Distinctive, unique,
Non intensive specialist farming of
ingredients and traditionally produced
products are recognised for their
The resurgence of farmers’ markets
and the opportunity for everyone to unique, superior flavour as well
have their say through social media is as texture and aroma, offering a
fueling an intense interest in real food, distinctive experience.
buying it locally and a farm-to-plate
This thinking has always been at the
approach to menus. We seek a unique core of the Phillippa’s philosophy.
experience when shopping, cooking and
We believe that
tasting produce.
simplicity and
patience are the
keys to producing
real, whole foods.
Our coffees are made with real milk,
Schultz organic unhomogonised,
from a family run dairy in Victoria’s
Western District. This is the milk we
grew up with, our fridge always had
3 open bottles as we all opened them
to get the creamy top milk on our
morning cereal!
We also believe that local ingredients
that don’t travel too far make sense!
Our flour comes from Victoria and
our stone ground organic flour comes
from New South Wales. Our vine fruits
are Victorian and the apricots in our
Panforte are Australian.
As we celebrate our 19th Christmas
this year we are delighted to be
working with Robin Cowcher to
create our Christmas imagery. We
love the hand drawn line as much as
we love hand made bread!
Fresh, bright and
delicious to the eye.
Family, friends, past traditions and
new ones, let Christmas be a time of
real celebration and real food!
New delicious
additions to our
festive range
of treats...
The image on our Panforte wrap
from a photograph of my greatgrandfather’s family grocery sto
in Wanganui, New Zealand, circa
The young man serving behind the
counter in the foreground is my
grandfather, Sylvain, as a 20 yea
old. The young girl in the cardig
and white skirt, sitting on the cha
in the mid-ground is his wife-to-b
my grandmother Olive!
The store motto; emblazoned
proudly above the well-stocked
shelves at the back is: “All That
Is Good In Grocery, Is Found In
Abundance Here!”
This store has inspired the feel
our Armadale store, where tradit
ionalstyle provisions for the pantry are
stacked high everywhere you loo
PANFORTE Chocolate with Apricot & Hazelnut
PANFORTE Pistachio & Sour Cherry
Our two versions of this traditional Italian
after dinner treat are baked to authentic
recipes using honey, fresh spices with dried
fruits and our own candied orange. Panforte
makes for a simple, stylish dessert when cut
into slivers and served with coffee or a glass
of rich sticky wine.
First made 800 years ago by nuns in the
Tuscan city of Siena. Panforte, a dense chewy
cake, means “strong bread” referring to its
strong, spicy flavour.
Other new grocery
products in
store that will
become pantry
Almond Cinnamon
Shortbread $10.95
A rich and buttery bite with the warmth of
cinnamon and the delicate crunch of flaked
Almond Shortbread
Round $20.00
Organic Tasmanian Flour
Made by hand with specially sourced organic
Stoneground flour from Callington Mills, in
Oatlands Tasmania, with Victorian cultured butter
and South Australian almonds. In limited supply.
Chocolate Vanilla Trees
Crunchy, nostalgic chocolate flavoured biscuits
made with Belgian cocoa and vanilla, they are
delicious on their own or with a glass of milk.
Spelt Maple Toasted
Muesli $14.50
Wholegrain spelt oats, South Australian almonds
and Canadian maple syrup are blended with
coconut flakes, sultanas and organic flour. This
recipe is based on a Gwinganna-style granola
and has lovely clusters of crunchy goodness.
Enjoyed luckily by big AND little kids.
Spelt Muesli Cookies
with Cranberry & Pecan
An earthy blend of spelt oats, pecans, premium
cranberries and organic flour, make these biscuits
a wholesome and nourishing snack for any time
of the day.
Phabulous Luxe Nuts
This combination of premium nuts and seeds
including South Australian almonds and
Queensland pecans, has been delicately spiced
and lightly roasted to a luxurious crunch.
Luxe Nuts make an elegant appetizer with
6 o’clock drinks.
