Rhapsody’s Rose (Rose Petal Martini)
Delicately yours, take off your rose-coloured glasses and taste this liqueur infused with Skyy
vodka, splashed with cranberry juice, and guaranteed to make you blush.
You don‟t have to be in the heart of Florence or Milan to enjoy this sultry combination of Monin
Macadamia, Frangelico, Amaretto and splash of cranberry juice. Served shaken and strained,
this‟ll have you smooth-talking in no time!
Fast Fact: Did you know that Macadamia nuts are closely associated with Hawaii because Hawaii is the largest
exporter of Macadamia nuts, providing ninety-five percent of the world's crop? Yet the nut is actually native to
Australia and comes from a tree that was originally grown for ornamental purposes. The tree was only introduced
to Hawaii in 1880 where it thrived in the tropical environment, and in the States, California now also produces a
sizable Macadamia nut crop.
Cheeky Kiwi Martini
Putting a fruity spin on the modernised Skyy vodka martini, we add syrupy Monin Kiwi
flavouring, cheeky pineapple, and lemon-twist it up to keep you from going down under!
Strange & barely related fact: Did you know that there was a Japanese / American glam rock
band named “Vodka Collins”, who was based in Tokyo, Japan in the 1970s? The Vodka Collins
cocktail however is served with club soda, lemon juice, vodka, sugar and cherry garnish.
Strawberry Vanilla Collins
A seemingly innocent treat, you‟ll have to cool off Collins-style with this fresh strawberry and
beloved Monin Vanilla delight that‟s thrown together with Skyy vodka, and indulged with lemon
to gleefully finish it off.
“I never have more than one drink before dinner. But I do like that one to be large and very
strong and very cold and very well-made.” - James Bond, “Casino Royale”
Classic Martini
With Prohibition in America in the twenties, and gin being easy and cheap to produce, the
Martini‟s status was elevated, thus cementing this iconic American cocktail into bartending
history. Our original, top quality gin-based Martini is chilled with dry vermouth, shaken or stirred
and then strained and served straight up in a chilled cocktail glass with the traditional olive
Fast Fact: Having your Martini shaken supposedly „bruises‟ the gin as the shaking breaks the ice and adds more
water to the gin, thus altering and sharpening its taste.
Vodka Martini
This modern but rather controversial Skyy vodka substitution was made popular in the nineties,
and is made exactly the same way as the original gin-based Martini. It is a notorious variation
because of its success in slyly overcoming the Classic Martini in popularity and stature –
making it worthy as a tasty vodka-based option.
Fast Fact: James Bond‟s drink of choice was actually a Vesper, named after his love interest in Ian Fleming‟s
“Casino Royale”. Made up of vodka, gin and the French Lillet aperitif, it isn‟t the „shaken – not stirred‟ classic we
had in mind!
White Chocolate Martini
A decadent adaptation of the Chocolate Martini – we combine Frangelico, light Cacao and
fresh cream, and serve it shaken and strained in the classic Martini glass.
“I love a Martini – but two at the most. Three, I‟m under the table; four, I‟m under the host.”
– Dorothy Parker
Sweet Martini
Going against the traditional and popular style of the drier the Martini the better, we offer you
the sweet option with gin and sweet red vermouth, and then garnish it with a Maraschino
“Why don‟t you get out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini?” – Mae West
Fast Fact: A Churchill Martini is named after Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister in 1940 during World War
I. He reportedly liked his Gin Martini so dry, that he added no vermouth at all, and instead bowed respectfully in
the direction of France (one of the other Allies in the War, and where vermouth hailed from) before pouring his
very strong Martini, and toasting “Never surrender!”
Red Bull, Skyy vodka, Archers and cranberry juice; this combination will help you lift your game
when it‟s most needed – designed to get you in the mood.
Long Island Ice Bull
Red Bull combined with Skyy vodka, Gordon‟s gin, Butlers Triple Sec, tequila and Havana
Blanco Rum offers surprisingly irresistible twist on the original Long Island, hailing from New
York, this refreshing classic cocktail is not for the faint-hearted.
Red Bull, Tequila & vodka
Miami Vice
An extremely popular fruity combination of the more famous Strawberry Daiquiri and the Pina
Colada, this cocktail is luscious and does not hold back in flavour!
Woo Woo
Our variation on this funky cocktail adds red Grapetizer into the mix with the Skyy vodka,
Archers and orange juice to guarantee an easy-going cocktail for any occasion.
Screaming Multiple Orgasm
This original Skyy vodka, Cape Velvet, Kahlua and Amaretto blend
is splashed with velvety cream, garnished with cherries and is an obvious
favourite amongst the ladies (the eternal optimists). Management takes
no responsibility for over-indulgence and slips and falls incurred thereafter.
Rhapsody Blue
Our signature cocktail not to be missed! Includes a bold blend of Havana Blanco Rum, Skyy
vodka, Gordons gin, Butlers Blue Curaçao, lemonade and finished off with sour-mix to
smoothly and proudly complete our creation.
Rhapsody’s Taxi-Cab
Let us get you there with our blend of fresh cranberry and pineapple juice, gently spiked with
banana liqueur, Skyy vodka, Malibu and Southern Comfort.
