Belize Cobia Press Kit Rachycentron Canadum

Press Kit
Belize Cobia
Latin Name - Rachycentron Canadum
Marine Farms Belize
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Marine Farms Belize
Marine Farms Belize
Belize Cobia Festival
Sep 23, 2008
Damian’s On the River
737 River Road New Boston, N.H. . 603 497 8888
Prosciutto Wrapped Pan Roasted Cobia
On Herb risotto and Baby Spinach
Smoked Cobia
With Organic Salad Bouquet and Citrus Chive dressing
Duet of Cobia
White Wine Poached and Lemongrass skewered Cobia
On Sardinian Couscous
Grilled Cobia Mini Steak
Caramelized onion mashed potatoes and Sautéed Vegetables
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Roasted Pecans, Caramel and Chantilly Cream
Marine Farms Belize
Marine Farms Belize
Cobia in the Wild
MFB Employees
50 As of Sep 2008
“Belize is a developing country that needs foreign investments and job
creation to develop. Our investment helps by bringing new skills to the
country – marine fish farming. Likewise, our employees are pleased to
showcase their efforts by bringing high quality cobia to American chefs
and consumers.” Bjørn Myrseth, CEO Marine Farms ASA - Norway
Marine Farms Belize
Marine Farms Belize
Marine Farms ASA
Postboks 2032,
Nordnes 5817
Bergen Norway
Phone: +47 55 90 44 70
Fax: +47 55 23 46 45
Why is Aquaculture Important
The planet's human population has doubled
within the last 40 years to 6 billion. About
216,000 humans are born each day... and
All these mouths to feed, compounded with the hi-technology used by
commercial fishing fleets, and increasing industrial and domestic
pollution, is proving to be just too much for our oceans, rivers, and lakes
to sustain.1 Did you see 60 Minutes on Blue Fin Tuna, Sunday, Sep 8?
Marine Farms Belize
Aquaculture in Perspective
Constrained by Technology and Permits
50% of Seafood Consumed by Humans is from Aquaculture - NOAA
- And Growing!1
40% Consumed in the U.S. is Farmed2
84% of Our Seafood is Imported2
Atlantic Salmon Will Equal 3.1 Billion Pounds in 20083
Cobia Expected to Be 2nd in Ocean Farmed Production
COBIA - The New Tropical White Fleshed Seafood
FAO 2006; Delgado et al. 2003; Offshore Aquaculture in the United States: Economic Considerations,
Implications & Opportunities; July 2008 (pre-publication), NOAA
2; 84% according to the National Marine Fisheries
Service per The Palm Beach Post (Fla.) August 3, 2008.
Lars Liab of Kontali Analyses at the Norwegian seafood industry’s conference ‘Sjomatdagene 2008’ held in
Hell, Norway, Jan 22, 2008.
Marine Farms Belize
Where Do We Find Cobia?
Almost all tropical waters except the Eastern Pacific
Marine Farms Belize
Marine Farms Recognized
Need for White Fleshed
Marine Cultured Fish
Options Possible
- Grow-out costs high
Cod & Tuna
- Wild price variation impacts profitability
- Slow growth - costly
Kona Kampachi
- Has promise
Cobia - Best Choice Potential
Marine Farms Belize
Why Farm Cobia?
Chefs Want “Something New”
The Market Wants More Fish
The Market Wants “New Species”
Demand for "White Meat” Fish is Increasing
Cobia: “Everything You Want” In A Farmed Fish
– Excellent Eating Qualities
– Broiled/Grilled, Sautéed, Baked, Boiled, Deep
Fried, Sushi & Sashimi
– White Flesh
– Large Fillets
– High in Omega 3s
– Efficient Production in Sea Pens
– Fast Growth - ~ 12 # in one year - 3X Salmon
– Year Round Egg Supplies
Consistent Quality,
Available Year-round,
Stable Price,
Future Projections
Live Weight Cobia Harvested
Marine Farms Belize
1.8 Million
8-11 Million
Marine Farms Belize
Cobia Global Farmed
Total = 62 Million Pounds Estimated in 20071
China 44 Taiwan 9 Vietnam 4 Caribbean 2
Philippines, Thailand, Japan 1 Each
May Grow by 2012 to:
• 100 Million Pounds Global Production
• 17 Million Pounds “CAPACITY” from MF ASA
• 11 Million Pounds Possible from MF Belize
1 p.
34, 1Q presentation by Marine Farms ASA, 16 May 2008, Oslo.
