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Report Description
The telecommunications services industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the
business world. Telecommunications services are offered by telecommunications service
providers for the purpose of sending and receiving messages through electronic devices.
Services include phone internet access, email, text, television, radio and fax.
Telecommunications services have a robust global market presence, with the mobile
services segment comprising a large chunk. Telecommunications services have proved
very beneficial for businesses as they facilitate effective communication with their
customers and help establish a healthy relationship with them. Telecommunications
services are also beneficial for the employees as they enable easy transmission of data
and provide efficiency and flexibility. The smartphone, a key application of the rapidly
growing mobile telecommunication, includes an extensive range of applications and
functions. The various types of mobile services are the internet, networking for home,
networking for business, phone, television, etc., of which the phone and internet are the
fastest growing services. Some disadvantages associated with the telecommunications
services market are security issues and equipment expenses among others.
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Factors enhancing the growth of telecommunications services are modern and advanced
technology, market competition, investment in new telecommunication technologies like
wireless communication and satellite, innovative services like e-education and eagriculture, high-skilled technical manpower, affordability of services, demand for high
speed internet, data processing, etc.
Report Description
However, some factors stymying the telecommunications services market growth are
high cost of value-added services, maintaining security traits and non-awareness among
The telecommunications services market can be segmented into value-added services
and basic communication services. Value-added services include electronic data
interchange e-mail, data processing, voicemail, online database storage while basic
telecommunication services include circuit-switched data transmission, facsimile services,
voice telephone services, telegraph services, packet-switched data transmission, telex
services and others.
Telecommunications services have a growing market in Europe, North America, Latin
America and the Asia-Pacific region. Internet and mobile phone services are the fastest
growing telecommunications services with a strong market presence in Europe and
A few key players in the telecommunications services are IBM, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent,
Deutsche Telekom, Juniper Networks, Tata, Nokia and Vodafone. Services provided by
these companies are storage area networks, entry-level servers, storage products,
enterprise networking services, storage networking services, services for application
networking services, 3G services, bandwidths, broadband networks, calling cards, CDMA
services, dial-up internet enterprise data services, mobiles and many more. Among
them, 3G services, data processing, broadband networking and the internet services are
rapidly growing in the market.
Report Description
It has been observed that the number of internet users across the globe is increasing
exponentially day by day, and thus the market for internet-based services is at its peak,
with Europe being the leading marketplace for internet-based services.
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Key strategies of these players are high quality and high standard services, innovative
services, like ultra-broadband by Alcatel-Lucent, advanced telecom technologies, creative
thinking and many others. They also use business expansion strategies like mergers &
acquisitions, for instance, TATA acquired BT Group’s Mosaic business, AT&T Corp. and SBC
merged and named it AT&T Inc., and the merger of MCI and Verizon.
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