Review of Astrology for Gann Traders DVDs

Review of Astrology for Gann
Traders DVDs
By Larry Jacobs
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The question is did W.D. Gann really use
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astrology for his
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trading? Many have
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doing such research. If
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it is quite clear that
the markets.
he did use astrology
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in his trading. Most
secret to
astrologers would agree
this is to understand how W.D. Gann traded
with me.
the markets.
Astrology today is not looked upon fondly in
Who was W.D. Gann? If you are a trader then
society. Many consider it to be unscientific and
I am sure you know that it was reported that
superstitious. However I personally beleive
W.D. Gann in his trading career made around
that many successful traders do use astrology
50 million dollars. He passed away in 1955
to time the various markets with great success.
and is a legend as one of the great market
Many know when a turning point will occur in
an intraday chart down to the exact minute
when using their techniques. Most of these
traders don’t talk about how they use astrology
and keep the secrets to themselves.
Understanding how to use astrology for trading
can be quite difficult. If you are interested
in this area of trading it is advisable to have
an expert help you understand what you are
dealing with using a detailed course. This could
short-cut your time to understand astrology
for trading. Why struggle to make sense of Feb/Mar/Apr 2015
Astrology and how to actually apply it to the
how planets actually affect market trends.
stock and futures markets without help from
Intermediate Level – In this DVD you will
discover why Gann used the 24hr clock and the
Are their any good courses out there on
four seasons. Understand the basis of Gann’s
Gann astrology for trading? I do know of one.
seasonal dates and be introduced to the Magic
Olga Morales, produces a nice series of DVD
90-degree dial and Gann’s 8th Harmonic.
courses on the subject. She is a professional
You’ll learn why Declination is called the
astrologer and using the techniques of W.D.
Hidden Dimension. You’ll also learn Cycles of
Gann in her own trading. She has learned to
Expansion, Long Term cycles and Harmonics,
see the underlying planetary patterns in the
Natal Chart Analysis, Sensitive Degrees,
market using Gann’s trading methodologies.
Transits and statistics. You’ll also understand
She says just like Gann said that time is the
Lunar Vibrations – Harmonic Moon Cycles in
most important element for trading. She says
the Stock Market.
Astrology is all about timing events based
on planetary cycles and “the future is but a
Advance Level – In this DVD you’ll learn why
repetition of the past” to quote Gann. Her
Gann started and ended TTTA with indirect
mission is to help others by teaching what
references to Eclipses. Know the rules for
Gann called the “greatest science”, Astrology.
forecasting with Eclipses in reference to the
stock market and commodities. Learn about
Olga offers her home study DVD’s to help her
Planetary Harmonics such as Gann’s Rule of
students understand trading with Astrology.
Three, Gann’s Death Zone, Septimal Law,
She sent the DVDs to us for the purpose of
Planetary Ratios and the Harmonic Square.
doing a review in Traders World magazine.
Know about Gann’s Master Forecasting Cycle
We found the DVD’s to be very educational
and how to replicate his composite and
and gave us a much better understanding of
determine future trends. How to discern and
Astrology in regards to trading.
rate planetary aspects, how to time cycle
clusters. Explore Gann’s Soybean letter and
Here is what is in the DVDs.
price charts. Converting planetary longitude
to price Gann’s method. Applying Gann’s
She has three levels of training with these
Harmonic Box. Using planetary longitude to
determine price support and resistance levels.
Learn how to square price with a planetary
Beginners Level – In this DVD you’ll discover
scale and project into the future.
the basics of understanding astrology such as
cycles, using a 4-minute chart, using a grid
technique to distinguish between positive,
negative and neutral days. Understand the
Gann Emblem, the foundation of all time
cycles and harmonics. It will show you some of
If you are serious about learning astrology
for trading using Gann techniques, then this
set of DVDs should be on your desired list for
research. For more information go to: www.
Gann’s actual analysis from his private letters
and charts and make sense of it. It will explain Feb/Mar/Apr 2015