WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2015 `35 Million Citizens, One Dream

‘35 Million Citizens, One Dream, My Kerala Forever’
……. Prakrithi Samrakshanam……… Ente Darmam
Each year, we observe World Environment Day on June 5 to raise awareness
about environmental issues. More importantly the day signifies a call for action. This
year we wish to make WED different and more importantly significant. We will bring
about a transformational change, where citizens will transform from ordinary citizens
transformation through the year. The department will work through institutions and
organizations and reach out to every citizen and citizen group.
The UN Environment Program theme for this year’s event is: Sustainable
Lifestyles. The topic is powerful and action oriented. On WED 2015 we will encourage
every citizen to take a moment to question how one lives and how one’s actions impact
one’s environment. Each citizen will be asked to evaluate one’s choices: how one
thinks, how one speaks, how one makes choices and how one acts-shops, eats and
travels- and how these in turn have an impact on our environment. Evidence is
building that people are consuming far more natural resources than what the planet
can sustainably provide. Many of the Earth’s ecosystems are nearing critical tipping
points of depletion or irreversible change, pushed by high population growth and
economic development. By 2050, if current consumption and production patterns
remain the same and with a rising population expected to reach 9.6 billion, we will
need three planets to sustain our way of life. Living well within planetary boundaries is
the most promising strategy for ensuring a healthy future.
In our Kerala context the theme for 2015 is how the well-being of the people,
the environment and economies ultimately depends on our choices, on how we live
and the responsible management of the State’s natural resources which in turn is
dependent on the way the citizens live.
Environmental Stewards.
In accordance with Article 51 A (g) of the Constitution of India it is
Fundamental duty of every citizen of India - to protect and improve the natural
environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife, and to have compassion
for all living creatures.
The best strategy to realize our goal -sustainable lifestyles- is to bring about a
transformational change in the way we live -from being passive citizens to being
environment sensitive citizens, from being unaware about our fundamental duties, to
being responsible for carrying out our fundamental duties. For this citizens will have
to undergo a metamorphosis and evolve as Environmental Stewards much like a
caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis to transform into a beautiful butterfly. Our
focus this WED is to facilitate this quantum change. KFD will facilitate the
metamorphosis of citizens as Environmental Stewards.
An Environment Steward is one who wisely, responsibly and carefully utilizes
resources, interacts with, and cares for the environment. An Environment Steward
takes every effort to neutralize the negative impact of actions on the environment.
Environmental stewardship is about wise choices and sustainable practices. An
Environmental Steward is knowledgeable; participatory and a change agent.
An Environment Steward must possess strong character:
Character is a set of qualities, or values, that shape our thoughts, actions,
reactions and feelings. An environmental steward must display the following
Has a strong sense of commitment
Is concerned for the community
Is willing to sacrifice for the cause
Decides wisely
Possess courage in standing up for beliefs
Follows the law
Shows concern for, and respects all
Is good and caring
Shows compassion,
Is honest and fair,
Displays self-discipline in setting and meeting goals,
maintains self-respect
Actions characteristic of an Environmental Steward:
1. An environmental steward questions how one lives and how one’s actions
impact the planet. One’s choices are evaluated: how one thinks, how one
speaks, how one makes choices and how one acts-shops, eats and travels- and
how these in turn have an impact on one’s environment.
2. Lives in harmony with his environment. Lives in accordance with nature’s laws.
Strives to be carbon neutral.
3. As a consumer makes wise environment-friendly choices.
4. Plants and nurtures a variety of trees. Ensures that the fruits are available for
other living creatures too.
5. Keeps the environment clean. Does not litter or throw litter on common
6. Protects, enhances, and creates areas of naturalness.
7. Takes care of primary environment- cares for, reduces, reuses, recycles.
8. Use public places with care and respect- roads, stations, parks.
9. Ensures that rain water percolates into soil. Undertakes rain water harvesting.
10. Utilizes alternative energy sources.
11. Shows compassion to all living creatures.
To keep our Kerala, our home- clean, green and pure- both now and in the future
the KFD will facilitate the coming together of citizens to make this WED meaningful.
KFD will make WED both relevant and real. WED 2015 will herald a movement- a
wave- to facilitate the metamorphosis of ordinary citizens into environmental stewards.
‘35 Million Citizens, One Dream. My Kerala Forever’
Our strategy is to undertake all activities through Institutions and
organizations. Each institution head will be briefed about actions and will lead
transformation in their respective institutions. As undertaken last year the launch will
District administration.
environmental stewards will be under the leadership of the District Collectors with the
Assistant Conservator of Forests (Social Forestry) being the representative of KFD
coordinating and facilitating actions. Implementation, monitoring will be through
respective institution heads who may nominate a nodal officer.
A. Awareness, Creation, Sensitizing: Awareness will be created about Sustainable
Lifestyles and Environmental Stewardship. The department will prepare a set of
posters, video clips, messages etc. to be widely broadcasted. Informative
programmes will be broadcast.
[It is proposed to build up a crescendo- a sense of expectations- beginning 10
days before the event which will continue after the event with intent to make all
citizens aware and to evolve as environmental stewards.
Your date with destiny- June 5, 2015.
