quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty.

2014 Annual Report
October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014
quality in nature
with the pretty.
Our ability to perceive
begins, as in art,
It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to
values as yet uncaptured by language.
- Aldo Leopold
There must be some force behind conservation,
Fred Staehr, President
Rod Moorhead, First Vice President
Jake Ankeny, Second Vice President
Scott Pierson, Secretary
Jacqueline Erdman, Treasurer
Bill Adams
Jill Baldauf
Tania Evans
Tom Evans
Ann Frame
Pete Lawton
Mandy Mahoney
Jeff Milton
Karen Parent
Bob Peters
Joel Revill
Jason Snider
Jennifer Sparks
Robert Strawbridge, III
Anna Sullivan
Ken Taylor
John Vogelstein
more universal than profit, less awkward than government,
less ephemeral than sport, something that reaches into all times and places where men live on land, something that brackets
everything from rivers to raindrops, from whales to hummingbirds, from land-estates to window boxes.
I can see only one such force:
a respect for land as an organism;
a voluntary decency in land-use exercised by every citizen and every land-owner out of a sense of love for and obligation
to that great biota we call America. This is the meaning of conservation, and this is the task of conservation education. –
- Aldo Leopold
We are often asked, and ask ourselves, why people are inspired to conserve land. Our community of landowners, supporters, volunteers, artists, Open
Space Council, board, and staff give their time, energy, resources, talent, and dedication to this cause, year after year, acre after acre. Recently, we came
across quotes by Aldo Leopold – one of the founders of America’s conservation movement – and discovered many possible answers to this question.
The passage above, from one of Leopold’s final lectures, struck a special chord with us here at the Jackson Hole Land Trust, because the concept of a
voluntary motivation for conservation, inspired by a sense of love and respect for the land, resonates with how we strive to work in our community.
Our Annual Report shows this motivation for conservation in action, expressed through the many individuals that contribute to our work, and translated
into results. The 2014 fiscal year – October 1st, 2013 through September 30th, 2014 – was an incredibly active and successful year, with the pace and scope
of our efforts matching a big vision for land conservation embodied by our Forever Our Valley campaign. We conserved 6 new properties on 303 acres,
including the first phase of the East Gros Ventre Butte project, an ambitious effort to protect pristine sage grouse habitat and scenic views right outside
the Town of Jackson – and laid the groundwork for exciting new projects in the 2015 fiscal year. Through our stewardship program, we made face-to-face
contact with conservation landowners and ranch managers to monitor the health of protected lands and respond to any land use questions or issues.
We shared our successes, and their impact, with thousands of community members through events, communications, and the View22 Project. We grew
our annual fund to support these efforts as well as build capacity for the future.
Bill Ashley
Vince Lee
Gil Ordway
Allan Tessler
Mike Wardell
Leopold also wrote, “There are two things that interest me: the relationship of people to each other, and the relationship of people to the land.” We
have found these relationships to be central to why each of us as individuals, each with our own personal connections, stories, and motivations, have
found meaning in the Land Trust’s mission to protect the open spaces of Jackson Hole. We hope that the Aldo Leopold quotes shared in the pages of this
annual report will strike a chord with you, reaffirming the sense of love and respect for the land that inspires your passion for conservation – and for
keeping Jackson Hole Forever Our Valley.
Flo McCall
Jackson Hole Land Trust | P.O. Box 2897 | 185 East Hansen | Jackson, Wyoming 83001 | 307.733.4707 | [email protected]
Wind River Program of the Jackson Hole Land Trust | P.O. Box 1779 | Dubois, Wyoming 82513 | 307.455.3766
Thomas D. Mangelsen
Laurie AndrewsFred Staehr
Executive DirectorBoard President
The Jackson Hole Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization that was established in 1980 to preserve open space and the critical wildlife
habitat, magnificent scenic vistas, and historic ranching heritage of Jackson Hole. By working cooperatively with the owners of the area’s
privately owned open lands, the Jackson Hole Land Trust has ensured the permanent protection of over 24,000 acres in and around Jackson
Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Area. For more information please visit www.jhlandtrust.org.
Laurie Andrews, Executive Director
Pam Case, Development Officer
Greer Freed, Major Gifts Officer
Steffan Freeman, Land Steward
Liz Long, Director of Conservation
Holly McKoy, Office Manager
Laine Potter, Conservation Associate
Derek Schaefer, Chief Financial Officer
Tom Segerstrom, Land Steward & Staff Biologist
Leslie Steen, Communications Manager
Ellen Vanuga, Wind River Program Director
Jenny Wolfrom, Director of Development
& Communications
Spring Creek Ranch by Kathryn Turner, View22 Project
Forever Our Valley:
A Land Ethic in Action
That land is a community is the basic concept of ecology,
but that
land is to be loved and respected
is an extension of ethics. That lands yields a cultural
harvest is a fact long known, but often forgotten.
Since the campaign’s inception, several exciting opportunities to protect high-quality
open space in Jackson Hole have emerged and we have been successful in
protecting these significant properties through funds raised by the Forever
Our Valley campaign. The land protection portion of the River Springs –
Rendezvous Park Project was the first such opportunity, followed by the first
phase of the East Gros Ventre Butte Project, a landscape-scale effort to protect
wildlife habitat and scenic views (described to the right). We continue to partner
with landowners in Jackson and are cultivating several visionary projects
which will protect additional wildlife habitat on East Gros Ventre Butte as
well as iconic ranchlands.
While in the initial leadership phase of the campaign, our devoted Campaign
Committee, board, and staff have been successful in securing generous
commitments from a growing group of dedicated supporters that recognize the
opportunity and importance of conserving these open spaces. Hearing what
motivates and inspires these individuals, we are humbled by their generosity
and vision which demonstrates the land ethic in action – a commitment to the
land that yields an ecological and cultural harvest for the wildlife and people
of Jackson Hole.
We have accomplished significant milestones for the campaign, but have much
more to accomplish. We invite you to join us in our campaign to ensure that this
will be Forever Our Valley.
For more information about the Forever Our Valley campaign,
please contact Laurie Andrews.
The following donors have committed
leadership funds or pledges to the
Forever Our Valley Capital Campaign
Protection Fund.
East Gros Ventre Butte
The East Gros Ventre Butte Project exemplifies the vision of the Forever Our Valley campaign.
With an overall goal of permanently protecting over 350 acres on the east face of the butte,
this landscape-scale, multi-phase project has required – and inspired – thoughtful strategy,
partnerships, campaign contributions, and willing landowners. Timing, resources, and
resolve have proven to be key to the project’s success to date.
The project seeks to conserve important wildlife habitat and scenic vistas on the pristine open
spaces of East Gros Ventre Butte – a prominent and familiar-to-the-eye landform located
just north of the Town of Jackson along Highway 26/89/191, adjacent to the National Elk
Refuge, Grand Teton National Park, and Spring Gulch, and above the National Museum
of Wildlife Art. A central wildlife migration corridor for the Jackson Hole area, it includes
sage grouse core area, crucial mule deer habitat, and habitat for moose, bighorn sheep,
songbirds, raptors, and many other wildlife species.
Completed in November 2013, the 181-acre first phase of the project eliminated 5 homesites
and associated access roads, and extinguished all residential, industrial, and commercial
development rights. This phase was made possible through significant support from the
Pike H. Sullivan, Jr. Revocable Living Trust, the Meg and Bert Raynes Family Trust, several
anonymous campaign donors, grant funding from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural
Resource Trust, The Conservation Fund’s Wyoming Sage Grouse Conservation Campaign,
and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and a neighbor that is the new landowner
of the property.
We are grateful to the generous campaign donors that have brought the East Gros Ventre
Butte Project – grand in scale, complex in detail, and timely in priority – within reach. With
the groundwork for future phases in place, we will continue to work toward aligning
resources and timing to secure these additional easements for the sake of native wildlife
and treasured scenic views.
