BMW ICOM BMW ISTA A+B+C with software (Internal HDD)

BMW ICOM BMW ISTA A+B+C with software (Internal HDD)
BMW ICOM ISTA A+B+C was publised at 2010. Our BMW ICOM always be with newest
ISTA/D ISTA/P software. As a professional scanner to BMW group, it is the latest program,
diagnose, coding and complete system BMW have the full system replace DIS
GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS. Your hands are free from heavy OPS now! All BMW series
include mini and Rolls-Royce can be diagnosed & programmed by that power full scanner.
English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Netherlands, Korean, Greek,
Italian, Swedish, German, French
Please note: We do NOT sell BMW ICOM with mobile HDD, because software in mobile
HDD is in VMWARE version which running speed is very low and need complicated
setting. We can give you vmware software FOR FREE if you need that.
Full package include software (ISTA/D 3.42.3,ISTA/P 52.1, to 4.2014) in internal HDD (not
VMWARE version) Please let us know what kind of HDD you need when you buy it.
Software (Harddisk) supports below laptop:
Dell: D630, E6420, E5430,E6410
Lenovo: E49A, E49L, E49AL,E47 Series, X61,X61T, T400,E430, G500, Z470, T420
And many others.
1. The password is BMW for fist frame, no need password for second frame.
2. Please make sure you already connect BMW ICOM to car and laptop, AND THEN start
your machine.
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