IMPORTANT: Information you need to know about

IMPORTANT: Information you need to know about NTS Camp 2015. Who can go to camp? NTS Camp is only for students who have completed 6th grade thru graduated 12th grade. What do I need to know about registration & payment deadlines? GO TO: There are 4 easy steps to register. NOTE: Payment for NTS and TRANSPORTATION are done separately. In order for your student to attend camp, all payments must be completed by July 6. STEP ONE: Go to REGISTER STUDENT: select the campus your student attends for M12, H12 or S12. IF your student is a part of one of the 5 new Pioneer Campuses (Grayson, Buford, Snellville, Braselton, Bethlehem) please register under Central Campus and the grade your student completed for the 2014-­‐2015 school year). Register and pay for NTS by paying the $150 deposit or pay $312 in full by May 3. Price increases after this date by $20. See below. Read & keep the NTS confirmation email. It includes required forms, final payment details if you paid the deposit and packing information. Look for a 12Stone® confirmation email with specific requirements for 12Stone® camp participants. STEP TWO: PAY TRANSPORTATION FEE: select the link to pay the transportation fee of $83. Read & keep the 12Stone® transportation fee confirmation email of your payment. STEP THREE: SUBMIT NOTARIZED FORM: print, complete and notarize the Permission Release Waiver within 14 days. More form details are below. STEP FOUR: Attend one of the required Parent Meetings described below. Check your email regularly for updated trip information. • Please note that students with unpaid balances and/or without the required form (see below) may not get on the bus to go to camp on Monday July 20. • All payments must be made online. Personal checks will not be accepted. If you need assistance with online registration, email [email protected] • NTS cost is $312 if you register by May 3. If you chose to pay a deposit ($150) you will be responsible to pay the balance online by Monday July 6. Your NTS confirmation email will have a link to how much you will owe. Save your confirmation email !! • NTS cost is $332 if you register May 6-­‐July 6 and full payment is due Monday July 6. • A $20 late fee will be charged to any account balance after July 6. What form is required for camp? One form is required from every student. Students may not attend camp without this form. Please complete and submit this form to your campus student ministry team within 14 days after you register. The form is due no later than Thursday July 9, 2014 to your 12Stone® campus student ministry team: •
Print off, complete and NOTARIZE the 12Stone® Annual 2015 Parent Permission, Release and Consent Form from the 12Stone® confirmation email or download from If you do not have a notary at your bank, you may contact 678-­‐990-­‐8100 to schedule an appointment to have the 12Stone® form notarized at Central Campus. A parent must meet the notary and parent driver’s license is required. Notarized forms already completed for 2015 can be used for camp. Email [email protected] to confirm that a 2015 notarized form is on file in the Student Ministry office. What meetings are required before camp? Attendance to one of the Camp Parent Meetings is required. Please send at least one family member to one of these meetings. Choose the date and location most convenient for you: Monday July 6: Central Campus 7pm-­‐8pm OR Tuesday July 7 Hamilton Mill Campus 7pm-­‐8pm Important camp information and team colors will be revealed at this meeting. Please bring the required form described above (if you have not turned it in before the Parent Meeting). There will be a notary at the Parent Meeting. Parent must meet the notary and parent driver’s license is required. When do students leave for camp and return from camp? •
Monday July 20: Bus check-­‐in at Central Campus Time: Midday(specific time to be announced at the Parent Meeting) Saturday July 25: Bus return to Central Campus Time: Evening (specific time to be announced at the Parent Meeting) How will students get to camp? We have chartered buses which will depart from and return to 12Stone® Church Central Campus. Additional information about Monday departure and Monday dinner will be shared at the Parent Meeting. What do students need to bring to camp? Dress code guidelines and a packing list are included in the NTS Camp Packing List. Please label luggage, sleeping bags and pillows with student name. Our buses have limited room for these items. Please use soft-­‐sided luggage and pack light. Where will students be housed and who will supervise them at camp? Students will stay in the dorms on campus at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. Every effort will be made to honor roommate requests. 12Stone® Church adult leaders will be assigned to supervise students with a 1 adult per 8 students ratio. Middle school students will be assigned to rooms with other middle school students of the same gender. High school students will be assigned to rooms with other high school students of the same gender. Are prescription or OTC medications allowed at camp? Medications (prescription and non-­‐prescription drugs) must be in the original container and labeled with the patient’s full name, the date the prescription was filled, expiration date, direction for use, precautions (if any),storage requirements (if any), dispensing pharmacy (name and address), and name of physician prescribing medication. All medications (prescribed and over the counter) MUST be clearly labeled with name and instructions in original container and turned in at the NURSE TABLE at bus check-­‐in on July 20. Students will be given instructions at camp for receiving their meds. Individuals that may need emergency medications should carry the medications themselves (epi-­‐pens, inhalers). When necessary, staff may be assigned to carry the medication; however, care will be taken to ensure that the patient and medication remain in close proximity to facilitate immediate administration. 12Stone® will provide nursing staff on campus to dispense medication and provide first aid. What is the camp cell phone policy? Cell phones will NOT be allowed by 12Stone® Church on this trip – leave them at home. More information about communication from camp and the emergency contact number will be explained at the required Camp Parent Meeting in July. What are the camp rules? NTS Camp Commandments will be distributed and explained as students arrive at camp. Please refer to the NTS Packing List for a list of items to NOT bring to camp. What happens if my student can’t go on the trip? The NTS Refund/Cancellation Policy is that all deposits are non-­‐
refundable and non-­‐transferrable. If a student has paid in full and cannot attend camp, they can be refunded the amount paid minus the deposit and any online fees. Email [email protected] if you must request a cancellation. Last minute cancellations on Monday July 20 must be called in before noon to 678-­‐990-­‐8100. Can I bring my student to camp later in the week or pick them up before Saturday? NTS does not accept part-­‐time campers nor do they offer part-­‐time registration costs. If a student must leave at some point during the week for any reason, make those arrangements with your 12Stone® campus student ministry team and NTS Camp, but the student may not come back or receive a refund. Parents will be asked to show a valid driver’s license when they arrive to take their student home early. For more information go to