David Stubbs
In 2011, with the cost of property and the demand for development rising rapidly
in Teton County, the Jackson Hole Land Trust developed a strategy to increase
our preparedness to identify and execute high priority land protection
projects quickly and efficiently. Diligent research and feedback from the
Jackson community strongly suggested that conserving the character-defining
lands of Jackson Hole would continue to be a priority for residents of and
visitors to the valley. Responding to the passion and support for the protection
of these lands, the Land Trust began laying the groundwork for our Forever Our
Valley campaign. The goal of this campaign is to generate necessary resources
that are critical for proactively seeking out and quickly negotiating meaningful
conservation deals in priority areas that align with our mission to preserve the
wildlife habitat, iconic scenic viewsheds, and historic ranching heritage of Jackson.
In addition, the campaign seeks to establish a Forever Fund which will allow the
organization to honor our commitment to steward the acres protected by this
campaign and ensure that the conservation values of the land are upheld forever.
Bill and Barbara Adams
Jake and Dana Ankeny
Anonymous (2)
Jill Baldauf and Steve Grossman
Edward G. and Ann Frame Beddow
Frank and Ranlet Bell
through The Legatus Foundation
Dennis and Carol Berryman
Tony and Linda Brooks
through The Brooks Foundation
William and Judy Cox
Rod and Verena Cushman through
the R & V Cushman Fund of the
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Shelby and Gale Davis
through the S&G Foundation
Steven Denning and Roberta Bowman through The Sage Foundation
David and Nancy Donovan
through the Donovan Family Foundation
Jaqueline and Christian P. Erdman
Tom and Tania Evans
William and Sarah Farish
through The William Stamps Farish Fund
Jim and Astrid Flood
Peter and Betsy Forster
through The Forster Family Foundation
Stephen and Barbara Friedman
through the Friedman Family Foundation
Gilbert Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Norm and Carole Hofley
Worthy and Maria Johnson
through The JWJ Family Foundation, Inc
The Craig W. Johnson Trust
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Allen and Kathy Lauer
Pete and Christy Lawton
LOR Foundation
George and Mandy Mahoney
John and Adrienne Mars
Mike and Carol Marshall
Holly McAllister-Swett
Rod and Alice Moorhead
John and Bobbie Nau
through The Nau Foundation
Will and Julie Obering
Gil and Marge Ordway
through The G.O. Forward Charitable Trust
EMWIGA Foundation
Gregory and Cynthia Page
Scott and Lisa Pierson
David and Ellen Raisbeck
Bert Raynes
through the Meg and Bert Raynes Family Trust
Joel and Kristin Revill
Garnett and Bitsy Smith
Jason and Melissa Snider
Jarad* and Stephanie Spackman
Jeanie and Fred Staehr
Robert Strawbridge, III
Pike H. Sullivan, Jr. Revocable Trust Fund
Steve and Anna Sullivan
Hannah Swett and Mark Brookes
Ken and Caroline Taylor
through the Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation
The Conservation Fund
Everett Trout
John and Barbara Vogelstein
through the John and Barbara Vogelstein Foundation
Wallace Genetic Foundation
*We are honored to recognize support from donors who are no longer with us, but have
made a permanent impact through their vision and generosity.
Land Protection
Wind River Program
Our land protection program is focused on the 20,000 acres of character-defining open spaces
currently unprotected in Teton County as well as in the Wind River Program area. Working
together with landowners and partners, we use a quiver of strategies tailored to each property
to place new conservation easements on these lands. In fiscal year 2014, we conserved 6 new
properties totaling 303 acres. In addition, we accepted three transferred easements in Teton and
Sublette counties totaling 496 acres.
The Wind River Program of the Jackson Hole Land Trust was created in response to
growing interest in the expansion of our work into the Wyoming portion of the Greater
Yellowstone. With an office in Dubois, WY, the program seeks to protect the extraordinary
conservation values of the Wind River Valley and other parts of Fremont County – areas
known to be important wintering grounds for wildlife from an extensive portion of
western Wyoming, including mule deer and pronghorn antelope from Jackson Hole.
Looking ahead to fiscal year 2015, we are working on over 12 active protection projects representing
900 acres in Teton County and 3,100 acres in the Wind River Program area. As of the end of the 2014
calendar year, 5 of these projects have already been completed, including the landmark Munger
Mountain Corridor Project, 3 new easements on properties in the Snake River riparian corridor, and
a new easement along the Wind River at the base of the Dubois Badlands.
Since its inception in 2007, the Wind River Program has relied on a model for conservation
projects that leverages funds from public and private sources. In recent years,
opportunities for projects with private landowners that wish to donate conservation
easements on their land have also emerged. Wind River Program Director Ellen
Vanuga credits this to a deep-rooted land ethic and connection to the land that
is part of the history of landscape and community in the Dubois area – one that
she highlighted in a feature article entitled “Defining Our Landscape”, published
in the May 2014 Centennial Edition of the Dubois Frontier.
Bar B Bar Ranch 1A
In July of 2014, the Land Trust accepted an
easement on a 37-acre property in the Bar B
Bar Ranch subdivision as part of a Planned
Residential Development transaction with
Teton County. The property is located on the
west side of the Bar B Bar Ranch along the
Snake River, adjacent to other Land Trust
easements in the area, and is visible to river
recreationalists floating from Grand Teton
National Park. As part of the Snake River
riparian corridor, it supports habitat for a
diversity of wildlife including cutthroat trout,
boreal toads, migratory birds, trumpeter swans,
and bald eagles. It is important seasonal habitat
for elk, moose, and mule deer – with 500 to 600
head of elk mating or staging on or around the
property each fall.
Jansen Gunderson
Skyline Ranch 4-3
Jonathan Selkowitz
Flat Creek Corridor Phase IV
The fourth and final phase of the Flat Creek
Corridor Protection Project, a multi-year
collaboration with the Town of Jackson to
protect land on the northwestern side of
Snow King Mountain, was completed in
November 2013. Through the project, 38 acres
of Town-owned property are protected by
conservation easements that eliminate
residential development and subdivision
while allowing public recreation and pathway
access. The project area provides important
wildlife and riparian habitat for mule deer,
moose, cutthroat trout, beavers, red fox, black
bears, songbirds, and raptors. It also provides
access to Russ Garaman Park and a well-loved
network of trails, including Josie’s Ridge
and Sink or Swim, that are regularly used by
mountain bikers, hikers and runners.
In May of 2014, a 3.25 acre lot in the Skyline Ranch
subdivision was bequeathed to the Land Trust.
A new conservation easement extinguishing
development rights and protecting natural and
scenic conservation values was placed on the
property, which was subsequently sold to an
adjoining Skyline Ranch neighbor. The property
is surrounded by protected open spaces on all
sides, including the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s
Indian Springs Ranch conservation easement
and The Nature Conservancy’s Skyline and
Crane Creek Ranch easements. Highly visible
on the Skyline Ridge hillside from Highway
22, just south of the recognizable “notch”, it
is part of an ecological transition zone linking
meadows and wetlands to the east and Snake
River cottonwood forests to the west.
Leine Stikkel
Sledrunner SW
A 40-acre property in the Hoback Ranches – a
rural subdivision outside of Bondurant, WY
that represents a narrow corridor of private
land between Bridger-Teton National Forest
and Bureau of Land Management lands – was
protected in December 2013. Its diverse mix of
vegetation, including wetlands, open meadows,
sagebrush grasslands, and mixed hardwood
and conifer forests, provides habitat for elk,
moose, mule deer, and raptors. The easement
on the property was donated by Glenn Paulson
and Linda Cooper. Located near several other
Jackson Hole Land Trust-protected parcels in
the Hoback Ranches, it helps to secure ecological
connectivity between adjacent public lands.
