Message Series:
From This Day Forward
Message Title:
The Principle of First
Pastor Kevin Myers, Pastor Robert Morris
March 22, 2015
As Travis and Matt demonstrated in their skit, share with the group any experiences you have had inviting
someone to church. Were you nervous? What reactions did you get?
Message Overview:
PK talked first about how the best advantage to handling finances was to “Spend less than you make.”
Finances complicate all areas of life. Finding God’s best in finances comes down to firsts. Robert Morris,
author of The Blessed Life, shared his message on firsts.
In Exodus 13:12-13 we read the principle of first—God is first and the tithe belongs to God. God gives
instructions on how to bring offerings of fruits, animals, and children. Even if tithes are not brought, we
will lose them anyways.
1) The First Born must be sacrificed or redeemed. Pastor Morris talked about clean and unclean
animals. The unclean is redeemed with the sacrifice of something clean. This points to Jesus; we
were born unclean, and He was born clean. He is our sacrifice, our tithe. We give the tithe first
so the other 90% can be blessed and removed from the curse. We give it first, by faith, instead of
waiting to see what is left over.
2) The First Fruits must be offered. We bring the first fruits; we do not give them, as they do not
belong to us. We don’t designate the tithe. We have two choices—we bring it or we steal it.
Cain’s offering was not acceptable because it was just an offering, not first fruits, whereas Able
brought a firstborn animal. God cannot act outside His character; He doesn’t change or think like
we do. Nothing occurs to God, and He can never be second, so He cannot accept an offering that
is not first.
3) The Tithe must be first. It belongs to God. The tithe is 10%. When we tithe, God opens a
supernatural blessing. He opens the windows of Heaven and will rebuke the devourer for our
sake. Giving the tithe first is not legalistic, it is about what is in our hearts.
Pastor Morris talked about Exodus 13:14-17 where God says to tell our children why we tithe.
We were in bondage and sin, and God delivered us through the death and resurrection of His son,
Jesus Christ. We then gladly give the tithe first. When people say they cannot afford to tithe,
Pastor Morris tells them lovingly, “You will never be able to afford to tithe until you tithe. Then
God will bring you out from under the curse.”
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(Leaders: The questions that follow are designed to stir reflection and discussion on this week’s primary
Message points. Please read through them prior to your meeting, so you can be prepared to prayerfully
pace your group well. And remember, as leader, your goal is to promote increased biblical awareness, as
well as individual self awareness – a combination that with the help of the Holy Spirit, results in
revelation and…transformation!)
Read Exodus 13:1-2 aloud. Discuss what the word “belong” means. What does it mean to
sacrifice? To redeem something?
Read Proverbs 3:9-10 aloud. What does it mean to honor the Lord from our wealth? How can
we apply that our barns will be filled today? Discuss how this might not just apply to material
Read Leviticus 27:30 aloud. Discuss other ways we can “tithe” besides our incomes (time,
talents, serving others, etc.). What are some other ways you are ”tithing”?
Share some ways that God has used finances to grow you, to discipline you, or to bless you and
bring you closer to Him. What have you modeled or taught your children about finances? What
do you need to change?
Share with the group what areas of your life you need to put God first. Finances? Career?
Relationships? Time? What steps do you need to take in order to put God first?
Discuss PK’s questions—“What stands out to you? What do you need to do? Will you take the challenge
to tithe from April until the end of the year?”
Throughout the Week: (Optional)
Propose to read The Blessed Life. Memorize Malachi 3:10
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