :: Amaretto & Kahlua
Irish Kiss :: Baileys & Kahlua
Imperial :: Grand Marnier
Mexican :: Cuervo Gold & Kahlua
Millionaire :: Baileys, Kahlua & Frangelico
Mocha Berry :: Raspberry liqueur
Coffee Drinks
Alcohol Free Drinks
Royale :: Hennessy VS
Russian :: Absolut Vanilla & Kahlua
Tennessee Mud :: Jack Daniels & Amaretto
Hot Schotcher :: Butterscotch Schnapps
Slap Shot :: Myers, Baileys & Kahlua
Alcohol Free
Gourmet Sodas, Juices & Bottled Water
Sioux City Sarsaparilla Soda :: The Dude Abides
Red Bull Energy Drink :: Also available in sugar-free
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Voss :: “Super Pure” artesian water from Norway
Pelegrino :: Fine Italian sparkling water
Zing Gourmet Teas :: Raspberry Tea, Green Tea & Sweet Tea
Boylans Bottled Gourmet Sodas :: Root Beer, Black Cherry, Orange,
& Grape (the best damn Grape Soda you’ll ever have)
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Well Drinks & House Wines
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