Sometimes we’ll find a special
ingredient that comes from further
afield, that we simply must have! We
have found a flour that is milled by
Australia’s only operating Georgian
Windmill, in Oatlands Tasmania. We
have used this exquisite flour with
cultured Victorian butter to create
a limited batch of Stone-milled
Shortbread Rounds especially for this
year’s premium festive range.
Many of the festive products in our
range, such as the Christmas Puddings,
Shortbreads, Christmas Cakes, White
Christmas, Spiced Cranberry Sauce
and Caramel Brandy Sauce are
traditional festive treats from my
family’s recipe archive!
White Christmas
Our version of this popular Australian confection
is a luxurious treat made with Callebaut white
chocolate, dried cranberries, toasted almonds,
brandy, puffed rice and coconut. Cut into small
squares, it makes a delightful addition to a
Christmas petit fours plate alongside Phillippa’s
Truffles and Honey Star Biscuits.
Christmas Cake
Small $31.50, large $48.00
Our family’s recipe includes plenty of brandy,
fresh eggs, dried fruit and our own candied
orange peel. This year our Christmas Cakes, are
finished with a large marzipan star and silver
almonds. Made in July they are aged and ready
for the festive season.
The Big Plum Pudding
1.7kg $85.00
Mince Pies
A limited supply of extra large puddings is
available, until sold out.
Made with an aromatic fruit mince of Australian
dried fruits, our own candied orange peel, apple,
spices and brandy. Balanced perfectly with our
short, buttery pastry, these are definitely no
ordinary mince pies!
Our family-sized pudding is made with butter
and serves a minimum of 20 people depending
on portion size. Any left-overs can be chopped
up finely and combined with vanilla ice cream
and refrozen to make Plum Pudding ice cream,
to serve on hot summer afternoons with an
Half-dozen $15.50, dozen $27.50
Plum Pudding
Butter or Traditional,
Cloth-wrapped 900g $39.95
We make two varieties of Plum Puddings; butter
pudding and a traditional suet pudding, that has
a clean, superior flavour and a light texture. Our
puddings are made with our own candied orange
peel, loads of Australian vinefruit, Phillippa’s
breadcrumbs and plenty of brandy. Serve flamed
in brandy with lashings of pure
cream and Phillippa’s Caramel Brandy Sauce.
Christmas pudding was originally meat porridge,
made with spices and dried fruits such as plums
and thickened with breadcrumbs. Over time
other ingredients, such as egg yolks and almond
meal, were used and it became more like a
pudding. Meat is no longer a common
ingredient although traditionally-made
puddings still contain suet.
Phillippa’s Special
Reserve Plum Pudding
Our special puddings have been matured in
ideal conditions for over twelve months to allow
the fruit and spice flavours to meld. Limited
quantities of Butter and Suet available.
Caramel Brandy Sauce
Made to my Mum’s recipe, this rich golden sauce
has a devoted following. It is gorgeous with
poached fruit, baked bananas, ice cream and
steamed chocolate pudding, but is especially
good with Phillippa’s Plum Pudding. To make a
lighter mousse-style sauce, warm the contents of
the jar and fold in one or two stiffly whipped egg
whites. Serve immediately.
Cranberry, Pecan and
Rosemary Stuffing
This fragrant bread stuffing, when mixed with
orange juice, adds moisture and a wonderfully
festive flavour to roast chicken, turkey, goose
or lamb.
Great under $20 Kris Kringle’s
for all the people who helped
you through the year.....Your
stylist, your stylist’s stylist,
dog groomer, nail tecchie,
cabana boy, parole officer,
kid’s math tutor, pilot of
your Gulfstream VI, bloke
that mows your lawn, waxer,
hairdresser, shrink, landscape
Iced Gingerbread
Christmas Trees
Glazed with white icing and glistening with
shiny silver balls, these miniature trees make
a delicious edible table decoration and a great
bite-sized treat.
