SC 5.800 C

Steam cleaners
SC 5.800 C
Premium steam cleaner in yellow. With 4 bar of steam pressure, 1800 W heating capacity, permanently
refillable fresh water tank, VapoHydro function and ironing option.
Standard accessories:
Childproof safety lock
Safety valve
Steam flow regulation On unit
Integrated funnel
2-tank system
Terry floor cloth 1 piece(s)
Terry cloth cover for hand tool 1
Descaler Sticks
Steam hose with gun 2.5 m
Floor nozzle Standard
Detail nozzle
Hand tool
Parking position
Round brush, black 1 piece(s)
Integrated on / off switch
VapoHydro function
Order no.: 1.439-130.0
Technical data
Area performance
Voltage (V)
Frequency Hz
Heat output (W)
Max. steam pressure (bar)
Heating time (min.)
Tank capapcity l
Cable length (m)
Weight without accessories (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
With its powerful 4.0 bar steam pressure and 1800 W heating capacity, the yellow SC 5.800 C is one of
the new generation of Premium steam cleaners. Thanks to a removable, permanently refillable fresh
water tank, it delivers non-stop steam for pure cleanliness without chemicals. And this with just four
minutes' heating time. With the VapoHydro function, removing stubborn dirt is made even easier: by
switching to hot water, the dirt dissolved by the steam can simply be washed away. With steam flow
regulation, the intensity can be adapted to the surface and the degree of contamination. Grease deposits
and other stubborn dirt in the bathroom, kitchen and elsewhere can be removed efficiently and without
harming the environment. The SC 5.800 C cleans glass, taps, tiles, grouting and ceramic hobs. The highquality steam cleaner offers many practical extras. For example accessory storage, parking position,
large wheels for easy manoeuvrability and a cable compartment. The device also has an accessory
socket to which a steam iron may be connected. Ironing is therefore 50% quicker.
Floor cleaning
Wash basin
Wall tiles
Windows, mirror
Extractor hood
Features & Benefits
adaptable steam flow regulation
The volume of steam can be adapted to different surfaces and types of dirt
VapoHydro function
In addition to steam, hot water can also be switched on. This means that dirt can be dissolved easier and
simply washed away.
Removable, refillable tank
The continuously refillable fresh water tank ensures non-stop steam without interruption.
Ergonomic steam gun, carrying handle
For the greatest comfort and good ergonomics in cleaning
Easy to understand controls
Self-explanatory operation for the greatest ease of use
Integrated cable storage compartment
Optimum cable storage to save space when storing the steam cleaner
Child lock on the steam gun
Protects against inappropriate use, e. g. by children
Short heating time (4 minutes)
Short waiting time: the cleaner is ready to use in just 4 minutes
On/Off dial on the cleaner
The steam cleaner can be switched off easily
Parking position for floor nozzle
For parking the extension tube and floor nozzle during use; practical storage
Accessory kits
Order no. 2.863-019.0
Wallpaper stripper
Wallpaper stripper ideal for removing wallpaper and glue residues using the
power of steam.
Order no. 2.863-062.0
Universal accessory kit
Universal accessory kit for steam cleaners with three cotton cloths for the floor
tool, three cotton covers for the hand tool and two red and two black round
Order no. 2.863-215.0
Replacement O-ring set
Replacement O-ring set for replacement of O-rings for diverse steam cleaner
Order no. 2.884-312.0
Hand tool
Hand tool with additional brushes for cleaning small areas such as shower
cubicles, wall tiles, etc. Suitable for use with or without cover.
Order no. 2.884-280.0
Floor tool
New, innovative floor tool for even better cleaning results – thanks to optimised
steam utilisation and larger cleaning surface.
Order no. 2.885-142.0
Extension and power nozzle
Power nozzle with extension considerably increases the cleaning power of the
detail nozzle. Ideal for easy and environmentally friendly cleaning of difficult to
reach areas, e.g. corners.
Order no. 2.884-282.0
Textile care nozzle
Textile care nozzle freshens and removes creases from clothes and fabrics and
effectively removes odours. With integrated fluff remover.
Order no. 4.130-390.0
Window nozzle for steam cleaners
Window tool thoroughly cleans glass, windows or mirrors using a clean steamer.
Order no. 4.130-115.0
Rubber squeegee for window tool
Rubber squeegee for seam cleaner window tool.
Order no. 6.273-140.0
Detail nozzle
Ideal for cleaning in crevices, corners, edges and other difficult to reach areas.
Together with the round brush, the applications are numerous.
Order no. 2.884-281.0
Pressurised irons
Pressurised steam iron I 6006
High-quality pressurised steam iron with easy-glide stainless steel soleplate in
Order no. 2.863-208.0
Sets of brushes
Round brush set
Practical round brush set available in two colours.
Order no. 2.863-058.0
Round brush set with brass bristles
Round brush set with brass bristles for removing stubborn and ingrained dirt.
Ideal for insensitive surfaces.
Order no. 2.863-061.0
Order no. 2.863-022.0
Round brush with dirt scraper
Round brush with two rows of heat-resistant bristles and scraper for easy removal
of stubborn dirt. Not suitable for use on sensitive surfaces.
Order no. 2.863-140.0
Steam turbo brush
Steam turbo brush for effortless cleaning in half the time. Powerful cleaning action
obviates the need for scrubbing. A real time saver.
Order no. 2.863-159.0
Sets of cloths
Set of microfibre cloths for bathrooms
Cloth set contains different microfibre cloths for steam cleaner use in bathrooms.
Order no. 2.863-171.0
Sets of cloths
Set of microfibre cloths, kitchen
Cloth set with different microfibre cloths for steam cleaner use in kitchens.
Order no. 2.863-172.0
Cloth set floor nozzle -Best
Order no. 2.863-020.0
Set of microfibre cloths, floor cloth
2 soft microfibre velour floor cloths for easy dirt removal. For perfectly clean
Order no. 2.863-173.0
Set of microfibre cloths, soft covers
2 soft microfibre velour covers for hand tool. Ideal for removing stubborn dirt, e.g.
on cookers.
Order no. 2.863-174.0
Set of cleaning cloths
Cloth set of high-quality cotton with 2 large floor cloths and 3 covers for hand tool.
Order no. 6.960-019.0
Terry cloths, small
Lint-free, absorbent and hard-wearing: 5 narrow, high-quality cotton floor cloths.
Order no. 6.369-357.0
Sets of cloths
Terry cloths, large
Lint-free, absorbent and hard-wearing: 5 extra wide high-quality cotton floor
Order no. 6.369-481.0
Set of cleaning cloths
Set of 5 high-quality cotton cleaning cloths suitable for use with hand tool
Order no. 6.370-990.0
Non-stick soleplate for I 6006
Non-stick sole for the I 6006 pressurised steam iron with easy-glide stainless
steel sole plate. Perfect for ironing delicate materials like silk, linen, black clothes
or lace.
Order no. 2.860-142.0