A pristine 38-acre property bordered by Grand
Teton National Park to the northwest was
protected in September 2014 by a donated
easement that eliminates all development
rights – essentially creating a preserve for
fish and wildlife in the ecologically-rich Snake
River riparian corridor. The channels and
wetlands of the Snake River form a mosaic
over the property free from the man-made
influence of levees and irrigation diversions,
supporting Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat
trout and sensitive species such as spotted
frogs and boreal toads. The area is a key mating,
staging, parturition, and migration area for
elk that winter on the National Elk Refuge,
and also provides important habitat for
migratory songbirds, mule deer, moose, and
large carnivores.
The East Gros Ventre Butte Phase 1 property is
described on the previous page.
Land, then, is not merely soil;
fountain of energy
it is a
flowing through a circuit of
soils, plants, and animals.
Byrd Draw, by Stephen Jay Lunsford
One such project, initiated in FY14, protects critical winter habitat for bighorn
sheep, mule deer, and antelope along the Wind River at the base of the Dubois
Badlands. Completed in the early part of FY15, the project is evidence of the potential
for landowner-motivated conservation in Wind River country.
Grand Teton
National Park
National Forest
Sublette County
Gros Ventre
Buffalo Valley Rd
State of WY
Elk Refuge
JHLT 2014
Protected Properties
Sledrunner SW | 40 acres
Protected since December 2013
Open Space • Wildlife • Scenic
Forest Service
JHLT Protected
Grand Teton
National Park
Fremont County
Flat Creek Corridor Phase IV | 4 acres
Protected since November 2013
Open Space • Wildlife • Scenic • Public Access
East Gros Ventre Butte Phase I | 181 acres
Protected since November 2013
Open Space • Wildlife • Scenic
Bar B Bar Ranch 1A | 37 acres
Protected since July 2014
Open Space • Wildlife • Scenic
ZZYZX | 38 acres
Protected since September 2014
Open Space • Wildlife • Scenic
Where We Work
Buffalo Valley
Elk Refuge
National Forest
is a useless waste; to others,
a blank place on the map
the most valuable part.
Skyline Ranch 4-3 | 3 acres
Protected since May 2014
Open Space • Wildlife • Scenic
ll Cr
N Fa
g Gu
To those devoid of imagination
South Park Loop Rd
Stay connected with us the whole year long by joining our
email list at jhlandtrust.org and following us on Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter at JHLandTrust.
Like Aldo Leopold, we recognize the great service to conservation made by our landowner partners. They are the daily
stewards of protected open spaces that maintain the conservation values of their land for the benefit of the wildlife
and people of northwestern Wyoming. Leopold put stock in the land ethic of those that live on the land, noting in his
1939 essay, The Farmer as a Conservationist, that “the landscape of any farm is the owner’s portrait of himself”, and
“when land does well for its owner, and the owner does well by his land; when both end up better by reason of their
partnership, we have conservation.”
Our stewardship staff and board-based Stewardship Committee are the primary interface with this active, reciprocal
conservation, observed and renewed each year through our annual monitoring program and other points of contact.
The annual visit with landowners and ranch managers is a chance to walk the land together, observe and record natural
or human-made changes, discuss interesting wildlife observations, consider stewardship matters, and build upon longterm relationships. In 2014, stewardship staff, board members, and Open Space Council members visited each protected
property, monitoring 208 easement areas and interacting with 125 landowner contacts. We also sought to model good
stewardship on the Land Trust’s fee simple lands, much of which are leased to working ranches.
Bob Peters
to practice it on one’s own land?
Jansen Gunderson
1. In its second year, the artists of the View22: Painting Jackson
Hole’s Open Spaces Project raised awareness and appreciation for
the wildlife, scenic, and community benefits of land conservation
through plein air painting demos, an interactive online blog,
and a fundraising art show. Kay Northup, Lee Riddell, and Travis
Walker joined returning artists Jennifer Hoffman, Bill Sawczuk,
and Kathryn Turner to paint 17 Land Trust protected properties.
Our communications strategies and outreach initiatives reach thousands of Land Trust supporters and community members each year, in person and online. By connecting people with the impact
and meaning of our work, we hope to inspire a literacy for protecting, stewarding, and relating to the land.
Red Rock Ranch by Kay Northup, View22 Project
“Conservation... is keeping the resource in working order, as well as preventing over-use. Resources may get out of order
before they are exhausted, sometimes while they are still abundant. Conservation, therefore, is a positive exercise
of skill and insight, not merely a negative exercise of abstinence or caution,” Leopold also observed. In addition to
annual monitoring, our stewardship team is tasked with responding to an increased frequency of inquiries and requests
for project approvals related to land use changes. The Land Trust’s priority is to evaluate project proposals from a legal
perspective – carefully interpreting the easement language and anticipating how proposed changes align with the scenic,
wildlife, community, and ranching values of the property – often a thoughtful exercise of skill, insight, and communication.
The relationships cultivated over time with landowners serve as a valuable backdrop to these communications and are
the past, present, and future of our stewardship program.
What more substantial service to conservation
Communications and Outreach
2. Our Open Space Council members serve as ambassadors of
the Land Trust’s work, creating deeper outreach and engagement
within the community. We welcomed 9 new members to the
Council, with an emphasis on representation from young
professionals in the community. Council members assisted
with monitoring visits, attended events, and identified new
opportunities for outreach.
JenTen Productions
Mack Mendenhall
3. Throughout the year, our projects, initiatives, and events
including the East Gros Ventre Butte Project, View22 Project,
TravelStorysGPS Smartphone App, JHLT Annual Picnic, Skyline
Ranch 4-3 Project, and Centennial Events received visibility
and attention in local, regional, and national newspapers and
4. We continued to grow our online communications, with
news, information, and inspiration shared through our website
and emails. We increased our social media presence and
engagement on the JH Land Trust and View22 Facebook and
Instagram pages and participated in our first #GivingTuesday
social media campaign.
Our Park by Jennifer L. Hoffman, View22 Project
David Swift
5. We connected with over 4,000 community members by
hosting or participating in events including the View22
reception and painting demos, open houses, Ecofair, Teton
Food Tour, and Old Bill’s Fun Run. We celebrated the Town of
Jackson’s Centennial through the Barn Bash screening of JenTen
Production’s film, A Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight: The Moseley/
Hardeman Barn.
6. Our 34th Annual Picnic, hosted by the Oliver family at the 4
Lazy F Ranch, was attended by over 600 community members
on a beautiful August afternoon. Guests enjoyed music by Jess
Camilla O’Neal and the Neversweat Players, View22 painting
demos, a flighted raptor demo, and a speaking program
honoring Bert Raynes for his many contributions to the
valley’s wildlife.
land as a community to which we belong,
7. TravelStorysGPS v2.0 was released in the fall, with a new
and intuitively easy interface and several new tours in and
around Jackson Hole and Wyoming. The Land Trust’s Highway
22 Tour was completely reimagined for version 2.0 of the app,
with new and updated stories and photos.
8. In 2011, the Land Trust played a leading role in securing and
acquiring the land for Rendezvous “R” Park – and has been
involved as a conservation partner since then. In September,
we joined over 1,000 community members, partners, and
View22 artists at the R Park and Snake River Bridge Opening
Celebration to herald the opening of these highly-anticipated
community amenities.
When we see
we may begin to use it with love and respect.