These have become essential
Christmas favourites. Wonderful
edible table decorations to
offer alongside muscatels,
brown skinned almonds and
crystallized ginger.
gardener, garbos, the people
next door who’s name
escapes you right now, ironing
lady, horse trainer, the lady
that scatters your scatter
cushions, pilates instructor,
yoga instructor, people
at Flinders that bring the
wheelie bins in when your not
there, publicist, dog’s shrink…..
R e ci p e
Strawberry Shortca
Beautifully decorated and
individually packaged, our handmade Gingerbread Angels will make
a welcome addition to Christmas
stockings for both big and
little kids.
ke ‘Trifle’
Roughly crush shortb
read to a medium
fine crumb. Whip cre
am, reserve 3 tabsp
2 punnets strawberri
shortbread crumbs and
6 strawberries (or 6
x 1/2‘s if they are lar
1-2 tabsp Cointreau
ge) to finish.
Mix the mint into the
juice 1/2 med lemon
berries. Put 1 tabsp
and sugar 2 tablespo
crumbs in the base of
each glass. Divide the
2 tabsp finely shred
ded mint leaves
berries amongst the
6 glasses. Blend the
200ml pure cream wh
of the crumbs into the
cream. Put a generous
ul of the shortbread
150g Phillippas Short
cream over the
bread Round
fruit. Sprinkle with res
erved crumbs And
6 glasses for serving
finish with a strawbe
Wash, core and slice
Refrigerate before
strawberries and
serving for at least
macerate in Cointrea
1 hour
u or lemon juice
Serves 6
Traditional Shortbread Round
Rice flour and butter give this large round of Scottish-style shortbread its distinctive nutty flavour and
texture. A great hostess gift, it is made to be broken into wedges and shared.
Honey Stars
Made with honey and cinnamon,
these small sugar-sprinkled
biscuits are a delightful alternative
to traditional gingerbread. They
make perfect petits fours or a
crunchy accompaniment to a
creamy dessert such as panna cotta
or crème brûlée. Similar to the
Gingerbread biscuits, they may be
crushed and folded through cream
to serve with fruit for dessert.
Honey Cookie
Mix crumbled iscuits
Honey Stars cream
through w
and serv
glazed and ro arines.
peaches or ne
Herbed Spiced Nuts
Luxe Nuts
Honey and Orange
Roasted Nuts
Parmesan Sables
Tomato Chutney
Onion Marmalade
Other treats...
250g $27.95
Rich, smooth and intense, our truffles are made
with dark Belgian Couverture chocolate and pure
Victorian cream, then dusted with Belgian cocoa.
Best stored in the fridge. (May be stored in an
airtight container in the freezer).
Spiced Cranberry Orange Balinese Pineapple Jam
Phillippa’s tangy cranberry sauce, flavoured with a
perfectly balanced blend of aromatic spices, adds
zing to roast turkey or pork, cold meats, warm
salads and cheeses and makes a tasty glaze for
grilled chicken. It tastes like Christmas.
This tangy, tropical, aromatic conserve looks
like sunshine and tastes of summer. Enjoy
mixed through rice pudding, a tropical
fruit salad or with scones or pikelets.
Vanilla Strawberry
Delicious festive red conserve to serve with
yoghurt, scones, pikelets or try making a
croustade by spreading it over a large circle of
good butter puff pastry, crimp the sides with your
fingers and bake in a hot oven.
The time-honoured art
of preserve-making
is something we are
absolute purists about!
They are delicious served with coffee or a glass
of Muscat or Pedro Ximénez Sherry.
Sometimes, I come across a flavour or aroma
that sends me straight back to my childhood.
In an effort to recapture these memories, I
begin avidly searching for the original recipe.
I just love raiding my family archives for
heirloom recipes! Many of the products we
prepare at Phillippa’s are a result of this.
I am inspired by the tradition of the Country
Women’s Association, where precious recipes
are shared by generations of women. I also
draw inspiration from my travels, whether
they are local or overseas, and from talking
with our suppliers about their ingredients.
Most importantly, I value talking to our
customers directly and appreciate their
feedback and ideas.
This festive season will see us release a number
of pantry essentials and entertaining treats
that we hope will become firm favourites.
