The Common “Problem” of Use VAG VAS 5054A

The Common “Problem” of Use VAG VAS 5054A
The VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen
Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers,mainly do AUDI VW Seat
Skoda.It is with bluetooth function.UDS protocol is supported by this high qualtiy VAS
5054A scanner. It is with ODIS software 2.0.
1.ODIS show messy codes when you choose car models.
That is because of JAVA does not run properly, that can be resolved by reinstalling JAVA.
Or it because of POSTSETUP was not installed completely, we suggest you reinstall
whole software includes postsetup. You need to reinstall operation system if above does
not make out.
2. 5054A VCI Bluetooth can not be connected.
Please follow the video in DVD. If it still in connection problem, please use mobile photo to
search the BT from 5054a to make sure its has functional BT. You need to check BT in
laptop (for example driver and so on) if you can find 5054A VCI by mobile phone..
3.Disconnection from usb cable.
Check whether USB on VAS 5054A sit firmly or not. You can take off the small usb cover
because it always press the usb cable.
4.ODIS software can not recognize the ignition.
Please check the voltage from obd in correct range or not. VCI normally can not recognize
ignition if voltage higher than 13V or lower than 11.3V. But it does not affect VCI diagnose
the cars.
5.ODIS runs slowly?
Dear mate... You need to update your laptop..
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