When the caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly.
When 35 million people join together, to adopt sustainable lifestylesWhen 35 million people evolve as Environmental Stewards-so that we may have
Kerala Forever.
So that our children may also experience the Kerala we have been fortunate to
The earth belongs to all of us- the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the flora, the
On June 5, 2015 as citizens evolve as environmental stewards we can witness the
butterfly effect as our actions create ripples that spread across our State both in
distance and time.]
B. Greening highlights: Apart from institutional planting this year there will be a
focus on theme planting. We would invite various citizen groups to join efforts.
Motor vehicle owners will be encouraged to offset the carbon generated by the fuel
combustion of their vehicles, land owners will be encouraged to fulfill their
corresponding duty to society for maintaining the ecological services flowing from
the land owned by them, people travelling by air will likewise be encouraged to
offset their carbon footprint.
: 1000 nos in state
: 1400 nos in state
Herbal garden :
: 700 nos in state
Nature Appreciation Centre:
: 50 nos in state
Stream Bank Stabilization :
: 28 Kms in State
Institutional Planting :
: 9.80 lakhs in state
: 20000 in state
12,00,000 lakh approximately
C. Green Card- Under this programme, citizens especially school children will
maintain a Green Card which is a tool that will help them evaluate their lifestyles
and encourage adopting sustainable lifestyles. It will cover primary environment
care- recycling waste, water harvesting, reducing power consumption, and
responsible behavior in public places. Students will be encouraged to evolve as
Environmental Stewards.
Informative material, posters, worksheets will be
developed and made available to each school. Suitable programme broadcast over
Victor Channel.
D. River Keepers:
As part of a Citizen Connect Programme citizen groups will be designated as
River Keepers. Department will identify the concerned citizen groups / colleges/
schools who will be designated as river keepers. The river keepers will alert the
department in case of pollution and will create awareness among citizens residing
along the riverside.
E. Vehicle owners:
Carbon Offset: Every vehicle owner will be encouraged to offset the carbon
generated from the vehicles used by them. To begin with each vehicle owner will
plant at least one tree in case of a two wheeler and two trees in case of a four
wheeler. In addition they will be sensitized to check pollution as mandated and to
drive decently and smoothly. Vehicle owners will be sensitized on using low decibel
horns, less glaring lights and to avoid using horns. June 5, 2015 will be a No Horn
Day. We will strive to make every day a No Horn Day thereafter.
Vehicle owners will be encouraged to get an Environmental Stewardship sticker.
Oil companies will be requested to plant at least 10,000 trees.
E. Seminar
Sustainable lifestyles – A seminar for all stakeholders will be conducted by the
Department in the above topic with a view to provide citizens available approaches
for adopting sustainable lifestyle.
F. Cycle rally will be conducted in Thiruvananthapuram city.
A cycle rally with 101 participants will be flagged off in Thiruvananthapuram city.
The rally will spread the message of conservation.
“No Horn Day” will be observed in June 5
To be ascertained from Agriculture department.
1. The thrust of WED would be KFD in partnership with related government
departments efforts to enable citizens to evolve as Environmental Stewards.
2. A Brand Ambassador for the desired change will drive the transformational
change required of citizens.
3. Actions through Institutions, Institutions to monitor.
4. Maximum institutions to be made partners.
5. A State launch where people from all walks come together- Cinema, sports,
culture, education, industry, religion, voluntary organizations.
6. State Launch of Greening efforts at St. Mary’s School Thiruvananthapuram.
7. Herbal planting launch at Secretariat
8. Each district will have a District Launch as done last year.
9. In each district a celebrity will be designated to take part in the event.
10. In the District as done in last year the District Collector will be the point of
focus and an Hon’ble Minister designated for each district.
11. The launch of the Environmental Stewardship Programme will be on June
10, 2015.
12. All forums of media will be utilized for creating awareness.
13. All institutions will be mobilized; NCC, NSS, Kudumbasree, major religious
institutions, youth organization, resident association, LSG’s, NGO’s etc.
14. The programme shall culminate with Magician Muthukad’s magic show.
15. Each month there will be a focus activity.
16. Community participative programmes will be organized one day each month.
Our Mother Earth is the source of all life, whether it be plants, the two-legged,
four-legged, winged ones or human beings. The Mother Earth is the greatest
teacher, if we listen, observe and respect her. When we live in harmony with the
Mother Earth, she will recycle the things we consume and make them available to
our children. As an Indian man, I must teach my children how to care for the
Earth so it is there for the future generations.
So from now on, I realize the Earth is our Mother. I will treat her with honor
and respect.
I will honor the interconnectedness of all things and all forms of life.
I will realize the Earth does not belong to us, but that we belong to the Earth.
The natural law is the ultimate authority upon the lands and water. I will learn
the knowledge and wisdom of the natural laws. I will pass this knowledge on to my
The Mother Earth is a living entity that maintains life. I will speak out in a good
way whenever I see someone abusing the Earth. Just as I would protect my own
mother, so I will protect the Earth. I will ensure that the land, water, and air will
be intact for my children and for my children's children-the unborn.
Sd/Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
Social Forestry, Thiruvananthapuram