Rhapsody Rainbow
Our more colourful signature cocktail, we make the South African rainbow nation a more
Rhapsody‟s-inspired one! It includes Southern Comfort, Skyy vodka, with some tasty orange
juice and Grenadine. It‟s then topped off with our frozen Butlers Blue Curaçao concoction.
Long Island Iced Tea
Hailing from Long Island, New York, this refreshing classic cocktail is based with five spirits and
is not for the faint-hearted. The combinations of Skyy vodka, gordons gin, Butlers Triple Sec,
tequila, and Havana Blanco Rum should be enough to keep any sane person away, but once
it‟s topped with sour-mix and good ol‟ Coca Cola it‟s surprisingly irresistible.
Barman’s Speedrail
Not for the faint-hearted, but nevertheless tasty, this potent tall cooler contains the barman‟s
dangerous selection of spirits, including Havana Blanco Rum, Red Heart rum, Skyy vodka,
gordons gin, Southern Comfort, brandy, Butlers Triple Sec and Butlers Blue Curaçao. To ease
the pain, we top this rebel cocktail off with red Grapetizer.
“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” - Humphrey Bogart,
Harvey Wallbanger
A refreshing mix of Skyy vodka, orange juice and Galliano Liqueur is served straight up. It is
said that in California in the late 60‟s, a surfer named Harvey lost a surfing contest, and so
drowned his sorrows in his favourite drink – a Screwdriver spiked with Galliano – at his regular
bar. After one too many, he stumbled out the bar, banging into the walls and furniture in the
process! He was thus nicknamed Harvey “Wallbanger” soon after, and his drink too became
staggeringly infamous!
This modern classic is synonymous with the girls from “Sex and the City”, and our combination
of Skyy vodka, Butlers Triple Sec, cranberry juice and a dash of lime make it just as
sophisticated, sexy and irresistible!
A characteristic cocktail celebrating the acquired taste of great Mexican tequila, although this
classic‟s exact origins are hazy, it is said that back in the fifties a Texan socialite named
Margarita Sames was mixing drinks for her guests at a party in Mexico, when she stumbled
across this taste sensation. We‟ll use our finest Silver Tequila and give you the options of plain
or frozen, and plain or coloured blue by adding Blue Curaçao!
Pronounced “moh-HEE-toe”, this Cuban-based cocktail is a popular choice at contemporary
nightlife destinations throughout the world. Smooth and sultry, with a minty-fresh aroma, we
add Havana Blanco Rum to our secret mojito mint mix on crushed ice, we then garnish with a
fresh sprig of mint and limes.
Strawberry Daiquiri
Always a sure thing, our combination of Havana Blanco Rum, Butlers Strawberry, fresh
strawberry pulp, lime and sour-mix is blended to perfection and served refreshingly ice-cold.
Pina Colada
A true tropical island delight which is synonymous with summer, this classic cocktail is made
with our finest Havana Blanco Rum, Malibu, pineapple juice and then blended with velvety
cream to give it that carefree Caribbean finish.
Fast Fact: The so-called Pina Colada song is actually called “Escape” and sung by Rupert Holmes…so if you like
Pina Coladas…and getting caught in the rain…!
Mai Tai
Supposedly meaning “the best” in Tahitian, many have claimed to have founded this awesome
blend of Havana Blanco Rum, Red Heart rum, Butlers Triple Sec, Amaretto, lime and sour-mix.
But Victor Bergeron of American restaurant Trader Vic‟s lays claim like no one else, and links
his invention to the fifties era with aplomb!
Ideal for summer, this original and sensuous Brazilian cocktail is simple yet effective. We serve
our cane with a little sugar and some lime wedges on the rocks, and leave it up to you to gently
muddle your mixture uniquely according to taste.
Fast Fact: In 2003 the Brazilian president issued a decree for intellectual property rights to protect the name “Caipirinha” as strictly Brazilian in
origin - it is still pending.
Liquid Cocaine
Skyy vodka, Butlers Blue Curaçao, lime
Fizz Pop
Butlers Banana, Butlers Strawberry, Tang Sour Apple
Super C
Butlers Strawberry, gin, sour-mix, Grenadine
Silk Panty
Passion fruit, Butlers Banana, Butlers Strawberry
Red Bull
Red Bull Sugar Free
All R14.95
Light cacao,
Nachtmusik, Amarula, Malibu
French Kiss
Butlers Strawberry, Strawberry Cape Velvet, cream
Tequila, Absinthe, Stroh Rum
Sowetan Toilet
Butlers Banana, Cape Velvet, Nachtmusik
Nutty Angel
Frangelico, Cape Velvet, Nachtmusik
Silver Bullet
Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort
Muff Dive
Amaretto, Strawberry Cape Velvet, cream
Kahlua, Cape Velvet, Stroh Rum
Chocolate Cake
Skyy vodka, Frangelico, slice of lemon with brown sugar
Jelly Baby
Butlers Banana, Butlers Blue Curaçao, Strawberry Cape Velvet, Grenadine
Kahlua, Cape Velvet, Sambuca