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Terms of Reference: Development of a joint concept note for Oxfam Novib and Saferworld on peace
building through linking formal and informal justice
Oxfam Novib (ON) and Saferworld (SW) have been working in partnership for over a year, currently focusing
on a specific project being implemented in Somalia, but aim to broaden this initial experience to other contexts.
In addition to the existing partnership between ON and SW in Somalia; there has been an understanding that
Oxfam Novib and Saferworld should develop more concrete and effective global partnership particularly in the
areas but not limited to exchange on mapping and research, using research as tool to impact advocacy, capacity
building, and joint institutional fundraising.
Keeping in view that ON has been actively working on conflict transformation in Pakistan and Saferworld is
expanding its programming; both Oxfam and Saferworld have established that Pakistan provides a relevant
possibility for potential partnership between ON and SW. Based on an initial set of consultations between the
two organizations in Pakistan, it was concluded that a full proposal would be developed for a joint project with
the following 2 priorities:
1.1 Research into the roles and responsibilities of formal and informal justice systems: understanding how
Jirgas, panchayats and Maraka etc informal structures are established and how do they provide justice/
decisions to issues. It will also help in understanding the power dynamics around the informal justice
system, gaps in the formal justice system and the way forward based on lessons from the past.
1.2 Advocacy around their roles and responsibilities based on the evidence and recommendations of the
research component: A lack of clarity leads to confusion and sometimes conflict between formal and
informal justice providers. Through this process, opportunities to strengthen collaboration and build
linkages will also be identified. This will include dialogues on roles and responsibilities and the production
of a ‘common principles’ document. Potentially, this could include advocacy work to influence policy and
legislation dealing with the functioning of informal justice providers and their links to the formal system
(including processes for appeal)
Objective of the consultancy assignment:
The objective of the assignment is to develop a high quality concept note with buy-in from both organizations
for fundraising.
Specifically, the consultant should:
Review at the strategic document(s) and project documentation and undertake some limited desk research on
relevant key issues in Pakistan:
 Conduct meetings with ON and Saferworld Pakistan teams and remote consultations with ON and
Saferworld HQ, if needed to further understand the nature of the programme
 Ensure inputs are solicited and considered from both organizations in this partnership, equal
participation is aimed to ensure a sense of ownership of the final product by both ON and SW in
 Conduct a stakeholder mapping and conduct consultations with key stakeholders identified to ensure
inclusivity and contextual relevance of the concept note (local, provincial and national level)
 Review and analyse secondary data/ information
 Suggest on concrete recommendations for the baseline
One high quality concept note with maximum of 10 pages including one page of executive summary.
The concept note must clearly outline project background, rationale or justification, theory of change,
proposed methodology/approach, proposed geographical coverage and recommendations for baseline
Complete all main sections of the concept note, including: Executive Summary; Project
Narrative/Methodology; proposed geographical coverage and rationale; Sustainability; Logframe and
Monitoring & Evaluation.
Annex-A a high quality and clearly written logframe – DFID logframe matrix highly preferred
Annex-B – proposed budget estimates
Annex-C Gantt chart – calendar of activities
The total number of days allocated for the consultancy is 15 working days with an anticipated start date of 25th
May, 2015. Description of the task and number of days are elaborated in the table below:
Description of tasks
Meeting with Consultant, discuss work
plan and sign agreement; Consultant
starts desk work
Brain storming meetings/discussions with
ON and SW in order to develop outline
of the concept note
Desk study, literature review and research
# of days
ON, SW and Consultant
Consultant, ON and SW
Actors and stakeholders mapping (desk
Field work –visit to selected locations,
meeting with partners, local CSOs, and
justice providers both informal and
Submission of first draft to ON and SW
including the logframe, budget estimates,
and Gantt chart
ON and SW to send feedback and input
on the first draft
Consultant, ON and SW
ON and SW within 4-5 days’
Incorporate input and feedback from On
and SW prepare 2nd draft and submit to
ON and SW
ON and SW to send comments and input
on the 2nd draft concept note
Incorporate input and feedback from ON
and SW and submit final document
including all annexes
Total number of days spent by Consultant
ON and SW within 2 days
Applicants are required to submit an indicative budget as part of their application (refer to Application
Procedure outlined below).
Consultant’s competencies:
Candidates are expected to meet the following person specification:
Essential skills:
 Strong academic background – Masters in Social, Business and Administrative Science, PhD preferred.
 Demonstrated experience and expertise on formal justice, informal justice and their interactions and
complementarities in Pakistan
Thorough understanding of relevant legislation regarding the roles and responsibilities of formal and
informal justice sector at provincial as well as federal level in Pakistan
Proven experience of writing proposals;
Good knowledge of conflict transformation programming
Strong analytical skills
Excellent written English skills;
Sound knowledge of the context in Pakistan.
Urdu language skills highly desirable
Oxfam Novib invites individuals or teams with the required skills and experience to submit the following to
Address: HR Coordinator, Oxfam Novib Country Office Pakistan
House No. 27, Service Road (East), Sector G-11/3, Islamabad.
 An expression of interest in the form of a letter (1-2 pages) outlining their relevant skills, previous
experience, and interest;
 A curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages);
 An indicative budget (0.5 page) detailing daily rates and the expected level of effort. Rates should be in
Pak rupees and inclusive of tax and any anticipated expenses.
The closing date for applications is 21, May 2015.