Marine Farms Belize
COBIA - Stealth of the Sea
Also Known As Lemon Fish, Kingfish, Crabeater, Black Salmon1
Usually Travel in Pairs - Few Targeted2 Commercially
Incidentally Caught or Game Fish in U.S. Gulf, S. Atlantic, Caribbean
White Flesh
Taste Similar to Sea Bass
Texture Similar to Swordfish
Rich or Succulent Flavor
High in Omega 3s Given Current Feed Profile
Common names, history, etc.: Black King Fish (Myanmar); Black Kingfish (Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Butterfish), Black Salmon (Cuba, USA), Cabio
(Jamaica), .., Kingfish (Papua New Guinea), Prodigal Son (S Africa, UK), Runner (UK), Sergeant Fish (Cuba, UK, USA)..:
Other common names such as butterfish and other history, etc:.;
Fishing and habitat: Cobia are incidentally caught in fisheries for other pelagic species. These fisheries typically fish in surface waters and have minimal, if
any, impact on habitat. Bycatch:ハCobia are not directly targeted by commercial fishermen and are caught as bycatch themselves in fisheries
for other pelagic species and in shrimp trawls. Source:
Marine Farms Belize
Enlightened Background
Germany - known as offiziersfisch or Officer’s fish1
• A common prefix: “King” fish - What do you Suggest?
• World Record 135 pounds
• Powerful exciting game fish
• Large “tropical” pelagic fish
• Grows in 70 to 90 F water
• Only specie in the family
• Often find with pilot fish/sharks,
rays, turtles
Marine Farms Belize
The Country of Belize
Population 300,000
Coastline 174 Miles long
Barrier Reef greatly protects
coast - 2nd longest in World
Existing aquaculture industry
Proximity to USA market
Cage Site
Marine Farms Belize
Cage Site at Robinson Point
Marine Farms Belize
Environmental Considerations
• Improving Ecological Efficiencies - Self-Sustaining Evolution
– Indigenous species (the only one cultured locally)
– Converting over time from fish to plant based feeds with Omega 3s
– Fish Meal(50:50Waste&Natural - usually Menhaden)
– Feed trials in process to reduce fish meal use
– Working to reduce energy consumption by
• Transporting chilled cobia by water
• Improving monitoring with State-of-the-Art Equipment and
Best Management Practices
Marine Farms Belize
Environmental Considerations, Cont’d
• Environmental Practices in Place
– MFB is implementing a comprehensive monitoring plan developed
from the salmon aquaculture industry
– Compliance - Local: (BAHA) and Federal: FDA, HACCP Authorities
– Thorough Environmental Impact Assessments
– Water quality monitoring program in conjunction with local DOE
– Mud bottom monitored - no coral or marine impact due to:
Low densities
Wide Cage spacing
High quality water
Adequate current
Marine Farms Belize
Environmental Considerations, Cont’d
Predator nets surround each cage
Cages provide shade/protection to wild fish from predators
No antibiotics used since start up but may be required
Analysis shows extremely low/undetectable levels of the
0.290 ppm mercury,
< 2.0 histamine and
undetectable PCB’s
Rated “Good Alternative” by Monterey Bay Aquarium
Marine Farms Belize
What Are Feed Components?
Protein 45%, Fat 15%
Animal Components
Fish Oil
Menhaden (similar to sardines) - common in Gulf and East coast
Fishery product waste
Poultry by-Product meal
Vegetable Components
— Ground extruded whole soybeans, Corn gluten meal,
Brewers dried yeast
Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidant
Marine Farms Belize
Cobia Nutrition
Cobia…is high in riboflavin,
niacin, vitamin B6,magnesium,
and potassium. (USDA)
Cobia is a “Low fat fatty fish containing good fat!”
John Forster, Phd
Marine Farms Belize
Cobia Nutrition Compared to
Wild King Salmon
Serving Size
Total Fat
110 gm
King Salmon2
% Daily
110 gm
3.9 oz
3.9 oz
22 gm
15 gm
8 gm
4 gm
35 gm
94 gm
60 gm
Sat Fat
Trans Fat ,Total Carbs
Dietary Fiber, Sugars
18 gm
Omega Oil
1,880 mg
66 gm
NA (assumed 0)
28 gm
1,700 mg
1Kappa Labs; Fresh test of Marine Farms Belize Cobia Sep 18, 2007
2; 100 gm edible portion cooked dry heat adjusted linearly to 110 gm.
Marine Farms Belize
Distributors in Boston-NE Area
• Steve Connolly
• North Coast
• John Nagle
• Stavis
• Smaller Distributors Buy from Above
Marine Farms Belize
Unsolicited Testimonials
Executive Chef, CEC and Culinary Judge
Harvard Club of Boston
From: "Nick Zakharoff" [email protected]>
Date: January 18, 2008 9:10:35 PM MST
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Cobia Comments
We all tasted the fish today lightly grilled and seasoned
as to not overpower the fish. We all thought it was
excellent, a really great eating fish.
