2015 Media Kit - The 104 Homestead

The 104 Homestead
Teaching people how to homestead no matter where they live.
My name is Jessica and I'm a non-traditional homesteader. I teach homesteading
skills to individuals that live on an atypical homestead; be it a small property, a
rental, or even a home controlled by a HOA. I am a firm believer that anyone can
embrace a simple-living lifestyle and it is my mission to show them the way.
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Owner of natural bath and
body products store, 104
Author of Chicken Hot
Topics: Controversial
Husbandry Practices
Author of Homemade
Beauty Essentials
Member of Group
Projects #CookieMonth14
and #HotForBreakfast
Contributing writer for
Scratch Magazine
Member of the Homestead
Blogger Network
[email protected]
Jessica Lane
104 Oxford Street
Fryeburg, ME 04037
Influential In Poultry Keeping,
Gardening, Real Food Cooking
22 New Uses for Old Pill Bottles
Sewing Unpaper Towels for the Sewing Impaired
16 New Uses for Old Bed Sheets
Gardening in Small Spaces
Your Guide Winter Sowing Anywhere
Why You Should Consider Keeping Quail
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