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Stay organized by using this step-by-step printout checklist to baby shower preparation.
We all have busy schedules for one thing or another so planning as earlier as possible is important, any personal
mishaps can occur that may throw you off. You don’t want to make last minute decisions you may regret later.
Start as Early As Possible
8 to 10 Weeks Before
Decide who will be involved in the baby shower party planning
Friends or family members who will be helping?
Who will be taking photos?
Who will be entertaining the children if attending?
Designate someone to record the gifts for mom.
Setting the all important budget
Will you be paying for all of it yourself?
Prepare a checklist for an estimate overall cost.
Pick the Big Day
Type of Shower
Choosing baby shower location
Type of location
Make a complete inspection checklist of venue
Extra rentals needed for location
Make reservations Retain all necessary information from vendor
Deciding on baby shower guest list
Consult with mother-to-be
Will there be children attending
Will there be men attending
Make a guest checklist with all important info
Selecting a baby shower registry
Check with mom-to-be if she has a registry
Check several registries online to use if needed.
Choosing a baby shower theme
Ask the mother-to-be about theme
Going traditional or modern
Preparation for invitations
Decide on prepackaged invite kits to personalized invitations
Check any available printable invitations ( free or to buy)
Will you use electronic online card or regular email you will create?
Choose invitations to match your shower theme
If using handmade gather all necessary Diy and printing materials you will need.
6 to 8 Weeks Before
Invitations Ready for mailing with all info included
Baby Shower Theme
Name or both names of honored guest(s)
Name of the person hosting the shower
Time, Date, Duration of Baby Shower
Location, Directions ( map if need be)
Your phone number and email address so they have several ways to contact you
Gift registry if any or suggestions of gifts that the expecting mom may need
Inform them if children can be present
Inquiries of food tolerances or allergy’s
If food item is to be brought by guest
Stress importance of your RSVP notes
Return envelope.
Menu Planning
Print menu checklist.
Choose the baby shower food.
If catering check any catering establishments.
Consult with restaurant about menu ideas.
Select the beverages you will be serving.
Find punch recipes.
Decide on ordering a cake or making one yourself.
Check out several stores or bakery.
Choose dishes to match shower theme.
Create your list of items now for any baking you plan to do.
Make a note of all the tableware accessories you will need.
4 to 5 Weeks Before
Time to go shopping: you can take this opportunity now to buy some of those nonperishable food items, accessories
and decor.
Choose the games you would like to play
Buy or Diy favors, prizes, decorations and games.
If using baby shower diaper cake as a centerpiece this would be the time to finish that project.
It’s best to have all your craft items done at this point.
If renting other accessories for outside use, such as chairs, tables, music, etc book for rental now.
If you are having younger siblings attending you may want to have a small gift for them.
If it is a coed shower you may also want to have a gift for dad as well.
If you like to have a guest book for them to sign select one now.
2 to 3 Weeks Before
Make your calls or drop in where you need to
Call quests that have not gotten back to you, so you have a final count for caterer or restaurant
Make final order of baby shower cake
Make arrangements for someone to pick up the mom-to-be on the big day
Make arrangements for expectant mom’s gifts to be brought to her home
Flower arrangements and corsages ordered
Menu for caterer or restaurant should finally be arranged
Your menu should be finalize if having at home
All decorations, favors, should have been ordered or made and games selected to play at shower
Any accessories you may need for games- props, paper, pencils etc.
Prizes for shower done and wrapped.
Don’t forget to have your own baby shower gift selected and wrapped.
You may want to consider name tags for guests or table tags, print them now and have them ready.
1 week Before
Make sure you have a camera, video camera and batteries available and charged
Have arrangements made for music, CDs, stereo equipment and where to plug it and placement
This will be a week to get your home cleaned and in order
Make sure any table linens or napkins are cleaned
Prepare the quest bathroom, with everything you will need in soaps, towels etc.
Check and wash any bowls, trays or any other party ware needed for your food menu.
If you do not have enough of these items call friends or family to borrow them
Shop and prepare any foods that can be frozen. You may want to
Call and inform any quests that are coming with food items to arrive early the day of the baby shower.
Make a plan for set up and layout of baby shower area.
Decide where guests can place their personal belongings
If having an outside party, you may want to check the pending weather.
2 Days Before
Another day to shop for grocery items from your list, such as beverages, cooking and baking, ice for drinks.
Divide any food recipes that can be prepared today such as desert cookies for favors and dressings etc.
This would be a good time to schedule out your baby shower timeline for the big day
Have a signs made up or balloons on hand for driveway entrance for big day.
Now might be a good time to address those envelopes for thank you cards.
1 Day Before
Finish any food dishes you have decided on
Any orders you have made for flowers or corsages should have been arranged for picked up today
Baby shower cake should be done and any food trays should be ready for pickup
Any special centerpiece you have ordered and balloons to be picked up
Any props, chairs, tables that has been rented or borrowed should be picked up.
You may want to rearrange your shower room now.
Time to decorate and set a vocal point.
Add a few decorations to the entrance and restroom.
Place any tablecloths or linens out and place any flower arrangements.
Setup stereo equipment
Shower games arranged with necessary accessories and props in a place that is easily accessible.
Checking your lighting in the room for day or evening.
Check for a comfortable temperature of the room.
Finish any cooking of desserts and dishes you have planned.
Call and inform any helpers to arrive an hour early for setup on the big day.
The Big Day with Last and Final Arrangements
Take out any prepared frozen foods so it has time to thaw
Call expecting mom, to see how she is doing.
Arrange your already setup table with centerpiece and favors
Set out your own gifts
Prepare punch mixture and keep in refrigerator just before guests.
Arrange all food dishes, cake, condiments, serving ware
Double check restroom area to see that everything needed is there.
Put signs or balloons up near entrance of your driveway.
Have trash bags handy to clean up gift wrapping materials.
If you have a guestbook place near the entrance.
Place your gift checklist and pen on or near gift table.
Camera or video recorder ready.
Music system set and turned on.
You have accomplished an extraordinary task leading up to this day. Your baby shower planning will no doubt be a
wonderful success and an exciting experience for your expecting mom.