GUARDIAN $50,000 and up
Leslie and Chris Johnson
Ari Rifkin
CONSERVER $25,000 - $49,999
Steven Denning and
Roberta Bowman
John and Adrienne Mars
Rod and Alice Moorhead
Gil and Marge Ordway
John and Barbara Vogelstein
STEWARD $10,000 - $24,999
Dennis and Carol Berryman
Michael and Dede Brooks
Martin Brown, Sr., Martin Brown , Jr.,
Susannah Scott-Barnes,
Nina deClercq and Eliza M Brown
Eric Harslem, Kate Harslem,
and Rani Clasquin
John Deuss
David and Nancy Donovan
Tom and Tania Evans
Robert and Caryn Glickman
Janet Hoglund
Steve and K.C. Lauck
Allen and Kathy Lauer
Holly McAllister-Swett
Tom and Elisabeth Niedermeyer
Gregory and Cynthia Page
Julian and Anita Saul
Mary Alice Huemoeller
and Michael Sellett
Mark Stein and Carol Baker
Robert Strawbridge, III
Ken and Caroline Taylor
William and Teresa Waterman
Michael Wehrle
Nick and Whiteley Wheeler
Pat Wilson
BENEFACTOR $5,000 - $9,999
Bill and Barbara Adams
Joseph Albracht and Patti Stancarone
Edward Beddow
Ann Frame Beddow
Gary and Teresa Binning
Jeff Bland and Jane Mitchell
Tony and Linda Brooks
Yvon Chouinard
Peter and Betsy Chung
Kirk and Peggy Davenport
Christian and Jacqueline Erdman
Mark and Marcie Feldman
Jim and Astrid Flood
Stephen and Barbara Friedman
Bob and Colleen Grady
Benjamin and Wendy Griswold
Ed and Marne Holstein
Jim and Maggie Hunt
Michael and Joyce Konrad
George and Joan Lammers
Brad and Kate Mead
Vern and Jenny Nagel
Jim and Glennis Nokes
Robert and Allison Price
Bob and Laura Reynolds
Joe and Marlene Ricketts
Marlin Risinger and Lori Fields
Birdie Rossetter
Garnett and Bitsy Smith
Orin and Janet Smith
Jim and Judy Stacke
Glenn and Mindy Stearns
Charlotte Stifel
Christopher and Natasha Swann
Carol Tolan
Kathryn Turner
SPONSOR $2,500 - $4,999
Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel
Robert Anslow and Marina Marrelli
Andrew and Mary Armour
Governor Phil Bredesen
and Andrea Conte
Howell and Ann Breedlove
David and Lisa Carlin
Joe and Susan Davenport
Gary Finkel
Peter and Betsy Forster
Cap and Carroll Haney
Tanya and Michael Heathman
Bobby and Renee Holik
A.C. and Penney Hubbard
Jay and Karen Kemmerer
Rene and Marie-France Kern
Ann and Morris Kinne
Andrew and Nancy Kleeger
Jack and Kay Krouskup
Gerald and Ruth Laubach
David and Cathy Loevner
Neal Manne and Nancy McGregor
Clay W. Moorhead
Peter and Susan Ordway
Erika Pearsall and Edgar Jannotta
Perk Perkins
Bert and Therese Romberg
Ben and Ann Ruehr
Bill and Joyce Sawczuk
Nelson and Jane Schwab
Joel Spiegel and Karen Van Dusen
Jeanie and Fred Staehr
Andrew and Elizabeth Stepanian
Kelly and Nancy Stirn
Phelps and Pam Swift
Tom and Linda Tebben
Walter Thieme
Michael and Sasha Zolik
Advocate $1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (2)
Jean Anderson and Pete Wales
Clayton Andrews
Louis Appignani and Laurie Pallot
Ben and Susan Bailey
Burke and Carole Baker
Daniel and Patricia Baker
Jill Baldauf and Steve Grossman
Kenneth and Cathy Ballard
Randy and Debbie Barker
Frank and Ranlet Bell
Joseph and Gainor Bennett
Bill and Martha Best
Joan and Macon Brock
Kay Bruno
Nancy Bull
Ken and Mary Burdin
Coleman and Susan Burke
Leon and Abby Campbell
John and Susan Campbell
John and Eleanore Carifa
The Honorable Vice President
and Mrs. Richard Cheney, Jr.
Malinda Pennoyer Chouinard
Rich and Chris Coad
Dean and Dietlinde Coleman
Ferdinand and Susanna
Dave and Eunice Conine
Larry and Kathe Crane
Tali Crozer
Louis and Christy Cushman
Charles and Jan Davis
Doug and Michele Dillard
Ted and Addie Donnan
Glenn and Karen Doshay
Rosser and Gloria Edwards
David Elan
Richard and Suzanne Farman
Wendell and Jenny Fenton
Timothy and Anne Forbes
Matt Fraker and Sherri Thornton
Charles and Dolores Godchaux
Matthew and Kirsti Goodwin
Horace and Elizabeth Gray
Stephen and Barbara Haas
Mike and Gigi Halloran
Ross and Chris Hartley
Pat and Mary Lou Hartness
Diana and Russell Hawkins
Alan and Vicki Henderson
Hayne and Anna Kate Hipp
Tony and Lynn Hitschler
Robert and Beth Holland
Dick and Alison Jones
Sidney and Susan Kahn
Robert and Anna Kass
Bill and Joffa Kerr
Charlotte Kidd
Robin and Bill King
Roger and Lee Kintzel
Senator Herbert Kohl
Mary Kruse
Ted and Beedee Ladd
Jim and Carol Linton
Michael W. Lissner
Kelly and Liz Lockhart
Gretchen Long
John and Patricia Lummis
Richard and Catherine MacDonald
David MacKenzie
Bob and Marna MacLean
Rose and David Macy
Carol and Bill Maloney
Edgar and Margery Masinter
Marilyn May
James and Eileen McKinney
Tom and Anne Muller
Alexander and Joohee Muromcew
Mark and Michelle Nasatir
Kent and Ann Nelson
Bill and Gloria Newton
Peter Nichols and Monique Barrons
Richard and Pamela Niner
Levon and Maio Nishkian
James and Darlene O’Brien
David and Janet Offensend
Michael and Marlene Olin
Charlotte Oliver and Buzz Dimond
George and Abby O’Neill
Elizabeth Becker Parker
Paul and Shirley Piper
John and Mary Ray
Kathy Remus
John and Kitty Resor
Joel and Kristin Revill
Donald and Julie Rocap
Jay and Sharon Rockefeller
Larry and Wendy Rockefeller
Will and Catherine Rose
Monroe and Andrea Rosenthal
Jon and Sue Rotenstreich
Judy and Frank Scarborough
Andy and Leslie Schilling
Ira and Beverly Schulman
Jay Schwamm
Donald and Diane Sherman
Jack and Katherine Shook
Don and Diane Siegel
Randall and Doris Smith
Dave and Susie Spackman
Hort and Juli Spitzer
Charles and Peggy Stephenson
Peter and Eva Stonebraker
Steve and Anna Sullivan
Allan and Frances Tessler
Carl and Rosella Thorne
Stan and Barbara Trachtenberg
Everett Trout
Peter and Bea van Roijen
Dick and Polly Vaughan
Bill and Deborah Ward
Peter and Adrienne Ward
Andrew and Cammie Watson
Beryl Weiner and Joyce Craig
Chad and Wendy Weiss
Dusty Weiss
Ann Williams and Bob LaGanza
Nancy Corwith Hamill Winter
Adam and Jennifer Wolfensohn
Karl and Dian Zeile
Robert and Joan Zukin
Protector $500 - $999
Jim and Emily Ambler
David Anderson
Richard and Linda Aurelio
Nancy and Doug Ayers
Stuart and Terry Bauman
Dick and Val Beck
Frank and Helen Bonsal
Steve and Wendy Bowie
Bill and Katherine Bradford
Stephanie Brennan
Marion Buchenroth
Frank and Bonnie Burgess
Steve and Diane Ciesinski
Patrick and Beth Ann Coyne
Mitch Dann
Irene Davis
Tacie Dejanikus
Joel and Anne Ehrenkranz
Marcy and Paul Erwin
Frank and Katherine Forelle
Scott and Petria Fossel
Tom and Becky Frisbie
Scott and Janet Garland
Fred and Julia Gaston
Paul George
Jennifer Sparks and Ari Goldstein
Shepard and Melissa Harris
Larry and Janet Hiler
Jim and Ginger Hirschfeld
Richard and Karen Hobbins
Jennifer Hoffman Gessler
and Ron Gessler
David and Missy Hoster
Steve and Rosemarie Johnson
Michael and Samantha Jordan
Sarah Kaplan Moore
Fredereick and Linn Keller
Allison Kelly
Ted Kerasote
Thomas Klotz
Pui and Habibah Kuan
Lawrence Kueter
Pete and Christy Lawton
Tom and Linda Markovits
Steve and Linda Mason
Patrick and Barbara McCelvey
Lester and Enid Morse
Paul and Antje Newhagen
Ron and Rose Novak
Jim and Jeannette O’Mara
Karen Parent and Matthew Lettick
Daryl and Erica Periman
Linda and Larry Perlman
Scott and Lisa Pierson
Robert and Carolyn Pisano
Gloria Polis
Aaron and Tamsen Pruzan
Anthony and Ann Regan
Debbie Reis
Bill Resor and Story Clark
Stephen and Lisa Robertson
Annie and Paul Rutter
Christopher and Louisa Sandvig
George and Dee Schuler
Ira and Beverly Schulman
Barry and Priscilla Sibson
Jason and Melissa Snider
Carl and Cris Soderstrom
Brandon Spackman
Mark Spradling
David Swift
JH Land Trust
Annual Fund
Support from our Annual Fund donors allows the Jackson Hole Land Trust to further our mission of protecting open space and the scenic, ranching, and
wildlife values of Jackson Hole. Contributions to the Annual Fund directly support the implementation of land protection strategies, completion of high
priority land protection projects, and the stewardship processes necessary to protect the conservation values of existing easement protected properties
in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We are grateful for the gifts we received for the Annual Fund from the following donors between October 1, 2013
and September 30, 2014.
