(Sem.-5th) Computer Networks-II Sub Code BTCS

Total No. of Pages: 01
Total No. of Questions: 09
Time: 3 Hrs.
Max. Marks: 60
Section -A
Differentiate between LAN, MAN, WAN.
What is the difference between baseband and broadband mode of digital communication?
Can a LAN have routers? Justify.
What is RARP?
What is the purpose of MIME?
What is the difference between logical and physical ports?
What is the difference between bit rate and baud rate?
Compare flow control and congestion control
What is Boot?
What is the purpose of subnet mask?
Section -B
What is ARP? How can device recognize that an incoming packet is an ARP request?
List the different routing algorithms? Explain the effect of super netting on routing?
Q. 5.
Write a short note on congestion
ICANN assigned a block of addresses starting with to an ISP. Now how can we
divide these into first group of 50 customers where each need 256 addresses and second group of
customers where each need 32 addresses.
between circuit switching, message switching, packet switching and virtual circuit
control techniques.
Section -C
Q. 7.
What is distance vector routing protocol? Explain it by using the example networks. Compare its
use for broadcast and multicast routing.
Q. 8.
(a) Explain the UDP packet header and its different fields.
(b) What is the purpose ofRTP, RTCP, and RSVP? Explain these transport layer protocols.
(a) What are peer to peer networks? Explain the different routing issues in peer to peer networks.
(b) What is the purpose of SNMP? Explain it in detail.
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