Marine Farms Belize
Chef Marco Ilaria
California Culinary Academy
From: "Marco Ilaria" [email protected]
Date: March 21, 2008 7:56:55 AM MDT
To: "Kellus Sewell" [email protected]
Subject: RE: Cobia Review
Thank you for the fabulous fish, it was fantastic. I served the cobia
to some friends that are in the wine business, and they loved it.I
prepared it by poaching it in olive oil with fresh herbs. I especially
liked the firm texture and sweet flavor. The slow food event will be
taking place in September but if you come back to the area get in
touch with me and perhaps you could do a presentation here at the
Academy.Thanks again, and have fun with fish.
Marine Farms Belize
Chef Damian Martineau, C.E.C. A.A.C.
Former President, Capital Chef!s Association, D.C.
Owner, Damian!s on the River
New Boston, N.H.
From: [email protected]
Subject: Cobia Comments
Date: June 5, 2008 8:05:56 PM MDT
To: [email protected]
Kellus,The fish is fabulous, this is my first time trying it. I gotta tell you it is
wonderful, all the talk about being oily made me think it was going to be
like a blue fish or mackerel but it is so much better. We have some great
ideas brewing for you. Tomorrow we cook and take some pictures for you.
To really develop and expand on the ideas we will need more product but
let!s get the first batch out for you. The size I got is about 8 lbs. I believe is
this the ideal size?
Marine Farms Belize
Applications & Yield from Bullet
Bullet Fillet
Loin Portions
Belly Trim
Bone Trim
Completing data
Ctr of the Plate
K-bobs, Soups
Sauces, Soup, Stock
Penwheels, Appetizers
Soup, Sauces, Stock
Winner of Louisiana 2008 Seafood Cook-Off
Marine Farms Belize
Norwegian Cobia Cuisine
Cold Smoked
Hot Smoked
Confit with Herbs
Herb Baked
Poached in Spiced Milk
Marine Farms Belize
Harvard Club Recipe
Cobia Recipes by
Spencer Streetman
Chef de Cuisine, Boston Room
Nick Zakharoff, Supervising
American Culinary Federation
Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Judge
Executive Chef, Harvard Club of Boston
Poached Cobia, Fresh Thyme Broth
Serves 4
cleaned 6 oz portions of Cobia
quarts court bouillon (flavorful cooking liquid)
sprigs of fresh thyme
teaspoons fish sauce
Heat court bouillon in a medium pot to a simmer and add the portions of Cobia. Cook for
seven to eight minutes or until tender and beginning to flake. Sauce: Remove six ounces of
court bouillon and pour into a small sauté pan on medium heat. Let reduce for three minutes,
add thyme and fish sauce. Season with salt and pepper and serve.
Marine Farms Belize
Chef Damian Martineau’s
Prosciutto Wrapped Cobia with Herbed
Risotto and Spinach with Red Wine
Damian’s On the River
Marine Farms Belize
Damian’s Prosciutto Wrapped Cobia Recipe Cont’d
12 each Prosciutto Slices
24 2oz. Cobia Filet
16 oz. Organic Baby Spinach Leaves
2 cloves Fresh Garlic, minced
1 oz. Butter
4oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil* *(divided use)
! cup Leeks, washed and sliced
1! cups Arborio Rice
1 cup White Wine
2 cups Stock, fish
1 cup Vegetable broth
1 oz. Unsalted Butter
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated fine
2 T. Fresh Herbs (Tarragon, Parsley Chervil, Dill and/or lemon Thyme)
Salt and Pepper- to taste
Marine Farms Belize
Damian’s Prosciutto Wrapped Cobia Recipe Cont’d
Yield: 8 portions
For the Risotto: In a medium size pan size pan sauté the leeks in 1 oz
butter until translucent.
Add 1 oz. olive oil and the rice and sauté until all rice is well coated.
Deglaze pan with wine and stir until liquid is absorbed.
Add vegetable stock and stir until absorbed, then add fish stock in 2 parts
stirring constantly until liquid has been absorbed.
To finish risotto stir in butter and cheese until creamy, add salt and pepper if
needed and then fresh herbs as desired. Hold warm until ready to plate up for
Chefs notes: Fish stock can be replaced with chicken broth or all vegetable
Red wine can be substituted in this recipe.
For the Cobia: Cut prosciutto in strips approximately 1 inch wide. Wrap
each Cobia piece with prosciutto and season lightly with salt and pepper.
In a large pan or griddle, sauté Cobia in hot olive oil until golden brown on all
Sauté spinach in olive oil and garlic. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Marine Farms Belize
Kellus Sewell
Marketing Consultant
970 375 2191 . Durango, Colorado
[email protected]
Belize Ltd.
Owen Stevens
011 501 222 5038
Don Whillans
Bus 954 888 9445
Cell 954 608 0465
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