Adair Bonsal and Arnie Stifel
Bill and Joyce Sullivan
Abram and Ann Suydam
Donald Taylor
Paul and Lucie Taylor
Walt and Joan Thulin
Barbara Trachtenberg
Steve and Amy Unfried
Supporter $100 - $499
Eleanor Acheson and Emily Hewitt
Stephen Adamson
Bob and Fraida Aland
Patricia and George Amlin
Laurie Andrews
Anonymous (7)
Fran and Owen Arnold
Sallie and Duby Ausley
Mark Barron and Ruth Ann Petroff
Bradley and Susan Bartel
Pilar Bass
Wes Beemer and Tamara Pelish
Carter and Lisbeth Beise
Petie Bennett
Bob and Rosie Berger
Patti Berlin
Sally and Joel Berman
Bob and Sheila Berner
Ray and Susan Betz
Walt and Sue Bird
James and Ann Bonham
Agnes Bourne
David and Colleen Boyd
Paul and Jean Buchanan
Gregory and Barbara Burns
J.J. and Jan Campau
Dick and Lorri Carson
Carol Chappelle
Ronald and Frances Chilcote
Mark and Jeanie Clark
Bill and Kathe Coelho
Jeff and Kathi Cohen
Bill Collins and Lokey Lytjen
Gail Conklin and David Hamilton
Alan Connor
Eugenie Copp
Andrew Cornish
and Sara Van Genderen
Jeanne Cortner
Michael and Maya Crothers
Chic Cullen
Mike and Shawn Daus
Anna Davis and Dan Abraham
Richard and Jane Dean
Paul and Susan DeMuro
Thomas Dewell and Lisa Flood
Nelson and Carolyn Dittmar
Peter Dittmar and Barbara Allen
Melene Dodson and Martin King
Gayle Downing
Frazer and Lucretia Durrett
Will and Jody Eckhardt
Mike and Nancy Faems
John Feagin
Jonathan and Annie Fenn
Roland and Carole Fleck
Sara Flitner and Bill Wotkyns
Kenneth and Deanne Fortney
Barbara and Richard Foster
Gregg and Madelyn Foster
Jeffrey and Inga Frank
Sheldon and Natalie Frankel
Paul and Susan Frantz
Greer and Vance Freed
T Steffan Freeman
John and Lou Furrer
Dick and Betty Garrison
Marla Gault
Peggy Gilday
Martha and John Gilmore
Eliot and Natalie Goss
James and Peggy Graeter
Greg Gricus and Alex Dawson
Zach Hall and Julie Ann Giacobassi
G. Bernard and Linda Hamilton
David, Leslye, Cameron,
and Lachlan Hardie
John and Carol Harkness
John and Lauren Harnishfeger
Ronald and Joan Harris
Ann Harvey
Barbara Hauge
John and Meg Hauge
Stephen and Jennifer Hauge
Bruce and Carolynn Hawtin
Jeff and Tracey Heilbrun
Thomas and Molly Hendrick
Phil and Jean Hocker
Aleathia Hoster
Robert and Katherine House
Eric Huber
John and Dawn Hummel
Marge Hunt
Mia Jensen and Sean O’Malley
Pete and Jean Jorgensen
Kathy Karahadian
Pete and Jeanine Karns
Renee L. Kaswan
James and Karen Keathley
Robert and Ann Kennedy
Renny and Sarah Kerr
Charles and Jane Kusek
David and Judy Larson
Vince and Nancy Lee
Heidi and Phil Leeds
Florence Lemle
Tim Libassi
David and Rebecca Livermore
Mayo and Susan Lykes
Adam and Elizabeth Maberly
Clark and Andy MacKenzie
James and Barbara Maggetti
Alex and Macye Maher
Linda Mars
James Mathieu
Randell and Tricia Mayers
Joy F. McCann
and Peter Douglas Fairchild
Thomas McClung
Ruth and Bill McClure
Holly McCollister
Averell McFerran
Moe and Irene Mellion
Mack and Katie Mendenhall
Elinor and C. Scott Miller
Richard and Claire Morse
Trish Linderman and David Moxam
Robin Moyer
Greg Nelson
Mark and Allison Newcomb
Alex and April Norton
Pat Nott
Anthony Nuland
and Alexandra Simmonds
Spencer Nurse
Alice Oakley
Will and Julie Obering
Emily and Ben Oliver
Clary Olmstead
and Kathleen Heenan
Jane and Bill Olsen
Biba and Jon Parker
Carla Parks
Bruce and Nancy Pasfield
Glenn Paulson and Linda Cooper
Benoit and Nini Pellet
Arturo and Eunjae Peralta-Ramos
Bob and Ruthie Peters
Pat and Frank Petrini
Hank Phibbs and Leslie Petersen
Martha Pittard and Allan Krapf
Reynolds and Bettie Pomeroy
Marcus Porcelli
Bill and Diana Pratt
Elise Prayzich
Owen Pyle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quast
Lucy and Harley Rankin Jr.