This sugar-crusted bread-like fruit cake was
developed in Germany, its shape is said
to represent the baby Jesus wrapped in
swaddling clothes. Our stollen is flavoured
with dried fruit and candied orange peel
and has a surprise centre of our own
marzipan. It is especially good with a cup
of tea on Christmas morning.
Phillippa’s Tea Towel
Our exclusive tea towels, printed on 100%
linen, make a creative gift wrap and a
thoughtful gift.
“The Fifth Element – Time”
Festive Menu
and press down
maining icecream
ream Terrine
rmly to remove
Mince Pie Icec
Caramel Brand
and freeze at le
with Phillippa’s
Cover with foil be made a week
4 hours. (This ca rn out sit in hot
Mousse Sauce
in advanc
1 litre of vanilla a’s Mince Pies
seconds before
water for 5-10
1/2 dozen
Caramel Brandy ars gently turning ou
1 jar Phillippa’s
served star shor before
Use a knife to
the terrine
the mince pies
along the top of
from the top of roughly chop
set aside. Crumb
the caramel bran ugh
gently fold thro
1.5 x 11.5cm with
sauce, stir and s.. if you like a
Line a loaf tin 2 per to cover the
whipped egg whi
sheet of baking sides.
base and
am into the
t the terrine into
Press half
warmed caram
e mince pie crum
and serve with
base. Sprinkle th yer. Cover with
brandy sauce.
evenly over this
Re ci pe
Strawberries on Toast/Brioche
Butter and sprinkle with sugar thin slices of Phillippa’s Campanard or Corn
bread, grill in the oven both sides and serve as a base for Marsala-marinated
berries and vanilla flavoured goat’s curd or ricotta, serve for breakfast on
Christmas morning.
Savoury Tarts
Available in two size medium (8 slices) and mini:
Our Savoury Tarts are delicious and satisfying for
lunches and suppers. Varities to select from;
• Asparagus, peas, caramalised onion, chives,
lemon pepper and goat’s cheese.
• Smoked salmon, ricotta with leek sprinkle of dill
and capers.
Lemon Tart
Medium size
Our signature smooth and tangy lemon curd
filling in a fine brisee pastry case.
Frangipane Tart
Delicious classic menu
available most days of
the year:
Real food for quick and easy lunches, snacks
or summer-dinner solutions. Whether you are
entertaining a small crowd, a couple of close
friends or family, these are simple and delicious
menu solutions. Paired with some of our favorite
relishes – Onion Marmalade, Tomato Chutney and
Red Pepper Relish, making your summer eating a
tasty affair!
• Sausages rolls (mini and regular)
Medium size
• Slow-cooked Beef Pies
• Summer Berry (raspberry, blackberry and
• Stone fruit, seasonal variety
• Pizza, individual & (family-size for weekend)
Sponge Cake
The classic crowd pleaser, dressed ready for
entertaining or plain so that you may decorate
with your own flavours.
Sweet treats to have
in the pantry – ready
to serve or take on a
• Tea cakes
• Canelé
• Walnut and Cinnamon Brighton Bun
• Fruit Muffin
• Croissants: Plain, Chocolate,
• Biscuits: Honey Bear, Chocolate Chip Cookie
Festive Menu
Festive Menu
Savoury Tarts
Summer Pudding
• Smoked Salmon Tart
• Rocket and ricotta topped with roasted red
capsicums to finish,
• Ham, cheese, with caramelised onion
Always delicious and satisfying for lunches and
Mini Savoury Tarts available with the above
fillings (2 bite portions; perfect for your
festive gathering).
Nicoise Pastry Gallette
(Caramelised onion, fetta, olives, herbs, roast
cherry tomatoes).
Sausage Rolls
Mini and regular size perfect for entertaining.
Spinach and Fetta Pie
Delicious hot or cold. Great for picnicing and
Various seasonal toppings. Family size, take home
to heat and serve.
A delectable showcase of summer’s bounty:
bursting with berries, this chilled pudding makes
an impressive centerpiece for Christmas dessert.
The quintessential Australian summer dessert!
Crispy meringue with a perfectly soft centre,
topped with fresh cream and summer fruits.
(available plain - ready for you to decorate)
Hazelnut Chocolate Berry
Layer Cake
Luscious meringue-style cake made with
callebaut chocolate, layered with fresh local fruit
and whipped cream.
Stone-Fruit Tarts with
Tarts with a variety of fresh fruit toppings:
nectarines, apricot, peach and sometimes
gooseberries when available!
Available in small, medium and large sizes.
Lemon Tart
Tea Cakes, Marzipan Sour
Cherry Cake.
Strawberry Tart
Stone Fruit and Cinnamon
Tea Cake.
Our signature smooth and tangy lemon curd
filling in a fine brisee pastry case.
Available in small, medium and large sizes.
Using local strawberries and house-made crème
patisserie. Our Strawberry Tart is sensational for
entertaining friends and family gatherings.
Available as small, medium or mini.
A delicious tea-cake with home-made marzipan
and tangy Tasmanian dried sour-cherries.
Made with premium Indonesian cinnamon and
seasonal fruits, a perfect treat for afternoon tea.
Filled Sponges
Decorated for the season. Plain sponges available
so that you can decorate
Available by the weight, so that you may
purchase as much as you need. Dundee cake is a
welcome relief during the festive season – when
you need just a little something with a cup of tea
– but not too rich. Our Dundee is light and buttery
studded with vine fruit.
Plain Sponges
Assemble the traditional way with cream or
Phillippa’s Lemon Curd, or get fancy and drizzle
sponge with marsala, fill with mascarpone and
strawberries, then cover with whipped cream and
grated chocolate for a Strawberry Tiramasu.
For a spectacular Chocolate Cherry Trifle simply
dice sponge, sprinkle with sherry then top
with layers of Phillippa’s Raspberry Jam, pitted
cherries, and whipped cream. Cover with dark
chocolate curls and refrigerate for 6-8 hours
before serving.
Available for easy entertaining (perfect for when
the little ones are visiting) – Marzipan Sour Cherry
or Plain Buttermilk with cinnamon, vanilla and
fresh fruit.
Chocolate Sauce
Baked Tart Shells
My mum’s treasured recipe was always served
with ice cream and crushed walnuts. Made with
good cocoa and salted butter, it can be served
cold or warmed gently.
Fruit Mince
Made with our own candied orange, Australian
organic dried fruits, apple, premium spices and
plenty of brandy, fill your own pastry shells for an
easy home-made treat.
We love spending time in the kitchen
so you don’t have to! Whip up some simple
and impressive festive dishes in minutes with
our Pre-(Home Made) Range…and then
get back to celebrating!
Simply serve with cream and fresh berries
from the season’s abundant supply. Available in
Traditional, Pistachio and Raspberry.
To Order Large or Mini
For you to fill with savoury custard, or a
sweetened ricotta and cream mixture, then top
with berries and a drizzle of strawberry jam.
Fancy Fruit Platter Ideas
A simple arrangement of seasonal fruit can go
from ordinary to OMG with a few additions from
our range. Impress your family and guests with
the following ideas:
• C rumble Almond or Hazelnut Macaroon finely over a
stonefruit platter.
dd crunch with a bowl of Cranberry Biscotti in the
centre of your platter.
• F old Lemon Curd through whipped cream and serve
alongside fruit.
• S trawberry or Toasted Coconut Marshmallows dotted
in amongst fresh fruit provide a delightful surprise!
Phillippa’s Howey Place...
At our city store, the focus is on the many
good-for-you products in our range.
We are bowled over by the excitement we
have had for our city store, the passion and
enthusiasm that everyone has for traditionally
made real bread!
Our store will celebrate
its FIRST birthday this
All sandwiches are made with our Rye,
Wholewheat & Honey, Wholemeal,
Sourdough, Organic Stone Ground Sourdough
or Seeded Grain Sourdough. Here the
spotlight is on the products which contain
oats, nuts and grains.