Frederick Reimers
Fred and Margie Reimers
L. George and Nancy Rieger
The Estate of Larry Rieser
John C. Roberts
William and Carolyn Robichaux
Edward and Darcy Rodenbach
Mark Rodenburg
Jim Roscoe
Patty Roser
Jacques and Francoise Roux
Neil and Sandy Rudo
Bob and Margie Rutford
Dickson Cooke Schaefer
Patricia Schaefer
William and Michelle Schaefer
Dan Schlager
Lynne Scholfield
Michael and Claudia Schrotz
William and Cheryl Schwartz
Richard and Karen Shea
Dick and Sandy Shuptrine
John Sidle and Mary Chessman
Alan and Ann Simpson
Frank and Mimi Slaughter
Donald Sleeman
Mona Sobieski
Jim and Kathryn Sobieski
Clifford and Julie Sobin
Jim and Audrey Sorensen
Austin and Suzanne Spitzer
Howard S. Spurrier
Amy Staehr
Mimi and Bobby Stein
Pamela Stockton
Charles and Leighann Swanson
Peter and Rose Tarantino
Thomas and Linda Taylor
Jeff Van Ee and Nancy Eaton
Peter Van Genderen
Martha and Warren Van Genderen
Charles and Claudia Vieth
Paul Vogelheim
James and Linore Wallace
Jean and Chuck Webber
Ken and Lynn Wegner
Noble Welch
Robert and Janet Whitmire
John and Suzanne Whitmore
Martha Williams
Thomas Wise
Dale and Cynthia Woodling
Anne and Noel Wray
Friend $1 - $99
Armond Acri
Kathryn R. Aguilar
Roy and Beth Alvarez
Anonymous (8)
Tom and Robbie Ausley
Jane Baldwin
Gary Beckman
Elizabeth Benson
Ruth Berry
Joe and Nancy Bohne
Dick and Roberta Bondelie
Alice and Bill Boney
Angela and Fred Bowditch
Lou Breitenbach and Joseph Piccoli
Clark and Susan Brooks
Alan and Nancy Brumsted
Lori Cahn and Doug Brown
Laura Calabria
Diane Carillo
Betsy Carlin and Becky Watson
Vance and Ann Carruth
Pam Case
Larry and Ellen Catt
Philip and Gwen Cerveny
Lawrence and Patricia Chapman
Craig and Emily Clarke
Charles Cleveland
Poodle Ranch View by Travis Walker, View22 Project
The Summit Circle
Loyalty matters. Over 139 remarkable donors have demonstrated their loyalty to the Land Trust by renewing
their annual gift for the past 20 or more consecutive fiscal years. 41 of the exceptional donors in the Summit
Circle have given for 25 or more fiscal consecutive years. The Summit Circle was established to recognize
these committed donors who have given consistently to the Land Trust. Gifts of any amount count toward
participation and are greatly appreciated. Participation in the Summit Circle means being a part of a special
community of donors dedicating to shaping the future of Jackson Hole.
The Land Trust than ks you, our Summit Circle donors, for your steadfast commitment to our work. Regardless
of how much you choose to give, the impact of your continued giving is powerful and does not go unnoticed.
Various allocations of gifts have been recognized for the initial listing in the Summit Circle. In the future,
participation will be sustained as long as unrestricted gifts to the annual fund are made to the Land Trust
every fiscal year without interruption.
25+ Year Donors
Joseph and Gainor Bennett
Petie Bennett
David and Colleen Boyd
Yvon Chouinard
and Malinda Pennoyer Chouinard
Gail Conklin and David Hamilton
Helen and Mike Cottingham
Rod and Verena Cushman
Richard and Jane Dean
Addie and Ted* Donnan
Tom and Tania Evans
Roland and Carole Fleck
Jim and Astrid Flood
Zach Hall
and Julie Ann Giacobassi
John and Carol Harkness
Ann Harvey
Stephen and Jennifer Hauge
Richard and Karen Hobbins
Phil and Jean Hocker
Charlotte Kidd
Senator Herbert Kohl
Vince and Nancy Lee
David and Rebecca Livermore
David MacKenzie
Carol and Bill Maloney
Lester and Enid Morse
Gil and Marge Ordway
Leslie Petersen and Hank Phibbs
Doris Platts
John and Mary Ray
Bill Resor and Story Clark
John and Kitty Resor
Larry and Wendy Rockefeller
Mark Rodenburg
Birdie Rossetter
Jacques and Francoise Roux
Ben and Ann Ruehr
Bob and Margie Rutford
Christopher and Louisa Sandvig
Tom and Linda Tebben
Walt and Joan Thulin
Stan and Barbara Trachtenberg
Noble Welch
20+ Year Donors
Mary Lou Andersen
Jean Anderson and Pete Wales
Edward G.
and Ann Frame Beddow
Carter and Lisbeth Beise
Dennis and Carol Berryman
Bill and Martha Best
Frank and Helen Bonsal
Tony and Linda Brooks
Lissy and Stewart Bryan
The Honorable Vice President
and Mrs. Richard Cheney, Jr.
Mark and Jeanie Clark
Ferdinand and Susanna
Jeanne Cortner
Larry and Kathe Crane
Chic Cullen
Steven Denning
and Roberta Bowman
John Deuss
Rosser and Gloria Edwards
Mark and Marcie Feldman
Peter and Betsy Forster
Sheldon and Natalie Frankel
Miles and Cheryl Freitag
Tom and Becky Frisbie
Annie and John Furrer
Martha and John Gilmore
Charles and Dolores Godchaux
Eliot and Natalie Goss
Mike and Gigi Halloran
Charles and Karen Harris
Pat and Mary Lou Hartness
John and Meg Hauge
Barbara Hauge
Bruce and Carolynn Hawtin
Jim and Ginger Hirschfeld
Norm and Carole Hofley
David and Missy Hoster
Robert and Katherine House
A.C. and Penney Hubbard
Eric Huber
Marge Hunt
Dick and Alison Jones
Pete and Jean Jorgensen
Pete and Jeanine Karns
Bill and Barbara Kelly
Jay and Karen Kemmerer
Robin and Bill King
Howard and Elizabeth Kinslinger
Mary Kruse
Pui and Habibah Kuan
Ted and Beedee Ladd
David and Judy Larson
Gerald and Ruth Laubach
Steve and K.C. Lauck
Bob and Marna MacLean
Edgar and Margery Masinter
Tom and Anne Muller
Bill and Gloria Newton
Tom and Elisabeth Niedermeyer
Pat Nott
Anthony Nuland
and Alexandra Simmonds
Jack and Carole Nunn
Will and Julie Obering
George and Abby O’Neill
Biba and Jon Parker
Carla Parks
Bob and Ruthie Peters
Jay and Beverly Pieper
Scott and Lisa Pierson
Gloria Polis
Reynolds and Bettie Pomeroy
Bill and Diana Pratt
Anthony and Ann Regan
Larry Rieser
Jim Roscoe
Mary Alice Huemoeller
and Michael Sellett
John Sherman
Dick and Sandy Shuptrine
Don and Diane Siegel
Hort and Juli Spitzer
Howard S. Spurrier
Jim and Judy Stacke
Jeanie and Fred Staehr
Kelly and Nancy Stirn
Peter Stoops and Kate Wilkinson
Robert Strawbridge, III
Bill and Joyce Sullivan
Sue Sullivan
Allan and Frances Tessler
Walter Thieme
Barbara Trachtenberg
Steve and Amy Unfried
Peter and Bea van Roijen
Dick and Polly Vaughan
Jean and Chuck Webber
Dusty Weiss*
Pat Wilson
Anne and Noel Wray
*We are honored to recognize
support from donors who are no
longer with us, but have made a
permanent impact through their
years of generosity.
The Teton Legacy Society of the Jackson Hole Land Trust was formed
in order to celebrate the individuals with the foresight and generosity to
make a life income or bequest provision for the Jackson Hole Land
Trust. Benefits of this lifetime membership include not only the
knowledge that you have helped secure the future of this valley but
invitations to exclusive events, special field trips and annual recognition.
With a planned charitable gift to the Teton Legacy Society, you can
protect the future landscape of this valley while also fulfilling your
own financial goals. Speak to your financial advisor or call the Land
Trust to discuss the giving strategy that is right for you.