Seasonal Entertaining
ideas in the City
• Spinach Fetta Pie
• S avoury Tartlettes (2 bite) filled
with a light custard and topped with
fresh flavours
• Small Rolls filled with seasonal fillings
• Baguettes, perfect for cheese platters
Books available...
Other grocery essentials
for entertaining...
Luxe Nuts
Parmesan Sables
Please call to place your orders 48 hours
in advance.
Entertaining with Phillippa’s helps make your
functions delicious & nutritious. Simply stop
by when shopping in the city, as we are in the
middle of many great stores. Phillippa’s is a
perfect place to meet friends and cool your
heels during a busy day in town.
There are salads and yoghurt granola cups
with fruit for breakfast as well as our
traditional pastries and Jasper Coffee. Gift
boxes, hostess gifts, breads and everyday
Phillippa’s provisions can all be found here!
Delicious Nutritious!
Come in and share our passion for great bread.
15 Howey Place Melbourne T: 03 9671 4030 E: [email protected]
The Foodies Guide To Melbourne, Allan
Campion & Michele Curtis
Melbourne’s original & most entrusted guide to
all things food. The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne
will place the city’s best kept food secrets at your
fingertips. Fully updated, with lots of reviews of
new stores that have opened over the last year,
it’s an essential guide to all the places worth
knowing about.
Ladies, a Plate: the Collection
In Ladies, a Plate: the Collection, Alexa Johnston’s
two stunning books of home baking are
combined to make a gorgeous deluxe edition.
Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids, Stephanie
Stephanie Alexander’s philosophy is that there is
no such thing as special food for children; if food
is good, everyone will enjoy it regardless of age.
Here are 120 recipes with simple instructions,
a colourful layout and lots of fast, fun facts.
This includes plans, activities and lists that
together make up a blueprint that other schools
may wish to follow. The program has already
given thousands of primary-school children the
opportunity to plant, grow, harvest, cook and
eat the very best kind of food - freshly grown,
organic, unprocessed and delicious.
Richmond Bakery Outlet Cafe...
Our cute store in Richmond is a treasure trove of delicious Phillippa’s breads,
pastries and grocery treats along with the special Christmas range.
We have a communal cafe table indoors and a small outdoor laneway where you may
enjoy a light lunch with coffee and the daily paper or glossy food magazine.
Open Wednesday to Saturday 7.30am to 2pm.
Week of Christmas we’ll be open Monday 17th to Sat 22nd and Monday 24th Dec.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
51 North Street Richmond T: 03 9421 0318 E: [email protected]
Entertaining Classics
Tomato Chutney, Single Estate Raspberry Jam and
Herbed Spiced Nuts.
Seasonal Gift Boxes
filled with special
treats to suit
all tastes...
Christmas Essentials
Mince Pies (half dozen), Small Christmas Cake,
Traditional Shortbread Round, Iced Gingerbread
Trees and Herbed Spiced Nuts.
Christmas Treats
Plum Pudding, Mince Pies (dozen), Caramel Brandy Sauce,
Peppered Cashews, Parmesan Sables, Iced Gingerbread
Trees, Tomato Chutney, Cranberry Orange Biscotti.
Christmas Luxury Selection
Plum Pudding, Small Christmas Cake, Mince Pies (dozen), Caramel Brandy Sauce, Spiced Cranberry
Orange Sauce, Traditional Shortbread Round, Iced Gingerbread Christmas Trees, Parmesan Sables,
Herbed Spiced Nuts, Cranberry Granola, Honey Stars and Tomato Chutney.
1030 High Street Armadale 3143 P: 03 9576 2020
E: [email protected]
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products from one of our many Victorian or
interstate retailers. Please call our office to
enquire about locations near you.
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Phillippa’s staff will gladly arrange all orders with
attention to detail. Order in advance and breeze
through the festive season.
All details correct at time of printing. Many of
our products are made by hand using seasonal
ingredients and some items may not always be
available. We will suggest an alternative wherever
possible; however, in some cases, prices may vary.