Ms. Mary Lou Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aurelio
Mr. Edward G. Beddow
and Mrs. Ann Frame Beddow
Mr. Jeffrey S. Bland
and Ms. Jane Mitchell
Ms. Louise Breitenbach
and Mr. Joseph Piccoli
Mr. and Mrs. T. Anthony Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Burdin
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ciulla
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Coppola
Mr. Charles Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dahl
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Estler
Dr. Lyndelle Fairlie
Dr. Carol Fellows
and Dr. Henry Louderbough
Mrs. Regena Field
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. James Gilbert
Mr. James Gorko and Ms. Kathy Monk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grady
Mr. and Mrs. David Hardie
Ms. Susan Hedden
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hensley, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight
Mrs. Bonnie Koeln
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Krell
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Maloney
Ms. Holly McAllister-Swett
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muller
Mr. Gregory G. Nelson
Ms. Charlotte Oliver
and Mr. Buzz Dimond
Ms. Susan Paddock
Ms. Carla Parks
Mr. John Porter
Mr. Bert Raynes
Ms. Lindsey Reed
and Mr. James Sergio Dominguez
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Lavar Riniker
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Segerstrom
Mr. William J. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Stearns
Mrs. Sue Sullivan
Mrs. Hannah Swett
and Mr. Mark D. Brookes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vaughan
Mr. William Wallace
Mr. Matthew Wallace
Ms. Bettina Whyte
Mr. Thomas R. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Zabinsky
View From the Poodle Ranch by Bill Sawczuk, View22
Cynthia Millard
Gail Muntner
David and Christine Murdoch
John and Ilene Nelson
Sandy and Matt Ostdiek
Diana Osuna and Tom Stallings
Francesca Paolucci-Rice
and Richard Rice
Lew and Kim Parker
Pam and Keith Phillips
Jay and Beverly Pieper
Bert Raynes
Dennis and Kristine Read
Rebecca Reimers
Mike Rheam, Jamie Mackintosh
and Emery Rheam
Thomas and Juanita Ringer
Andy and Carolyn Ripps
Ana Rode
Elisabeth Rohrbach
Peter Ernest Rork
Thomas Rush and Renee Askins
Carol and Robert Scallan
Derek Schaefer
Leslie and Howard Schirmer, Jr.
John Sherman
Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff
and Hunter Lewis
Drew Jaglom and Janet Stampfl
Michael and Jennifer Stauth
Scott and Leslie Steen
Bob and Joanne Stellwagen
Paul and Judy Stoffer
Allan and Beth Stone
Peter Stoops and Kate Wilkinson
Bill Sweney
Richard and Rae Uhl
Jill Veber
Alan Willes and Lucinda Abbe
Kurt and Chris Wimberg
Dick and Barbara Winter
Jenny Wolfrom
William and Elizabeth Woodin
Brook and Jessica Yeomans
Joseph and Gainor Bennett
In memory of Tom Chrystie
Dick and Roberta Bondelie
In memory of Mother
Tony and Linda Brooks
In memory of Tom Chrystie
Michael and Maya Crothers
In memory of Lola Ozete Raines
Chic Cullen
In memory of Nina Cullen
Charles and Jan Davis
In memory of Jarad Spackman
Will and Jody Eckhardt
In memory of Lawrence Handleman
Scott and Petria Fossel
In memory of Kit Hughes
David and Leslye Hardie
In memory of Helen Terry
James Karon
In memory of Morris, Vera
and Richard Karon
Bill and Joffa Kerr
In memory of Tom Chrystie
Mary Kruse
In memory of Ulrich Kruse
Marilyn May
In memory of Robert P. May
Joy McCann and Peter Fairchild
In memory of Dr. Donald F. McCann
Much Shelist ,PC
In memory of Larry Rieser
Spencer Nurse
In memory of Jarad Spackman
Peter Ernest Rork
In memory of Meg A. Rork
Lynne Scholfield
In memory of Harvey
and Don Scholfield
Joel Spiegel and Karen Van Dusen
In memory of Joy Covey
Abram and Ann Suydam
In memory of Ruth and Harry Weisbrod
Donald Taylor
In memory of Thomas Ludlow Chrystie
Peter and Adrienne Ward
In memory of Larry Rieser
Tom and Robbie Ausley
In honor of Rani Clasquin
and Eric Harslem
Ruth Berry
In honor of Bob Peters
and Spindrift Epic Ski
Martin Brown, Sr., Martin Brown, Jr.,
Susannah Scott-Barnes,
Nina deClercq and Eliza M Brown
In honor of Rod Moorhead
Steve and Diane Ciesinski
In honor of Steve
and Roberta Denning
Rich and Chris Coad
In honor of Henry Erwin
Irene Davis
In honor of Kelly Davis
Marcy and Paul Erwin
In honor of Henry James Erwin
Flitner Strategies
In honor of Laurie Andrews
and Clarene Law
Frank and Katherine Forelle
In honor of Blanche P. Forelle
Marla Gault
In honor of Charles H. Ackerson
Robert and Caryn Glickman
In honor of Lydia Marti
and Richard Porter
Charles and Karen Goetz
In honor of Kristina Goetz
Aleathia Hoster
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. David Hoster
James and Karen Keathley
In honor of Harrison Ford
Ezra Levinson
In honor of Dr. Joseph Levinson
Neal Manne and Nancy McGregor
In honor of David and Melissa Vela
Edgar and Margery Masinter
In honor of Fred Staehr
Averell McFerran
In honor of Brian and Elizabeth Murphy
Richard and Claire Morse
In honor of Fred Staehr
Gail Muntner
In memory of David Muntner
Carla Parks
In honor of Marla “Martilla” Gault
Marcus Porcelli
In honor of Maria Porcelli
Derek Schaefer
In honor of Fiona Wilson
Joel Spiegel and Karen Van Dusen
In honor of Bob Peters
William and Elizabeth Woodin
In honor of Virgina G. Ballantine
Corporations, Businesses
and Organizations
Alder Environmental
Anonymous (2)
Blue Lion Restaurant
Conservation Solutions Management
Cony Corporation
Dining In Catering
Flitner Strategies
Grand Fishing Adventures
Grant Associates
Gray Co Incorporated
J.M. Huber Corporation
Jackson Temp Services, Inc.
Live Water Properties, LLC
Mobile Giving Foundation
Much Shelist ,PC
Pamela Stockton Interiors, LLC
Primrose School of Coppell
Rendezvous Rivers Sports and
J.H. Kayak School
Roscoe Co.
Sorensen & Sorensen, LLC
Stearns Lending, LLC
Teton Club
Transworld Oil Limited
Turner Fine Art
United Way of SW Wyoming
UnitedHealth Group
Westbank Construction
Wyoming Karate Club
Zions Bank
Foundations and
Charitable Gift Funds
Allan and Ellen Daus Family Memorial Endowment of the Community
Foundation of Jackson Hole
Allison and Robert Price Family
Foundation of the Jewish
Community Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Biba and Jon Parker Foundation
Black-Periman Foundation
Bowie Family Foundation
Brinson Foundation
Carol H. Tolan Fund of the New York Community Trust
Charles and Jan Davis Charitable Fund
Charles and Peggy Stephenson
Family Foundation
Coelho Charitable Trust
Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
David and Catherine Loevner
Family Fund
Dejanikus Donor-Advised Fund
Doug and Michele Dillard
Charitable Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Stonebraker Fund
Ed and Marne Holstein
Charitable Fund
Edwards Family Foundation
Ehrenkranz Family Foundation
Fred and Helen Ellis
Charitable Foundation
Friedman Family Foundation
G.O. Forward Charitable Trust
GE Foundation (2)
Hamill Family Foundation
Hanson Charitable Trust
Henry G. Stifel Family Foundation
Herbert H Kohl Charities, Inc
Horton and Julie Spitzer Donor
Directed Fund
Howell A. and Ann M. Breedlove
Charitable Foundation
Hurlburt-Johnson Charitable Trusts of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Jannotta-Pearsall Family Fund of the
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel
Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Joel and Kristin Revill Charitable Fund
John and Barbara Vogelstein
John D. and Eleanor Carifa Foundation
Jordan Endowment of the Community
Foundation of Jackson Hole
Joseph and Gainor Bennett
Kenneth and Caroline Taylor
Family Foundation
Laubach Family Fund of
Fidelity Charitable
Legatus Foundation
Len-Ari Foundation
Live Oak Foundation
Lorraine Clasquin and Eric Harslem Fund
Louis J. Appignani Foundation, Inc
Maitland Fund of the Community
Foundation of Jackson Hole
Mary P Ray Trust
Mayer and Morris Kaplan
Family Foundation
McKinney Family Charity Fund at
Schwab Charitable Fund
MKL Foundation
Moorhead Family Fund
Morse Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Crane Jr.
Fund of the Community Foundation
of Greater Memphis
Nelson Schwab Family Foundation
Oarsmen Foundation
Offensend Family Foundation
OMW Memorial Fund of
Fidelity Chraitable
Pat and Mary Lou Hartness Fund
of the Community Foundation
of Greenville
Patricia M. Schaefer Family Trust
Perkins Charitable Foundation
Peter K. Hoglund and Janet A.
Hoglund Unitrust
Pruzan Foundation
Richard H. and Mary M. Vaughan Donor
Advised Fund of the Community
Foundation of Jackson Hole
Richard P and Clair W Morse Foundation
Ricketts Conservation Foundation
Robert and Grace B. Kerr Foundation
Robert Glickman Fund of
Fidelity Charitable
Roberta C. Bondelie
2005 Revocable Trust
Rossetter Donor Advised Fund of the
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
Rotenstreich Family Foundaton of
Fidelity Charitable
RR Hobbins Living Trust
Schwab Charitable Fund (4)
Soderstrom Family Charitable
Trust Fund
Stephen and Lisa Robertson
Endowment of Fidelity Charitable
Stephen G. and Rose Marie Torres Johnson Family Fund of the
Boston Foundation
STS Foundation
Susan anad Peter Ordway Fund of the
Battle Creek Community
The Atticus Trust
The Brock Foundation
The Brooks Foundation
The King Family Advised Fund,
Community Foundation of
Middle Tennessee
The Lynne Cheney Charitable Fund
of the Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
The Pyle Foundation
The Sage Foundation
The Survivor’s Trust
Thomas H. and Linda P. Tebben Fund
Virginia S. and Michael J. Halloran
Charitable Fund
Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc.
William Howard Flowers, Jr.
Wolfensohn Family Foundation
Burt and Sandra Brinckerhoff
Norm and Carole Hofley
Carl and Emily Knobloch
Paul Lowham
Jack and Carole Nunn
Jane and Bill Olsen
Glenn Paulson and Linda Cooper
Susan Williams
Arthur Baines and Rhonda Harris
Brandon and Kay Baker
through the Burke and
Elizabeth Baker Family Fund of the Greater Houston
Community Foundation
Cynthia Boyhan
Lori and Dan Canale
Jim Colbert and Vicki Land
Lynn Cunningham
and Dorothy Remy
Jerry and Katharine Falco
Ken and Carolyn Hall
Dan Higman
Brian Kahin and Julia Royall
Roger Lederer and Carol Burr
George and Mandy Mahoney
Dennis and Kate McDonnell through the Kate and Dennis McDonnell Charitable Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Louise Miller
through the Miller
Foundation, Inc
Anna Minsky
Anna Moscicki
and Michael Kenney
Marian Neutra
Carol Petera
Jim and Sheila Rice
Steven Ryan
Michael Segell and Winifred Gallagher
Dan Smith
Adair Bonsal and Arnie Stifel
Lary and Kathy Treanor
Bert and Leigh Tuckey
Ted Waldron and Mary McMillan
Martha Walters
Special Event Hosts
Jill Baldauf and Steve Grossman
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Jim and Astrid Flood
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Brad and Kate Mead
The Oliver Family at 4 Lazy F Ranch
Bob and Ruthie Peters
Joel Revill
Snake River Ranch
Fred and Jeanie Staehr
Robert Strawbridge, III
Trio Fine Art
Michael Wardell and Paula Grosch
* Restricted contributions designated to our Protection Fund are
acknowledged on page 5.
Financial Statement
The Jackson Hole Land Trust is proud to report another successful
year. Significant support continues to come from our strong donor
base of individuals and family foundations. In our 2014 fiscal year:
Unrestricted operating contributions topped $1M
for the fifth time in our history.
91% of expenditures were used directly to
support programmatic expenses.
The Land Trust was able to secure
$600,000 in state funding
for land conservation.
Investments in marketable equity or debt securities
were $8, 524, 981 at fiscal year-end.
$418, 465
on stewardship of conservation properties,
allowing for nearly 7,650 total staff hours
The Land Trust spent approximately
devoted to monitoring new or existing easements.
Jackson Hole Land Trust Use of Funds
General &
We apologize for any errors or omissions we have made. Please call the Land
Trust office at (307) 733-4707 to notify us of any errors.
Program Expenses
These reports only show a portion of our
financial statements. A complete financial
statement is available by calling or
emailing the Land Trust office.
David Swift
Preserve Your Legacy With Open Spaces
Helen and Mike Cottingham
Don Cushman
Paul and Julie D’Amours
Clint and Melinda Day
Teresa De Groh and Arne Jorgensen
A.J. DeRosa
and Carole-Malia Schneider
Jeanne Donovan
Lloyd and Michele Dorsey
Tilly Dorsey
Frank and Patty Ewing
Missy Falcey
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Freitag
Walter Gerald and Carter Cox
Mary Gerty
Claudia Gillette
Charles and Karen Goetz
Matthew Golombek
and Connie Morgan
Halcott and Cornelia Grant
Tim and Margi Griffith
Edith and Bob Grinnell
Sharon Gunberg
Michael and Francesca Hammer
Fran and Don Harger
Jill and Scott Harkness
Putzi and John Harrington
Charles and Karen Harris
Tom Harris
William and Mary Hayes
Barbara and Chuck Herz
Gary and Marie Hill
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Jon Hunt and Annie Band
Hal and Robin Hutchinson
John and Nina Invernizzi
Richard Jansen
Julie and Jay Jones
James Karon
Bill and Barbara Kelly
John and Loyola Kiefling
Howard and Elizabeth Kinslinger
Dick and Mary Lou Klene
Bonnie Brown Koeln
Mitchell and Barbara Kohn
David and Cathy Krinsky
Ernest LaBelle and Frances Pollak
Robert and Miriam Lenz
Ezra Levinson
Mary Lohuis
Liz Long
Katsey Long
Lisa Lord Price
Joan Lucas
John and Ann Lyle
Ken MacLean, Jr.
and Stephanie Mashek
George and Mandy Mahoney
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Dennis and Susan McCracken
Matthew and Lisa McGee
Bernard McHugh
Wade and Holly McKoy
David and Kelly Mecartney
Carol Mersereau
Liz and Sam Meyer
Cottonwood and Blue Mountain by Lee Carlman Riddell, View22 Project
2014 in Review
Non-profit Organization
US Postage
Permit No 81
Jackson, WY
In fiscal year 2014, your support of the Jackson Hole Land Trust allowed us to ...
6 new properties totaling 303 acres, including
232 acres of scenic open space
153 acres of working ranch lands
100 acres of river bottom and riparian areas
159 acres of crucial habitat for moose
2 acres of public access open space
1 mile along trout streams and rivers
P.O. Box 2897
185 East Hansen
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
3 transferred conservation easements totaling 496 acres
…complete the 181-acre
first phase of the East Gros Ventre Butte Project
…work with our landowner partners to steward
208 conservation easements
…raise over $1 million in unrestricted operating contributions, with 91%
used to directly support programmatic expenses
…mobilize support for new land protection
Forever Our Valley capital campaign
of expenditures
projects through our
with over 4,000 community members through events and outreach
…celebrate the opening
of Rendezvous Park, a 40-acre natural park for the community
…highlight the wonder of protected properties together with artists through our View22
a dedicated staff of 12 to carry out the mission of the Jackson Hole Land Trust
Keep up with our work and sign up
for our email list at jhlandtrust.org
Cover Photograph by David Stubbs
Back cover photograph by Leine Stikkel
Printed on 100% Recycled Paper with Vegetable-Based Inks.